فيلم Porto


Porto is a movie starring Anton Yelchin, Lucie Lucas, and Paulo Calatré. Jake and Mati are two outsiders in Porto who once experienced a brief connection. A mystery remains about the moments they shared, and in searching through...

Other Titles
ポルト, Πόρτο, Portas, Porto, Mon Amour, Porto 35mm
Running Time
1 hours 16 minutes
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Drama, Romance
Gabe Klinger
Larry Gross, Gabe Klinger
Paulo Calatré, Anton Yelchin, Françoise Lebrun, Lucie Lucas
USA, Portugal, Poland, France
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Jake and Mati are two outsiders in Porto who once experienced a brief connection. A mystery remains about the moments they shared, and in searching through memories, they relive the depths of a night uninhibited by the consequences of time.

Comments about drama «Porto» (21)

Jeffrey M. photo
Jeffrey M.

I remember watching this movie in the cinema in the late 1980s. I was impressed with the way the story was told. The actors were chosen well. The only thing that let it down was the ending. It was quite predictable. The best part of the movie is the music. It is very enjoyable. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is not violent or boring.

Betty photo

I feel that this is the first film that the director has directed, and since then, I felt that he has always been a director that could do a decent film. I saw this film on a rainy day, and I was immediately captivated by the story. I loved the way that the film was told, as well as the way that the film was filmed. This is a story that really doesn't need a lot of explanation. The film will take you by the hand and hold you by the arm. It is so simple, yet so deep. This is a story about a young boy who is in love with a young woman. The film is about a young man who does not have much of a future in his life, and he needs a place to settle down. He needs a place where he can start over. But, he can't afford a place to settle down, so he decides to stay in a park. And, he has a dog that he keeps in the park. He is in love with this dog, and he really loves this dog. He keeps his dog, and he gets involved with the dog. But, it becomes so intense that it gets to the point where he is very tempted to leave this place. He decides to stay, and he finds that his love is strong enough to keep him there. He decides to keep his dog, and he decides to keep his love. He decides to stay, and he is not going to leave. This film is so good, that you really cannot go wrong with it. I think that the film is perfect, because of the story, because of the film, and of the performances. The film is a perfect film that you will not want to miss.

Deborah Mendez photo
Deborah Mendez

This is an unusual romantic film with its underlying themes of cultural and class conflicts, and the counter-cultural world it describes. I didn't have high expectations for it, and I was pleasantly surprised. The story is a typical story of young people coming of age in a foreign land, with the emphasis on the young person's issues. It's a very romantic tale, but I think it could have been more dramatic. The focus on the interpersonal issues that come with growing up, and the personal struggles of the young people are strong and worth the watch. The performances are great, especially by the two lead actors. I have only seen two other films about young people, and they both were extremely successful, but this one didn't stand out as a good film at all. The director, whose previous works include his work with the director Quentin Tarantino, did a good job. I enjoyed the film, but I think it could have been better.

Willie Curtis photo
Willie Curtis

A great film that tells the story of two men who are separated at birth and have been separated for decades. A great look into the world of young children and their role in their world and their parents. I also liked the performance by Angelina Jolie. She really put in a terrific performance in the film. Overall, a very good film and an amazing performance by Angelina Jolie.

Anthony Scott photo
Anthony Scott

I'm afraid that this review is going to be quite one-sided. In my own mind, I'll give it a rating of 7/10. Not that it's perfect, but it's a good movie. Like I said, it's not a masterpiece, but it's a good movie. This is the sort of movie that I'm not usually fond of. Not because it's not an original story, but because it's not very interesting. It's too long, it's too predictable, it's not exciting and it's not very funny. The characters are shallow, the story is completely disjointed and the acting isn't very good. It's not a bad movie, just an average one. It's just that I wasn't very impressed by it. That's the thing about "Romeo Must Die": it's a good movie, but it's not very good.

Terry photo

One of my favourite films of all time is "The Godfather". I have to admit that it was the film that made me want to become a filmmaker and make my own film. I started out by watching the film as a student, and was really impressed with the acting and the story. I wanted to make a film, but was unable to find the time to do so. I then made a decision to make a short film on the same subject. I had no idea what I was doing. I had to put my own brain to work and put in an effort to make it as good as I possibly could. This film is something I've always been interested in and now, after finally making it, I can say it is a movie I am really proud of. The cinematography and direction are absolutely top notch. This film is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The music is stunning and will blow you away. The acting is top notch. I would have never thought that Jack Nicholson could be this good. He is a master actor and he holds his own against the best actors in Hollywood. When I first saw him, I thought, "This guy can act." But he has grown a lot in the past 5 years and has become one of my favourite actors. Everyone else in the cast is really good. The story is really nice and it is well written. The music is great. The story is very interesting and the direction is great. It is a great movie, but if you're not into drama, then it might not be for you. But I think it is an overall good film. It is one of the best dramas I've ever seen. It is very long, but I found it to be very good. The way the story is told is fantastic. It is a very difficult film to watch and even then it is very good. It's a great film, but if you don't like drama, then it's not for you. It is a masterpiece, but not for everyone. I would recommend this to everyone, but if you don't like drama, you won't like it. It is a film you must see, but not everyone is going to like it. I think the most important thing about this film is that it is a masterpiece. It is a great film. It is one of the best films of all time and I'm very proud of it.

Roger Duncan photo
Roger Duncan

I watched this movie about a year ago and I liked it very much. It's about a young man in a small town in the country. The town is now being run by a man who controls everything. The young man, who is out of town on business, decides to come back to his home town. The man makes him come in and introduce himself. The young man, who has been away from home for years, gets caught up in the town's bizarre new rules. There's a lot of philosophical stuff in the movie, so it's good to watch with a nice cup of coffee and a nice book. The movie is well-made. It's not really gory or funny, but it's a good movie. It has a nice story, and it's interesting to watch.

Brandon photo

When I saw the title of this film, I thought it was a film about the music business, but it is not, it is about love, how much love and how hard love can be. The main character, the actor who plays the main role of Arrancar, is an aspiring musician, he has a troubled past that has been swept under the carpet, it is all that comes out of the closet. He goes through a lot of pain, but he does not let it get to him, he has to keep fighting. There is a lot of self-doubt in his life, and he tries to deal with his feelings, but he has to do it alone. The thing that I liked the most about this film, is the idea of the music business, that is how it has to be. It shows that even though you have to fight for what you want, it still can be good, it is still possible to be great. I think that it is a good movie to see, and I would recommend it.

Bryan Bishop photo
Bryan Bishop

This film has a very French feel to it. While it is a bit "boring" at times, it is well worth seeing. The dialogue is sweet and the music is haunting. I will admit that I did not know the names of any of the actors, but I found it was great to see Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lopez. The film was shot in a very rural area in Portugal. I thought the setting was beautiful and the actors did a great job of capturing it. I did not think the story was that great, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The only other film I have seen with a similar setting was The Queen of Versailles, which I thought was better. This film has a message about the importance of family and I found it very heart-warming. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Larry photo

With the emphasis on the setting, we can't help but focus on the artistry and the beauty. As the story progresses, we experience an interesting experience. As a director, I have to say that I admire the way he depicts the intimacy of the relationship between the characters. For example, when he discusses the "feeling" between his friend and the wife, it is exactly like the feeling that a friend feels towards his wife. I think it is the use of the camera, and the quality of the camera, that make the movie more than a romantic movie, as it can have a stronger impact. As a whole, it is a story about the importance of the intimacy between a woman and her husband. It is an interesting story that goes beyond the political and humanistic side, and it is an important movie. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the story of the human experience.

Teresa photo

Pervasive corruption of the football world in Portugal is the core of this film, yet the story is told in a light, even humorous tone. The movie is actually a documentary of the first World Cup. It is a very well made and entertaining movie. The best thing about this movie is the way the film is edited and presented. It is a great way to tell a story. The only real problem is the ending. There are so many hidden messages in the film that it is hard to understand. The film is a bit slow and there are a few spots where the camera is panning away from the action. This is a big flaw in a movie like this. It distracts the viewer from the story. The only other thing that could be argued is that there are a few too many characters in this movie. The actors are good but the movie suffers because of it. The characters are written too big and not enough time is spent on their development. I would give this movie a 7/10.

Laura J. photo
Laura J.

I don't know much about Pfeiffer, or I would have known better. But I did know that she was not a very nice person. I had been told that her character in this movie was "tortured". In reality, she was not tortured at all, but simply unhinged. The movie was made to show that she was not a good person, and that people can change. I think that this movie was very accurate. I have to admit that I did not see much of the original play, and I did not know much about the movie itself. But I do remember that the movie was very good. I do recommend this movie to anyone who has ever watched a play, or has seen the movie version of a play. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Brittany photo

The film's only real problem was the distribution and the poor advertising campaign. It really isn't that great of a film. I love Chiron, I love Porto and I love the idea that it could be a musical. It's not that great of a film, but it's worth checking out.

Rachel Lucas photo
Rachel Lucas

One of my all time favorites. Probably the best movie about the life of a man with AIDS, it's the story of the real life of a man with AIDS, played by Martin Sheen. It's a very strong movie, and the acting is excellent. This is not the first movie about HIV and AIDS, but it is probably the best one. The subject is quite real, and Sheen's performance is very good. But it's not really about him, it's more about the people who were affected by HIV. A must see movie.

Marie L. photo
Marie L.

There are those who love life, and those who love to watch others enjoy it. I can't deny that. I was lucky enough to be born in the 90's and I lived that life. When I read that Mina had written a book of poems and art that she wanted to create, I thought she would have to give us something. What she got was a story that was so rich and so real, it made my day. I can't say that I agree with everything in it, but it was a wonderful experience. I wish it was more widely known, but I don't want to offend anyone. I thought it was worth the time and money I spent watching it.

Louis D. photo
Louis D.

The movie is great. The film is beautiful, the acting is great, the story is great. But there is one thing that really bugged me. I didn't like the ending. When you are watching the movie, you are expecting it to be good, but when you get to the end, you realize that it is not good. It is a good movie, but it is not one that you would want to watch again.

Judy G. photo
Judy G.

The character of Lola is quite an interesting one. Her behavior in the first half of the movie is quite interesting. I had quite a good time watching her, but I thought that she behaved quite inconsistently throughout the movie. Lola seems to be completely lost, and her life seems to be completely empty, and this was my main complaint about this movie. The movie doesn't seem to have any purpose, because everything is completely random and nothing makes sense. I don't really think that the movie has a point, because it seems to have no direction at all. The movie was quite slow and seemed to have no point. I think that this movie was quite boring and didn't move very quickly. I liked the scene where she gets out of the car, and she looks out the window, and she sees the abandoned beach in the distance. The movie really left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and I didn't like the movie at all. I really hope that the director didn't make it as dull as this movie seems to be.

Ralph photo

The movie is based on the autobiography of the late movie star and television actress Miss Nelva (Pablo Casals) and is also her brother's movie. In this movie we see Miss Nelva with her stepfather, a blind but rich man and also her brother, a nice guy and she just does not know that she is going to be a married woman in a year. The movie is really a love story, that will make you love both of them. The movie is based on the biography of Nelva, that in this movie she really shows her talent as an actress. Pablo Casals does a great job, also. I think that this movie is very good, that I would recommend it to everyone. I would also recommend to watch it in a theater because it is also really good. It is also really funny because of the humor of Miss Nelva. I give this movie 7 out of 10.

Susan Thompson photo
Susan Thompson

I liked this movie a lot. I read a lot of the reviews before I watched it and I have to say I agree with them completely. The premise of this movie is a little bit ridiculous and the dialog is way too often stereotypical. The film is set in the 1970's and the plot is extremely ridiculous. But the performances are superb and it is worth watching. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys good movies. This film is definitely not for people who are easily offended.

Diane Stephens photo
Diane Stephens

This film is about the relationship between a young boy and a beautiful woman who plays violin. This film is not about love, it is about the love of music and the innocence of love, especially when it comes to young children. The boy and the young woman are not unlike the characters in Schindler's List, but they have something different in common. Both play the violin, the violin is used to remind the boy of his mother, to remind him of his father, and to remind him of himself. They both have parents who are absent, and they both have mothers who are absent. Both are longing for their absent fathers and all the years that have passed by, and they are longing for their fathers, but their fathers are gone. This is a very moving film, the music is wonderful and the chemistry between the young boys and the young women is wonderful, and the music is beautiful. It is a very moving film, and it is very much a movie that should be seen. I will tell you that I had no idea that I would be watching a film, but it is a film that should be seen.

Victoria photo

This movie is not for everyone, I am not a great fan of family oriented movies, and I do not understand the hype surrounding this film. I would not recommend this movie to any fan of cinema, but I think the art form of cinema deserves a look. If you have not seen this movie, I strongly recommend you to do so. It is worth your time. If you like art films, and if you do not like this film, you will find your place in the history of cinema, for you will find a place where you have not been before. My Rating: 7/10