فيلم La folle histoire de Max et Léon

La folle histoire de Max et Léon

La folle histoire de Max et Léon is a movie starring David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig, and Alice Vial. Max and Léon's adventures, two childhood friends idle and party-goer, who are trying to escape the Second World War.

Other Titles
Max & Leon, The Comic Adventures of Max and Leon, Die verrückte Reise von Max & Leon, Zwariowana historia Maxa i Leona, A Louca História de Max e Leon
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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War, Comedy
Jonathan Barré
David Marsais, Jonathan Barré, Grégoire Ludig, Grégoire Ludig, David Marsais
Grégoire Ludig, Saskia de Melo Dillais, David Marsais, Alice Vial
France, Belgium
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Max and Léon's adventures, two childhood friends idle and party-goer, who are trying to escape the Second World War.

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Randy photo

You may have heard of this movie or seen it elsewhere before, and if you did then I would suggest you find it again. While many of the comments I read here (and while I have read the book and it was superb) have expressed a dislike of this movie, I would disagree. Personally I find it fascinating and inspiring, and I think it is quite a portrayal of reality in both the situations and the humor. The film is definitely a must-see.

Jason photo

I loved this movie. Not only it is one of the best films I have ever seen but the cast was perfect. Both of them (Max and Leo) were hilarious, Lorna Truffault as all of us girls from bad neighborhoods like mine must have been on that school-trainer show. And I loved Dany Boon. He was perfectly cast and we really appreciated his role. This movie is fun and it contains much on homosexuals and racism. Some parts can be a bit dark but the comedy is always there. It's like in the films of Jacques Demy. I hope to see him in more films.

Catherine R. photo
Catherine R.

This is a film I just happen to catch on TV this morning. It tells a story of a young man who creates a fake news story in order to become a star. I have to say I've been waiting for this film for a long time and I was quite surprised when it finally arrived. I know it is not a film of the same caliber as some of the major stars that have recently made the foray into the mainstream cinema, but I think it is a pretty good film nonetheless. The first thing that struck me about this film was the fact that it was made in Canada and in a more "realistic" way. As in all small-budget Canadian films, there are some pretty bad camera angles and a very poor amount of sound in the production. There are no absurd sound effects such as cats howling or even water running through the roof. I don't even mind these things because I don't think they ruin a film. This film is shot in mostly the same way as most French Canadian films I have seen. It has some very funny dialog, good cinematography, and excellent acting. It is all very pleasant to watch. I would not have paid to see this film in the theater, but I think it is a film to be watched at home. I'm looking forward to seeing it again when it comes out on DVD.

Christina Harris photo
Christina Harris

The History of Max and Leon is a German comedy drama from 2000, directed by the well-known Martin Liebigs, who made Les Triompheiers et les Musketeers in 1985. It's the story of the failed heist at a concert of the May-Day Concert, and the relationship between the gang, and the dealer. It was filmed in '73 and it starred Georgina Raaff, Karl-Heinz Schneider, Walter Mintz and Stefan Biddle, who played the gang leader. Here's a nice little comedy that is pretty much forgotten by the rest of the world. But for those of you interested in seeing a WWII-style heist with the French Rock Music group May-Day, you may want to give it a look. Rated R; Violence, Profanity, Sex, Nudity and Graphic Violence.

Jacqueline J. photo
Jacqueline J.

This is a very funny movie. The characters are perfect.You love them. Max - a shy and neurotic guy who loves living in a town without much - if any - human contact and is now enjoying a relationship with the mayor - Max's ex-girlfriend (it's very well made and only mild violence). Lianne - a beautiful and kind-hearted French woman who is at first skeptical but slowly gets on board. Enjolras - the shy but brave kid who is the best friend of Lianne. Tom-Adonair - the mysterious member of the group who is Max's very odd and eccentric best friend. All these people start to learn about each other and they spend the whole film trying to win the love of one another. It's like a Sesame Street episode, and all these groups of characters, many of which have never spoken to each other before, bond and fall in love. I loved it. I laughed so much! At the same time I was sad. I was so happy. At the end of the movie I was thinking that we really might live in a world where love is winning out in a really great way. I was really happy and I was so sad at the same time. Thank you very much for making this movie. I really like the director and he is an amazing writer, so thank you for this great story and great love story. It is very nice to see how much effort went into this. I hope you don't disappoint us and make another great movie. But since this one is so good, we might have to wait a long time for that. Thank you.

Jose photo

This is a movie that will make you laugh out loud. Actually there was no laugh because the feeling that Max and Lenny lived a nightmare is beyond my comprehension. The time they are on the trench for their disastrous mission is the only funny moment. It is a movie that has all the makings of a great movie. The funny people in the movie are wonderfully placed in every scene. They do their best to give the movie its true color. They are named, shot, and used as they should be. This is not a movie to see if you have a boring day at the office. It will have you laughing from beginning to end. The movie is not just funny, but it is not just entertaining, but it is also an emotional one. This is a movie that will do all of its work to keep your attention on screen. My name is Rachael Wein (Imogen Judson), I am a 24 year old female student who lives in the Southeastern United States and is currently pursuing a degree in Television Production. I am a very strong woman who took a bold decision to study the work of the legendary William Forsythe and Noretta D'amato. After I began to study this movie and the team of people involved in making it I began to realize that the subject matter that this movie was dealing with was too delicate and not suited for viewing by the average Joe. However, I can not find a way to lessen the role that movies like this one have played in my life. The way that these things are put on the screen with a group of people that have already proved to be strong, inspired, and having a positive influence on the world around them has made a difference in my life. With that said, I recommend this movie for everyone who is not afraid to laugh and is looking for a movie to see that has "real life" in it. People need to be reminded that when they go into the theater they are not only watching a movie, but they are witnessing an important piece of work that has been worked on for many years, well into the 20th century. The elements of this movie include the underdog, the arrogant man, the mean spirited and nasty dog, the famous teacher, the handsome French American and his beautiful wife. The movie is not just "a piece of art" like many others will tell you. The work that has gone into the making of this movie is something that should be recognized. It is truly a work that deserves to be seen by everyone who is interested in historical or cultural matters. You can take it for what it is, but for those of you who know the full meaning of the movie this movie will be very revealing.

Stephanie C. photo
Stephanie C.

This is the movie I should have made. Well I think this is a movie for the 20 and over crowd, the other adult audience won't get it. The movie takes a while to get going but once it does it is nothing short of amazing. The first 15 minutes was a little slow but it really picked up during the next 30 minutes. The movie tells the story of two boys who have to go to war in WW1. One of them has to leave his family to go and fight so that his friend will live and the other one won't be sent to a different part of the country. A friendship develops and is strengthened by the war, but also because of the love and respect between the two men. This movie should have been made when WW1 was still in progress and the war was still raging. The acting is superb and the directing and photography is brilliant. The characters are well developed and what do you expect from a French war movie. The story doesn't go far beyond the battles in the beginning. The war scenes are very well done and convey the feelings of the characters in a simple and natural way. But the ultimate message is summed up by the end of the film. No matter what side you're on it's more important that you learn from this film. The film was made in France and it's French made, the acting is great, the dialogue is all French, the backgrounds are good, the lighting is wonderful and the musical score is great. It's a film that really shows what war can do to people and how you can make a better life for yourself and for others when you get back to your home.

Kevin Barrett photo
Kevin Barrett

I have watched every movie to be in a movie. I just watched this movie the other day. After seeing the movie I was surprised to see how good the acting is. It was a really good story. Every scene was great. The story line was great as well. It was a really great movie!

Adam photo

This film, while perhaps a little different, is pretty darn good, with a very good cast. Some of the scenes are quite amusing, like the one where Max tells Marie-Therese that she'll be able to stay in Paris. This happens when Max is still stuck in a train station; Marie-Therese shows up, and they argue and get it on. That was hilarious. Others include a battle, which Max won, and the moment Marie-Therese says she thinks Max has deserted her, and he gets up and walks out of the train station and has to be chased. Of course, this was so true to life I couldn't resist. The other thing I love about this film is that it gets some of the greatest lines, and uses them with great effect. The "I told you so" is so perfect; I can't get over that one. The first time Max tells Marie-Therese she must have been mistaken. And then, when Max tells Marie-Therese he's looking forward to visiting her. Marie-Therese replies "You're a funny man." And the scene where they're at the concert. The lines are perfect. I always love seeing the scenes from when Marie-Therese comes back to Paris. And they actually did that; the cast were actually in Paris in December, and they didn't have to do much. This film is really funny, and it's always a pleasure to see actors like Laurence Olivier, Jean Rochefort, and Fernand Amiel doing comedy in their native tongue. I have to tell you, this is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. This is, hands down, one of the greatest comedies I've ever seen.

Bryan C. photo
Bryan C.

So much French so fast. What a deal. This is what I'm talking about. And this movie is no exception. The story is pretty good and the direction is so-so but this movie is so much more. When I see the cinema talk about what this movie was made for, I could see that the director really knows about telling a story and the characters are very interesting. I'm watching the movie again, again and again. And there's always something new in it. And I can't explain it better than that. I don't need to. Just see it and you'll see that. One word of advice: watch it once and you'll never get bored and you'll understand everything of this movie. So see it. And I'm telling you, I'm going to. I promise you that. God bless.

Evelyn photo

Finally, after all these years, I saw the movie at the cinema. I didn't know what to expect. I knew it was about the real life events, but I had no idea that it was based on a book. The story is brilliant and the acting is flawless. I really didn't understand the negative reviews. Everyone should watch this movie, it is truly a masterpiece, a true tour-de-force and a classic.

Judith photo

Well, perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I liked the story of a spoiled boy growing up in a wealthy family and being good natured. Especially considering that a poor girl has to marry into an aristocratic family. The acting is great. Loved how Mme. Blondel (Jean-Louis Trintignant) made the girl look good. She was born to be a movie star, and one of the most amazing things about her was that her eyes were sparkling just like the others, even though they were all lined up and the tiny corner on the top of her left eye had a red speckle. And of course, Jean-Louis was wonderful. Both of the characters in this film were pretty much perfect, and they were a true treat to see together. Some people have complained that the characters were over the top and cartoonish, but I thought that the whole thing was a lot more realistic and full of life than most of what you see in the movies. You'd be surprised at what you'd find if you try looking for good movies to rent. I think it is a must see.

Larry R. photo
Larry R.

Max & Leon (Francois Carrousel and Francois Berleand) are an eclectic bunch of mercenaries with a knack for the ball-and-chain 'battle' of the art of war. Together with their canine companion Dieudonne (Lou Jospin), the pair venture across Europe in pursuit of a profit. They may be painted and decorated war heroes, but when their Lotharios, Rambo-style gang of henchmen move in, things take a serious turn for the worse. Their journey is like a roller-coaster ride, with more than one hit. Don't Miss: Max & Leon (when they ride the train; literally) for their freaky and terrifically crazed set of frenetic, exaggerated war scenes. Also, consider giving Nicolas Ghesquière's 'Le Tour de Rouge' (1891) a chance when it comes to your anti-war-wanna-be-a-hero's. It's a French Gothic classic!

Edward Torres photo
Edward Torres

I knew it was going to be a comedy, I've watched a lot of the movies with comedy, but the thing was, it was so good, so great.I love the way that they described everything, that was great.It was also very sweet.I really like that this movie is making fun of all the religions and the groups.It really makes you laugh and enjoy all the things that are there,it also makes you feel good.People that have seen this movie will definitely like it.

Louis Shaw photo
Louis Shaw

Lest you think this was just a pantomime, this movie IS the point of it. My brother who was 7 when I saw it told me that Max/Lelio (Jean Reno) was just a crazy yokel. This is one of the few times that I can actually see what he was talking about. An amazing ensemble of actors and crew, including newcomers Carla Bruni, Pierfrancesco Cappuccio, Marian Keneally, Mary Mursud, Jean Reno, and others, are all incredible. I truly loved the French/Canadian countryside in the film. The music is wonderful, as well. I can't wait for the DVD. Highly recommend this movie for anyone who likes action movies, comedy, or a mix of the two. Oh, and don't forget the "Black and White Bunny" trophy.

Scott Peters photo
Scott Peters

When the "work of art" (in this case, the screenplay) fails to be funny, the cinema will be less enjoyable. The problem in "The Cell" is that there is not enough comedy, and the script is not that funny. The cast is very funny, with Rachid Bouchares playing the "hero", and he is a comic genius. Mira Sorvino is a comedic double, and I am a little surprised that she has not done a better job in this film. The story is clever and has surprises and great scenes. The shooting is very good and reminds me of Francis Ford Coppola. This is probably the best film of Nicolas Winding Refn. If there is a downside to "The Cell", it is the title: you do not know who is the main character until the end, and there are many people that have a lot of cameo roles. Overall, it is a very good film. I am waiting to see if the other films by "The Cell" director will be so good. It is a funny and not stupid film, but then the funny parts are not very funny. The film is rated 7.6 on IMDb, which is very good and I think it is a good film.

Lawrence J. photo
Lawrence J.

The classic movie of all the "good guys" is now better, thanks to the new Monty Python/Cavill "Oculus" of "Dolphin Tale". In the end, in the story of an old friend who finds a great treasure in the ocean and falls in love with a stranger, great family, great servants, and a great castle, the great "threat" of the evil Queen is confronted, and the conflict begins. I can't understand why there were not more Python episodes of the Monty Python TV series, because their funny dialogs, and scripts, and heroes of a comedy show (except with his new character of the Leviathan) are very very strong. "Dolphin Tale" is such a story, with a brilliant script, of the author of the "Onanist", so much strong and funniest script, you could find an entire whole range of characters. The main protagonist, Max, is very interesting, and even more interested in another protagonist of the story, Leon, who is too reserved, but courageous and kindhearted, with the big mistake of a coward. His strong friends Leon, and Houdini, especially with the introductions of "Mr. Le Loi" (Tilda Swinton), and the interesting comedy character, "Mr. Lector" (Simon Callow). Another excellent character, I think, is "Mr. Arguello" (Jason Flemyng) who is the guy who works for "Mr. Houdini", and can help him in the defeat of "Mr. Houdini" (the great Jeremy Irons). I didn't know that he has a funny punch, that he can talk about water with his friend "Eternal Justice", and that he can fight with "Mr. Houdini". I also like the character of "Mr. Houdini" (the great Ian Hart), because the comic nature of the characters reminds of his fame. I've also liked the strong dialogs, with the love story between Leon and Max, and the relationships between the characters. In the end, the great cast: Ian Hart, Jeremy Irons, Tilda Swinton, Simon Callow, Ray Winstone, and Cate Blanchett; the amazing language: Cantonese, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese. In addition, the Great Adventure story: "With dogs and swords", the Knights Templar, and "The Brave One" as well. For example, the scene between the two "heroes" of the adventure (the knights and the swan, are very funny, the big Cate Blanchett). With such a movie, I think it is very special to see the whole of the Python, so strong that they can build, "The Holy Grail" and "Pythons" in their images, and even their language.

Andrea photo

I am a great fan of the humor in films such as this. The film has several excellent one-liners and many quotable lines. All the characters are relatable, and I thought the actors did a good job portraying these wonderful characters. All in all, a very fun and entertaining movie. All the stars put in great work. I would have liked to have seen more character development for the characters. A great film for fans of that genre or anyone looking for some lighthearted entertainment.

Hannah Shaw photo
Hannah Shaw

This is a lovely movie. I love it. I love it so much. It is one of the few movies that have ever gotten me completely and utterly intoxicated. At first I had to keep asking myself the question, what is so "loveable" about this movie? I realized that it was nothing like most of the other movies I have seen and I liked this one more than the rest. So, how about I give this movie a 10?

Emily M. photo
Emily M.

As a young woman, I really liked this movie. It didn't feel overly sappy or too cloying in the least. It's a story about growing up and making mistakes and it works just fine. It's a pity, then, that this movie is so few and far between. And in the age of Netflix and Amazon, you could probably rent a copy and watch it over and over again. It's worth the wait. The cast is quite good. I really like all of them. And the direction is exceptional. I think that this was the first French film I've ever seen where the director wanted to tell a story and not just run around setting up the story.