فيلم Student of the Year 2

Student of the Year 2

Student of the Year 2 is a movie starring Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday, and Tara Sutaria. A student must face off against bullies and overcome hurdles, both academic and romantic, to win his college's coveted Student of the Year...

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Running Time
2 hours 26 minutes
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Sport, Romance, Drama
Punit Malhotra
Paulomi Dutta, Arshad Sayed, Karan Johar
Ananya Panday, Tara Sutaria, Aditya Seal, Tiger Shroff
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A student must face off against bullies and overcome hurdles, both academic and romantic, to win his college's coveted Student of the Year trophy.

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Willie O. photo
Willie O.

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Tyler photo

My favourite film of all time. I truly believe that a film like this can only be enjoyed by a person with an extremely high tolerance to heavy emotions, and complete understanding of the film's message and the big picture. People who don't think this is a good idea are obviously very pretentious and lacking in intellectual capacity. A must watch for any student, or any movie buff. Watch and enjoy!

Frances S. photo
Frances S.

I just saw it yesterday and it left me with a big and lasting impression on me. I don't know where it was conceived but it was the best movie I have seen in a long time. Everything about it was great. from the cast to the story, from the locations, to the camera work, it was just a masterpiece. If there is a film to be made in one year that goes beyond the science fiction world to the supernatural world to the moral dilemmas, I doubt we will see it. It is truly a human story with human characters and a message to be learned from it. What a shame that such a good story is so lost in a maze of subplots and contrivances. There were so many things to do to go the right way and get the information to the viewer. I think it will be a true mistake to not tell the story, and to do it in a way that the viewer can understand the message. We need that in a good movie. The best movie I have seen in years.

Kyle Carpenter photo
Kyle Carpenter

I remember when i was young, my father made us watch "The dog years". I fell in love with it. When i heard he was going to make a sequel, i started to think that i might be able to do the same thing. But my father had to think more, and i thought maybe it would be "The dog years again, but not for that guy, he will not be able to find his soul mate.". So i was not afraid, but i was anxious. I was not ready to give up on "The dog years", i was waiting, for this sequel. When i was watching "The dog years II" i had a question mark on my face. "The dog years II" is one of those movies, i can watch it again. It was very important to me, in that moment i could not stop thinking about "The dog years II" and i could not find words to express how much i loved the movie. I am glad i watched it. For me, this is the masterpiece of a generation, and it is for me the best "The dog years".

Thomas Hernandez photo
Thomas Hernandez

I can remember having this movie marathon at my work when I worked in a nightclub, and everyone just loved it. Now, several years later, I think it's still one of my all time favorites. Toni Collette's performance as Gail is a little lacking in some places, but then again, she's really the only strong point of this film. The cinematography and the way the film is filmed is well done. It's certainly not the most well made film I've ever seen, but I don't think anyone who has seen it would be able to tell the difference. It's certainly a film that anyone who loves movie-making should see, even if you don't like, or even like, Lothario movies. I can't help but think this film should have won an Oscar, but it did not. I'm just glad it won't get one.

Gary Walker photo
Gary Walker

I thought this movie was beautifully acted. Unfortunately, like so many people I loved both The Godfather Part 1 and The Godfather Part 2, and I have no interest in a third installment. I did, however, find some humor in the whole mess. (4 stars is certainly a good ending)

Diana B. photo
Diana B.

I have recently seen this film on DVD, and am giving it a 10/10. It's wonderful! Each of the characters is very well fleshed out and give a great insight into each one's life. It is very inspiring. The ending was great and helped to set up the first film in a good way. The cast was all great as well, especially Harry Connick Jr. He is amazing as the man who likes soccer, which is very rare to find in films. I highly recommend this film to any fans of soccer! Go see it!

Lisa W. photo
Lisa W.

This was the movie I was looking forward to. I am a Brit who is not a fan of football and was really looking forward to this movie. Well, I was so wrong. You would think that after a decade of major footballers making music, they could have tried a little harder. BUT, no, they did it a lot better than most people. I don't know why that is. It's a classic, but there were so many great moments and even some more funny ones. The music was great. I want a soundtrack. I wanted to be able to show this movie to friends. If you want a good movie with a lot of great football players, watch it. Go into it knowing you will not like football and the story line will not be as strong as the other football movies. But if you are like me and are looking for a fun football movie, then this is the movie for you.

Cheryl photo

I don't think you will be disappointed if you see this movie. Great screenplay, great actors, great dialogs. I think many guys will like this movie more than others because this movie is very much like "chasing life" but without the life elements. It is definitely worth seeing.

Willie photo

We had the pleasure of seeing this film at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival. It was so good, that the next day it was transferred to the Paramount Theatre. This film is a true gem. I never thought I would see a film where the cameras capture the lives of beautiful young women like an amateur on a single street corner, or in a small village. No one should miss this film. And I don't believe it is going to show up in the (fictional) credits list. The film was excellent. I think the film-makers are the real stars. Thank you for a great film. And, I strongly recommend that anyone who ever lived through the 20th century to see this film.

Karen R. photo
Karen R.

Ewan McGregor is simply gorgeous in this film. I have watched this movie many times and love it each time. It has a great pace to it and one does not want to let it down. There is great chemistry between Mr. McGregor and Dame Helen Mirren, and the dialogue between them is often insightful. Dame Helen is particularly good in her role as the beautiful Princess Calista Flockhart. She is such a brilliant actress and she is a delight to watch in her roles, I believe she has one of the best voices out there. I enjoyed this movie and recommend it to anyone who loves movies.

Juan photo

The scene when she finds out her new boyfriend is drunk. What's the reaction from her family? Well, it's right on. In one scene, she sees the drunken boyfriend for the first time. But that's about it. The movie is about her after she decides to stay with the drunk boyfriend (not her in-law). In this movie, the fight is between her and her family. The story is the struggle of her life. The relationships between friends and family are not explored. Everyone is who they are, and it's okay to be who you are. It's important to reflect that in the movie. You should watch this movie. Its a good take on life. There are so many interesting stories that I think that you should go watch this.

Jeffrey photo

This movie is totally touching and a great addition to any collection of movies. Very much worth watching.

Jacob Mason photo
Jacob Mason

I love this film, its the best. The actors are all great and the story is very interesting. Well worth a watch. 10/10. Like this? Read this. ;-)

Timothy photo

I went to see this with my girlfriend because it was being shown at the cinema and she loved it. I had never seen this movie so it wasn't too far off my expectations. The most of the audience were in the age range of 18-25 years old and this is a movie where the children can relate to the character. The storyline of this movie is extremely realistic and true to life. There were many scenes in the movie that made me feel tears flowing down my face. This movie has a great message to which I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel emotions. The music used in the movie is very original and emotional and also very moving. The characters are amazing and so different from one another. Everyone's role in this movie is important to understand the characters, so I strongly recommend this movie to everyone!

Danielle W. photo
Danielle W.

I recently saw this movie, after seeing the ratings it had gotten. The ratings I have read are deserved but it was not the case. I don't know if it is because this movie had a low budget or what, but the film has a very solid cast, with the exception of Rupert Everett who I think overdid it and wasn't believable. I thought it was bad. But there were some pretty good things that came out of this. The action scenes were also solid, and there were some emotional moments. There is a twist near the end that I really like. It is something that doesn't happen very often. I did like the movie but I don't think it was as good as the ratings made it out to be.

Elizabeth Fox photo
Elizabeth Fox

It took me a while to watch this movie. I thought that I was missing something but that wasn't the case. The film has some great quotes from the original movie as well as some great quotes from many other movies. It's a great movie to watch with the guys, or the girls, if you want to see a good romantic comedy with a lot of laughs along the way. Watch this movie, you won't be disappointed!

Helen Richards photo
Helen Richards

From the beginning of this movie till the end, you cannot stop thinking about it and even when you think about it you feel that something doesn't feel right. This is one of those movies that you won't be able to stop thinking about it. The best part is that at the end you never get bored and you just keep watching. There are times when you're thinking that what they've done is stupid but if you stop thinking about it and watch it, you will feel it as well. What's so great about this movie is that you don't have to wait for the next installment. The last part is so satisfying that you'll feel satisfied.

Tiffany photo

Watching the movie today, I was totally at home for the entire movie. I am a bit of a fan of the original OOTW and when this movie came out, I thought it was going to be the same thing as the original but it wasn't. It wasn't so bad as the original. I thought it was much better in parts, some of the stories were so complicated, but overall I think it was a great movie. I haven't watched it for over 5 years now and I still enjoy it every time I watch it. If you like the OOTW series, you will like this movie.

Victoria photo

I have seen many films of Academy Awards and they are much to interesting to watch. I have seen so many wonderful movies that I can easily watch a movie even I thought that is a total nonsense or a complete fantasy. I have seen numerous films that are meant to entertain and I have enjoyed them. I have also seen so many that are meant to be long and boring and I have actually had the urge to make an end of the movie about ten times. I have seen a lot of films, and I cannot say that I am a big fan of Oscar winning movies. I found that the quality of Oscar winning movies is far less then the quality of better films. There are so many films, that are too boring and too long, I have finished them a couple of times. This is a film that I would like to watch again. This film has a great story, and the scenes in the film are very well choreographed and even the parts when these scenes are not played is very well choreographed. The acting is great, the characters are good, and the romance between them are very touching. I think that the time that this movie was filmed is very good because it has a much larger budget. The visual effects are very good, and the cinematography is really good. The background music is very good. This is a movie that is meant to entertain you and to keep your interest till the end, and the end is very great. The story is very good, and the actors do a good job. I would definitely like to watch this film again.