فيلم D'Ardennen


D'Ardennen is a movie starring Kevin Janssens, Jeroen Perceval, and Veerle Baetens. A brutal home-jacking by two brothers goes hopelessly wrong, and one of them goes to prison. Four years later, his brother tries to help him get his...

Other Titles
The Ardennes, Ardeny, Le Ardenne - Oltre i confini dell'amore, アルデンヌ, Les Ardennes, Αρδέννες, The Ardennes - Ohne jeden Ausweg, Ardennerna, Ardennene
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
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Robin Pront
Robin Pront, Jeroen Perceval, Jeroen Perceval
Kevin Janssens, Jan Bijvoet, Veerle Baetens, Jeroen Perceval
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A brutal home-jacking by two brothers goes hopelessly wrong, and one of them goes to prison. Four years later, his brother tries to help him get his life back on track.

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Brittany O. photo
Brittany O.

I'm going to start by saying that I'm not a huge fan of Dejavu movies. Most of them are quite poor. I'll even go as far as to say that they are generally not very good. But I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was pretty good. The acting was pretty good. The characters are quite interesting and the story is well-written. The story is about a young woman who is in a relationship with a man who is a police officer. One day, the man leaves her for a younger woman, who she's never met before. The story is not a very original one, but it's still a good one. I can't really say that I would recommend this movie. But I did like it.

Tammy Brewer photo
Tammy Brewer

A rather interesting film, a bit heavy on dialogue, but it is very powerful and the acting is superb. It is a great film to watch when you are feeling down or you just want to let go. I really recommend it. I really do.

Debra V. photo
Debra V.

What a lovely story, how one can see the goodness in people and the worst in others. It is a true story, and as such, it is worth seeing. The acting is excellent. Most of the cast was of course part of the original production, but there were some new faces that really impressed me. This movie has a heart-felt, heartbreaking quality, that is very rare to find in most Hollywood movies. This movie is about two people who have lost their way in life, and what happens to them when they go through some of the trappings of a dying culture. In the end, they find a new way of life, and it is a beautiful and touching story. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a moving story, and a good laugh. It is worth the price of admission.

Marilyn photo

It is one of the best Danish movies ever.It is a movie about growing up in the 70's.The movie is a mix of drama,history and romance.It shows the relationship of the couple who has a daughter and a son and the way they grow up together.The film is about growing up in a family and about love and friendship. It is a great movie and is highly recommended to anyone who wants to see a great movie.I am sure you will enjoy it.

Roy Schultz photo
Roy Schultz

Kaja Rehberg's latest movie, "I Am Not Alone" is based on a true story. The film tells the story of the girl who survived the tsunami in 2011 and now lives in Sweden. She is the only survivor and is now in a care home. The film is well directed and it tells the story in a simple way. The film has a good message, and the ending is a little bit of a letdown. However, the film is a good watch for all to see. I recommend it.

Phillip Day photo
Phillip Day

A movie about the tragedy of the Belgian Jewry during the World War II. A classic of European cinema, but also one of the best movies about the Holocaust, if not the best. A French film, and a Belgian one, but of course, they are so different, you can't really compare them. But one thing is true, that the story of the Jews in Belgium, is more than just a tragedy, because it's also a story about how a nation can change, and how society, and the people, can react to a tragedy. The character, as well as the entire movie, is shown with all its flaws and beauty, and the result is a very good movie, that deserves more than one viewing. The movie also has the most important role, in showing the rise and fall of the Jewish community in Belgium. The fact that the film was made in Belgium, in the year 1942, tells us that the Jews were being persecuted in Belgium, but also that they were being mistreated by their own people. The movie is not anti-Semitic, but anti-fascist. The Nazis are a problem for all nations, but Belgium, as the only country that is not afraid of the Nazis, is the only one that is doing something about them. The film shows that the Belgians, and Belgians, can be the most courageous nation, and that is something that is very important in a story like this one. The film is very good, but it is also very sad, because it shows the gradual demise of the Jewish community, and the people who are trying to survive it, without any help. A movie that is a masterpiece of European cinema, but also a masterpiece of the Holocaust.

Walter Estrada photo
Walter Estrada

I saw this movie about 4 months ago, and I was really impressed. The movie is about a man who is running for president. I have to admit that the story is very good and it is very well acted. The characters are real and real. I like the way they relate to each other, how they are stuck in the same place and how they find something in their past to find a new way to move forward. This is an extremely well made movie, with a very interesting story. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in politics.

Lisa photo

Being a fan of melodrama, I was looking forward to this movie. I knew that it was based on a true story, so I was not going to be disappointed. I'm pleased to say that I was not disappointed. It is a beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, and surprisingly compelling movie. I highly recommend this movie. I give it a 7. It's a strong 7. I rate this film a 7.

Eugene photo

It is a sad commentary that this film is so widely regarded as the pinnacle of Dutch cinema. This is an extremely subtle, very understated, very interesting film, but is a film that doesn't leave a lasting impression. Its themes are universal, and have been addressed by the likes of American Psycho, but it is a film that requires more than one viewing to fully appreciate, and I doubt that it will be repeated in any significant way. If you have seen the film, and want to see it again, I would advise you to do so. If you don't, then I would advise you to skip this film. It is not for everyone, and it is not for those who want to be challenged. I would recommend this film to those who have seen it, and want to see it again. 7/10

Lori photo

You might expect a film like this to be 'gritty', 'real', 'dark' or 'darkly comic' but you would be wrong. The film is good, but it doesn't rely on atmosphere to make it work. Instead, the film uses the setting of the train station as the center of its plot. The main character, Patrick (Federico Luppi) lives in the station as a mechanic and his son (Josuho Vigia) lives with him, making a life for themselves in the station, being unemployed and in poverty. When Patrick is fired from his job at the station, he has no choice but to leave, taking his son with him. Patrick starts to live in a train station, in an isolated place, in a room with the graffiti "Live the dream" written on the wall. He looks for work and eventually gets one, but it is not what he was expecting. He lives in a different world, in a different time. The film is very episodic and you can not get lost in it. The cinematography and the settings, in which the film is set, are very beautiful. The film is quite atmospheric and while it is a bit slow, it is not too slow. The film is not a dark film, it is a bit of a comedy and a bit of drama. The film is not perfect and some things are not explained, but overall, it is a good film. The film is not perfect, but it is good. This is a very good film, but it is not perfect. If you like films like 'Train Station', you might enjoy the film. If you like films like 'The Idiots', you might enjoy the film. I think this is a good film, but it is not perfect.

Justin A. photo
Justin A.

The movie is a typical French-language crime drama, and the main character is a kind of graphic sex-addict, who is also a transsexual. This story could have been interesting, but it isn't, and you don't feel as if you are in a movie. I think it could have been much better. The French have an idea of what a crime drama should be, but it is very hard to capture in the movie.

Jacob C. photo
Jacob C.

After a big success of the previous film, "4 Monkeys" director Ron Howard returns to the issue of aging and "4 Monkeys" is a kind of "art film" about the plight of old people. It is a story about an old man (Ralph Fiennes) who has to decide whether to live on in a nursing home or live in a care home. The film is basically about him. The other main character is a man (Oscar Isaac) who is a friend of Ralph's son (Adrien Brody). The film is not a comedy or a drama but it is a kind of drama about the life of old people. There is a very dramatic scene in the film that was the most memorable for me because of the way it was filmed. The story is a bit like "The Abyss" but it is not a very good movie. I would say that the film was okay but I would not recommend it to anybody. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "3: A Care A Voice" ("4: A Care A Voice")

Eugene R. photo
Eugene R.

When I saw this film, I thought, "this is a very good film." It's very well shot, the photography is very well done, and the acting is very good. But there are a lot of things that aren't explained in the film, and that's really disappointing. I really wanted to know more about the characters, and about the situation in the film. In the end, the film is good, but I just didn't really like it.

Nathan photo

The story is pretty good. It's hard to tell what exactly is going on. There are some very powerful scenes in the film, but it's hard to tell what's going on. There are some cliches in the film, which is one of the main reasons why I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. I guess if you are a lover of the genre, you may enjoy this film. But I didn't find it as good as I thought it would be. It's certainly worth a look.

Douglas Washington photo
Douglas Washington

I have watched this movie for the first time last night and was very surprised by the quality of the movie. The story is good, the acting was good and the story makes you feel like you're there, it is a pity that this movie is only available in French with English subtitles. I think that the director could have done better and I think the English translation would have been much better. I would recommend this movie to all those who like romantic movies. I will give this movie 7 out of 10. PS: It is very sad that this movie is only available in French.

Thomas Hudson photo
Thomas Hudson

I haven't seen the French version, so I can't compare it to this version. But I can say that the film is very good, I really liked it. The cinematography and the editing is great. The acting is really good, especially the child actor. It's a very good film and I recommend it to people who are not sure whether to see this film or not. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): Not Available

Kevin Wagner photo
Kevin Wagner

This is the first movie I saw that made me feel like I was at the beginning of a long journey. I have always wanted to travel to the North Pole and be a pilot. The movie takes you on this journey of not knowing where you are going, how far you are going or how much time you have left. The movie is shot in a very interesting way. The camera follows the characters on the journey. I don't know if the director wanted to show you the great beauty of the landscape or the humanity of the people. It is not only the camera that weaves a story around the characters but also the acting. I'm not a great actor, but the actors in this movie did an outstanding job. I think this movie is great and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes a good drama.

Jesse Munoz photo
Jesse Munoz

I had to see this movie in order to judge if it was worth the time and effort. I must say, it was worth it. In a world of spoiled, self-absorbed, idiotic teenagers, this film, with its intelligent and engaging writing, makes you want to become a writer yourself. The story is a bit too easy, but the performances are exceptional, and the scenery, the music, the cinematography, and the whole setting are all great. The cast is impeccable. The main character, a mute girl, is played by an amazing, young, and extremely talented actress. The other characters are excellent, too. There is a great cast of excellent actors. The main problem with this film is that it is not very well done. The script is not very good. There are a few plot holes, especially in the beginning, but otherwise, this is a very well-made movie. Definitely worth watching.

Denise Shaw photo
Denise Shaw

This is one of the most thoughtful films I have ever seen. The main character is a silent boy, who's father has died, and his mother (the mother of the dead father) is also dead. He spends his days with his aunt, and her mother, and they live with her in a house. The film is shot in a style that would normally be reserved for documentaries, or documentary-style films about women in their late 40's. The film is very visually rich, with a wonderful soundtrack. The actors all do a very good job, and I think that they could all be in other films if the script had allowed them to. It is very difficult to write a script for a film about the death of a man's mother, because there is so much going on in her life. I have to give it a 7 out of 10 because it was a bit difficult for me to get into.

Anna E. photo
Anna E.

It's a shame that a movie with so many possibilities and good intentions was so overshadowed by bad actors. The characters were not believable, and the music was horrendous. I feel bad for the actors who had to go through this, but I am sure the director and producer will say, "what can I do to make up for the lack of a good script?" I have been a fan of Joel and Ethan Coen since "Fargo", but I can't imagine what they would have done if they had directed this movie.

Wayne photo

This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is very well-made, and the directing is very professional. The acting is good, and the storyline is very compelling. I loved this movie. I have never watched a movie so many times in one day. I will see it again.

Stephanie Mitchell photo
Stephanie Mitchell

The script of "D'Ardennen" has been made up of a series of short films, in which the focus is on two young, tormented, perverted and utterly disturbed adolescents. The film consists of one story (about a "monster" in the forest), the other (about a teenage girl and her boyfriend), and a third (about a teacher). The actors who play these three stories are very good, but the main reason why this film is so good is the way the film was made. The director wanted to make this film as realistic as possible, so he cast actors who are extremely attractive and powerful, and he made the scenes as realistic as possible. As a result, the performances are so convincing, that it makes you feel that you are in the same situation as the actors. I personally thought that the best thing about this film was the direction, which was also good. It was very well done, and it made the film seem more realistic. In the end, I think that "D'Ardennen" is a good film that will help you to understand a lot about a difficult topic. It's a film that you have to see, and you will probably not forget it, because it is such a good movie. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "D'Ardennen" ("Monster")