فيلم Love After Love

Love After Love

Love After Love is a movie starring Andie MacDowell, Chris O'Dowd, and James Adomian. Following the death of their father, two sons deal with the trials of their own lives while watching their mother explore new beginnings of her...

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1 hours 31 minutes
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Romance, Drama
Russell Harbaugh
Russell Harbaugh, Eric Mendelsohn
Chris O'Dowd, Gareth Williams, James Adomian, Andie MacDowell
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Following the death of their father, two sons deal with the trials of their own lives while watching their mother explore new beginnings of her own.

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Walter Rose photo
Walter Rose

This movie is a nice attempt at a movie about the relationship between two friends. The film is somewhat slow, and not always predictable, but I really enjoyed it. The story is a bit predictable but it is a well told story. I really enjoyed it. It is a good movie and worth seeing. It was not really that great, but still worth seeing. The acting is good, though it is not great. All in all, a decent movie to watch.

Helen S. photo
Helen S.

The film begins with a casual exchange of words between a male and female in a restaurant. The male says "I've got to go", the female replies "You're not gonna go". The rest of the film is a series of one-line conversations between the two couples, slowly building up to the finale. This is essentially a simple story told in a linear fashion, which is quite well executed. The writing is fine, the direction is fine, and the cinematography is fine. I also liked the film's realistic look, which is well suited to the time and setting. However, I felt that the pacing could have been a little better. The film could have been much shorter, and the final scenes could have been even more extended. On the other hand, the film is very well made, and the characters are interesting and sympathetic. The film is a work of art, and is worth watching. The performances are fine, the dialogue is fine, and the camera work is fine.

Tiffany Myers photo
Tiffany Myers

I liked this film, and that is the most important thing. The acting is good and the storyline is intriguing, but it is nothing special. It's like a typical Hollywood film of the time. No originality here, just predictable romance. The story is quite boring. It was nice to see that none of the characters were all that interesting. They all were pretty stereotypical. There is a significant plot hole that I think is a great mistake. It is possible to write a story where the love of a child goes to the person that loved him or her. There is no evidence of this in this movie. It's like they forgot about this, and made up something else. Maybe they were afraid to leave this gaping plot hole. But even if they left it, it would not matter. I have never read the book, so I don't know how well it was done. If you have read the book, you can still enjoy it. It is more entertaining to read a movie than to watch a movie, because it is much easier to get lost in the plot. This movie was too long for a movie. I was bored and tired. My recommendation is to read the book instead. 7 out of 10

Kimberly Garcia photo
Kimberly Garcia

This is a nice little film, with a lot of likable characters. I liked the acting by all, especially the lead male. As for the female characters, well, I'm not sure if they were that likable. I guess they were all likable, but I never really felt that they were all that believable. The writing was good, but the story was, well, I suppose I should say, a little weak. The story was quite nice, but I didn't think the story was very believable. I didn't think it was that compelling. I liked it, but it wasn't very memorable. I like the characters, but I didn't really like the story. But I guess I don't have to make a big deal about it, because it's a nice little film. I'll give this 7/10.

Mary photo

A movie which was completely overlooked at the box office (about one third of the gross that "Love, Actually" made), I finally found it at my local video store. Having never seen the original, I went in expecting the same, yet I was pleasantly surprised. The movie has a great plot, with the twist at the end being the best of all. The movie centers around a young man, who is a widower and does not have much of a family. He has three children, and he is divorced, not that it matters in the end. He has two boys, one of whom is about 10 years old, and another who is 11. His wife has moved to a nursing home, and he is looking for another woman. While he is looking, he meets a woman, a former nurse, who is a nurse in a facility. He takes her to dinner, and they end up becoming friends. He begins to have feelings for her, and while he is at the same time trying to make sure he has money to care for the kids, he is trying to find a way to get her back. He meets a man who is about to marry his wife. While he is waiting for his wife to come back from the nursing home, he sees her with another man. After that, the film is really great. This is a really good film, and it is just a shame that it has been so overlooked. This is a movie that you should definitely see. It is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it is worth seeing.

Timothy R. photo
Timothy R.

I saw this movie on its release and loved it. I then became a big fan of Sandra Bullock. So when I heard that a remake was in the works I was excited. Now, after seeing it I thought it was okay. Bullock is great in the role and Jennifer Love Hewitt was a perfect addition. This movie is slightly predictable but it is still a good movie. My biggest problem with the movie was that the romantic scenes didn't seem to be very passionate. If you like romantic movies you might like this one. It isn't as good as the original but it is still a good movie to watch.

Jason R. photo
Jason R.

This is the kind of movie you can watch with your girlfriend or boyfriend and if they like it, they'll probably like it too. It's a romantic comedy with a great twist. If you're a person who doesn't like romantic comedies, you'll probably dislike this one. If you're like me, you'll find it to be very entertaining. This is one of the movies I can watch over and over again. There is a lot of subtle humor, which I don't think was intended by the director. I don't see this as being an Oscar winner. But if you like it, then you'll probably like it. I think it's very enjoyable.

Gregory photo

A reasonably good film, but one that I'm glad I did not see in the cinema. It is a very slow and subtle film. It is also very slow, but it is not too slow. I think it is the only film I've seen where I felt as if I was watching a movie, but I actually saw the film at the same time as I was watching the film. The scenes are very quiet and with very little music. I didn't feel it was a slow film, because it didn't really get too slow. It is also quite touching, with some great scenes. It is not a drama, but is not meant to be. The story is about a woman named Laura who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and the progression of her symptoms. She is eventually put in a care home, and is able to stay with her son, but is unable to communicate with him. At the beginning of the film, she is almost completely incoherent, and it is like she has lost the ability to think. I think it is interesting how she is able to function normally with the help of her son, but when she has a major attack, she becomes completely unable to function. It is a very slow film, and the story is quite interesting. However, the movie is slow. I would recommend this film for people who like a slow film, but don't want to spend the time to see it in the cinema.

Joan photo

I came to this movie because of the name of the film. Not because of the actual movie. I was never a fan of Kirsten Dunst. When I first saw this movie, I was amazed at how good it was. I thought it was extremely funny, and I thought the acting was fantastic. Then I watched it again and noticed some things. The movie was advertised as a romantic comedy, but it's really more of a drama, with more action than comedy. The acting was great, and it was really a shame they didn't use some of the actors from the original. The two leads are very believable, and they both have good chemistry. I think they should have made this movie a bit more serious, instead of being so funny and touching. There's a couple of scenes where I thought the actors were playing the "cold" characters that were portrayed in the first movie. That's probably because I'm a bit older than the actors and know that some people aren't as "perfect" as others. But I still think this movie is good. I just wish they could have made it a bit more serious.

Kevin photo

This is the first film I've ever watched that has made me ponder. I suppose I should be more skeptical. But I can't help but be touched by it. The movie's cinematography is incredible, with lots of use of contrast and color. It also benefits from the actors' ability to make the most of their limited time. But for me, the real magic is in the characters. The way the film plays with time, space, and the connections between characters is brilliant. The opening scene of the movie, when the young couple walk down the street, a little too quickly, and realize their relationship isn't going anywhere, is a perfect example of this. The two of them walk down the road, talking, and realize that there's still a lot to talk about. At that moment, I was surprised by how well it played out. The whole movie has a sort of classic, 1950s style to it. It's not perfect, and the acting and the way the characters interact aren't always great, but this is a film that's worth seeing for anyone interested in the 50s.

Kyle T. photo
Kyle T.

Although it is one of the most beautiful and romantic films of the 1990s, I found it a bit boring. The two main characters are opposites, a man and a woman, who feel in complete opposite directions, yet end up in a happy life together. This is a film about love, but it is so light on emotion. All the characters are likable, but some of them are not. The two main characters have no real problems to deal with, which is a good thing, because it gives the film an air of realism. However, there is not much happening for the majority of the film. We see a lot of children growing up, a bit of a romance and a bit of a romance in the characters' families. This is a good film, but I have found it a bit boring.

David H. photo
David H.

The fact that this film was released on the same day as it's successor, Carole King's Simply Married, is not a coincidence. This film stars Olivia Newton-John, in a role that she was not comfortable with, and not as well as her previous roles. It is the story of a young married couple, and the marriage is the subject of the film. There is a lot of sex in this film, as it is a romantic comedy, and as I had never seen it before, I can't help but compare it to films such as The Pink Panther or Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? My guess is that I would have enjoyed the film a lot more had I not seen King's film first. This film is enjoyable for many reasons, as it is a very interesting story that the film makes good use of. There is a lot of humour and a few good dramatic moments, and the film is a lot better than most romantic comedies out there. This film is also a lot better than most romantic comedies, as it is not a film that is too predictable and does not have a lot of sequences that are too predictable. The film is also very engaging and the performances are excellent. There are some very memorable scenes and the performances by Olivia Newton-John and Vanessa Redgrave are excellent. The film is about a young married couple, and as it is a romantic comedy, the relationship between the couple is the subject of the film. As this is the case, the film is the story of a marriage and it is an interesting story. It is one of those films that you can watch several times and still get a different view on it. I would recommend this film to fans of the genre, as it is a very enjoyable romantic comedy.

Nicholas Gibson photo
Nicholas Gibson

When I first heard about this movie, I thought it would be a stupid movie with bad acting, but I was wrong. I think this is a great movie. It has a great story, good acting, and a nice soundtrack. The movie has a great message and the ending is awesome. I think the movie is a must watch, because it's very interesting.

Frank P. photo
Frank P.

Although the story isn't bad, the pacing is off, and I found myself waiting for the story to get back on track. I think the problem is the pacing. The movie takes a long time to tell the story, and the story isn't very interesting. We don't know why they got together, we don't know why the couple is getting married, and we don't care. The actors all do a good job of making their characters believable, but there's not enough interaction between them to make us care about them. The romance isn't romantic. It's just there, and you can't help but feel bad for the couple and the couple's kids. It's just a small, poor-man-made-scene that's supposed to be heartwarming. If you want to see a good movie about a couple and their kids, see the 2001 version of "It's A Wonderful Life" with Gregory Hines and Katharine Hepburn. That movie was overlong and slow, but it was a better story than the current one. The point of the story is simple: A couple gets together, but they have their problems. The movie isn't about the couple or their problems. I give it a B-.

Jesse K. photo
Jesse K.

This is one of those films that make you think. Not many films do. There are so many good things about this film, the acting is great, the music is great, the cinematography is great. The story is great and the direction is great. It is about a young man, the man who lives in a house on the edge of town and works at a bar. He has his share of troubles, he has a temper. He makes a mistake and is punished. He tries to forget about it, but he can't. He is going to the army, he is going to college, he is going to a baseball game, but he can't forget the fact that he is in a house on the edge of town and he is not sure that he will make it. He is not good at handling it, but he tries to get his life in order. The music is great. The cinematography is great. The story is great and the acting is great. This film will make you think. It is an excellent film.

Debra Riley photo
Debra Riley

This was a good movie. I really enjoyed the performance of the young actress in this movie. It was a good movie. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but I suppose I was expecting a little more. I really enjoyed this movie. I hope to see more movies like this one.

Laura E. photo
Laura E.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this movie. The movie starts out like it was made for the TV and the plot is really too predictable and the plot is also very basic. But still, the movie is good. The story is really good and the story is good and the acting is good. If you are a movie buff, you will like this movie. It is not the best movie ever but it is worth watching it. It is not a movie that you will love but it is worth watching.

Megan C. photo
Megan C.

I will admit that I thought this movie was an Oscar contender. I don't think I saw a lot of acting in the film, and I felt the acting in the movie was more on the "good side" than the "bad side." The story was solid, and there were a few surprises, but the acting was mostly great. The story was very good, and the story flowed. I think this movie was worth the watch. I think this movie would have been better if there had been more character development, but I thought the story was strong enough. I will give the film a 7 out of 10. It was worth the watch.

James photo

I watched this film a few days ago, and it was quite a feast for me. The only complaint I have is that it was too slow, in comparison with other films in the genre. It seems like a complete journey into each character's mind and not a particularly fast ride to the end of the film. The acting is wonderful, and the music is just the right amount of light and moody. I think that's about all I can say without spoiling it. I do think that one thing the film does well is to explore the idea that love is a choice, and that we make choices in our lives all the time. And that when we choose love, we make mistakes, and we learn from them. And that even when we choose to stay with someone, it can be a little heartbreaking at times. For some people, this is a sensitive topic, but for others, it might not be. There are a lot of long, slow conversations, and very little action. I think this film is about as close to perfection as you can get, and it was a truly rewarding experience. So if you're interested in a well-made, well-acted, well-directed film about the meaning of love, check this out.

Margaret T. photo
Margaret T.

I thought this film was a very well done movie. It was romantic and heartfelt. I had seen this movie in my English class on Netflix and my friends and I were laughing throughout the movie and there were several times I wanted to cry. I thought that the acting was great and the director did a great job in his artful way of telling the story. I hope he does more movies like this. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves a good romance and a story that is well told.

Julie Soto photo
Julie Soto

OK, I'm not really sure where to start. The movie is very slow and boring. The lead actor, the mom and the father of the main character are the only real characters in the movie. There is a lot of acting and nothing really memorable. The cinematography is good, but for the most part it is slow. The only thing that keeps this movie from being a 2 is the acting of the mom. The way she talks and her acting are worth watching. The movie is slow and boring, and I don't really know where to start. I could have probably written a better movie. I don't think this movie is really worth seeing, but I did watch it. I did enjoy the movie, but it wasn't something I would recommend.