فيلم Saint Judy

Saint Judy

Saint Judy is a movie starring Michelle Monaghan, Leem Lubany, and Common. The story of immigration attorney Judy Wood, and how she initiated the change in U.S. law of asylum to save women's lives.

Other Titles
Au Nom des Femmes, Sólo la verdad (Saint Judy), Justiça sem fronteiras, Ein Funken Gerechtigkeit, Święta Judy
Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
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Drama, Biography
Sean Hanish
Dmitry Portnoy
Leem Lubany, Michelle Monaghan, Common, Alfred Molina
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

The story of immigration attorney Judy Wood, and how she initiated the change in U.S. law of asylum to save women's lives.

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Arthur Freeman photo
Arthur Freeman

This is one of the best films I have ever seen. It is beautifully shot, with stunning lighting and sounds. The actors are believable and do a good job. It is not too long and it is very emotional. The soundtrack is also fantastic. The movie is very well shot, very well edited and very well shot. The music is very good and the way it is used is very appropriate. I do not know what to say about the actors. I have never seen anything like it. They are great. I recommend this film to everyone. It is a masterpiece.

Cheryl Hicks photo
Cheryl Hicks

In the age of the soap opera, it is refreshing to watch a film that takes the screen seriously. The director, Robert Redford, has created a film that draws the viewer into the story, and yet it is clear that the film is actually about the characters, and the circumstances that they have to deal with. It is hard to look at a film that takes a lighthearted view of the lives of a family and their struggles to keep their relationship intact. It is equally hard to look at a film that portrays a family as a unit, and the tension and difficulties they have to face. The entire film is an epic tale, of a man's attempt to maintain a relationship with his daughter that will last until she is old enough to marry, and then he must deal with the impact of that on his life and those of the other members of the family. Redford and his co-writer, David Lean, have done a remarkable job in bringing this story to life, and the film is not only well acted, but the directing is also very good. The film is directed with a great deal of precision, and the camera work is especially impressive, even if it is difficult to tell what is going on on the screen. This is an incredibly rare movie that is very well acted and directed, and it is a film that is difficult to watch at times. The performances by all the actors are good, and Redford and Lean have created a wonderful film that will draw you in, and leave you with a great deal of emotion.

Richard photo

This is one of those movies that makes you think about the situation in the third world. This movie is very realistic and very good. It will make you think about what is happening in third world countries. It's about people who want to live, but not for the money. They want to live for themselves. If you like this movie, you should watch the following movies: When We Were Kings, Blood Diamond, The Last King of Scotland, Django Unchained, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Under the Tuscan Sun, Planet of the Apes, Born on the Fourth of July. The Last King of Scotland, The Descendants, American History X, Saving Private Ryan, The Bourne Ultimatum, Fight Club, The Pianist, The Red Shoes. The most important thing to remember about this movie is that you need to be able to take it for what it is. The story is very realistic and doesn't just say what you want it to say. It shows what is going on in third world countries. The movie is very good, but I have one thing to say about the movie, if you want to see a good movie that shows what is happening in third world countries, watch this movie.

Catherine photo

I was reading the reviews of this movie and I felt like I was being lied to. First, I thought the movie was "fake" and I didn't like it. Then I saw some reviews that praised it. Then I started to like it. And then I watched it again. I think this movie was great. It's not a movie that you would watch in the theater. It's a movie you would watch on DVD. This is because the movie is not trying to be a movie that would be seen in the theaters. It is a movie that you would watch on DVD. But it does not take itself too seriously. I would give this movie a 7.5 out of 10. If you like this movie, you will probably like the movie "Lost in Translation".

Melissa C. photo
Melissa C.

Even though I have no idea what kind of director Clint Eastwood was, I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was a really nice film to watch and I really liked the way the film was shot. I didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed this film. It was very entertaining. It was funny at times and suspenseful at others. It was very entertaining and I recommend it to anyone who likes this type of film.

Ashley Brown photo
Ashley Brown

A very good documentary on the life and times of Judy Garland. The best part of the movie was the interview with Judy Garland herself and her son-in-law who was so passionate about Judy. She says that she is very proud of her daughter and is proud of her husband. She also tells us that she is very grateful for all the people that have supported her. I really enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who is a Judy Garland fan or who has a daughter who was a child actress. I would also recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the stage musicals. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Sharon photo

As I said in the title, I am a huge fan of the original TV series. I was thrilled when this movie came out and was really looking forward to seeing it. I was actually surprised at how much I liked this movie. Yes, it is not the best movie ever made, but it is certainly worth seeing. This movie is about an older woman, Judy Garland, who was a great entertainer and an accomplished actress. However, she had a mental breakdown and died of a stroke. She was only 41 years old. It is the story of how she got back to life and how she still has the same spirit. I have to say that I really liked this movie. The acting is really good and the directing is good. I was a little disappointed in the ending, but that is a small point. Overall, this is a very good movie. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Tyler photo

This is a very good movie. But it's really a drama and the story is very thin. The best thing about it is the acting. Keira Knightly and Naomi Watts play great in this film. I just want to say that it's a good film, but it's not a masterpiece. If you like a drama and want to see a movie about a young girl who has a mental illness, this is the film for you. If you like a drama and want to see a movie about a mother and her son, this is the film for you. This is a very good movie, but it's really a drama and the story is very thin.

Jeremy Wright photo
Jeremy Wright

I watched this movie on cable TV, and it was very informative, the plot was very good, and the acting was great. The movie also has a wonderful message about living a happy life, and the children in the movie are very good, it's like they are made to be like that. The movie has a great message to live a good life, and the message is not very common, but this is a good movie to see. If you are into movies, I recommend you to watch this movie, it will be very educational to you.

Charles R. photo
Charles R.

This is a movie about a woman who has an affair with a doctor and then starts a new relationship with her brother. It's interesting to see how a woman who is so isolated and lonely would go on a tirade about how she is trying to make her life better by getting a job, going to school, and getting a boyfriend. I am glad I was able to find this movie. I watched it because I have always liked Paula Malcomson, the wife of the main character. I liked her in "Raising Arizona" and "Mean Streets" but I think she is a very interesting actress. I found this movie to be very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone.

Arthur Price photo
Arthur Price

This is a great film about a child's life and how he is changed by the encounter of a childhood friend who dies in a plane crash. I found it a little sad at the end but also a little sad to see what has happened to the family. However, I found the story very touching and the acting was superb. The director did a great job of making you believe in the characters and their problems and problems in the end.

Frank Henderson photo
Frank Henderson

This is a pretty good movie. It's not the best movie ever made, but it's a pretty good movie. This movie is based on the life of a prisoner who was held at the "Santa Rosa" prison in California. He was convicted of murdering his wife and child. He was given a life sentence without parole. After the movie is over, I felt like I learned something new about the prison system. After all, I was familiar with the prison system. I think that the movie was worth my time.

Ethan photo

While "A Room with a View" was certainly one of the most overlooked films of 2005, this little gem is much more satisfying. Based on a true story, "The Thin Red Line" tells the true story of the battle for the capture of the infamous Abu Ghraib prison. The film focuses on the events leading up to the event and the subsequent investigations and convictions. The acting in this film was superb. Tom Hanks was terrific as usual. But what really stood out was Mark Wahlberg. I have not seen him in a lot of films so I don't know what his name is, but he was simply brilliant. I am not sure if he was the best actor, but I am sure he was one of the best. He is not only one of the best actors in the world, but also one of the best actors in the world. I would definitely recommend "The Thin Red Line" to anyone who has not seen it.

Zachary Little photo
Zachary Little

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Lori Howell photo
Lori Howell

I loved this movie. It was just a simple story of an Irish immigrant and his struggle with the "evil" white people of the USA. It is interesting how much of the movie is in Irish. The people are Irish. The accents are Irish. The scenes are set in Ireland. And the ending is an Irish bar fight. The way the film is filmed is very authentic and realistic. The movie is worth seeing for the Irish aspect alone.

Nathan P. photo
Nathan P.

I've seen several documentaries about the Coens and what they did before their movie making, and I didn't expect to be as impressed by them as I was. "The Big Lebowski" was a brilliant piece of work, and I'm sure the Coens are in my top 10 films of all time. I'm not going to talk about the story of the movie, which I could talk about without giving anything away. I'll just say that the movie is based on a true story, and I must say that it was a great story. I thought the acting was brilliant, and the directing was just as good. The music was also amazing, and I also liked the way the movie was shot, it was so detailed and you could see the difference between the two. I highly recommend this movie, and I think it's one of the best movies I've seen all year. 9/10

Teresa G. photo
Teresa G.

I'm an English teacher and I was surprised to find that this film had been cut down in order to fit a PG rating. It is very sad that they have turned a very good film into something that would appeal to younger audiences. The acting was superb and the storyline was engaging. If you are a teacher, see this film. If you are not, then don't see it. The parents of the children in the film were a little distracted by the children's behaviour. This is the reason that it was cut, but the acting was superb and the children were very engaging.

Victoria Mitchell photo
Victoria Mitchell

I saw this film as part of the Dublin Film Festival. I found it extremely moving. It was also very interesting to watch how the police and politicians handled the crisis. I was shocked at the extent of the looting and rioting. It is a really tragic story of how people reacted to the government's handling of the crisis. I highly recommend this film. It's not a typical Irish film, but it's important and important for people to know what is going on in Ireland.

Julia photo

This movie was an excellent documentary on one of the darkest periods in American history. It captured the fear and fear of the youth of the era and the other people around them. The director did an excellent job in showing the violence that occurred and the devastation it caused. The movie was very well shot, the characters were very well portrayed and the story line was very interesting. The movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be a lot worse but it was good.

Kyle B. photo
Kyle B.

I loved the movie. It was a fascinating look at the lives of these two girls, who seemed to have an incredible amount of freedom, and who would do anything for love. The movie was about their passion and determination to find their true love. And I was very impressed with the performance by Megan. She was very believable and very realistic. I found her to be very beautiful and very confident. I was surprised that the young actors she chose were the same actors that played the older ones. I thought that the only way they could have come up with the same performance would have been through the older actresses. I thought that it was very well done and I was very pleased with the movie. I think that there should be a DVD release of the movie, as it would be interesting to see the real life story of these two girls.