فيلم People's Republic of Desire

People's Republic of Desire

As an entire generation has come of age on social media, virtual relationships are slowly replacing real-life human connections. And China has taken it to an extreme. Here, live streaming has become the most popular online entertainment for hundreds of millions. People's Republic of Desire provides a vérité journey into this digital universe, where young performers earn as much as US$150,000 a month singing, dancing or doing talk shows to live, interactive audiences of tens of thousands. Their fans include China's super rich, who each night lavish virtual gifts on their favorite performers (40% of the money paid for these gifts go to the performers), and the dirt poor, many of them migrant workers in urban areas searching for a cheap way to be entertained, to feel connected. The film follows three young characters - a singer, a comedian, and a migrant worker - as they search for fame, fortune and human connection in live streaming. We also meet their families, those managing the online talents, and those with money who control the fate of these talents, behind the scenes much like the Wizard of Oz. The story culminates in the bizarre annual online idol competition, in which the rich can buy unlimited amount of votes for their favorite performers. There our characters realize that money alone pulls the strings in this virtual universe, and human connection and personal happiness remain as illusive online as-perhaps even more so than- in our real and broken world.

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Wirtualna Republika Ludowa, Ihaluse rahvavabariik
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Hao Wu
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Samantha O. photo
Samantha O.

I watched this movie because I like John McDonnell. He is very funny and personable. He is someone you can always rely on. He is someone who can make you laugh and makes you feel good. And it is so great that we know he is really hardworking and so generous. I am going to watch it again and I will not forget how he makes us laugh. The movie was interesting and very good and I recommend this movie for all of you who are on a college campus and have a little friend in your group. I hope this movie inspires you to have a more positive attitude and be a better person. Good luck to you and good night.

Walter Oliver photo
Walter Oliver

When it comes to the concept of a liberal, democratic republic, I tend to lean toward the conservative position. I feel that while liberal ideals are well-intentioned, they fail to attain their goals. I feel that there is an imbalance in power between the masses and the ruling elite. I feel that if one could be freed from the constraints of the state, one could do things with more freedom and the ability to be free from the influence of the state. I feel that the film "The Republic of Jane" shows that this is possible. The film shows that a free-thinking, independent woman, who does not believe in any government or religion, is able to be free from the tyranny of the state. "The Republic of Jane" is a unique film in that it's based on the real life experiences of a woman who has experienced life under the thumb of the state. It is a fascinating film and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this idea.

Tammy S. photo
Tammy S.

The film is shot beautifully, and in the case of a documentary film, the subjects can't do much but sit back and think about what they have just seen. If you are a fan of documentary style, this is a must see for you. If you don't like documentaries, this is not your film. If you liked the style of this film, then you might enjoy this, as well.

Megan L. photo
Megan L.

I've heard a lot of negative reviews for this documentary, and it does seem to be polarizing. The problem is that some of the negativity is a lack of knowledge about the Chinese Communist Party, and this documentary is really meant to show the world what China is like, not what it is like for those who are not part of it. The interviews are mostly with former party members who had seen the film and those who had not. What strikes me most is the amount of time that is devoted to China's historical, political, and cultural upheaval. There are parts of the interview that really seem to illustrate this. For example, they take a great shot of the "Red Guard" that has been in charge of suppressing dissent in the Chinese People's Liberation Army for decades, and then we see what is actually happening inside the army. These types of historical moments are used to show that China is not just the land of Mao and Deng. It is the place of many warlords and kings. The long interview of the former Chinese party member is also really good, and it really serves as a voice of reason. It is refreshing to see a documentary that is not biased, and really looks at the Chinese Communist Party in a totally objective light. It's really a good documentary that I highly recommend.

Samantha photo

This is a powerful film about the HIV/AIDS crisis. It is a fact that the number of HIV/AIDS related deaths have increased over the past 20 years. It is also a fact that the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS is very high in the US. As this film illustrates, it is not just about death of an individual, it is a crisis for the entire world. This film is a must see, and a must watch for all!

Jessica photo

What a great documentary, I saw it in a documentary theater and was the only person in the theater to see it. If you don't think that the CIA is evil, and haven't read a lot of books on the subject, then you should see this movie, otherwise it might be hard for you to understand what I mean by that.

Austin Campbell photo
Austin Campbell

This movie is about the rise and fall of a communist government. It's about a government that was trying to control and eliminate everyone who disagreed with their ideologies. It was this government that got rid of the people who spoke out against them. It is a fascinating documentary, and I highly recommend it. The cinematography is beautiful. The film is from a POV of the people who lived through it, and it's very telling of how these governments were created. It gives a feeling of dread and anger when you see a documentary like this one. It's also very telling of how violent and ruthless some people can be when they are forced to think they can rule. This is a very important documentary that everyone should watch.

Aaron Hudson photo
Aaron Hudson

This film is an indictment of a type of society that exists in America. It is about how the 'common man' can be exploited by the government and by large corporations. There is a powerful sense of injustice in this film that is backed up by evidence and personal stories. We are also shown how and why this happens, but are left with the sense that there is no hope of change. The director, Ken Burns, is very persuasive in his discussion of the issue of the common man's exploitation. This film was filmed in 1984, but it is applicable to our current times. The film is a lot of things: history, documentaries, television shows, interviews, and even a film-within-a-film. The film is also political, but it is not left wing or right wing. It is a film that tells us the truth about our country. As I watched the film, I was reminded of the power of film to impact and change us. The people interviewed in the film are like real people: angry, hurting, frustrated, and tired of the corporate status quo. We all know that corporations do things that hurt the common man. If this film had not been made, the corporations would not have to be so concerned about their image. The corporations would not be afraid to do things that hurt the common man. If you are interested in seeing this film, I recommend you watch it. It is worth watching.

Nicholas M. photo
Nicholas M.

I have been a fan of Anton's since I was a teenager. This documentary was his first feature film, and I can safely say that it has improved greatly since then. His style of photography, the fact that his film focuses on a subject that is not usually the focus of much attention from film buffs, and the impeccable color and lighting were some of the best things that made this a truly memorable film. What's even more impressive is that the film was made for only $50,000, so the budget certainly did not come from a million dollar box office. It was, in fact, made with only $300,000. You may be wondering why this film did not get much attention, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was not the typical 'film' that most people expect when they see it. People who are not fans of Anton's will probably be totally disappointed, but if you're a fan of his, this documentary will definitely change your opinion about him and what he has achieved.

Barbara photo

After years of collecting "graffiti", photographer Bob Franklin goes behind the scenes of the scene in San Francisco to show the people behind the scenes of the "City of the Future". The documentary is an interesting look into what it was like to live in San Francisco during this era. When Franklin arrived to the city, it was a chaotic environment, but the people who lived in the streets were happy to have him. These people were involved in everything they did, including the street art they made. When he was finally able to get some access to the artists he was able to record a few of their interviews and show them some of the amazing work they created. The documentary is a great eye opener for anyone who has ever been to San Francisco. If you are into art and street culture, you will love this film.

Roger Burke photo
Roger Burke

You'll know by now, the key to all human relationships is trust and love. And, this is why there is such a push to introduce new technologies to the country. But, the humanist philosophy of the film will bring you back to your childhood, and teach you about why it is important to cherish your own past, your own memories, your own culture and your own language. This documentary will certainly make you think and understand the importance of loving your own people, not only the ones who are supposed to be your friends, but those that are supposed to be your family. And, what it does for the future, it does for the past.

Amy photo

I am glad that my public library offered this as part of the "Doctored Films" exhibit in the library's massive video section. Although I thought this was "critic" review material for this doc, I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to post it. The title of the doc title and the title of the documentary are a little bit confusing to me, but it was an interesting film. One of the points made in the film was that the mentality of the Chinese people in the 1930's was a result of propaganda. The Chinese people had been being brainwashed for years and decades. Most people were very ignorant about the politics of China at that time, and therefore they were not used to it. This made it easier for the Chinese government to do the dirty work for them. This film, which had been made on the condition that the Chinese government would not discuss it publicly, is a fascinating look at how the Chinese government treated its own people. The Chinese government at that time was not the communist state that we know today. The Chinese government had many more "good" people than "bad" people. The Chinese government would treat the "good" people well, but they would also treat the "bad" people poorly. For example, the Chinese government thought that it was the responsibility of the Chinese people to provide for the Chinese people, but it was the Chinese people's responsibility to make sure that the Chinese people did not do any bad things. When the Chinese government started to take over the entire country, the Chinese people were forced to change their attitude to the Chinese government. This also made it easier for the Chinese government to do the dirty work for the Chinese people. The Chinese government was taking over the economy and the Chinese people were not happy about it. It was so difficult for the Chinese people to get rid of the Chinese government. The Chinese government was treating the Chinese people very poorly. It was not the Chinese government, but it was the Chinese people who were suffering from the Chinese government. I would say that this film is a great introduction to the Chinese government during the time of the Cultural Revolution. I am very glad that the Chinese government had a hand in this documentary and that the Chinese people could see this film and learn from this documentary. I am glad that the Chinese government could help teach the Chinese people a lesson that they never learned in their life time.

Christina D. photo
Christina D.

It's a little shocking how few documentaries have been made about the people of India, and this is one of the best. It shows the true life of one of the most backward countries in the world, while showing the way that things were and still are. It shows the people in a beautiful and honest way. It also shows the extent of the poverty that India has. It shows the darkness of India, of poverty, and of the violence and hatred. It shows the people in a happy way, and shows the lives of the Indian people with love, hope, and joy. If you want to see a documentary that will make you cry, I would recommend this one. It's a must see.

Kyle W. photo
Kyle W.

I have never seen the film before and am not familiar with the author, though I have seen his other works and am intrigued by them. I found this to be an insightful and original documentary. There were two primary messages I got from it. One was that the mainstream media is ultimately a tool used by a corrupt government to control and manipulate the people through fear and manipulation. The other was that there are a lot of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The main character is a guy who lost his family in the country and then went through a divorce and went back to the country and put his wife through hell in order to pursue his dream of running a hotel. He was willing to do whatever it takes in order to get it. The first half of the film was very graphic and disturbing but had a more realistic feel to it. I also appreciated the fact that the filmmaker showed that the success of the film was based on the audience's belief that the goals were legitimate. There are many problems in the world and some of them have been successfully managed by the elites. We need to listen to people like the filmmakers and we need to take notice that not everyone has the same goals and are willing to sacrifice those goals to achieve them. We need to fight for our freedoms and take a stand against the rich and powerful in order to make them feel that they have more rights and more power than the rest of us. I think it is a good idea for everyone to watch this film. It's a story worth sharing.

Jacqueline P. photo
Jacqueline P.

This documentary is about China and its turbulent history of the late '60s and early '70s. It's about how China's economy is founded, how the country became an economic powerhouse and how it rose to the top of world markets and beyond. China is a nation that doesn't do so well on the international stage, due to its lack of any true international relations. It is the source of most of its problems. Its economy is too dependent on oil and not enough on other things. It doesn't have a strong military or even an effective one. The documentary highlights the country's political turmoil during the time period when it gained independence from the Soviet Union. Its economic system is based on socialism, which is a state of one people, one country, but in practice, it's a different system. The documentary is split in two parts. The first half is about the problems China was having. The other half is about the development of the economy under the government of Chairman Mao. The second half of the documentary is about the events that caused the country's downfall. The film is very well made and shows the Chinese people's response to the tumultuous events in their country's history.

Sarah photo

I have to admit, this film scared me. The trailer and trailers for it did it for me. I didn't want to watch it, but then I saw it. It's scary and it's not for the faint of heart. The thing about this film is that you will be scared to death and I found myself shaking and shaking. The fact that it was shot on film is what makes it so terrifying. Some of the more disturbing scenes include a man getting his face bashed in with a baseball bat, a man being shot in the chest with a bullet in his back, and a woman being thrown through a glass door in a hotel room. The editing is good and the soundtrack is amazing. It's a horror film and it is incredibly disturbing, but it is also very uplifting. It is very suspenseful and you will be scared and confused. I will say this though, this film is not for the faint of heart.

Jacqueline Roberts photo
Jacqueline Roberts

I have no idea why this film has such a bad reputation. I have never seen anything remotely similar. Some of the people who are negative about this film are just looking for something different, and have never seen a documentary. This is definitely not the case. I thought it was good, but not outstanding. It was decent, but not great. It was more like an hour and a half than a documentary. I was at first wondering why I was getting the feeling that I had already seen this, but I am glad I got the feeling. The people interviewed in this film are all very interesting, and they all give great interviews. If you want to see a good documentary on the history of the African diaspora, I recommend this film.

Bobby Rice photo
Bobby Rice

I was very disappointed to see this film "Going to the White House: The Men Who Saved the World" getting such a low rating. I was very surprised by the high number of people who did not like it, but then again the film was not the best of the bunch. It was well worth seeing, and it was my first time seeing it. I like many of the films of Robert Redford, and this one is no exception. It is a fascinating story of how the American dream is not for everyone, and how the people who have it have to fight to keep it. I was very impressed with the technical aspects of the film, and it is hard not to be when you are on the set of the Obama Presidential Library and Museum. If you like this film you should also check out the documentary "Citizen: The Story of Henry Gibson" which was a fascinating look at Henry Gibson and his passion for the American Dream. So in conclusion, I recommend this film, and also the documentary "Citizen".