فيلم Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a movie starring Isabela Merced, Eugenio Derbez, and Michael Peña. Dora, a teenage explorer, leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold.

Other Titles
Dora i izgubljeni zlatni grad, Dora et la cité perdue, Dora y la ciudad perdida, Dora and the Lost City, Dora và Thành Phố Vàng Mất Tích, Dora og den gyldne byen, Dora e a Cidade Perdida, 朵拉與失落的黃金城, Dora: Kadonnut kaupunki, Dora e la città perduta, Dora the Explorer, Raziskovalka Dora, Dora ir aukso miestas, 愛探險的Dora:勇闖黃金迷城, 爱探险的朵拉:消失的黄金城, Dora l'exploratrice, Ai Tan Xian De Dora: Yong Chuang Huang Jin Mi Cheng, Dora ve Kayıp Altın Şehri, Dora et la cité d'or perdue, Dora Ve'Ha'Ir Ha'Avouda, Ai Tan Xian De Duo La: Xiao Shi De Huang Jin Cheng, Duo la yu shi luo de huang jin cheng, 劇場版 ドーラといっしょに大冒険, Dóra és az elveszett aranyváros, Η Ντόρα και η πόλη του χρυσού, Dora und die goldene Stadt, Dora i Miasto Złota, Dora & Den Gyldne By
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Family, Mystery, Comedy
James Bobin
Nicholas Stoller, Eric Weiner, Chris Gifford, Matthew Robinson, Nicholas Stoller, Valerie Walsh, Tom Wheeler
Eva Longoria, Isabela Merced, Eugenio Derbez, Michael Peña
Mexico, USA, Australia
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Dora, a teenage explorer, leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold.

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Virginia G. photo
Virginia G.

I saw this movie about a month ago and it was a good movie. It's a movie you can watch over and over again. It's not too serious, but it's definitely a kids movie. I watched it when I was like 7 years old, but I could still tell that it's supposed to be a kid's movie. It's a good movie, but I wouldn't watch it again. It's worth a watch though. It's not an Oscar worthy movie, but it's worth a watch. I would recommend it to all kids. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Ronald Wallace photo
Ronald Wallace

It's not the greatest film ever made, but it's a nice movie for the family to watch. My daughter and I both loved it. The only thing that bothers me is that when the bus is about to run out of gas, the kids start playing around, and then the driver says "no gas". The fact that they start playing like that tells me that the driver was just off his meds. That would have been fine, but the fact that he says that.it just does not make sense to me. It would have been much better if he had said "no gas" and then he wouldn't have had to give them anything. But, hey, that's just my opinion.

Joseph photo

I liked this film quite a lot, and this is not because of some "kiddie" subject matter. The film itself is good, even if it has some flaws. First, the film has a very interesting plot, and it is the right mix of action and drama. The film is well-paced and easy to follow. The cast is great, and everyone does a very good job. Director Paul Haggis manages to fit in several high-quality action scenes, and he does a good job of creating a realistic and very believable atmosphere. The action sequences are quite good and there are a few twists and turns, and the ending is a surprise. This is one of the better Disney films, and it is definitely one of the better Disney films.

Patricia K. photo
Patricia K.

An original and a good story about a princess, a pirate, and a sailor. These three elements would not be easy to combine, but they do. It's a mix of adventures, fantasy, and humor. It's just a bit different from all other Disney's movies and yet it is very good. One thing I liked was that it wasn't a typical Disney princess movie. It had a little bit of romance and adventure. It had a lot of funny parts and adventure. It's not the best Disney movie I have ever seen, but I liked it. It's better than Toy Story 3, which I thought was a bad movie. But this one was a good movie.

Gregory photo

I have watched this film many times and loved every time. It's not a great film, but it's a very enjoyable film. There are some funny bits, some touching bits, some depressing bits, and some funny bits that are both hilarious and touching. The film is about Dora, a young woman who, after a chance meeting with a beautiful old man, is taken in by him. The two fall in love and agree to live in his mansion, which is surrounded by vast gold mines. They have to work together to survive, and this is where the film is at it's best. The film's plot is nothing special, but it's not bad either. This is a film that's just enjoyable. It's not a great film, but it's a good film. It's not as good as the original "The Lost City of Gold" by George Sanders, but it's a very good film, and it's an enjoyable film. It's worth watching. It's not as good as "The Lost City of Gold" but it's a very good film.

Andrew Harper photo
Andrew Harper

You'll need a word of caution before you watch this film, or any other Disney movie for that matter. A few of the characters are not up to par with the others, and there are some contrived scenes. But there are still good performances, a lighthearted tone, and good looks on display for the ages. It's a shame that it has to be so sweet. But hey, it's Disney.

Ethan photo

This is a movie that is almost completely forgettable, except for some of the quirky scenes. It has its share of funny moments and is slightly less violent than I expected. It does a good job of portraying a kid being dragged to England, which I was surprised to see in a Disney film. The animation is gorgeous and the English countryside is beautiful. I love the "cat's on a treadmill" scene, and the ending has an amusing twist. But I can't really recommend this film to anyone.

Patricia Jensen photo
Patricia Jensen

I've seen this movie several times since its release, and it still leaves me with a smile on my face. The story is simple, and it can be seen as a comedy or drama. The acting is also very good, with the cast portraying their characters well. The movie also takes a fun turn at the end, when the 2 main characters are dead. It is also worth mentioning that the movie has a modern and modern setting, with lots of technology and gadgets, so that the viewer will understand why Dora and the lost city of gold was taken for a picture. It also has the classic characters of Dora and her brother and of the thieves, who are always ready for an adventure. The movie has a very nice soundtrack, which is very charming and brings back the time when rock music was so popular. The cast is great, with very good performances, especially by Ewan McGregor and Edward Norton, the latter is very memorable as the voice of a bumbling cow, and his funny, funny and wonderful performance in this movie, makes the movie even better. I also liked the special effects and set design of the Lost City of Gold, which is the most beautiful part of the movie. The movie is also very beautiful, with good scenic scenery and the most beautiful and romantic soundtrack. The actors are very good and the movie is very fun to watch. The movie has a good pace and it can be seen as a comedy or a drama, and it has many beautiful moments. I think that it is also worth seeing.

Pamela R. photo
Pamela R.

I loved this movie and it was one of my favorites of the year. It was a very colorful, fun and energetic movie that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of adventure movies. The story was very enjoyable and I liked it even though I think I could have made it more interesting. The characters were well-written and engaging, and there were some very funny moments that I really enjoyed. I thought the pacing of the movie was good and I loved the colorful backgrounds and how they used different colors to make the story more enjoyable. I was very impressed with the story and I found it to be very engaging. The movie was good because of the good actors, the amazing backgrounds and the characters were well-written and interesting. I really enjoyed this movie and I think I'll watch it again.

Gerald photo

The first movie to star Robin Williams and that also started the career of Will Ferrell. The story is similar to the first film with little of the humor that made it stand out. Instead it's the classic "accidental millionaire" story. The director is none other than Richard Linklater and the cast is a mix of A-listers and unknowns. It's a little long but you never get bored of it. I think this would have been a perfect movie to watch on a rainy day, it's so long but it's so fun.

Carl Palmer photo
Carl Palmer

I'm not going to waste time repeating the plot. I just want to give you some tips on how to enjoy this movie. 1. This is not a "serious" movie. If you want a serious movie, rent "The Departed". 2. The characters are not only crazy but they're also bright. The rest of the characters are about the same. 3. This is not a "adventure" movie. There are plenty of "adventure" movies out there that are very entertaining. This is not one of them. 4. This is not a movie that will make you cry. There are some tears in the movie, but they are pretty short. 5. There are plenty of funny scenes. The movie is not aimed to be a comedy. It's just a simple fun movie. If you don't like this movie, don't go see it. If you do like it, go see it again!

Nathan Weaver photo
Nathan Weaver

I don't know how anyone can say they hated this movie. Its a very beautiful movie with a very emotional plot. All I can say is that people need to take time to take a look at this movie. It is very different from the usual Hollywood movie. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was a little more action. The movie has a very good plot, but it is a little long. It is also very emotional. I loved the whole message of the movie and the ending was a great way to end the movie. I would have liked to have seen the Indian song about Dora being lost in the jungle. It was very emotional and a beautiful part of the movie. All in all, I love this movie and will definitely watch it again.

Tiffany Gray photo
Tiffany Gray

I have not read the books, but this film has already been "updated" with computer effects. I still enjoyed this film, and the characters have been tweaked somewhat to make them more relatable to modern audiences. The plot is pretty familiar, with lots of little twists. The first half of the film is pretty slow, but by the end, it picks up. The acting was mostly believable. I didn't know if the American soldiers were actually "soldiers" in the original books, or if they were just regular American guys. I still thought the lead was just okay. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes "kid friendly" films, as well as people who have read the books. 7/10

Hannah R. photo
Hannah R.

This movie has a few funny moments but overall is rather average. It was a fun movie to watch but it was far from something I would want to own on DVD. If you are looking for something a bit more intelligent than a family movie, this may be the movie for you. If you want to relax and have a good time, this is not the movie for you. A somewhat intelligent movie that is not really all that engaging.

Robert Griffin photo
Robert Griffin

This movie is an adaptation of a well-known children's novel by Maurice Sendak. The story is about the trip of a little boy Dora (Alyson Hannigan) and his mother Dora (Kirsten Dunst) on a boat to discover the lost city of gold. Dora and her mother get lost while trying to find the city and their little boy end up at the bottom of the ocean. Eventually, the boy finds out the truth about the lost city of gold, and his mother finds out what has happened to her. This movie is very entertaining and also has a great score. The movie also has some great scenes in it. The movie has a great script and the characters are interesting. I liked this movie a lot and I think that it is very entertaining.

Tammy S. photo
Tammy S.

This film is very good in my opinion, the only problem I have is that it is not much like the book in many parts. This film was a perfect fit for the TV show and it fits perfectly. The two actors are perfect, John Cusak and Linda Fiorentino are great and I liked what they did with their roles. I have never seen many people on the show called Dora, but I think it was very hard for the writers and producers to find a suitable actress for Dora. Her character is supposed to be very strong and she did seem a little too weak for my liking. The producers and writers did a good job of keeping the film as close to the book as possible and I think the final film will be very good. It's the perfect match for the series. All in all a good movie, but it is not the book.

Barbara W. photo
Barbara W.

If you are looking for a good "B" movie with some good acting, this is the one. It's rated PG-13 for some sexual situations, language, and violence, though it doesn't really seem like that. If you like things that don't involve having sex, that's OK with me too. It's worth watching if you are bored at home with nothing to do. If you want something to laugh at, or that you can laugh at, this is it.

Thomas photo

I didn't get it. This is the first Disney/Pixar film I've seen that is an adult animated feature. And, I was taken aback by the quality of the acting. The acting in "Dora and the Lost City of Gold" is very believable. The animation was fantastic and did not detract from the story or the pacing. In fact, I believe this was one of the better animated features for kids I've seen. This was an excellent film for kids and adults, and I would recommend this film to anyone.

Arthur Walsh photo
Arthur Walsh

Tilda Swinton plays a doctor in a big city and she doesn't really understand English. So she goes to the American Embassy and gets a job. While she is there, a young kid named Dora finds out that the American authorities are trying to find a lost city of gold. So he goes to the embassy and finds out that Dora is going to be coming to America. Then Dora goes back to the embassy and the American authorities are ready to take her to the city of gold. This movie is very cute and also very funny. It's one of those movies that you have to watch a few times to fully understand it. But this movie is a good way to spend two hours. It's a very entertaining movie. Tilda Swinton is very good in this movie and I would recommend this movie to all people. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): 'El Orden de los Ojos' ('The Lost City of Gold')

Betty O. photo
Betty O.

I am a big fan of Dora, and I found this film pretty good. It has its problems, and it is way too long, but I like the story, and I found the movie entertaining. I think Dora was great, and even though I don't really like Anna, she was funny and appealing, and I liked her character. And the good thing is that the story is good, not great, but it's good, and not bad. So I give it a 7/10. It is worth seeing. Maybe this is not a film for everyone, but it is good.