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Emily is a movie starring Rachael Perrell Fosket, Michael Draper, and Sonya Davis. A young married couple struggles to stay together after the husband suffers a crisis of faith.

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Ryan Graves
Ryan Graves, Kelly McCrillis, Ryan Graves
Michael Draper, Rachael Perrell Fosket, Brian Sutherland, Sonya Davis
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A young married couple struggles to stay together after the husband suffers a crisis of faith.

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Timothy photo

A former nurse who has been estranged from her child and now spends her time nursing her as well as caring for the current mother is a fascinating film that does not feel overly depressing. The performances are all top notch and much of the story is driven by a relationship between a mother and her daughter who has gone a little bit out of control. It's a bit of a strange story with a mother who never fully knows her own child and the relationship between the mother and daughter seems like it is going to take a turn for the worst. Unfortunately the movie drags a bit on the last quarter but once it gets back on track it is a really good film that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Carl Wright photo
Carl Wright

This film might be described as feminist in the sense that it sets out to show how women have historically been ignored by the current generation of writers and filmmakers. The feminist messages in the film are not abstract and overtly political but are instead expressed as a series of complaints by the protagonist/villain. The film starts off on a very positive note and introduces a character who brings some real female insights to the movie. However, her words and actions are rather cliched, and in the end we're left with the impression that she's simply a bit of an ignorant girl and we wouldn't even have cared about her if she had been a male character. The remaining characters do not really add anything to the story and they are probably more just there to set up the conflict than to be interesting in their own right. All in all, the characters don't really seem to be important in this film and the story is very thin and uninspiring. All in all, this film is just so derivative, it's hardly worth recommending to anyone.

Keith photo

This movie is a character study of the struggles faced by a little girl named Emily. Emily is a young girl who has no friends. She is so lonely that she sleeps on a park bench. She also has an extremely important decision to make. Emily must decide between three boys who have all one parent. I won't spoil the ending of this movie, but will say that it is something to think about. I really enjoyed this movie. I know many people who have been, and still are, in a similar position. I also enjoyed this movie because it shows that good things can happen to people that have nothing else in their life. This is an inspiring story about friendship, determination, and the decision to live your life to the fullest. The boys are amazing and you will feel for them. There is a short scene of Emily taking her favorite kitten to the bathroom and she gets sad. She doesn't want to leave her house. Emily is so lonely that it makes you feel sad for her. The last shot of this movie is the very end. I would recommend this movie to people who like real life stories.

Janice Alexander photo
Janice Alexander

A thoughtful and well-executed film about a young woman's (Samantha Morton) growth from being just a pretty face to a self-confident, self-aware woman. The most interesting aspect of the film is the relationship between the two girls, each in their own way, that she develops with them. Morton's performance is perfectly beautiful, with a few strong scenes in which she turns from an adult woman to a child. I won't comment on the performance itself, as the film is much more about Morton's character than the other two girls. The other performances are strong, as is the direction. I haven't seen the film that well, but from what I have seen it is worth seeing.

Billy photo

Honestly, this is not my sort of movie. I have never written a review before, but felt I had to. Despite the fact that it was a young girl's first time, this movie is actually really well done and well put together. I would not have been surprised if there were similar views to this in the US. The movie is about two girls, Lucy and Emily, who find out that their father is a doctor and is cheating on them. But they must convince their mom and brother to take the matter to court. As the film progresses, Lucy begins to care more for Emily, as Emily knows that her mother has a different vision of how she wants her to be. There is also a good supporting cast in the movie, and a child who comes to the screen to look very young, and yet is very expressive and interesting. The plot is interesting and allows for a lot of emotional connect to characters. Even though the acting was a bit uneven, it was very good. This is a story that people should see, for both the positive and negative aspects of the film.

Karen photo

A film directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring James Caan. The film has a good idea for the story, but what it lacks in plot it makes up for with its cinematography and how it balances the scenes. The characterizations are just average, there is a way the characters go through, and that keeps you interested in the movie. James Caan was great in this role, he makes you feel the frustration of a teenager who is misunderstood by the world. Luca Guadagnino did a good job of making you understand why the characters are acting the way they are, without giving you a reason to root for the characters. There are no funny moments in this film, this is why this film is so good. It has a good story and a good script, but that's it.

Diane Santos photo
Diane Santos

Michelle Phiffer, best known for her role as the feline hot-tempered spy in the animated Disney film "The Princess and the Frog", is convincingly ditched by her boyfriend over a series of personal issues. Naturally, she's given a few weeks to come to terms with it. The film's twist is the follow-up to a 2014 hit "This Is the End", a pretty good one for its genre. It's also a little longer than expected and has a few plot twists that some viewers may not be up to. Even so, this is a thoroughly enjoyable psychological thriller. The story is about an American art student (Josh Brolin) who goes on a trip to Paris with his girlfriend, Sophie (Kristen Stewart) and her two roommates (Lou Taylor Pucci and Stella Misdemean). After returning to their home in a sleepy coastal town in Maine, Brolin has a series of things happen to him that may have been triggered by some kind of trauma. And, after a while, he begins to make paranoid, irrational accusations against Sophie that seem to be rooted in some sort of past trauma. The audience knows exactly what's going to happen and this is a great problem for the film. We can't rely on what the actors say, because we can't know how they will react. And, because of the questionable nature of these accusations, the ending is a little less certain than I had hoped for. In all, though, "Sense and Sensibility" is a reasonably entertaining drama that'll keep you watching with some interest. Just don't expect to be surprised by anything that happens.

Katherine photo

The concept for this movie, and its ending, is one of those that I have never seen in a movie before. Its subtle and romantic at the same time, the whole concept of a dying teen's desire to continue her relationship with the guy she's close with is intriguing. The only problem is, its the whole thing. All the sudden, because the girl is dying, she goes off and breaks up with the guy, who is a little too young for her, at age 17, I mean. The whole movie goes into such a detail of what would have happened if they had lived, that I just feel like the whole thing was just to deep, to be honest. So that really ruined it for me. But I did enjoy the main characters, despite that, because I did find the story itself to be intriguing, although the romance did take a little bit of a backseat. But all in all, a very beautiful and affecting film, if you do your research before watching this movie, and you're in the mood for a romance, this will probably be worth a watch. I give it a B-.

Juan photo

Laura Dern's short film in this film is a touching, subtle piece of work. The film is slow, but not too slow. It is a dreamlike film that shows how people can be too high on their own sense of accomplishment. At times I found myself looking for it to be different, but it is a brilliant film. The film has some very beautiful images and music that make the film such a wonderful experience. There is a very beautiful scene where Laura Dern's character is riding a horse and the two horses and the horse show what it is like to be in love and be very close. I recommend this film.

Phillip Hunter photo
Phillip Hunter

There is a tendency for most people in movies these days to have large numbers of characters to whom one can relate. This is one of the biggest faults with "Sherlock Holmes." Most of the dialogue is endless word-for-word repetition of what we've seen many times before. As I mentioned above, Sherlock Holmes doesn't have a lot of dialogue, but I think that it's important to talk to people, because if you don't it's easy to forget how they have told you the story. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see a movie that actually makes you think. I don't expect a movie to be as smart as "The Theory of Everything" or "The Life of Pi" or "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," but it's nice to see that people like to think, even if they're not doing anything with it. "Sherlock Holmes" has a long running time (more than 2 hours), but the story is relatively thin. A guy builds a mystery that involves Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson. The movie is slightly confusing. You don't get to know anything about the characters, except for what you have seen in the previews. There are many confusing things happening, but you need to keep an open mind to accept that, because the movie is very full of plot twists and turns. I won't spoil the plot twist, but it's in the trailer. As the movie progresses, you realize that there are more twists to come. There are a few moments when you see a clue in the first ten minutes. The acting was good, and the production quality was wonderful. There were a lot of costumes, props, and locations. My only complaint is that there were a few scenes that were a bit too long, but they were the best part of the movie. I thought the last few minutes of the movie were good. All in all, "Sherlock Holmes" was a very good movie. I would highly recommend it.

Nicole G. photo
Nicole G.

The film centers on a young woman's trip to New York to work as a hostess at an extravagant hotel. At the hotel, she is able to communicate with her siblings on the other side of the world. She finds the opportunity to experience the glories of New York at a rather extravagant price. The film has many disturbing scenes that will probably be upsetting to anyone's sense of moral values. There are also some questionable scenes where her hotel worker gives her a massage, but she remains in awe. Her emotions are not believable, which is odd considering the extent of her love for her siblings. She is haunted by images of her siblings being held hostage in the hotel. The film is beautifully shot, but it was never able to draw me into the experience. The acting in this movie was nothing special. Overall, I would suggest giving this film a chance. The film does not bore you, but it is not very realistic either. This movie has a few good moments, but overall, it is not for everyone.

Cheryl photo

I have seen so many reviews on this film and so many good comments on it, but I can't think of one good one. The film's theme is about a girl who is "lost" at her job and is trying to find her place in life. She is a person with problems and cannot find them the way she wants to. The film is a real treat for people who like romantic comedies. Even though I understand the main theme of the film is about a girl being lost at her job, it is not the same as romantic comedy. It's not about a guy who tries to find his way in life by being "lost" at his job. This film is about a girl who is lost at her job, in an independent and normal way. This is the main theme of the film. The cast of this film are very good, and all of the main actors are very good. The story of the film is very important to this film. It is not an ordinary romance film, it's a romantic comedy with a problem and it's a real treat for people who like romantic comedies. I gave it a 7 out of 10. I thought it was a very good film, it is very funny, the cast is very good, and the story is very important to the film. I think everyone should watch this film, I think it's worth it. It's very funny, the cast is very good, and the story is very important to this film.

Helen L. photo
Helen L.

A very watchable, but predictable movie. The dialog is interesting, and the story line and the acting are really good. However, it is so formulaic. It's not as scary as it might seem, the characters are not as interesting as they seem, and the ending is completely predictable and predictable in a good way. This movie is so predictable, but it has some good elements that are worth the watch. The movie is a 7/10, but it is definitely a 7/10.

Janet Daniels photo
Janet Daniels

There are so many really interesting films made around the idea of parental abandonment and what happens when a child grows up and begins to question the lack of connection between the parents. Two of my favorite films are The Sixth Sense and The Beach. Both of these films have wonderful single screen interpretations and they manage to avoid falling into the trap of having a very one dimensional approach to their central plot. And it's important to understand that a film like this isn't meant to be about the film itself, but it is rather an exploration of the process of childhood discovery and the ongoing search for connections. In the case of The Beach, it's about how a group of friends who meet for a weekend of partying and hijinks find themselves swept up in the wake of their friends' demise. This is a beautifully composed film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But what really made it good was the way that it cleverly combined the themes of parental abandonment with the much more visceral problem of sexual abuse in young children. There's a particularly moving scene where the girl who has been molested by the family patriarch responds to the death of his brother by blaming the family, and the film as a whole is so full of great acting, thoughtful writing and beautiful imagery that you don't realize that the acting isn't nearly as good as the writing and the acting. Unfortunately, that's what it all comes down to in The Beach. It's a masterpiece, but it's a wonderful masterpiece that just isn't very memorable. The camera work is wonderful, and the music is fitting, but there are many flaws. First and foremost, the main character is an interesting character, but the lead actress lacks that spark that is so common in truly great films. They say that actors need a spark and that a spark can only be given in one way and only one way. What kind of spark is this actress lacking? A spark that will keep this movie going is one that will allow you to forgive the flaws of the film, because the film isn't perfect, but it's not a terrible film either. The acting is so good that you can't help but admire the level of acting that is in this film. Second, the film never really takes off in the way that I'd hoped it would. There's only one sustained period of character development, and the character of the best friend is too much like a hero to be heroic. This character really could have been written with much more passion and emotion and not be given as much screen time. And I thought that the ending was really too quick. The Beach ends with a bang but it's a bang that happens without much buildup. The finale feels rushed and instead of an ending that makes you think about the film, it feels like a culmination of events that make a film feel pointless. Finally, the film uses a number of tropes in its narrative and the characters are stereotyped to the point of being unbelievable. And yes, I have to say that I do think that this film is a lot more powerful and a lot more meaningful than you would expect it to be. I'm not sure that this film is that good, but it's still worth seeing, because I

Donna J. photo
Donna J.

This movie is much better than I expected, mostly because of John Krasinski. I have always loved his movies, but the reality of the story, which is what makes the movie so effective, is different. It is about human behavior and it is about consequences. It is a great story about a woman's search for happiness. It also shows how one's outlook on life can change depending on one's surroundings. The movie starts with a young girl who is really lonely and lonely in her life. She has always been a girl who knows nothing about real life, who wants to be different. Her sister and her boyfriend are always saying she doesn't deserve her life, but she is really happy. But one day, she is taken by her father and he doesn't want her anymore. When she tells her mother, she realizes that she doesn't deserve her life, and she tries to get to a better place. I am just glad that the movie's beginning was good because it was the best part of the movie, it was interesting and the storyline was very good. I loved how the story was told. I loved how the actress played her part, she was really good and her attitude about her life really went through the movie. I also loved how she showed that her life was good, because her father and her boyfriend were always telling her how good it was. The ending was great because it was so sad. I also liked how John Krasinski made her so sad and they were together so much. I think she had a really good personality because she was so easy to get along with. I think this movie is a lot better than the first one because it doesn't feel like a sequel. I think the other movies were just trying to imitate the first one. The actor playing her sister was good too, because she had such a good personality. Also, she is the best actress in the movie and she does a really good job. I have really liked John Krasinski, he is just really good. I have liked most of his movies, but I have never seen one like this one. This is his best movie. I have really liked the actor playing the boyfriend, he is really good, I think he is really talented. The actress playing his sister is just really good too, she is really good and she is really a beautiful woman. The movie was really good and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Charles White photo
Charles White

I saw this movie at the New York film festival and i thought it was well done. The movie begins with the life of a girl named Samantha, who's mother died of cancer. She has a girl friend named Amanda, and they go through a lot of drama, but she sees that her best friend's life has been given a little bit of a break. But they both have a serious problem. Samantha is trying to get back to college, while Amanda is trying to get her son. Amanda finds out that her son has not been getting back to college because he's got a girlfriend, but she doesn't know the reason. Her mother tried to get her to be a mother at the age of 15 and she didn't have a child. Amanda was trying to get her son to get a job but her mother wouldn't let her. She ends up getting an internship at a hospital but it turns out to be very stressful, because she has to do a lot of research. One day she comes across a story about a young man named Kevin who gets pregnant by a nurse. This girl decides to try to get him to go back to college, but she has to do it herself. One day Kevin goes back to college and everything gets sorted out. This movie was a good one. I give it 7 out of 10.

Thomas photo

It is hard for me to rate this film on IMDb. I don't know what was on the mind of the writer. The film starts out really well, with interesting characters, interesting story and interesting storyline. The film gets better and better as it progresses. However, I have to wonder if the writer took a lot of drugs during the editing. It is as if he just didn't care. The ending is so sudden, so abrupt, that I was extremely disappointed. How can you make a story so good, and then cut it so abruptly? I am also puzzled by the odd way that the story wraps up. This film is not like most of the mainstream Hollywood films. It is so unusual, so original, that it should have been better than it was. The story is really good, but I think they could have done better. However, there are many good things about this film. It is a good film, and I recommend it to people who like great movies.

Ronald photo

When the last of the West Coast is missing, the season begins to change and the summer is over. As if life was already set for the spring. But everything changes, as the girls return home. They discover that there is something very different about their town. Now the girls must work together to overcome the final obstacle, and they face the truth. On the final day, the girls return home, and their curiosity about what happened in the last week changes their lives. They begin to realize that they had been told the truth, and they realize that it is true. The girls learn about the people they knew, and they realize that they don't know all the things they were told. But they also learn that something has changed in the town. As the summer ends, the girls are planning for the next year. But they realize that they have only one more day to win the love of the one person who cares about them. "A Beautiful Mind" is a movie that I think most people should see. It is a great movie, with many different parts that I think anyone would enjoy. I thought that I would enjoy this movie, and I did. "A Beautiful Mind" is an underrated movie. I don't think that this movie deserves the critics that it has received. It's a great movie. I think that "A Beautiful Mind" is a very well done movie, that is worth seeing. I think that this is a movie that anyone would enjoy. Rating: * (out of *)

Betty photo

The history of the human race, in some regards, has already been written and made a documentary on the DVD for "The Biography of Deborah. that's my opinion. The point of the movie, is to explore the issue of human memory and how it's brought to life in some mind-blowing scenes in different stories. Well, it's not to be missed. It's a slow pace, but it's nice to go back to the actual life of Deborah. There are some amazing scenes and a story that changes every time you watch it. Even the last scene (which is really emotional) is something that you couldn't imagine. What happens to the film, from that point onwards, is what's important. It's about the quality of memory. And the story, it's just part of the memory. The main idea is to discuss how the man does, without any language or the need for any rules or prohibitions, what is reality and what is fiction. He does what he wants and when he wants, and we can see that the man is only like this because he's not like any other man. And that is the point of the movie, to understand the depth of the human mind. With that, you can get the idea that the man is a fragile human being who can't get along with his own personality. The movie does a good job of explaining this and it's one of the reasons I love it so much. I just love it so much because the director gets us in the right way. It's a well made movie, with a good plot, and an interesting, but never boring story.

Jack photo

The disturbing, disturbing story of a young girl who undergoes extreme physical and psychological trauma and a young man who is severely physically and psychologically damaged by the horror he has suffered. Can it be possible to build a film around such a traumatic subject? The film examines the interaction between young girls who live in a suburban New Jersey town. Jennifer Jason Leigh, as the traumatized 11-year-old victim, is brilliant. A friend in need of a lift in the car, Leigh, who is short of money, accepts an unexpected, devastating ride from her boyfriend. He pays her to deliver the goods in return for money. She returns to the school and is met by a newly-married college professor and his wife. Leigh becomes obsessed with the father and becomes increasingly angry with the woman. Leigh, as the victim, is able to exert an enormous amount of control over the situation. The young men who play the roles of their fathers are equally effective. The film is unsettling, unsettling, disturbing. It is a very effective and provocative film that must be seen by anyone who wants to be disturbed.

Rachel photo

this movie can be summed up in a few words. its a tragedy of the century. for that alone it is a very good movie. the performances were incredible. its a movie that you can watch and not be upset. if you like hard dramas, you will like this movie. but most of all if you like good acting, you will like this movie. you will also understand why this movie was nominated for Oscars. for me this movie was 7/10. its a sad movie but it is very good. if you have kids, this movie is also for you.

Gary G. photo
Gary G.

This film was not what I expected. However, I was able to get through it and see the complexity and truth of each character. I think the writer did a good job writing the screenplay. The director did a good job directing the film. The acting was good. Each character had their own story that they were trying to tell. The director was able to take the audience along with the characters through different themes and stories. Each character was definitely unique and had their own opinion and way of living. I recommend seeing this film.