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Columbus is a movie starring John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, and Parker Posey. A Korean-born man finds himself stuck in Columbus, Indiana, where his architect father is in a coma. The man meets a young woman who wants to stay in...

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コロンバス, 構築心方向
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1 hours 40 minutes
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Parker Posey, Haley Lu Richardson, John Cho, Michelle Forbes
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A Korean-born man finds himself stuck in Columbus, Indiana, where his architect father is in a coma. The man meets a young woman who wants to stay in Columbus with her mother, a recovering addict, instead of pursuing her own dreams.

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Kenneth Robertson photo
Kenneth Robertson

Greetings from Slovakia. "Land of Hope and Dreams" is a good movie about the true story of a family living in poverty in the Land of Chana. The story revolves around Emmanual and his mother, Emmet, his father and sister Emmelie, and his family. The movie is not a drama but it is a drama in its actions and emotions. It is a drama about family. Emmanual is a successful salesman but he has a lot of problems. Emmanual's father is not in the family. His mother is busy making enough money to make the mortgage payments and to support the family. Emmanual tries to fit in a new place. He is traveling a lot with his father and his mother. But he is not accepted by his father's family. It is very difficult for Emmanual to feel welcome and to find a job. Emmanual finds a job at a sandwich shop. He leaves his family and friends. But at the same time his job is very difficult and he makes a mistake. Because of that Emmanual breaks his brother's leg. It is a true story of a family living in poverty. It is a story of true heroism. This movie is for everyone who wants to see the true story of the poorest families. It is for everyone who want to see the lives of real people. It is for everyone who wants to learn about people in poor conditions and who want to see the lives of real people.

Diana photo

Unlike many films where they claim to be telling a story, I have to say that this film is making a statement and does it quite well. The plot is a bit familiar, I have read that director Susanne Bier will be working with the same actress, Alicia Vikander in the sequel and I am happy to say she did an excellent job in this film. Her work with the script is very well done, I don't believe she could have done a better job. I have read that the new casting is of lesser quality than the original but I would argue that they haven't used their best actor and/or actress in a performance that they would truly be afraid to do again. So, I would have to agree with the previous statement. Alicia Vikander is in this film. She is a very good actress and does a great job in her role as an interpreter. This film does a great job of showing how people from different cultures can work together in a non-threatening way and I think it is interesting how the first film portrayed the country on the ship. This time around, we are taken on a journey from the happy (the German ship) to the violent (the American ship). We do get a message that a German film can really be very violent and insulting to one of the German crew but I didn't mind that because this time around the crew is the good guys. So, a very good film that should appeal to more people. I gave it an 8/10 because I do think this film deserves more credit and deserves a watch.

James photo

This was an excellent documentary of Andrew Neiman, director of the BRIGHT SIDE OF THE MOON. There are two sub-titles for each narrator, which are sometimes interspersed with the images on the screen. It is difficult to keep up with the full narration, as it covers the whole story of Andrew's life from birth to his death. There are some superb director's commentary by actors, including Kerry Conran as Andrew's mother, Jon Daly as Andrew's father, and Tony Perkins as his older brother and uncle, both of whom have acted in the documentary. Some of the interviews, as Andrew's family members describe their recollections of Andrew's childhood, are particularly touching, with some personal opinions and emotional emotion. There is also a great deal of humour in the documentary. In addition to the acting by everyone, I loved seeing scenes of Bronson in the outdoors, with his huge California Gatorade bottle of water. Bronson and Andrew made a fabulous team, but it was especially interesting to see Bronson's relationship with his siblings, as they are also interviewed. Bronson was very much a family man, and I think he is truly a brilliant actor. This is an excellent documentary, although I would recommend you go to your local library to see the full documentary.

Roy photo

The fact that this was an independent film tells you all you need to know about this movie. Before I can get started on a review for this movie, I have to say, I was very excited for this film. I was curious to see what a film crew could do with a little less money, but the attention to detail and realism is remarkable. Although, the story doesn't have any deep, meaning, I still found it engaging and very well acted. The relationship between the parents and the child is shown perfectly, and I didn't find anything offensive in the film. I was very impressed with the acting of Anna Kendrick, and she won the Oscar for best actress. Even though this movie wasn't what I would call a great movie, I think it was well worth seeing. I'm not sure if this movie will be any more popular than it already is, but I know I will be seeing it again for sure. I believe this is a very important movie. I found myself looking at my watch several times. But, I still did like this movie. I thought it was very enjoyable, even though it did get a little slow and sometimes just fell flat. The movie is very visual, and the actors did an outstanding job with it. I really appreciated how they used the slow motion to show what was going on in the story. I thought it was well done. I highly recommend this film. I really enjoyed this film. I highly recommend seeing this film, but be aware, it's not for everyone. I think this is a good movie for anyone who enjoys making movies. I really enjoyed the story and the acting was wonderful. If you are a fan of drama, this is a great movie for you. This movie is very unique. I also highly recommend this film, but know, it's not for everyone. I think it was very well done, but some people might not like it. I think this is a good movie to see, but not everyone will like it. I give this movie an 8.5/10.

Pamela photo

The original is undoubtedly a landmark of the British cinema and without a doubt one of the finest movies of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, this remake of the original is a version of the original that also has lots of hokey and pointless pieces added, making it a two hour bore. Where the original is smart and interesting, it's quite hard to find some of the wit, cleverness and intelligence the original had. The original also was more interesting and relevant. This film seems to have thrown in a few images and a couple of wisecracks, and has all sorts of antics and gags which have nothing to do with the original story. The original was really good and it seems they've brought the story to an end and somehow made it a "feel good" ending that doesn't have any substance to it. On top of that, there are whole sections of the film that are more important to the story than the story itself. The original also had a truly believable and interesting story about men and women who try to get together in a world which just seems to have failed them. This film seemed to be going in two directions: the first was a quest for romantic love, which some elements of the original never really get there and which is not all that inspiring. The second was an all out action flick with every trope of action films, not including death, gore, sex and nudity. I think the people responsible for this film could have done a lot better if they actually tried. But then, I can't really blame them, because I certainly didn't expect this one. As a movie, this one is a big disappointment. I had high hopes but this one is just OK.

Vincent Hudson photo
Vincent Hudson

The epilogue of this film has clearly been a line from the original Star Wars trilogy, when they left the rebels victorious after taking the ship on their first journey. The difference here is that in the previous film, Luke Skywalker was young and the character was too flawed to be understood. He had no real purpose, and the way the film was shot focused solely on him and his ill fate. Here, it is a very deliberate direction which focuses on the characters involved. The film follows the rebels in their journey to take the Millennium Falcon, a battered freighter, and discover a new source of energy, and to stop the empire from destroying them all. The end result is more emotionally interesting and of course, a less pummeling end than the previous film, where the final battle against the Empire is a staggering. But that's okay because it doesn't matter in the end, and in the end, this is still just a great film. The actors are superb, and with the exception of perhaps the villain, their story-lines are completely consistent. We know where the plot is heading, and the film is essentially complete. You can easily see which characters will die and which will survive. The action scenes are almost always thrilling and exciting, and that is where the greatest pleasure of this film is. The action scenes are more stylish and fluid than ever before, and they were made by a veteran film director who brought us movies like Star Wars, Terminator, Blade Runner, and so on. There are scenes that are really creative, such as the final fight at the end between Han Solo and the droid. The other good action scenes are the scenes where Rey is fighting with Kylo Ren and is barely able to keep up with him. That is not to say that the fights aren't great, but it is more of a testament to the actors that they are able to portray the emotions and motivations in these scenes. It is hard to give a real evaluation of the acting when so much of it is on screen. This film is a great action film, and one of the best on screen in many years, and one of the best science fiction films of the year, but it is not a perfect film, and one that is often forgettable, and ultimately let down. If you don't know anything about the Star Wars universe, it's just not a very good one.

John photo

One could say that Columbus has been greatly misunderstood and mostly ignored. Like I said, some critics hate the movie and I understand that, but the movie is a masterpiece that deserves more attention. The story is extremely complex and the way it's told is flawless. It has good actors, great costumes, great cinematography, and great story telling. The movie has its moments of hilarious stupidity and the love triangle, but it's still really awesome. If you can look past the fact that the movie is not 100% accurate, you will get a really good story. The depiction of the Spanish, German and Greek people is amazing and amazing. You don't need to know anything about the countries to understand the human condition. The plot is complicated, but it's still really solid and thought provoking. I think the story is a very good example of an intellectual movie that does not try to be deep. It's easy to understand, simple, and to look at the characters, the situation, and see that they are not crazy. To me, it's one of the greatest movies ever made. It's brilliant. Bravo.

Laura Palmer photo
Laura Palmer

I've seen this film at a public screening in San Francisco, and I can't believe the reactions to it. From how everybody walked out during the film, to the small claps of applause, it seemed that most were comparing it to "Lincoln", with its grandeur and ideals. My reaction was actually to compare it to "A Walk to Remember" - the major difference being that "A Walk to Remember" was more uplifting and so wanted to share its joys and triumphs with us. "Columbus" has a somewhat modern feel to it and seems to be trying to compete with other movies in this genre. The characters and storyline are very well-written. The main character is very well-developed and relatable, and, although I found his "heroic" acts and actions annoying, the final scene with his marriage and new kid made me want to feel good about myself. The actors were all very good and I liked the costumes very much. Overall, I recommend "Columbus" to anyone who liked "Lincoln".

Mary Lewis photo
Mary Lewis

I have seen some better pictures with many better actors, but I liked this one. It was beautiful, and no gore, just beauty. I also liked the scenery, and I think that the director got it right.

Juan photo

Truly spectacular. The best film of 2006. I don't think it could have been done better.

Barbara H. photo
Barbara H.

This film is a true tour-de-force. Much of what I saw was more excellent than the theatrical version. Everything from the dialog to the acting, the pacing, the non-linear structure to the execution, the long shots, the emotion, the drama. I saw this film in the theatre and I could not stop thinking about it. It was the best I have ever seen, in this format, and I have seen many great films in the theater. I was also fortunate enough to attend the premiere in LA. I would highly recommend this film. Some people will have problems understanding it, but if you are interested in film theory or the art of film-making, this is a must see.

Tiffany photo

I have just finished watching my favourite 'Goodfellas' movie of all time and its really hard to say whether or not I enjoyed it, the basic premise is that two mobsters (Carlos Mencia and Charles Bada$$) commit a number of murders to avoid having to pay a fee to the mobsters and in doing so, they re-incorporate a bunch of organized crime elements that take over the mob. It has a lot of political commentary on the Vietnam war, has a lot of innuendo and a lot of naked bodies (In particular, the scene where you can see the gut-shots of Roberto Benigni and Danny De Vito) and is basically one long heist film. However, the narrative can be fairly confusing because the movie is loosely-plotted and there are many scenes that make no sense. This is actually due to the fact that the dialogue can be pretty heavy-handed. But the plot itself is probably one of the most well-developed in recent cinema history, and it's hard not to feel for the characters in the film. At the start, James Woods and Robert De Niro, the villains, seem to be the most sympathetic of the four, but they're really the only people you're really rooting for in this movie. If this movie is the closest you can get to 'Goodfellas' then 'Bin Laden' is by far the best film of all time.

Ashley photo

Manage to get through this movie and probably save the best for last. This is one of the few movies I've ever seen where I found myself hoping for the worst.

Martha photo

The film centers on an unmarried mother, Hannah (Kelly McGillis), whose husband dies in a car accident. She moves in with her father (Michael Caine) and a new stepmother (Gale Anne Hurd), and starts seeing a new boyfriend (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), an art teacher. Even after the breakup, she gets involved with a neighbor (Taylor Schilling) who works in a dry cleaners and a student (Kirsten Dunst) who hangs out with her friends. She decides to get her hair done by a beautiful new stylist (Sally Hawkins) and runs into an old friend (Nicholas Cage) who knows how to get things done. But Hannah has one slight problem. She has a condition that, to put it politely, is pretty darn ugly. When she is done with her hair, she gets it done by a balding, 60 year old man (Hugh Grant) with a bad back. The film is very, very watchable. The first hour is pleasantly dark and scary. Grant has the physical range to play a violent, ugly man. He's not just ugly, he's just plain, gross, and not a particularly pleasant presence. Mcgillis, who seems to have picked up some sort of acting assignment at some point, is a particularly good actress, and in one scene she's as good as Grant is ugly. The story starts to turn from a drama into a horror film after she gets hair cut by Grant, but that's a welcome change of pace. The lighting is dark and menacing, and the film has a quiet intensity. The most frightening scene in the film is a bathroom scene that is both funny and very disturbing. The film has a definite arty, more grown-up horror feel to it, but it's not a completely scary film, and it doesn't pretend to be. It's also a touching look at a woman who can't find the right man. In the end, I guess I can say that the movie is more psychological than horror, but it's still one of the best films I've seen in the last few years. It's not a perfect film, but it's great and I think everyone should see it.

Wayne photo

The obvious comparisons with Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" are inevitable, and both films follow the same formula: two key characters are murdered, but their murders are never shown on the screen. While "Moulin Rouge" is undoubtedly a superior film, "North by Northwest" remains the better film in the series. It takes the less known (to the public) character of Peter Falk (Peter Boyle), a salesman who hires Willy Loman (Steven Severin) to help him re-focus his father's factory on the hands. I had seen "Moulin Rouge" first, but "North by Northwest" is much more enjoyable. It's more coherent and more interesting, especially when it cuts to their background stories. One very memorable scene is when Peter is first shown walking to the factory on his bike and the ensuing romance between the two leads ensues. The movie also benefits from a neat soundtrack, and a very strong supporting cast of supporting characters: Rupert Everett, Cate Blanchett, John Malkovich, John Hurt, and Jack Nicholson. The film also has a nice, thoughtful ending that ends the film on an uplifting note. Director Baz Luhrmann and his writing team have made a truly superb film. If you enjoyed "The Aviator," "Wyatt Earp," "One For The Money," "Gone With The Wind," or "The Godfather" then I strongly recommend "North by Northwest."

James Lynch photo
James Lynch

Good idea. But how can you make a movie like that. Give me the idea, and I'll do the rest! I've seen a lot of movies in my life, but I can't find a movie that shows me what it is to be alive. That's what this movie is all about. Yes, it is quite a simple idea and it is obvious, but you don't see anything like that in other movies. When you watch this movie, you don't see it. It just is. The direction, the performances, the script. Everything. It's an amazing experience. A very exciting and not to be missed.

Carol photo

Why do we feel that we must feel guilt, punish and thank for our actions. This film touches on the issues of greed and its ways to ruin a people. Let's forget that "propriety" is merely a human instinct for survival and natural order. Let's learn to forgive and let our ways be restored by the forgiving and forgiving nature of our Creator. If this film can touch your soul to the point where it will light up your heart in a way you could never have imagined it could be, I think you have just experienced something that may change the way you see the world. There is hope in this film. "What we make ends and we don't end. Don't wish for something to be. Just don't wish for nothing to be."

Deborah Campbell photo
Deborah Campbell

This film will be one of the big surprises in the coming years. The acting is superb. The ending is a bit of a letdown, but then again, it is not really a mystery to the viewer. The screen play is a masterpiece. This film is very good, and it deserves all the awards it has received.

Joe Thompson photo
Joe Thompson

I'm pleased to say that they had the courage to make a good movie about homelessness. The director of photography was a great asset. I saw this movie at the Philadelphia Film Festival and was impressed. It's a shame that we don't hear from more producers and directors. The main character, a 12-year-old boy named Nicholas, had to walk several miles to go get help because his parents didn't want him to spend the night out in the rain because of his poor health. It was heartbreaking to watch his heartbreak and fear when he learned that his mother had committed suicide and his father was in prison. His little brother was on the receiving end of his despair. The director took great pains to bring Nicholas and his story to life, and he did it with great care and attention to detail. I recommend this movie highly to anyone who can handle such a harsh, human story.

Ralph photo

I'm sure everyone will have their opinions about this movie. Personally, I was impressed with the acting. So much time was taken to capture the feelings, emotions, and history of what happened in America. I love that the actors were so sincere. Their understanding of what happened in the last 4 months is so rare to find in film. This movie should not be missed. It is the best. We all know the feeling of a home and a community being torn apart. Many of the homes in the movie were torn apart, and many still are today. The scenes in the movie were not without their drama. But, it was all in the good old fashion.

William photo

It took me a long time to watch this movie. My favorite Star Trek episode is the later and fifth series episode, The Undiscovered Country. I have the whole Voyager series. I find them intriguing, the stories interesting, and the characters as well. There is a decent film history with this film, in regards to where it originated. The editing is mediocre, the film doesn't have the ability to impress. It is watchable, but very slow and passive. The acting is good, but really unimpressive. It was a real surprise to me how that book, from a book, into the movie was written by the same person. Like when the book's publisher wrote, "M. Scott Ball wrote" when it was released. My summary of this film is mediocre. It's too slow and there is no shock value to it. Not to forget that it doesn't get right away the importance of the secret to the invasion of Tauron. It's not really a great movie, but definitely not a bad movie. My rating is 8/10.