فيلم Love, Cecil

Love, Cecil

Love, Cecil is a movie starring Rupert Everett, David Bailey, and Manolo Blahnik. Respected photographer, artist and set designer, Cecil Beaton. was best known for his Academy Award-winning work, designing for such award-winning...

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Med kärlek, Cecil, Te quiero, Cecil Beaton, Rakkaudella, Cecil Beaton
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1 hours 38 minutes
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Documentary, Biography
Lisa Immordino Vreeland
David Bailey, Rupert Everett, Manolo Blahnik, Hamish Bowles
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Respected photographer, artist and set designer, Cecil Beaton. was best known for his Academy Award-winning work, designing for such award-winning films such as Gigi (1958) and My Fair Lady (1964). The film features archive footage and interviews with various models, artists and filmmakers who worked closely with Beaton during his illustrious career. Beaton was not only a dazzling chronicler of his time, but a supreme arbiter of its tastes. From the Bright Young Things, to the front lines of World War II, and from the international belle monde and the pages of Vogue to a role as the Queen's official photographer, Beaton embodied the cultural and political schisms of the twentieth century. In this warm - though critical - portrait, which blends archival footage and photographs with voice over from Beaton's famed diaries to capture his legacy as a complex and unique creative force. Dynamic and lyrical, Love, Cecil (2017) is an examination of Beaton's singular sense of the visual, which dictated a style and set standards of creativity that continue to resonate and inspire today.

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Dorothy photo

Even as a lifelong ZZ Top fan, I still can't fathom why the band members (who have been through a lot) agreed to participate in this film. That said, I was somewhat entertained by the documentary, which did a good job at exploring the members' relationships, work, and personal lives. The film is not perfect, though. As with any biopic, there are problems with getting the information from the participants. But the performances are terrific, especially those of David Arquette, Thelonious Monk, and Sammy Hagar. There are also some moments of silence. The only gripe I have is with the "Cecil B. Demented" segment. That part of the film, I felt, should have been more explicit about the reasons why Demented died. It felt a bit manipulative to me, since the filmmaker did not really explain the circumstances of Demented's death. Overall, this was an interesting look at one of rock's most prolific artists.

John P. photo
John P.

For years, there has been talk about the plight of Australian children living in foster care. The news has been grim, but it's a topic of interest to a lot of people, so I was excited when I heard that a documentary would be making its way to the big screen. Cecil Simpson is a hard-nosed, uncompromising public servant. The documentary's title refers to the second child he adopted out of a foster home. He left the boy, Jack, in the care of the police, who were only happy to return him to his family. But the boy never seemed to be safe. He was taken away from home by a bunch of lovable but conniving kids. The story unfolds slowly and in a way that's not easy to follow. But the film does a pretty good job of showing how cruel and mean-spirited the kids are. It's not a question of who's to blame, but how much of a power the kids have in controlling people and telling them what to do. The film uses a variety of techniques to show the cruelty of the kids. One of the most striking is the way the director and his crew capture the brutalities of the kids. The shooting is sometimes shaky, but it's all for the benefit of the audience, not the subject matter. The techniques are effective, especially in the long interviews with the kids. These kids are portrayed as normal, but they're not. They are deranged and selfish. They are vicious and hateful. It's a difficult subject to get to know. It's not just the kids who are portrayed as bad people. Many of the kids are described as self-centered, self-righteous, arrogant, and incapable of handling the hardships of life. These kids have no respect for anyone, including their foster parents. It's almost a call to arms. They are a lot like our own kids, except for their clothes, cars, and food. There's a cruel implication that the kids have no feelings, no feelings for their foster parents, and that their lives have no value. It's very hard to accept this point of view. The film is surprisingly disturbing. The children are portrayed as cunning, manipulative, and cruel. Some of the kids are even creepy. When they are talking about the food they have in the house, you can't help but feel like you're watching the same scene over and over again. That's not all. The film makes no attempt to balance out the kids. They are all treated like objects. They are the property of the kids. There is no attempt to look at them as people. They are constantly being bombarded with questions, and they are expected to answer them. The kids know exactly what they are supposed to answer. It's a cruel and manipulative system that the kids are trying to escape. There is no room for doubt. The film makes a lot of sense. It's a complicated film, but it's a compelling film. It also hits a lot of emotional chords. The only question that I had was, "Would I have liked this film better if I'd known about it before I saw it?"

Christopher Pearson photo
Christopher Pearson

This documentary was awesome! I love it! It was extremely funny, entertaining, and touching. I had a great time watching it. I thought the interviewees were great, especially Cecil. I thought the story was so interesting. I really liked how the movie showed how Cecil had his life changed for the better. I also thought that it was good that the documentary used other celebrities' stories to show that the the people with AIDS had a variety of emotions and were still affected by the disease. Overall, this documentary was very good. I highly recommend it.

Thomas photo

This documentary is a bit like a documentary for hip hop fans and most definitely a must for the audiophiles. The author of this documentary, Mike Stannard, is a very active member of the rap scene and he is a former rap fan himself. What he brings out is his passion and passion is evident in this documentary. It is very interesting and entertaining and it tells the stories of a lot of rappers. The documentary is definitely one of the best documentaries that I have seen for a while. It has some flaws but for the most part it is a great documentary and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the music genre. The biggest flaw I found was the fact that the rapper from New York City is not featured much in the film. I think that this is an oversight because he is one of the best rappers in the world and his career was started from this documentary. I think that this was a mistake on the part of the film maker. Another problem was the fact that the documentary is actually a bit depressing. The majority of the interviews with rappers are very depressing and don't really make me feel good or that I want to listen to their music. I think that if you want to know more about the music genre, this documentary is definitely a must see.

Cynthia photo

In his first ever film he talks to family and friends about his childhood, his early life and his famous work. The film is so great because it goes into the history of the work and also gives us the current love stories and the connection between his fans. The film is very funny because it really shows the confusion he felt as a child and how he tried to fit in, it also shows his passion to the work. I can see that he had a lot of pressure as a child because he was "different", but also in his adult life he is very smart. The film is a lot of fun because you get to see a lot of funny things that don't really matter that much. My favorite part is the part when he tries to explain the creation of the animals. It's really cute and funny. I also really like how he talks about how he went to art school in New York City, his college days and how he eventually went to work for the director of "The Art of the Steal". It really shows how he's obsessed with his work. In my opinion this is a great film because it's funny and makes you feel good about the works you love.

Doris P. photo
Doris P.

Very good documentary about the life of a poet who was highly regarded by his peers. It does make you feel sorry for him, and wonder how he could have done it. But it also makes you think that poetry is a skill which does not require talent, and not everyone is a genius. That's one of the big problems with poetry, it's too "rash" for most people to appreciate. Anyway, it's a great documentary, not for everyone, but if you like to think about things, you will love this movie.

Andrew Lee photo
Andrew Lee

This is an interview with Cecil Taylor, former Sotheby's Auctions Department Store manager who took his life in 2008. As this is a taped interview and does not feature any of the many people that were involved with this auction in any way, you can skip this portion and watch it if you wish. This was broadcasted at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival and is made up of 15 minutes and contains the interview and some narration from Taylor. There are no music cues or other special features. The film is a long way from the sort of "feel good" movies you might expect from Taylor. The film is filled with people who have nothing to do with Taylor, yet it is fascinating in that it shows what the man was really like, not what he was. The film focuses on his life up until his death, but it never gets into the personality of the man or his issues or the issues of his family, and as a result the film has some depth. It is a long film and you really do need to be patient and put yourself into it, but it is very well made. This is a film you should watch and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this man. This is not a documentary, it is a movie and it shows what the man was really like.

Carl F. photo
Carl F.

Dr. Cecil D'Anconia is an entomologist who is passionate about the creation of insect control. This film is a documentary about the evolution of the bug control industry. It covers everything from field trials to its modern-day and past-world counterparts. There are interviews with former bug-control professionals who describe their experiences. There are many great stories about the creation of the insect control industry. They tell us how they found and were able to get funding to carry out their work. It is a fascinating documentary that should be viewed by anyone interested in insects. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in insects. 7/10

Louis photo

There are so many film makers in the world who don't know the difference between real life and what they see in the movies. This documentary is a good one, telling the story of a couple who are mostly only one note and who have nothing to do with the regular human life. They do not love each other, they don't get into the movies, they don't even care about their child. They are just living in the everyday life. The life of a typical boring and ugly married couple who are still happily married for now. They are kind and generous. They care for the family. They take care of the dog. They are always ready to do anything for the family. They love to tell their stories and they love to talk about their life. When the interviewer asks them about their life, they are just like that. No things about their lives, no thoughts. They have no problems, no problems with anything. They don't think about anything at all. The documentary was very nice and gave a good insight to the life of the couple, they are so normal and you feel very close to them. If you like the kind of documentary and want to know more about it, go watch it. If you don't, don't watch it, you are just one person who doesn't know what is real and what is not.

Howard photo

A very informative documentary about the life and career of the legendary band The Who. The documentary features interviews with many of the members, many of which were members of the band during its early years. While some of the interviews are rather bizarre, there are also some hilarious moments. One particularly funny moment involves the pair of actors who portray the rock stars of the film. This makes me laugh to myself every time I hear these "Rock Stars" playing the song "A Hard Day's Night". These are the real stars, and the documentary is so good at making us remember how great the Who were when they were young.

Mary Martin photo
Mary Martin

By far one of the most compelling documentaries I've seen about musicians and music. I love it. I always have, and I love it again.

Tiffany Roberts photo
Tiffany Roberts

There are three categories to this documentary - History, people and Cecil - and all of them were shown. The documentary will have some viewers who like history, some who like Cecil's life, some who like watching people who have nothing to do with Cecil, and some who would like to know more about Cecil and what led him to do what he did. I was in the first group and would recommend this documentary to anyone who would like to learn more about Cecil.

Joe Ortega photo
Joe Ortega

I first watched this movie because of its producers. I had never seen anything about this movie. I had heard that it was interesting, but never saw it. After watching it, I was surprised. I loved the movie. I thought it was funny and well written. I liked the way they dealt with the financial problems they had. I liked the way they handled the suicide of their father. It was realistic. I thought the way they dealt with the bullying they had to go through in school was well done. I thought they did a good job with the subjects they dealt with. I think the main message of this movie is the need to have faith in God. I think there is a reason why the movie was called, "Hallelujah." I loved how they got the best out of everyone in the cast. I loved the way they handled the subject of suicide. I thought the movie was well done. I hope to see more movies about God and suicide. The people I have seen who have had a spiritual journey, I know they have found God. I think this movie is going to be a hit. I think everyone should see it. I think it is a good movie. I think it is very well done. I think it shows that God does have a purpose for the people who choose to follow Him.

Benjamin M. photo
Benjamin M.

I am a little upset that the only mention of the elephant's incredible performance was in the last ten minutes of the film. There was a great deal of elephant footage throughout, and I was happy to have seen this footage. But it was very little. The elephant performances were very well done, but the elephant story was just a small part of the film. For some reason I felt like I had to watch the film again to fully appreciate the elephant story. It felt like a documentary. I would recommend watching the film and hearing about the elephant performances first. Otherwise, you might be disappointed.

David D. photo
David D.

In the last few years I've found myself more and more drawn into learning about the so-called "Lost Tribes" of Native Americans. I watched this documentary, and was impressed by its stories, both personal and historical. However, when I viewed the film, I had a realization: how many of the stories and statistics were inaccurate, or outright false? I'm not a scholar, and did not want to waste my time. This film is filled with statistics and quotes from books. In the end, I had no idea what I was watching. I left the theater with a vague sense that the statistics that I had just been taught were mostly true. Unfortunately, the film does not go into any of the historical and cultural information, nor does it attempt to go deeper into the reasons that the Native American population has been disappearing. They go only into the statistics, which would only increase my knowledge. In the end, I left feeling a bit confused. I still believe that Native Americans have had some kind of an understanding of their culture and the human condition that could help explain some of the statistics. In the end, I believe that the people in the documentary have done an amazing job of presenting the statistics in a way that is truthful, but incomplete. The documentary was informative, but lacked the emotional connection that I feel was necessary to complete the movie. This movie is worth watching. You learn a lot about Native American history, culture, and a little bit about the reasons that the Native Americans have been disappearing. If you have an interest in Native American history, I would recommend this film. However, I would say to anyone who has an interest in Native American history, that it is important to read up on the stories of the "Lost Tribes". I feel that this film is incomplete, and a great deal of the information is likely not true.

Carl S. photo
Carl S.

Just returned from watching this documentary and it is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. It is the story of the last man to fly with the famed Beechcraft Bonanza in WWII. The story of his unlikely life is told through the lens of this great aircraft. The documentary is incredible and will leave you speechless. There are several things that stick with me after watching this documentary. First, is the incredible amount of affection that the men have for their planes. It is almost surreal. I feel like I know the pilots from my own plane in school, especially when I fly one myself. Another thing that sticks out in my mind is that we live in a time where people can take such pride in the fact that their country made an airplane that the Germans didn't. This is probably one of the most important things that this film brings out. The other thing that I think that people will love is the fact that these men worked together and became friends. No one could have made the plane that they did without the cooperation of the crew. Another thing that I think is very important is that these men were very good friends and worked together to accomplish their goals. It was a great atmosphere on the ground and it was a great atmosphere in the air. I think that the fact that these men were actually fighting in a war for the first time was very inspiring. The best thing I have to say about this documentary is that it made me understand that there are many reasons why men fight in wars, but the biggest reason is that they are willing to risk their lives for their country. The other things I liked about the film was that it was very entertaining and showed a lot of detail about the men's lives and what their lives were like. It also made me feel very close to these men. Overall, I think that this is a great film and it is very inspiring. The fact that the film shows the men at work and the relationships that they had with each other made it very well done. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in aviation history.

Joan B. photo
Joan B.

I was very surprised to see how poor this film is compared to the work of the two greatest, well-known documentary directors of all time, Jim Jarmusch and Ken Burns. I have heard many critics, not all of them from the scientific community, say how it is the worst documentary ever made, and even worse than most other, higher-brow documentaries. Well, I can assure you, it's not. While there are no great insights into human behavior and scientific methods, this film is in no way pretentious. It's not a documentary you watch for entertainment, or to make you think. It's a work of art, a meditation on the power of ideas, images, and great storytelling. It's not just an attempt to make a better film. It's also an attempt to make the world a better place. The only problem is, it's a little too long. I believe that, in terms of length, the film should have been a little shorter, and that the subject matter should have been reduced or left out entirely. But, I understand that this was the case, and this is a mistake. You won't get a better film out of a shorter documentary, and you'll probably not get a better film out of a longer one either. So, what I can say, is that it is still a great film. Even with the length, it is still one of the best documentaries ever made, and a great cinematic experience.

Andrew Garrett photo
Andrew Garrett

Being a devout Christian, I'm not usually the type to give the views of others, but when a movie comes out that deals with a subject that is of such importance to me, I'll usually stick to my guns. This is definitely a case where the viewer was left to make their own mind up on the matter, which I guess you could say is exactly what you would want. The main question in my mind was whether or not the interviewees had been able to stay true to the Biblical teachings of the Bible, while in the process of covering the topic. The interviewees all seemed to be of the opinion that God created the world in six days, the earth is only 6,000 years old, and all life was once on this planet. In the end, this movie is not a slam-dunk. It's not clear whether the majority of the viewers had the same views as the interviewees, nor is it clear whether they had the same views as the film makers themselves. However, the fact remains that this is a great film to show to a group of friends. Even though it is based on a series of books, the film has all the components necessary to make it a good movie. It is a great blend of documentaries, personal testimony, humor, and ultimately, a heartfelt appeal to all of us to trust in the good in God. There are some things that are presented as being in the Bible, and then there are the things that are presented as being in the Bible, but I feel that the overall message is all in there. I give this film a 7/10, and if I had to choose a favorite, I would pick the one that I think was most touching. As I mentioned before, the filmmakers interviewed a few people that were either experts or just plain Biblical scholars, and there were a few who had studied the subject at some level. It was interesting to see that there were some who actually took a step back and looked at the Bible itself, rather than just what the Bible says. There are some things in this film that people will not see. Some of the questions that were asked were not the most flattering, such as the question, "Why did God allow death?" and the ones that were asked were not the most flattering as well. There were also questions about homosexuality and marriage. There was a point in the film where one of the interviewees was asked, "Would you marry a man who said that he was a lesbian?" This was probably the most personal thing asked, and the person who was asked responded that she would probably not marry a lesbian. However, it is certainly not the most honest answer that you could get. The one thing that I thought was interesting about the film was the tone. The tone was consistent throughout the film. It was not heavy handed, it was not unkind, and it was not fun. I think that if you don't have a strong personal relationship with the subject matter, then you may not be as inclined to listen to the interviewees, and that is probably the main reason why the film was made. It is not a very easy subject, and it does take some real time to do some research and research the subject matter, but the filmmakers did a great job of staying true to the Biblical teachings of the Bible. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in

Samuel J. photo
Samuel J.

I saw this movie when it was shown on TV in 1999. I remember sitting in the theater as a child and listening to Cecil's stories about the life of William Shakespeare. The movie was like a play about his life. I was just amazed that he had the power to do so much. I still find it hard to believe that I am watching someone in his middle age. Even though I am very young, I can see a younger version of him. I find it very interesting to compare the behavior of the older and younger versions. I can't believe that I have never heard of him before, he has been dead for nearly 500 years. This is a must see film for any Shakespeare lover.

Elizabeth photo

This is not a documentary. I'm not sure if this is a film. It's an amazing journey from childhood to adult, broken into a series of clips about each character's life and how they shaped the world around them. It is a fine testament to how some children have achieved so much in their lives. It is not a film about their success or their failures. The documentary is about their lives. If you're curious to learn more about each character, see this film. It is a wonderful film.