فيلم Feng ren ji yue dui

Feng ren ji yue dui

Feng ren ji yue dui is a movie starring Chengpeng Dong, Shan Qiao, and Coulee Nazha. A young musician from a small town in China tries to save his town's treasured Rock Park by organizing a charity rock concert.

Other Titles
缝纫机乐队, Fengrenji yuedui, City Of Rock, City of Rock, 縫紉機樂隊
Running Time
1 hours 57 minutes
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Comedy, Music
Chengpeng Dong
Chengpeng Dong, Biao Su
Coulee Nazha, Hong-Chi Lee, Chengpeng Dong, Shan Qiao
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A young musician from a small town in China tries to save his town's treasured Rock Park by organizing a charity rock concert.

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Alan Hunt photo
Alan Hunt

this movie is just so fun and some of the comedy is so funny. like the people that he mocks in his movie and the pretty boy he knows are great and u love him as his friend. you really like him. also the one he gets friends with is so funny. u just laugh at him and he is just so funny and so cute. u think he is really good looking too. i love this movie. I really loved this movie. I would love to see it again when i am old. it is really nice and good and u just love him. this movie is really good, it is really cute and it is really good.

Raymond photo

Wang xia ting did a bang-up job at his second feature film. It is an incredible first time film from him. It is the first foreign film to reach the level of 'wow' and 'amazing' from me. The story is simple and simple, which means the film is predictable and boring at times. All the actors' performances were really good, especially Wang xia ting's. The direction is spectacular and the sets were really impressive. The music is really interesting and is fitting in the film. I really enjoyed this film and recommend this film for anyone who wants to see a good movie. It is a top-notch film. It is one of the best films of 2008. I give it 9 out of 10.

Douglas H. photo
Douglas H.

Slightly more than two hours have passed since the film's introduction. A group of friends are gathered in a small house, discussing some past events. In order to quench their boredom, they introduce themselves to their old friends, and listen to their stories. However, the stories are hardly worth to be listened to. The conversation between these old friends is heavy and wordy, and it is as if they are not able to move one or two minutes of the film. Of course, this is precisely the film's purpose: to tell a story, and to keep the viewer's attention for more than two hours. The story takes place in 1925. The land is owned by a few British capitalists. As they live in a villa, they drink heavily, discuss the English language, and eat up what they want. But their violence for more than twenty years is getting to them. With a little rain, the land suddenly becomes dry. As a result, the British come to an agreement with the Chinese, and the village is relocated to an island. The old friends remain at home, but they do not see their old friends anymore. They are living with their wives and children, but they see their old friends as ghosts who are not present any more. To make their lives work, they begin to speak with the spirits of the villagers in the village, in order to seek some answers to their problems. They do not stop talking to the spirits, but some people in the village tell the ghost stories. In order to learn their stories, the ghostly women tell their own stories. In the end, the ghost stories are not explained or explained to us, but only left to our imagination. The ghost story I liked the most was of the Queen mother, who is mourning her late son, but she was abandoned and she is still looking for him, even though the townspeople are all dead. The ghost of the ghost, in return, visits her. She is happy and is about to cry, but the ghost has other plans for her. I did not like the ghost stories in the film, but I did not like the film at all. The film is full of cliches, but it is very funny. In a long time, I do not like a serious, serious film, but I can enjoy a comedy, either in the theatre or on the television. I do not recommend this film, but if you want to go watch it, see it. I do not like romantic films, but I think this is one of the few that I really liked.

Scott photo

This movie has many different ways to spend your time. I would say it is like two movies in one, but I would say that you will enjoy the first 2/3 of the movie, but you will need to finish the first half before you will appreciate the rest. I think the acting of the two leads (and some of the other characters in this movie) was really good. The movie tries to portray politics and how things are in China, but it also tries to show some real human feelings and is pretty funny at times. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is into this kind of movie. It is a little bit long but I think the more you watch it the more you will understand it.

Henry C. photo
Henry C.

OK, I was first disappointed by the trailers but now I am completely hooked. This is one of the best martial arts films I have seen in a while. It is pure elegance and I was actually surprised it was rated PG-13. The main character is a noble and very capable fighter and he is not afraid to use his fists. And he is totally in love with that pretty princess. The fights are fierce and the choreography is fantastic. You are seeing the beautiful martial arts move on a big screen and it really makes you feel good about watching a film that isn't all that slow, but good at some scenes. You can feel the tension and the importance of the film. There is also a good supporting role for the wonderful Sean Young and Robin Shou.

Adam H. photo
Adam H.

I first saw this movie in 2001, when it came out in China. It was a midnight screening, and I wasn't really interested in watching it that night, but I ended up watching it that night and I fell in love with it! The plot is pretty simple, the film-makers have taken a really simple plot and made it so interesting and action packed. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, it was hilarious at some parts and also really really sad. But the most interesting part of the film is the voice overs from the singers/actors. The voice over from Pa Jie, who is the lead singer of the band, is hilarious. Her voice is just so strong, so aggressive and so passionate. When she goes to the tent to rehearse, you can see that the energy in her voice and body language is just off the wall, and really funny. Every time she sings, her voice sounds more powerful and intimate and her whole body language is just so focused and really happy. This movie was really made for people who like musicals and singers, and for those who like Chinese movies. If you like this movie, I would recommend watching the voice over with Tingting Ermenhadi, which is pretty good too, but not quite as funny.

Cheryl Parker photo
Cheryl Parker

Feng Ren Shi is one of the greatest entertainers in Chinese cinema and his film "Chengdu Connection" ranks as one of the greatest films ever made. "The Eye of the Tiger" was made a few years later but the themes of this film still resonate. There is lots of light-hearted comedy and a welcome dose of tragedy. The performances are great and the direction is wonderful. I don't know why this film wasn't released in the United States or Europe but "The Eye of the Tiger" should be made available. It is a beautiful film about hope, faith and determination.

Ashley photo

When you start making a film, you have to have a name for it. Unfortunately, just because it's called a comedy, or a drama, doesn't mean it's not for some people. Sometimes, you have to struggle to create something that will be recognized. This is just one of those times. When I say this film is called "Shaolin Uprising" it's more a description of the characters, than the film itself. Both the main actors, Li Ziyi and Bai Ling, are more suited to their roles than to comedic roles. Both actresses have made an impact on the Chinese art and had tremendous accomplishments in their respective fields. Shi Liansheng is an ordinary and cruel man. He practices Shaolin Kung Fu and pursues women. The entire family feels what he is doing is wrong and take him back. However, Lili and Xun, his wife and daughter are also supportive of him. On the other hand, Hu Bin and Li Ying have inherited their family fortune. They will do whatever it takes to do something they love. Meanwhile, Ziyi and Bai Ling are looking for a weapon and believe in a powerful martial art called the 'Kaoshan Kuns'. Bai Ling is the only one who knows how to use it and when Ziyi's father says his martial arts are not up to his standards, Bai Ling starts to train to better herself. Ziyi's friends try to convince her to keep on with her plans, but she can't let her friends down. What makes this film unique and different from other films is that the characters are not perfect people. Bai Ling's brother is a fighter, but not in a good way. He's always playing a character to give himself a reputation. Ziyi's brother is a boring fighter and therefore keeps himself away from all her plans. They can't understand each other. In this way, the characters do not have a one size fits all personality and their personalities are shown through their actions. Another interesting aspect is that they use different styles of martial arts. For example, Bai Ling uses shaolin (danced martial art), but her brother uses the fighting styles. The difference in styles makes it even more interesting. That being said, the film does end too quickly. It was a little bit too soon and it did drag on a little bit. However, the film is still worth the time. It is a good film to watch if you are at least casual with this kind of film.

Julia photo

The Master Of Disguise has long been an enjoyable film. The film starts off with a fake-looking film promoting his concert. When he gets home, his grandmother runs into him. They talk for a long time, and Su ming's grandmother (Tian) tells him that if he marries her and she doesn't want him to do so, then she'll have to make his hands ugly. Su ming explains that he wouldn't want to marry his grandmother. But, there's a problem. Su ming's grandmother isn't in shape and wants to get a professional musician. The actress (Lian) gets a tattoo for her grandmas. He gets up, looks at the tattoo, and changes the tattoo into an art-like painting of his grandmother. So, Su ming and his grandmother, and Lian become lovers. The result is that the grandmother and Su ming start their own band. They decide to take Su ming on their first tour. They even get to write a song. However, Su ming starts to change into a different person. The film is very funny and the film has some great scenes. My personal favorite scene is Su ming and Lian's first band, "the bassist" and "the drummer". They were so out of it that they started playing like kids playing around the band. Then, they go into a battle with a group of thugs. Their band blows up and they crash the stage. They all get separated and Su ming ends up in an ice cream truck. His grandfather tries to buy him back. It was just a really funny scene. I think this film is a lot of fun.

Evelyn Hopkins photo
Evelyn Hopkins

This is one of those movies I really loved watching, despite of some negative reviews. Although I watched the first half of it and I thought it was so funny that I couldn't understand the negative reviews, I really loved watching it the second half. The first half is very interesting and interesting. This is something I like in the movie. There are so many times the movie made me laugh out loud. The parts I liked the most were the scenes in the hospital and the cafeteria. The first half is a comedy and the second half has comedy in it and the first half is very interesting. It's like watching a movie with lots of laughter and laughs from the audience. The last half is not very good but it's funny. The second half is not very good and it makes it quite hard to understand. I like the second half of the movie and I also like this time the first half. I give it 9/10.

Louis Morris photo
Louis Morris

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and the little I paid for the DVD was great. The acting is superb. Lin Shan is outstanding as Sheng Lin. The rest of the cast are more or less good but not quite great. The main character is a naturally gifted person. His appearance has an astonishing beauty. The photography is wonderful. The music is superb. The ending is great. A feeling of calm and tranquility pervades the movie. When you see this film, you will see the beauty of nature and its many forms, and the clear message about loss of childhood. This film is a very nice and funny movie. I highly recommend it.

Karen H. photo
Karen H.

This is the one film that could have ruined my reputation as a real film fan. Why? Because it just had too much being in love. I had to laugh and be around it to like it, but as much as I liked it, I can't deny that it put some of my male friends on the floor with laughter. While many of my male friends I had worked with and went to school with were jealous of my boyfriends infatuation with Yao-Hong Li, the girls were jealous of my boyfriends obsession with Li-Ani. This is a very good film about a girl whose boyfriend has a longterm relationship with an attractive celebrity and a cross-dressing lover who is almost as handsome as her. Although Li-Ani may not have the proportions that Yao-Hong has, she's just as gorgeous and she's just as talented and popular. The film is very entertaining, funny, and has a surprisingly complex relationship that is what makes it so memorable. Yao-Hong Li is a funny, talented woman who gets her boyfriend's attention through her looks. The couple ends up getting involved with each other and they meet Yao-Hong, the idol that's famous for having many female fans. Li-Ani and Yao-Hong start to see each other's actions more than what their own are, and they can't help but fall in love with each other. Yao-Hong's best friend, Ling Ling, ends up falling in love with Yao-Hong as well, and the two girls eventually marry. This movie is different from the original one. There are no weapons, yet the visual effects and the stunts are the same. Yao-Hong, the "big bullet" gets hit by a car, gets hit by a taxi cab and gets hit by a bus, the helicopter appears to be flying while the original one wasn't. I like this, I don't like this. Yao-Hong appears to be hurting herself, or getting revenge on her boyfriend, but I think that they are all in different ways attracted to her. Li-Ani is not acting, she's just being herself. They both have more to gain from being together than they do being apart.

William C. photo
William C.

Some movies just always work better than others. The Great Wall is one of those. Great movie. It is not your standard Chinese war film (although it has historical facts) but more a movie about friendship and sacrifice. It is a long movie but it is so good that you could not help thinking about it for days. The cast is great. It is one of the rare modern Chinese movies that I enjoyed very much and I never forget the actors in it. If you like period dramas, you will like this movie. It is worth a watch.

Kelly photo

The film opens with a blind man on a boat singing. He is fishing the fish from the river into a cart. One of his friends, while cutting the fish he has caught in the river, cries out his name and the deaf man throws the fish into the river. He continues to eat his fish as the blind man chases him. As the two fishermen fight they seem to have no connection to each other. The deaf man's boy friend seems to have no connection with his fellow deaf friend. His friend seemed like a jackass, but he acted like the leader. He told him to stay with his family, but the deaf man did not want to lose his family and were in a hurry to leave, so he offered to buy the family boat. The boy did not want to leave, so he was willing to stay with his fellow deaf friend. When he dropped his hat and shirt, his friend looked at him with a "wtf?" expression. The blind man did not want to leave. The boy, the first on board, ran to the boat, and everyone who had been listening to the song, started singing too. This is a very well acted film, very well made. It is a well told story. The music is good too. I gave it an 8.

Douglas photo

I thought this movie was a real gem. It was a little strange in the beginning, but I guess it is because when I first saw it, I knew nothing about kung fu movies. I am glad I watched this movie. It was a funny movie with lots of fighting. It was very heart touching. I think it is very well made and very well directed. It is a good movie to have at home on DVD. I would love to see it again. I have seen the TV version that I purchased, but I thought the movie was great.

Rose T. photo
Rose T.

First of all i really want to thank mikael nordström for his great performance. The scene in front of the grandpa who doesn't understand what his daughter is doing or is thinking is really good. I also want to say that the scene in the movie theater is really good. One of the best scenes in the movie. Thanks mikael!

Ryan photo

Hong Kong talent showed all the world what they could do in a major motion picture. While at the same time, having plenty of "real" elements. This movie is very well made and a better definition of "Cinderella" than I have ever seen before. But what sets it apart is its lightheartedness and sense of humor. The story is typical "Cinderella story", but there is something different here. Instead of making a true fairy tale, you are given a fun adventure full of laughs. This movie has the most interesting story of the Chinese original Cinderella, and it is definitely worth watching. The acting was superb, and the directing is pretty good too. This movie may not be for the general public, but for those of you who have not yet seen it, I highly recommend it.

Gary G. photo
Gary G.

This is what the Chinese called the national treasure - watching this film makes you wanna visit China! After all, everyone has their own version of the national treasure. This film is no exception. The film is full of classic clips from classic China. For example, this is the scene when the Hero's Mother says "Don't touch that horse" or when the Song in the Cantonese song is called "Song of the Magistrate". These scenes are really lovely and complete each other. This movie is so unique, I recommend it to everyone, even if you have never watched a Chinese film before. See this movie for a really great experience.

Charles West photo
Charles West

This movie is something different. At first, it seems like a typical Hollywood movie, with lots of action and tears, but afterwards, you feel that you have been transported into another dimension. It really reminds me of a life changing experience I had while I was 13 years old. My first time watching a Chinese movie, and I knew it was a one of a kind experience. But, it was different than I expected. I was quite touched by the love story between the two main characters. The movie is about a boy named Eric who meets a beautiful girl named Huo, and they find a way to escape their bad parents. The story is not too complex, but is very touching and heartfelt. The boy who meets his love, and is extremely lucky to be able to meet her, shows the true meaning of friendship. This movie is definitely a must see. Don't forget to watch it, and see a different aspect of life.

Jeremy B. photo
Jeremy B.

Its not easy to make a very good film about Taoism, and if you tried you would probably still give it a 4. When watching the credits for this film I found myself grinning. This is a film for all the casual Taoist, and while it is pretty goofy, in a good way, it is a good film. The only movie I can compare it to is Seven Samurai, as it has similar values in Taoism. The actors played their roles well, with Li Zhang Wei playing a character with a great deal of charisma. With such a large cast, I was surprised at the acting of some of the smaller characters. In particular the monkey. As the monkey clearly had a long history, I would have liked it to have been more consistent. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a very cartoonish interpretation of Taoism, but I soon discovered that it was a very serious and a very interesting interpretation. It may not be exactly the same as the Tao of course, but it is a great film nonetheless.

Karen K. photo
Karen K.

Szwolagal's movies have to be understood and appreciated. How to pick a film up is just not an easy task. Just like today's fans who dislike Musa-Ukiyo-Hashi's movies, some people are afraid to see Szwolagal's movies because they believe they have never seen an artistic movie. I think everyone should see his movies. Szwolagal's movies are a fabulous artwork of cinema. They are beautiful and harmonious. His movies have an optimistic theme and upbeat atmosphere, as well as a great message to deliver to audiences. Szwolagal's movies are highly regarded among film critics and cinema lovers, so if you liked this movie, you should give Szwolagal credit. You are a truly amazing director.

Sean Rice photo
Sean Rice

I can't remember when I've seen this movie. I remember it because of a scene in the beginning. I never really liked any of the big roles they had given to an American actress (and I'm actually a Chinese). Actually, I wouldn't say it's exactly a bad movie, but it is a movie you really have to see. On the other hand, it doesn't have any real romantic scenes, so it could be either a bad or good movie. I liked it a lot, actually, but that's what I thought. Maybe I'm just too slow to enjoy movies. All in all, it's really hard to judge when it comes to different directors. It's about about to make you think you will never see this movie again, so I recommend it. It's very easy to find at Hongkong online video store. Rating: 9/10

Eric Hanson photo
Eric Hanson

Another solid film from Mr. Chen and Mr. Chen's directorial partner Jing Keji, "Supermen of Cangal" is an attempt to combine two of the few successful Japanese movies that feature kung-fu (sword-fighting) scenes: "Fist of Fury" and "Blood Wars". However, it does not succeed in this area. At first, this movie is rather confusing as the title is given a different meaning in each of the three countries. It is clearly not meant to be a cinematic tribute to the films of Jackie Chan (and I am glad to see that Jackie Chan has not made a comment about this). However, once we get over this, the movie quickly gets on a good note. The best part of the movie is undoubtedly the storyline which is very creative. As a fan of the Jackie Chan movies, I was expecting a very dark, bizarre film. However, this movie still manages to be entertaining and enjoyable even though it is rather unusual. This is more than likely because the film is based on a true story and this is what makes it so great! I really do not understand why a movie with a well known name like "Fist of Fury" is always criticized in the Asian countries. "Supermen of Cangal" is a definite must-see!

Jacob P. photo
Jacob P.

I was very impressed with the movie. It was the most original movie I've seen in a long time. I can't say that about many movies nowadays. It's a good movie for all ages. The story is very well written and the characters are very well portrayed. I've seen a lot of movies in my life, but this is the first one that I really liked. The music was very good. I like the song "Go Away" by Guo Guo Gong. I recommend this movie to all people who like a good movie.

Philip Moore photo
Philip Moore

This film is not for everyone, I'm not saying it's not for you, but for me it was a great experience. I really enjoyed it and the acting was great. The story is about a man who is in love with a woman who is in love with a man. They meet up and fall in love. But there are many twists and turns in the story and it's not for everyone. But for me it was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone.

Jeffrey Wood photo
Jeffrey Wood

This film is an example of the genre of "Chinese-style comedy" - i.e. a comedy that is based on a Chinese folktale or legend. The plot is simple: a woman named "Feng ren ji yue dui" (also known as "Feng ren zhe yue dui") is a beautiful and very talented singer who is about to be married to a wealthy man called "Tian yue dui" (also known as "Tian yue zhe yue dui"). The man's family is very strict and they expect the bride to marry him. However, the bride's family is not so strict and they want her to marry someone else. So the bride is forced to perform a very embarrassing and embarrassing song to get the man to accept her. The man is a very strict and strict person who does not want to accept anyone else but his wife. The result is that the man's family and the bride's family have to fight to get the man to accept the bride. The film is very funny and the plot is very interesting. The humor is very good and the comedy is very well done. The music is also very good. The acting is very good. The characters are very well developed and the story is very interesting. The only bad thing about the film is the lack of a good English translation. I am very sorry that this film is not available in the English language. I recommend this film to everyone.

Jerry Edwards photo
Jerry Edwards

The movie is not as bad as it could be. It is a good movie, with good acting and good music. The only problem is that the plot is a little bit silly, but the movie is still a good one. I liked it. It is a movie you can watch with your family, and you can enjoy it. I think it is a good movie, and you should watch it. I recommend it. I give it 8/10.