فيلم Le trou

Le trou

Le trou is a movie starring André Bervil, Jean Keraudy, and Michel Constantin. In prison four long-sentence inmates planning an elaborate escape cautiously induct a new inmate to join in their scheme which leads to distrust and...

Other Titles
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Running Time
2 hours 11 minutes
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Thriller, Crime, Drama
Jacques Becker
Jacques Becker, Jacques Becker, José Giovanni, José Giovanni, José Giovanni, Jean Aurel
Philippe Leroy, Michel Constantin, Jean Keraudy, André Bervil
Italy, France
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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In 1947, in La Santé Prison in Paris, the inmate Claude Gaspard is transferred to the cell of Geo Cassine, Roland Darbant, Manu Borelli and Vossellin a.k.a. Monseigneur. Gaspard befriends the four cell-mates who soon disclose to him that they have long sentences and they have plotted an escape plan from the prison. Gaspard joins the quartet, digging a tunnel through the sewage system. On the day that they are ready to go, Gaspard is called to the warden's office and learns that his wife has dropped her accusation against him. He stays for two hours with the warden and when he returns to the cell, his mates have serious suspicions about what he talked about to the warden.

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Betty B. photo
Betty B.

The movie is really good.I am not a fan of movies with no strong story and no true ending.But it had a great idea of a movie.And i think that it was a great movie with strong action.I think that the actors were excellent and i really enjoyed watching the movie.The music was great and the director used it very well.The movie has a good story.I recommend this movie to all.I think that it is a great movie.

Marie photo

My first impression when I saw this movie was, wow! What a fantastic story. I'm going to have to go back to the movie store and buy this one when it comes out on video. It was great. I really like the twists in the story, especially the ones involving Oleg's brother, my favourite. A+ all around.

Jose photo

An American heiress gets involved in a drug case and soon finds herself embroiled in the corruption of Colombian drug cartels. It's a hell of a film. Like most of Rodriguez's work, this one is very stylish and innovative. It also has some very intense moments, including one where a policeman has his face torn off, which takes place after a very bloody gunfight. Plus, the acting is really well done here. Can you say Blondie? Rodriguez's direction is very good. He gets a lot of great footage, including some really violent action, which gives the film a good sense of realism. It's almost a film-noir, though there's nothing too dark or serious. If you're a fan of the "Tomb Raider" franchise, you might like this one too. All the characters are developed quite well. Overall, it's a great film that is very stylish and a good film to watch with the family.

Mildred Bryant photo
Mildred Bryant

This movie was amazing. A mix of drama, romance and a fantastic plot. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes crime or thriller movies. You will love it. :)

Maria photo

I'm a big fan of French cinema. I think it's a good thing to watch movies like this one, because it shows how the French film industry is progressing, and how it has some good actors, such as the very handsome Romain Duris, who plays the doctor with dignity and a great screen presence. Other than that, it is interesting to see how the French cinema has developed with the new generation of directors, such as Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and Luc Dardenne. The problem is that Jean-Pierre Jeunet is somewhat less French, and only a bit less French than Luc Dardenne. You may be able to notice this in the character of the French police officer. He's a bit less French, and a bit more American than Luc Dardenne. Overall, this movie is a must-see for anyone who loves French cinema, and especially for anyone who loves French crime movies, and French cinema in general.

Elizabeth R. photo
Elizabeth R.

One of the best crime films ever made. If you liked Errol Flynn's Red Bank, you will love this. If you like Lynch, you will love this. If you like Clint Eastwood, you will love this. I love the sequence where three friends (Danielle Harris, Benjamin Bratt, and Marisa Tomei) all go to a strip club. I have been a fan of theirs since I was a child. My favorite part was when they go into the club and one of them says to the other, "we're going to have a good time." This film is one of the best thrillers ever made. The only reason I gave it an A is because it is an adaptation of a Stephen King short story, not the novel. There is not a great deal of suspense in this movie, but it has a few good scares. All in all, this is a great movie, and it should be seen by everyone. It is not for everyone, but if you like crime films and Lynch, then I recommend it. 8.5/10

Jean Patterson photo
Jean Patterson

This is a great film, and very underrated. I saw it at the Austin Film Festival, and it received mostly positive reviews. The audience was all laughing the whole way through, and I was sitting right next to a woman that had tears streaming down her face! When I left the theater, I had to see it again. I really liked the story, and it had some great acting. Most of all, the atmosphere is excellent. It's a rare movie, and I think that if you haven't seen it, you should!

Betty photo

The Law of One is a crime drama about a young man who suffers from amnesia and is also a hypnotherapist. He becomes obsessed with finding his memory and the truth behind his amnesia. He starts to investigate the psychological effects of amnesia and they are powerful. The movie was very intense and when I watched the movie I could not control my emotions. I was really shocked and amazed by the plot of the movie. I really enjoyed it. I also think the main character and his personality were really well played by Jeff Daniels and John Mahoney. The acting was very good and the character of Amnesia was very interesting. It was a very good movie. I liked it a lot. I give this movie a score of 10. I hope you like it too.

Howard photo

It is my belief that when one chooses to view an unrated, unrated/unrated version of a film, that he/she will be most of the time more familiar with the unrated version and thus will only know what they want to see. For example, if I wanted to see a film, I would want to see it on an uncut version. However, it is so easy to see how many people would not be able to see the unrated version as they only have to see the uncut version and therefore they will have a preconceived idea about what to see. The unrated version is more 'well rounded' than the rated version. If I wanted to see a film on an uncut version, I would want to see the uncut version. However, there is no reason for a person to see a film on a unrated version if he/she has already seen the uncut version. This is a great film. I just love it. I have already seen it twice and I will be watching it again.

Carolyn H. photo
Carolyn H.

I first saw this film on VHS in the early 90's. It had a movie cover in the corner that read "A man with no name." I was fascinated with it. I watched it again when I discovered that it was from the world of the SS. I then discovered that this was a film from the pre-1945 days of the Third Reich. This is a film that is hard to find. The producer used to sell the film at the movie stores. I believe that it is a one time purchase. It is rare to find a film this beautiful and so beautifully acted. I would love to own the film. I have it on DVD. It is truly a work of art.

Billy Jordan photo
Billy Jordan

The movie was very well done, it is full of suspense and thriller, it was all right. I don't know if this is true or not, but I think it is possible. The movie was very well done. I hope that they made a sequel to it, it would be perfect. And I hope that they make a good movie and don't make another monster movie that is just a story of action.

Jerry W. photo
Jerry W.

This movie is for the hardened director or the director of an action movie. It's for the more sensitive person. I was shocked at the amount of nudity. There are very few movies that deal with sexual situations. In this movie, it was in an erotic way. The sex is erotic, but the nudity is very sensual. It is for the man that is sensitive. It's for the sensitive man. This movie is for the man who is for sure a more sensitive person.

Christopher photo

This film is the perfect film for a mature adult to watch, as the themes of all the characters are different, and this film was able to capture my interest.I was very impressed with the pace and the emotions the characters were shown.The direction was superb, the story was really good, and the film was made in a way that made the actors feel they had made an important piece of work.This film was an inspiration to me, and I hope the film inspires other people to write more meaningful and powerful films.I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in modern-day life, and in the world of film.I would love to see this film in other languages, as I think it would be a perfect film to teach a class in a foreign language.

Diane B. photo
Diane B.

As i was browsing through the movies on my computer, I came across a movie that i never knew existed.It was titled 'The Thin Red Line'. Well, I am very surprised to say that i was right. Its a movie that you have to see. It is the best war movie I have ever seen. From start to finish, it will make you sad, it will make you angry and it will make you feel something in your soul. If you have not seen this movie yet, go and watch it now!

Larry P. photo
Larry P.

Saw this movie yesterday. Very good movie, and very French. There are many negative comments on this movie, but I do not agree. This movie is a warning against French version of American movie. The French version is more realistic and better than American version. Very interesting and better. The only thing that is not perfect is the music in the background, which sometimes is a bit too loud. It is not that loud and the background music is perfect. The score is great, as is the camera-work, camera work is perfect, the story is wonderful and the camera-work is amazing. In conclusion, it is a really nice movie and deserves to be seen by everyone.

Cynthia photo

This is one of the most riveting films I've ever seen. The film opens with a shootout, then continues on as the action moves to the airport, then to the police station. The director uses its unique running time to create the suspense and create the characters. This film may not be Oscar-worthy, but it is excellent. The acting is incredible and the script is amazing. Many say that the film is slow-paced and is one of the most brutal films I've ever seen. I can't say that it is slow-paced, but it is slow-paced enough to make you think twice about what you are about to see. I don't think that this film will be appreciated by most people, but if you are an action-movie fan, I highly recommend you to watch this film. I believe that there is no better action film out there. This film should be a staple in many movies.

Rebecca photo

I've only seen the film so far, but I am already sold on the story. I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it is released. I have to say, the first 2/3 of the film was a little slow, but the action starts to pick up in the final part of the film. I think that everyone involved in this film did an excellent job, and the directing and story are the best I've seen in a film in a long time. The story moves very fast and leaves you wondering at times what you are seeing. I recommend this film to everyone, and would encourage you to see it. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Heather Bowman photo
Heather Bowman

Fantastic movie. Don't watch it expecting a thriller, it's not a movie for that. It's more of a psychological drama that makes you think a little bit. It's an exact opposite of whatever Hollywood is doing right now and is very refreshing. You will not get any emotional or psychological out of this movie. This movie is very well made and I recommend to watch it. Don't expect to find it shocking, and you won't either. The story is very intense and could be the best film you will ever see. If you like good movies, this is the movie for you.

Janice Fisher photo
Janice Fisher

I just have to say that I have been an avid French film fan for a long time. In fact, when I was in France in 2011 I saw 'Funny Games' and it impressed me so much that I returned the next year and saw this movie, which is a far superior film to 'Funny Games.' The movie centers on a Belgian whose father died during a terrorist attack in Paris on the night of November 13, 2015. The son returns home from college to find his family living in a very old, crumbling home, just a day before his father's death. This home has become a torture chamber where the family's youngest son is repeatedly tortured, raped, and threatened. He is arrested for violating his parole, and is placed in solitary confinement, the two closest guards being each other. The father's death has left the youngest son with no friends, no family, and no hope. This movie was very powerful, and is a very different, and very different story. The way the director and the actors played their roles was extraordinary. It is very powerful to watch and see such a real human tragedy, and the characters' feelings and reactions to the events are incredible. This movie is a very important and necessary movie to people who want to understand what people go through in real life.

John Soto photo
John Soto

The first thing that strikes you when you watch a movie of this caliber is the sheer scale of the production. The reason this is done, is that the director knows he's making an epic. The only problem is that the film has to be shot on location. In this case, the location was Paris, France. And what you see is the result of such a meticulous effort. In one scene, you'll see a close up of the new bride's hand moving down her finger to her wedding ring. In another scene, you'll see her finger moving up and down to the ring. I thought that was quite an achievement. And it was. But what really hit home is that this was one of the most expensive, multi-million dollar films ever made. It cost more than the entire budget for the entire film was for. The film was shot in Paris in a fashion that was never before seen in the history of the French film industry. The shooting locations were fantastic, the cinematography was incredible, and the score was a masterpiece. This film is truly worth seeing and I recommend it highly. But just watch it in a cinema, because you'll see how much it cost.

Dennis P. photo
Dennis P.

As a film goer and viewer, I have always been a fan of "American Gangster". It is an excellent film with great character development and even more great performances. This movie is one of my favorites of all time. I have seen it three times in the last ten years and it never fails to bring a tear to my eyes. Even after the first viewing, the movie has such a beautiful story line that I watch it several times a year. The cinematography is just breathtaking and the sound and music is just wonderful. This is a film that everyone should see at least once. It has become one of my favorites over time and is still going strong. It is one of the best films of the 1990's.

Frank photo

I just watched the entire movie and I am still in shock and I am still waiting for the end. I really enjoyed this movie, I watched it in Italian, because I don't speak Italian. I think the actors did a fantastic job, and I hope they will all be nominated for the Oscar. I believe this movie will be a classic, I really hope it is not forgotten. I just love it. Don't watch it if you are not in the mood to watch a great movie, but if you are a true crime movie fan, you must watch this movie.

Ralph photo

This film was the second one in the trilogy. I remember the first one. The second one had a better plot. The plot was a little weak and there were some plot holes. I remember the first one had some good action scenes and i remember the second one was somewhat good. This one was the one that made the trilogy so much better. This film is good, you should watch it. The acting is good. If you have a good opinion about it, you should watch it. I have to say this film is a must watch for people that have a good opinion about this film.

Julie Little photo
Julie Little

I love movies, especially those that have a story line. I was blown away by this movie and highly recommend it. I think it's the best movie I've ever seen. The acting is superb. I think if you want to see a really good movie, watch this one. I can't wait to see it again. Go watch it.