فيلم Blood Widow

Blood Widow

Blood Widow is a movie starring James Craven, Dallas Thomas, and Melissa Aguirre Fernandez. A serial killer is terrorizing Arizona with the police in hot pursuit. What the police don't know is that a mysterious group are also...

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1 hours 34 minutes
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Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Brendan Guy Murphy
Dominic Ross, Brendan Guy Murphy
Hector Ayala, James Craven, Dallas Thomas, Melissa Aguirre Fernandez
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A serial killer is terrorizing Arizona with the police in hot pursuit. What the police don't know is that a mysterious group are also pursuing the same killer to stop the killer from unleasing an evil like nothing before. From Vampires to Biblical wrath - everything comes down to one showdown!

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Gloria photo

Of all the vampire films out there, I've never seen a film like this. It's the perfect mix of blood, violence and, most importantly, love. There is no reason why it should not be a classic. You will be convinced after watching it that it will be one of the greatest films of all time. All around great cast and superb acting, especially from Samuel L Jackson. It might not be perfect but it is definitely an enjoyable film, that I would recommend to anyone.

Bruce Williamson photo
Bruce Williamson

The movie starts off slow but it picks up soon after the opening credits, which really kept me on the edge of my seat. The movie is very disturbing, and the suspense is really building up, which makes it very exciting and the ending is definitely not what I was expecting. There are some scenes that are really disturbing and disturbing, such as the way that the doctor kills his victims with his hands, and the fact that when we see the shots of his blood, it's red, and it looks really ugly, like it's really infected. In my opinion, the only part of the movie that is disturbing is the movie itself, but I am very pleased that this movie will make you think about it, and it will give you some scary ideas. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get scared and uncomfortable, I really enjoyed this movie and I think that it is an excellent movie. 9/10

Ann G. photo
Ann G.

The cat from hell. 'Little Miss Blue', as they are called. Maybe you know the movie and are thinking this is not a good movie, you are wrong. The cat from hell is a movie to be enjoyed. As in the girl in the film is scared by her surroundings and by her surroundings, the movie is made for that. The movie has the feeling of a Halloween film, you want to see ghosts or ghosts that come from the grave or the girl was lucky and came out of the grave. There is one moment when she decides to open the cat's eye and the cat jumps out of the window and on the way to the cat's house she can't get her hand out of the window. The cat looks more like a ghost than a cat, it really is like the cat in the movie, the cat from hell looks more like a ghost to me, the way the cat jumps out of the window is very creepy and scary. The director did an awesome job, i like how the director decided to let the cat jump from the window, like to see what would happen if you do the same thing, because it's different from the cat jumping from the cat's window. The acting was a little weird.but still good. Other people's comments are a little crazy and they say the same things as i do. I did think that the girl's acting was pretty good. This movie is a 9/10 from me, one of the best horror movies i have ever seen. I love this movie. If you like horror movies this is the movie for you. Well.maybe not the best but it's close. See it if you get the chance.

Daniel Harper photo
Daniel Harper

It's not hard to see why this film had such a large amount of buzz in this year's Horror Movie Madness. But the best thing about it is the fact that it was directed by the guy who directed the mighty Halloween 3, which was also big in the late 90s. Shaun Cassidy (Wayne Woods) is an American who is married to the beautiful Louise (Gillian Anderson), who works in New York City as a fashion designer. Shaun is having difficulty dealing with the fact that she's pregnant and wants to abort the child. She doesn't care much for the fact that he loves to visit his old haunts to creep on the other side of the globe for Halloween weekend. Shaun has a brief encounter with a psychotic Russian who appears to have been stalking his wife and soon learns that she is pregnant. Shaun is accused of murder and he's tried in absentia. Meanwhile, his neighbor Suzanne (Jamie Lee Curtis) discovers the body of a young girl who died of a mysterious illness, and that the woman who discovered her is a local woman named Marion (Jordana Brewster). Both Shaun and Marion suspect that their neighbors have a connection. As Shaun and Marion seek the help of the police, they learn that Marion was engaged to a small-time drug dealer and that she's pregnant. Will Shaun and Marion unravel the mystery behind Marion's pregnancy? This is a solid and well made film, thanks in no small part to veteran horror filmmaker Michael Rennie. It's no great surprise that the director got his start in the horror film industry as he directed some of the masterpieces in the 80s and 90s such as Scream and Rosemary's Baby. The ending isn't exactly flawless, but it's not a terrible film to be sure. The film is a bit of a mystery and doesn't quite have the dark atmosphere of a typical horror film. It's a bit less gory than you'd expect from a R-rated film and you can easily skip the gore. The cast is pretty good and the film has some great gore effects to keep the blood fans happy. This film is definitely the same style of horror movie you'd expect from the genre, but not the best in the world. That would be the exceptional Halloween 3. The acting isn't great, but it's not the worst. Wayne Woods is pretty good as the handsome, yet mysterious Shaun Cassidy, but he's not one of the best actors around. It's amazing to see Wayne Woods try something different than anything he's done in the past. His first film as Shaun Cassidy is even better. Jamie Lee Curtis is surprisingly good as the pregnant Marion, she's not as strong as Wayne Woods but she has some of her own style to her. The acting is also a bit more subdued in this one. She gets a lot of flack for her pregnant look, but if there's anything she's shown that'll make you cringe, it's that. Jordana Brewster is well cast as the house-bound neighbor Suzanne, she's a little unbalanced as Marion, but she's very convincing. Of course, some of the best acting comes from the supporting cast as well. Including Jason Miller, James Cromwell, Paul Adelstein and Joanne Whalley, this film has some of the best supporting work in the last few years. The story isn't great and it's not the greatest film to get a look at the underbelly of the film industry, but it's a very solid and stylish film. It's a worthwhile way

Andrea photo

Baroness Von Hammersmith is a woman living on the edge of a small island in the North of England. She takes in two homeless boys, who live on the edge of society with their mother. There is no social welfare in England, and so the boys are the only inhabitants. With a good imagination, the Baroness creates two men to keep the boys safe. Unfortunately, her nephew makes the mistake of letting the bad man get too close to the twins. In a most unexpected way, Baroness' nephew is murdered. Now she is faced with the dilemma of what to do with the boys. Baroness' nephews believe that their dead brother's murderer is a woman, and Baroness takes the boys to her, where she creates an experiment where she must give one of the boys the power of her dead husband's death, and the other boy the power of the Baroness'. The twins are terrified, but they must try to survive and try to return home, and the Baroness' nephews. At first, this film is not that good. There are a lot of deaths in this movie, and it is a bit slow and predictable. It is also not very scary. But, for the most part, the film is a blast. The film's soundtrack is a masterpiece. It has the perfect mix of songs, and I think the directors were brilliant. Baroness' nephews are a very cool film. There are quite a few plot twists and turns, and the film keeps you interested. The twins are hilarious, and their relationship with each other is brilliant. Overall, it is a great film, if you want to watch a good horror film.

Doris Brown photo
Doris Brown

Well what can I say it's a lot of fun. Not a great story, but fun all the same. If you're bored one night, watch this movie and get to thinking. :)

Terry B. photo
Terry B.

I saw the trailer for this film, thinking it would be a terrible horror movie that was supposed to be the equivalent of a sex-themed film. I was completely wrong. This movie is nothing like the trailer portrayed it to be. It's a mature horror film with a beautiful and disturbing story. You may be asking yourself, "How can a horror film be so intense if it's so simple?" Well, that is exactly how it is. The characters are all complex and what makes this movie so interesting is that you don't know what to think of the characters until you've been able to understand them. I have only seen the film once, but I'm already starting to remember all the details that made this film so intense. I will be watching this movie again and again. This is one of those films that will never leave my mind. I highly recommend it. :)

Jonathan Ramos photo
Jonathan Ramos

This was a first of it's kind for me. The story wasn't the same old goons with guns and fighting in the end. Instead this movie is about the fun you have during a night out watching friends and then all of a sudden the film is about nothing. Not a cliche. It took the "night out in" the film and turned it into a fun scary film, you get all of your dreams coming true. This is a great movie for the whole family. I will probably be seeing it again and definitely recommending it to everyone.

Phillip Jordan photo
Phillip Jordan

One of my favourite movies is Another Earth, and this film was so good. I found this film slightly pretentious at times but this is my opinion. There is no doubt the story of another world is a classic, and it is really the role of the director to tell the story in an interesting way. So the best thing to do with this film is to put it together. The special effects in this movie were good and I liked how they were different from other films of this genre. For example the evil entity, although similar in a few ways to The Thing in Alien, didn't have the nasty gas or black thing that the Thing had. Instead this alien had two eyes, and its mouth was not open as the creature in The Thing. Another thing was the amount of time the story was put into the flashback scenes. There were so many scenes in the beginning and end of the movie that I wasn't sure how long it was until the next scene. I like movies that have multiple story lines but this one had too many. All the scenes were done in a very well made way. And I liked the fact that this movie was hard to understand, there were a few scenes that were easy to understand but not all of them. But I still don't like the fact that it is like the two separate movies in the same franchise and that makes the movie confusing. I can tell you what I didn't like about this movie. The fact that it was like the two movies in the same franchise. This movie had the same actors from the other movies as well, which is the most confusing thing. The director didn't know how to mix things up and had the feeling that he didn't know how to make a movie. But I'm saying this because it would have been better to have a movie that was completely original. That way you could have have two different movies, one with a good story and the other without, just to tell the story in a different way. I also think that the director could have made it more scary by having the creature be more aggressive, but it is still a little bit better than the other movies of this genre. I will just say that this movie was good, but that doesn't make it good, its not great, its just a good movie, and I would recommend you to watch it.

Mark C. photo
Mark C.

I loved this movie because it was spooky and scary, but I did notice a few details that made me go 'wow.' First, this movie was creepy. I have seen some horror films that have nothing to do with the story at all. This movie had a perfect, creepy feel to it. The movie was full of clever and witty phrases. The actors did a wonderful job at making you feel as if you were actually in the situation. The scenes were so well shot that you really felt as if you were there. The movie was also realistic, and it made you feel as if you were in the situation. The only problem I had with this movie was the fact that it wasn't made up for the majority of it. There were a few parts in the movie that had things that were kind of out of place. I won't give away the whole story here, but I will say that the rest of the movie was fantastic. I can't recommend this movie enough.

Roy photo

Witchologist Abby Murphy has got her own personal problems with two souls trapped in her body and she has got to help these souls get out. They are all seemingly very evil and have already made their way into a circus that is paying their way in life. They are all in love with a housekeeper, which is quite creepy considering the man in the house is the devil. They are just being possessed by something that will throw them in Hell. All hell breaks loose and their lives will never be the same again. We've seen many versions of the demon from various genres of film and this film brings something new to the genre. I thought the story was very unique and a lot of fun to watch. The witches are really cool and although the film has a lot of blood and gore, it never becomes too gory. The film does have one minor flaw, which I really can't spoil here. This is a young adult film so it's definitely not for kids. It's really bad language and a bit of sex, but there is no sex. The only adult material is a bit of nudity, which is quite strange considering the filmmakers didn't want to make it PG-13, but PG-13 is okay. The film is also somewhat of a mystery with a bit of a twist. It's not really a deep mystery, but it has some twists and turns that make it a little more entertaining. There is also a nice surprise ending and it's done well. Overall, I enjoyed this film quite a bit and I can say that it's an independent movie that is worth seeing. It's a little strange, but it works well. It's probably not a film for everyone, but it's a nice quirky horror film that is really worth seeing.

Walter M. photo
Walter M.

This film is truly amazing, it gives me an eerie feeling that i need to see it at least once more. I first saw it in 1995 when it first came out in movie theaters, i didn't even have a clue of what the movie was about. I thought it was an ordinary alien movie, but after watching it i was shocked to realize that it is the best horror movie ever made. Its completely different from the other Alien films and its even more interesting because of it. The second time i saw it was in 2001, and it was still creepy. In this movie its even more creepy because the shots are so scary, some parts of this film can give you the creeps. All in all, this movie is worth seeing at least once and if you have the chance, even more. I would give this movie a rating of 9 out of 10, i would have given it a 10 if i could.

Bobby photo

The nature of the movie was to mirror the nature of the victim in the real life. What happens in the movie is closer to what happens in the real life. When the killer killed their real life "sisters", the movie is not just a "horror movie". I truly believe this movie is a warning for the mafia, to the police, to the country, and most importantly to you, dear reader. This movie will really give you a hard time to pay attention to your reality, and its effects. The movie is not only about the real life, it is about the real life of our nations youth, so many are living the lies, the crimes and the human error. I hope you will not be that poor, that has to pay to get into the movies. If you are lucky, you will have money to pay to the movie ticket, but only a couple of days of the movie ticket. I'm just asking the movie makers to pay to make the truth to the movie. Please pay to see the truth!

Joseph F. photo
Joseph F.

We're back again after 4 years, and what a year it was! Mad Dog got a hell of a lot more serious than "The Eyes of My Mother" did. This movie is mostly a good slasher flick. There's not much of a story in it, but we still have a couple of good horror moments. It's not anything to scare you, but it is a great slasher flick to watch. Basically it's a movie with a killer. We have some small clue what it is, but you won't know until it's all over. There is a killer. It's not a psycho. It's not some super psycho killer. It's a serial killer. The killer is the killer. There are also some weird moments of cinematography in this movie, but not really scary in the traditional sense. You see the killer's hand, but you don't see the killer's hand. The killer is actually quite scary, but it's more of a master at bluff. I am not going to reveal anything, but the scene where the murderer's hand is cut in half, and he holds the hand's other half, and when he cuts the killer's hand in half he twists the knife in the other hand, and it cuts the killer in half again. This is truly the best part of the movie. The twist is really good. Some things are twisted, and they aren't explained well. That's probably why I can't really give this movie 10 stars, but it was worth the price of the movie. Mad Dog's alligator kills are very well done. Overall: A good slasher flick with good twists and the best twist of the year. Mad Dog is a new generation slasher flick that will make you smile, and make you forget about your sorrows. I don't know what else to say other than: This is a great slasher flick.

Hannah photo

I was worried when i saw this one was going to be nothing but zombies and slasher flick but I was wrong. A lovely twist to a traditional genre of Horror with a little twist to the traditional vampire. The first half hour was a little slow but was really great. However i got bored halfway through when they changed to some Asians and thought 'that's it? that's the end?' but the second half was superb and really deep and interesting. The ending was really good too and would have been better if they had left it there. All in all this movie was really good and would recommend to anyone who like a good thriller. This movie won't shock you and its not going to give you goosebumps but it will keep you on the edge of your seat. I give it a 9/10. A fantastic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Best scene: The (surprise)stalker! I have to start saying I love horror but this movie is something different. Really good!

Janice S. photo
Janice S.

The beauty of this movie lies in its mysteries. It is so deliciously strange, that I never knew it was a movie until the end, even though it was well over two hours long. The moments were totally unexpected, and the possibilities were simply endless. I have not seen a movie with so many layers. I think you will like this movie, and probably laugh at the madness of it all, if you like mysteries, and are a fan of Carice van Houten. I give this movie a 9/10.

Philip Griffin photo
Philip Griffin

I would really hate to have to admit that a movie has me hooked and you still want to watch it, but when I see it on the shelf, it does not really turn out to be what I thought it would be. It is actually really good. The movie starts off with some nice creepy and eerie atmosphere. After a while the suspense starts to build up. The whole movie is quite creepy and you never get bored, because there is a little story to follow. The movie has a great production, it has a good script, and it has an interesting plot to follow. The movie is a little bit slow at some points but it is not that bad. It is a good horror movie, if you want a scary movie and you like it, then you will love this movie. It is definitely not for the weak of heart.

Jane Lee photo
Jane Lee

There is something about Aileen Wuornos that makes you wonder if she's a reincarnation of a princess trapped in the past and working to save the day. The ghost-like powers bestowed upon her by her late mother would have made a great doll, but the great age and lack of a sense of purpose or explanation that had been infused into the modern-day Aileen adds another level to her. Who is she? Where does she come from? What does she want? It's a mystery that the viewers are left to interpret. I loved it, it was really well done and the cinematography was excellent. Unfortunately, that's about it.

Kevin photo

I love horror movies and that is why I enjoy watching them! This one is a fun and weird slasher film. If you like slasher movies, then this is a must watch. However, if you like horror movies that's more of a psychological type of movie, then you will probably not enjoy it as much. It is scary, creepy, and well acted, but not scary. It's so different from the other slasher movies that it's hard for me to call this a slasher movie. Overall, it's a good movie to watch if you like slasher movies, or are into psychological horror movies. My rating is 9/10

William C. photo
William C.

It's been a while since I last heard of a documentary that even made it into the movie theaters. Like the previous reviewer said, it was a great documentary and the cast and crew did a great job. While the movie was a bit too long, it was a solid 10 to 12. The main point of the movie was the first 30 minutes. That's a bit too long and the sex scenes were a bit much, but it was a great movie. Like the previous reviewer said, it was a great documentary. Watch it and be sure to check out the cast and crew.

Kevin N. photo
Kevin N.

A deadly stranger strikes at the city of Dallas. Dealing with the death of his wife, his brother, and daughter, James (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) reluctantly leaves his job as a supervising officer in the dangerous and over-populated city. Enter Mitch (Ryan Reynolds), a well-respected cop whose late wife, Aimee (Naomi Watts), had once been a nurse at the Westlake Memorial Hospital. A promising friendship grows between the two men and their mutual empathy eventually blossoms into an all-out alliance that will result in the shocking discovery of a mysterious, murderous killer on the loose. Lively and original in it's concept, first-rate performances, and truly original direction, THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T LOSE stands out as a departure for director Glen Morgan. Morgan brings a stylistic taste that combines his usual usage of non-linear storytelling with a heightened sense of realism that more than makes up for the common tendency of his films to lean on the fast-paced style that made him famous. Bringing his signature style to the film, Morgan paces the story with the narrative run-time that makes the audience fully involved in the world of the film. It doesn't hit you until it happens, and for the most part, it doesn't ever come at a detriment to the character's development. For the most part, Morgan shows a master-class in developing characters with depth, personalities, and a variety of flaws. Even without giving too much away, I can tell that the performances are truly exceptional. Morgan uses the actors' different ages and differing personalities to allow each character to develop while maintaining the audience's interest. There are certain moments in THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T LOSE that push the boundary of believability, but the films overall tone is unmistakable. This unique take on the classic horror formula works exceptionally well and is definitely worth the watch.

Rebecca photo

In terms of old school "H.R.P. Lovecraft" horror, this is "The Black Moth" with the girl in spooky clothing, a dude with a creepy head of hair, and various other characters that are very well done. Set in an old funeral parlor, the "Black Moth" visits the grieving widow at her home, and leaves a strange message on her door. After she returns home, she begins to see the "Black Moth" through a hole in her door, and quickly goes on a spree of self-harm, her boyfriend being stabbed, and by the time they go to the cops, the couple has shot her boyfriend dead. How much better could this movie have been? Well, the script has some moments of quality. The "Black Moth" has a specific style, but it doesn't stand out much from the other "H.R.P. Lovecraft" movies, aside from its distinctive features. Overall, the script has a nice twist and some cool moments. The acting is also quite good. I think the whole movie could have benefited from some more "acting" from some of the actors, but I'm sure it would have been overdone. However, this is a short review, and I must give the movie a 9/10. The movie is worth watching. The people that make movies to sell tickets, are the same people that make movies that should be watched by others. This is a good horror movie, worth seeing. I give it a 9/10.

Eugene Carpenter photo
Eugene Carpenter

Two very different but incredibly intriguing stories for two very different reasons. Robert and Sandy Black show their mastery of the art of horror, whilst writer/director Scott Smith turns a non-violent comic book story into one of the most creative horror films of recent times. In the film we follow the story of a young man, Robert, who is trying to reconnect with his childhood. The film follows Robert's attempts to reconnect with his family whilst simultaneously combating a truly mysterious and deadly figure. Robert Black is a great actor and his performance is perfect in this film. With that being said I can't help but feel disappointed that he only has one scene and is never really involved in the story. I would have preferred a bit more development of the character but that is not a problem I have with the film as a whole. The story itself is quite intriguing and unique in that there is never a dull moment in the film. The story follows the lives of a small group of people who go to the beach where the mysterious figure who killed their parents and mother previously used to. Whilst the film does not have the depth of the original graphic novel, it does feature some genuinely great moments which I must admit I was not expecting. The ending of the film is a little bit of a let down for me and is a bit unnecessary. It is certainly well worth watching and definitely a film that you will want to watch again and again. It is one of the better horror films I have seen this year and I think the real reason I am so impressed is that it is so different to the other horror films out there and that is not something that you see a lot of.