فيلم Born in China

Born in China

Born in China is a movie starring John Krasinski, Claire Keim, and Xun Zhou. Venturing into the wilds of China, "Born in China" captures intimate moments with a panda and her growing cub, a young golden monkey who feels displaced by...

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Nascidos na China, Né en Chine, Kínában született, Nés en Chine, Çin'de Doğdum, Nacidos en China, Wo men dan sheng zai zhong guo, ディズニーネイチャー ボーン・イン・チャイナ パンダ・ユキヒョウ・キンシコウ
Running Time
1 hours 19 minutes
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Chuan Lu
Chuan Lu, David Fowler, Brian Leith, Phil Chapman
Claire Keim, Xun Zhou, John Krasinski
UK, China, USA
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Venturing into the wilds of China, "Born in China" captures intimate moments with a panda and her growing cub, a young golden monkey who feels displaced by his baby sister, and a mother snow leopard struggling to raise her two cubs.

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Howard P. photo
Howard P.

This documentary was very good. It was the first documentary I saw about Chinese immigrants, and it was extremely informative. They talk about the hardships they faced and the hardships they had to overcome. The film shows them talking about their first job, and how they used to go to work every day, and the things they had to do to earn money, and the money they had to spend on food. There is also a lot of stories about the hardships they faced and how they had to overcome them. You also get to see their families, and what their lives were like. This film is very informative, and I highly recommend it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to learn more about the Chinese immigrants, or if you're interested in China. This film is great for the people who are looking for information about Chinese immigrants. If you like documentaries, then you should definitely watch this one.

Joe Delgado photo
Joe Delgado

This documentary does a good job of showing a little bit of everything. It's not about the actual story of the trip, but rather the circumstances surrounding it. The events themselves are a bit disjointed, but still show a lot of detail. The documentary also gives a good overview of the history of Tibet. It is well organized, and the documentary is very well edited. A good documentary, worth seeing.

Jason C. photo
Jason C.

This is the second time I have watched the film of A Chinese Girl in the White World. I didn't enjoy the first one and was disappointed with the second. This one is just as good as the first one. It was just too slow. The film doesn't really take the time to explain everything, and the subjects are never really explored. It's just all of the new women entering this place. The film shows the problems that the men had to deal with. I thought that they should have used a little more of the film to show the problems the men had to deal with. This film is a good start to a series, but it is just too slow. If you are a fan of the first film, don't bother with this one. You may like the second one more than the first one. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Albert photo

The film takes a look at the life of a group of Japanese American family members in the 1950's and how they interacted with the larger society. I think it's an interesting look at the problems facing these families at the time. It focuses on the years when the Japanese American families were denied full citizenship in the United States, and how they tried to get citizenship and make some of the changes that were required to become full citizens. The movie also highlights the successes and failures that the families had to overcome. There are some great scenes, such as when the Japanese American family goes to a funeral, and how they try to make some of the changes that are required to become full citizens, including the requirement of voting and being a member of the Japanese American National Volunteer Auxiliary. The ending also provides a good point of view of the Japanese American community as a whole. Overall, the film is a well-told story that shows how the Japanese American community had to deal with the discrimination that they experienced in the 1950's. The film also points out some of the positive aspects of this community, such as the wonderful work that the Japanese American community did to help build America during the Cold War, and how the Japanese American community fought for their citizenship rights. This is a film that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their racial or ethnic background.

Brenda Rodriguez photo
Brenda Rodriguez

I enjoyed this movie very much. I have seen it twice, first on the big screen, and then later on DVD. The DVD was excellent, as well. The picture quality was great, the sound quality was great, and I was not once disturbed by any distracting sound. The movies is a bit overlong, but that is not to say it's boring. The movie is very compelling. It is a story of a group of very wealthy Chinese immigrants who immigrated to the US in the early 1960's. The movie is about their attempts to stay true to the way of life they had always known, and to assimilate into American culture. It is a story of the cultural clash of two cultures, and the struggle to maintain a sense of belonging, and to keep the things that define your culture, the things that make you, you. This is not to say that the movie is about anti-Chinese racism, or anti-Asian stereotypes, or the stereotypical view of immigrants. The movie is about the struggle to keep an American culture, and the history of a people who came to America, and how they have changed the way Americans think and behave. I highly recommend this movie, and I hope that others will as well.

Raymond Carlson photo
Raymond Carlson

I was a child when I first saw this movie, and I was mesmerized. The scenes in the house are haunting and the scenes in the hospital are powerful. The movie has it all: suspense, a story of heartbreak, and a message that isn't preachy. It is about the lonely life of a lonely girl, and the difficulty in living in a world that doesn't see us. What makes this movie so wonderful is that the narrator never says a word, and the scenes are only glimpses. Sometimes the movie is quiet, and other times it is loud. It's a story about a girl and her family, and her struggle to fit in, and her power to move mountains.

Kenneth T. photo
Kenneth T.

A documentary about the growth of the Asian Music Scene in NYC. The film is mostly a discussion about the scene and its history. The director focuses mostly on the great bands who have been formed and the music they play. The film is a little slow and a little bit boring at times, but it is definitely worth a watch. It is a bit different than what you would expect from a documentary, and you should definitely give it a try.

Ann Freeman photo
Ann Freeman

This documentary is by far the most valuable part of this film. This is not to say that the rest of the film isn't good, but that it's just so boring. It's as if the director could not get his audience to care about anything else. The best thing that can be said about this documentary is that it was well shot. But the documentary is all about one man, and he's the one that we're meant to care about. But the documentary is so long that the viewer is forced to sit through the whole thing. And that's why this documentary is so disappointing.

Jeremy photo

I was surprised to see this documentary about the Chinese film industry. Although I'm not a huge fan of Chinese cinema, I have a general appreciation for Asian cinema. This documentary is well done. It focuses on the small movie-making industry in China and how this industry is really different from Hollywood and the rest of the Hollywood film industry. I love documentaries and especially this one. It is very interesting. It covers a lot of interesting topics. The film critic at one point says that "every minute of this film is worth an hour and a half of your life". He is right! I would definitely recommend this documentary. It is well done and well worth your time.

Jean Wheeler photo
Jean Wheeler

One of the best documentaries on the subject of ethnic violence. It's a rare treat to see a documentary that doesn't provide a misleading explanation of the underlying issues, but rather shows what happened and how it affected the people involved. The interviews are very insightful and realistic, especially the ones with the survivors. I also appreciate the director's sensitivity when it comes to depicting violence against women and children, and the director seems to be completely sincere in his treatment of the subject matter. But, of course, that doesn't mean that the subject matter is not real. The documentary's tone is a bit more pessimistic than the documentary's subject, but it's still pretty balanced and informative. The documentary is a lot more confrontational than I expected, but it's still very informative and makes a good argument to its viewers. Overall, a very good documentary that deserves more recognition. Highly recommended.

David photo

One of the most refreshing things about this movie is how it does not try to explain anything. The movie doesn't tell us how the Chinese worked in the 90's, or how they died in the Great War, but instead it just shows the families of the dead people and tells us about their personal story. The story is not about how the Chinese fought in WW2, but the story of one family and how they survived the terrible war and survived the Great Depression. It's a sad story and the movie tells it well, showing the incredible pain that this family had to go through and how they were still trying to find a way to survive. The director is wonderful. This movie is about survival and how the Chinese families were able to overcome and survive through the Great Depression. It's not a documentary, it's not a drama, but a very good film about a family who survived and has survived.

Maria photo

A poignant film from China that shows how important education is and how education can save lives. The director and producer were very good at showing the hardships and difficulties that many students face every day in school. This is a wonderful film to see if you care about human rights and education. The film is based on a true story and shows how much education can change lives and help improve a person's life. All in all this is a very moving film. I can't wait to see it again. It will make you think about the importance of education.

Mary Schultz photo
Mary Schultz

If you like the Japanese culture you will be very impressed with this documentary. It is a very good documentary that will definitely catch the attention of the international audience. It is very interesting to watch how the Japanese people live. There are people who live in their own culture but who never come into contact with the Japanese. The film gives a good impression about Japan and it is very easy to understand the Japanese people and their culture. It is very difficult to understand the culture of the other countries, but the Japanese culture is very well explained and it is very interesting to watch the differences between the different cultures. The documentary is very good and I think it will be really good for international audience. The documentary is about the relationship between Japan and China and the way the Japanese people live. This documentary is very interesting and it is very important to watch it.

Eric B. photo
Eric B.

How to Speak Japanese: The Way of the Samurai is an excellent documentary that tells the story of one man's attempt to learn how to speak Japanese in Japan, the land of myths and legends. What's so amazing about this film is that it's so incredibly easy to watch, because the documentary is so short. It's about the entire process of learning to speak Japanese, from the title, through to the actual speaking. There's no need to watch it a second time, because you get the gist of it. The documentary is not about the Japanese people, it's about the Japanese culture and it's amazing how many of the lessons are translated into Japanese. There are many of the lessons that are just completely impossible to understand in Japanese, and some of the other lessons are very funny, because you know how they think the world works. It's a really good documentary, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Japanese culture.

Joe Day photo
Joe Day

I liked this documentary very much. This is a great way to bring home the importance of the fact that life can and does change drastically if we act in the right way. It's really great to see what it takes to get things done in the real world. It's so amazing to see people that have achieved so much and still had the attitude that "it doesn't matter" or "the hard work will pay off" and that's why they're successful. I'm sure there's some people who have the same attitude, but don't want to take responsibility for their success. I was really surprised to see that this documentary did not contain the usual Hollywood or Hollywood-inspired approach to show the inside stories of successful people and how they became that way. This documentary is about what it takes to change things, not just what it looks like on the outside. It's a very effective documentary. I recommend it to everyone who wants to see what it takes to succeed in life. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Kenneth Chen photo
Kenneth Chen

I remember watching a documentary about a Chinese child who was given the name Li Shuwen (?) and went on to study at the University of Washington in Seattle. He was a very good student, a good student with a strong will and a determination to learn. He graduated and became a teacher in Beijing. He was told by his father that he was the best of the best and should do whatever it takes to achieve his dream. He studied the history of the man who had the idea to create the first skyscraper in China. The man who had the idea had the passion and the dedication to accomplish his dream. Li Shuwen (?) never married or had children and was told he had to go back to China to support his mother, who had to work long hours and couldn't support herself. This is an excellent documentary about Li Shuwen's life and his dreams and how he gave up everything to support his mother and eventually made it to Washington, which is a very special place. It is a very moving film and one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Judith B. photo
Judith B.

I have only seen this documentary once, but I'm glad I did. This documentary is a compelling, emotional and real account of the experiences of Choe's and other poor people in Taiwan. I am a Chinese Canadian, and I am especially grateful that this documentary has been released on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and is available to the public. The documentary is beautifully made and is informative and well-made. I especially liked the perspectives of the three main characters, and the main subjects of the documentary, the Choe family. I think that there is a certain naivete about the American public that is missing in many documentaries. However, this documentary is not propaganda, it is a very important story of a family and a government that has failed to do anything to alleviate the suffering of the Choe family. The documentary is well-made and well-produced. I highly recommend it.

Crystal Jacobs photo
Crystal Jacobs

I found this documentary to be very interesting and informative. It really opened my eyes to the extent that I had never really paid attention to China before. There was some information about where they get their meat from, and how they process the meat. It was very interesting to know that there are people in China that actually love eating meat. It was very interesting to know that the government does not ban the eating of meat. There are so many different cultures in China, and I never really felt like that there was one standard eating type for all people. Also, they talk about how the people in China are extremely happy and in love with their food, and that they enjoy the meat they eat. I think this documentary really gave me a better understanding of where I live and the culture I live in. The movie is also very informative and entertaining. The information was very helpful and it was well-written. I think this movie was very informative and entertaining, and it definitely made me think about where I am from and what it means to be Chinese. I recommend this movie to everyone. I think everyone should see this movie because of its importance to the people of China.