فيلم Le concours

Le concours

Le concours is a movie starring Alain Bergala, Xanaë Bove, and Emmanuel Chaumet. With LE CONCOURS the director will delve into the daily life of the Parisian cinema school, la Fémis, where a specific Republican ideal of excellence...

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Running Time
2 hours 1 minutes
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Claire Simon
Emmanuel Chaumet, Alain Bergala, Xanaë Bove, Claire Childeric
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With LE CONCOURS the director will delve into the daily life of the Parisian cinema school, la Fémis, where a specific Republican ideal of excellence is practiced and entry into which can be summed up as follows: "everyone's equal, but only the best get in..." Through the admission process, the hard work all year and the graduation exams, LE CONCOURS will establish a portrait of our relationship to excellence in the Art world and of one of the most prestigious art school in France. A place of culture where generations intermingle.

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Ann photo

I have to admit, I didn't know what to expect when I rented this film. It's a great documentary about the French racing scene in the late 1960s. It's a film that should be seen by anyone who is interested in racing. It shows the evolution of the modern Formula One team from its inception in the 1950s to the present day. The film is a lot of fun to watch, especially if you're a fan of the sport. You can also enjoy the commentary from the main characters as well as the other members of the team. I have to admit, the film was a little slow in places, but I enjoyed the documentary and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in racing.

Janet J. photo
Janet J.

It's a real shame that the Academy did not recognize this movie as the best picture of the year. I am a huge fan of "Atonement" and "The Imitation Game", and I'm also a fan of Matt Damon. I went to see this movie because I had heard it was good. I was not disappointed. This movie was extremely well done. It has a very interesting story. I loved the acting. I loved the cinematography. I love the way the movie was filmed. I loved the way the characters were written. The cinematography was incredible. It was a very interesting movie to watch. I highly recommend it. I think it was nominated for the best picture award, and I think it should have won.

Joan Gray photo
Joan Gray

I am a huge fan of Guy Maddin. I was extremely excited to watch this documentary because I am a huge fan of his music. I am glad I watched it. It was so well done. I can't even say how much it means to me. I was a little bit shocked to see that so many of the artists I admire were not included. But Guy is so generous and is always willing to take his time with us. I was very touched by the work of the director and his team. I love the way they showed the real story behind the music. I am so glad I listened to this documentary. I hope that the director will do more. I would love to hear more of his work. I think he is the next big thing in music. He has a lot of talent and I am so happy to see that he is able to be more than just a producer. I hope he continues to be the way he is.

Paul N. photo
Paul N.

The idea of this film is really interesting. In fact, the entire movie is a documentary about the car races of the 1970s. The idea of a documentary about a race is not new, but this film takes it to a whole new level. The people involved in the project, as well as the other race fans, are the real heroes here. There are a lot of people who have been involved in this sport for a long time, and all of them are very passionate about their sport. In fact, I think this film is even more interesting than the actual race itself. It's a good thing that the actual race is a bit short. In fact, the race is only about 45 minutes long, but it would have been better if the race had lasted another 2 hours. This film is really a must see for anyone who is a fan of motorsport. It's a documentary, but it's a documentary about a sport, and it's a documentary that is really worth watching.

Barbara M. photo
Barbara M.

This is a must see for anyone who has ever wanted to see the world of the elite. The film is very interesting, and has a very good mix of interviews with the participants and the film makers. I think that it is important to see how the elite really are, and what they really do, to gain a deeper understanding of their actions. The film shows that the elite are not really different from the rest of the world. They are just different in that they are able to live in a world where they are free from the worry of the rest of the world. The film has very good production values, and is very well done. There is a lot of material that is interesting to study and learn about the elite. The film also has a very interesting theme that has not been explored in other films: the problem of the elite in the world. The film shows the problem of the elite in the world and how they have to deal with it. I think that this film is very important to all who have a very strong interest in the world of the elite.

Alexander photo

I just got back from seeing the film and it was a great documentary. It is a great tribute to the music of the '50s and the music of the '60s. It is not a documentary about the Beatles. It is a documentary about the music of the '50s. I'm glad that it is out there and I hope that it will be widely available.

Carl Crawford photo
Carl Crawford

It is a great pleasure to see a documentary that makes you think. It is a film about the life of a man who has been sent to prison for life after being found guilty of the murder of his wife. He is told that he has no chance of ever being released, and his only hope is to go on a high-powered speaking tour, which will attract crowds of thousands of people. What a great opportunity this is! His only problem is that his wife is not there to hear him speak. The film follows his struggles in prison, and how he tries to find a way to make his wife and children proud of him. The film is very well done, and the film does a great job of capturing the tension and pressure of being a prisoner. The story of this man is told with great emotion, and it is very well done. The film is very moving, and the subject is a very difficult one. The film is very well made, and the film does a great job of capturing the emotional toll of being a prisoner. I would highly recommend this film to anyone.

Nathan Anderson photo
Nathan Anderson

I found the documentary, "The Concours d'Elegance" to be a fascinating, insightful look at the life and work of, and the history of, the famous Concours d'Elegance in Paris, France. The film is made by the Concours d'Elegance, a Paris-based organization dedicated to the preservation of the "Elegant Art" of the world's most famous museums. In this film, the Concours d'Elegance (or Concours d'Elegance) is discussed in terms of the role that art plays in society, and the way in which it is perceived by the people of the world. In addition, the Concours d'Elegance is discussed in terms of its history, which is an important aspect of the Concours d'Elegance. I thought the film was extremely well-done, and it did an excellent job at explaining the Concours d'Elegance. I thought it was informative and entertaining, and it was entertaining. The film is not only informative, but it also has a great sense of humor. This is a film that is definitely worth seeing, and I highly recommend it.

Denise photo

This is a great documentary, one of the best I've ever seen. The documentary follows the life of Sibel Edmonds, an American journalist, who was arrested in Turkey and imprisoned for a year for questioning the government about the 9/11 attacks. She has been in prison ever since, accused of espionage and trying to overthrow the government. This is a documentary that is so good, you want to watch it again and again. The film is shot in a very slow, natural way, and the interviews with Edmonds are so good, you can't help but watch her every day, even when she's in prison. The film is also very well-filmed, with very good editing. This is one of those documentaries that is so good, that you can't help but watch it a couple of times. It is a documentary that I recommend to anyone, and it is a documentary that everyone should watch.

Virginia Gibson photo
Virginia Gibson

I think the title is a bit misleading. This is not a documentary about Concorde. It is about the Concorde's relationship with the air traffic controllers, and how they made it, in a way, their own. The film is really an account of the Concorde's life, from its inception to the end. There is not one dull moment in the film. There are many times when the camera lingers on a Concorde, or the cockpit, or the flight attendants. In this sense, the Concorde is like a bird. It is beautiful, and has a charm that is hard to describe. The story of the Concorde's development is truly fascinating. There are many different stories, from the pilots to the air traffic controllers. The film is very well done. The sound is very good, as well as the images. The actors are very good, and the script is well written. The story is well told, and I enjoyed it very much. This is a very interesting film, and I recommend it highly.