فيلم Klovn Forever

Klovn Forever

Klovn Forever is a movie starring Casper Christensen, Frank Hvam, and Mia Lyhne. Frank and Casper's friendship is put to a test, when Casper decides to leave Denmark to pursue a solo career in Los Angeles. Determined to win his best...

Other Titles
Klovni Forever, Mindörökké balek, Klown Forever
Running Time
1 hours 39 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Comedy
Mikkel Nørgaard
Frank Hvam, Mikkel Nørgaard, Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen, Casper Christensen
Mia Lyhne, Simone Colling, Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Frank and Casper's friendship is put to a test, when Casper decides to leave Denmark to pursue a solo career in Los Angeles. Determined to win his best friend back Frank chooses to follow Casper ensuring an eventful trip.

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Jacob Thomas photo
Jacob Thomas

The winter in Budapest may be cold and damp, but it's the first time I've seen snow in a movie, and I'd like to say it was for just that reason. The story of "The Book of Life" is something I'd never heard of before. It seems quite unusual to see a Hungarian film dealing with such a topic. And the actors are great. I'm not even sure who the main character is. He's the guy who has a manuscript of a book called "The Book of Life" and he wants to use the book to teach a class. This gives the film a purpose which is so abstract you can't really say what it is. You can only wonder how he can teach people that nobody has ever heard of. It's strange, but that's the story. I thought it was very funny that some people would try to kill him when he was leaving. I'm not sure how many times I've heard someone saying, "Hey! Get out of here! He's on to something!" It's like a crime comedy. There are some great moments, like when the guy who used to be the book's author comes to see what the title means, and then he actually learns the title. And he says, "That's not a poem. It's not a story. It's a book." I thought it was a very effective scene, especially with the actors. The one who played the "brilliant man" in the opera house and the man who was crying when the "drowned fish" showed up to be saved. They were great. There's a great scene where the "art dealer" comes to meet the man who wrote the book. And the man who is sleeping has this look on his face like he doesn't know what to do. He stares out the window at the snow and the stars and he asks, "Is this a poem? Or a story?" It's a great moment. It's weird how things can turn out the way they do in this movie. It's one of those movies where you might have guessed some of the plot before the end, but you didn't know it was so well done until the end. It's always a good thing. I'd like to say it was a very emotional movie, but I'm not sure it was. It's an important movie. It's something I'd never heard of before. I've seen it and I liked it. I'm not sure it was a "classic" movie. I don't know, maybe it's different than I thought.

Jesse White photo
Jesse White

I have read many reviews of this film and many have labeled it as too dark or too violent. However, I thought that the movie was rather good. The movie had some humor, but was otherwise a pretty serious story about cancer, relationships, and a kid's fears and struggles. There were several scenes that left me feeling very hopeful and heart-warming, especially those involving the two kids and their mom. It was also a rather unexpected ending, which I thought was very moving and heart-warming. I really appreciated the storyline, as it was not too dark and depressing and had some good messages about cancer, friendship, and dealing with cancer. There were also some touching scenes, such as the one with the teacher and the mother and father, the second one with the mother and father, and the last one, which I think is the most moving scene of the movie. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good film that is not too dark and depressing and has a good message.

Keith photo

I was born in 1987 and haven't seen a comedy for quite a long time. So I'm not sure what to expect when seeing this movie. I can tell you that I didn't hate it. I did enjoy it but I know that many people will be highly critical of it. I think it's worth watching but only if you're a really, really funny person. If you're a regular comic, you'll likely find this film hard to watch. If you're one of those people, you might just be surprised. It's a 'blair witch meets greaser' kind of thing. If you're not the best comic in the world, this might not be the movie for you.

Rachel M. photo
Rachel M.

A very "cute" and "happy" film. I loved it and I plan to see it again. I am surprised that there are only so few female directors, but I think this is a good step in the right direction. There are very few other female directors who can play with the stereotypes and pull off the lines that are in most movies. I think this is a great film, I have seen it about 10 times and I still enjoy watching it.

Samuel H. photo
Samuel H.

Now as i'm a child of 80s films and i watched this film at a point when the over-all kids felt the same. This film was taken in that time when old music was getting a little looser and a couple of scenes were a little illogical and disturbing. So i'm just going to say that the film is slightly weird but entertaining at the same time. I'm sure it's not meant to be taken as anything more than just entertainment. The acting is quite fine. The story is quite good and the characters are quite good and colorful. The film also has a fairly unique title as the main character, Paquito, is known for being addicted to the sound of monkeys. I just watched this on YouTube, which is a very very bad place to find new films. It's a little disappointing to me that this film was overlooked.

Scott photo

It was not a waste of time watching it, but i was not impressed by it. i like movies that makes you think, but this one made me feel like i had to watch a couple more minutes. the concept is good, but i don't like it if they just throw it out there. i do think the storyline was way over simplified, and they could have made the movie more about the people, not the director. the story is about a family that is stuck in limbo in one dimension, and one day they realize they are on a earth on a planet that is close to their dimension. as they are floating they are sort of stuck to the ground. they realize they can hear their family on a planet, but only have one dimension, so they take care of their family, who are in another dimension, and they give them the tools to get back on their planet. that's the concept, but i would have liked to see them be a little more over the top. if they had been more extreme they might have made the movie more watchable. and the music really suited the movie, but i did not think it was great. i do think they should make a movie of this concept, but its not going to be too popular, i guess the audiences do not want to have this kind of movie in their movie theaters. it does not have to be perfect to be a success. i hope they make more movies like this one. and this time i think they could have had a little more violence and thrills, but its not as much of a bad thing as it sounds. it is like a movie that is mixed with horror, and thriller, and drama. the movie was just plain good, and good would be a good word to describe it. i like the concept, and it was a good story. but the characters were not strong enough. i think it could have been a lot better, and i am disappointed it is not at least a 10, because the movie would have been a big hit.

Peter Washington photo
Peter Washington

Dictator/Revolutionary Manu Joseph's son Rizqakudin Karimuddin seeks revenge on corrupt officials, and in his quest for justice he hires the black "Thug" Rizqakudin to fight for him. The film opens with a beautiful music scene of Maha Kabir Khan singing in the desert, and follows Rizqakudin's journey to Gurgaon. The Bollywood epic Mr. Big, is reminiscent of the 1971 film Nausheera, and even a touch of 2001's Wachuda. The film plays very much like Nausheera, with the exception of the villian and the villain's role, which is much stronger. One can't help but relate to the story of Mr. Big, as it was very similar to the book itself. Rizqakudin is a great villain, and one of the best villains in Indian cinema. The film is beautifully shot, but is not really an epic, unlike some of the other Hindi movies I've seen. The film is more of a coming of age story, with a deeper message of how he became a real life celebrity, and how he now finds himself living in a luxurious palace. The movie is set in Delhi, in a beautiful palace, and the visuals are stunning. The movie shows the plight of the poorest of the poor, and the righteousness of the Bollywood industry. The dialogue between Rizqakudin and his father, is excellent. One of the best scenes is in the form of a street fight. The music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, is great. There are many elements to the story, such as the simplicity and simplicity of the story, the way the Bollywood style of style is used in the film, and the message of the film. The one flaw of the movie is that the movie isn't really a masterpiece, it is very much a home run. While the movie is good, there is just a couple of moments that you'll probably never forget. The movie, like the novel, has more twists and turns than the book. There are some other flaws that are common to all Bollywood films, such as the lack of empathy with the villain, and the short stories. While the movie is not an amazing masterpiece, it is still a well made film, and worthy of the time it takes to watch it.

Sara W. photo
Sara W.

He could act at the same level as Garfield, but when the character is either involved in the story or in a situation that depends on the actor's performance, it's a different story. That's why so many comedic actors from the 70s and 80s still seem to miss this degree of credibility. You can tell that this film has been edited for dramatic effect. It's got the most visceral moments, and you feel the dramatic tension when they try to pull the curtain back, but they're so subtle that you hardly notice it. The same thing happens with the violence, in which we get to see the real sense of violence. But, I guess they couldn't release the DVD at the same time as the theatrical release. One of my friends, who's on the other side of the divide, said that he loves it for its humor and its constant coming-of-age issues, as well as its sense of family and friendship. It's also got the emotional outbursts, as if it's trying to get you to go home and think about how life really is.

Dylan photo

This is a dark comedy that is filled with one-liners, one-liners that make me laugh, and a lot of stories. The ending is one of the best scenes I've ever seen. A movie that is sad and strange at the same time. It's a dark comedy, but it has its funny moments. It's great to see Cate Blanchett as a good actress. And Samuel Jackson makes a great sidekick. I really liked this movie and it is a must see for anyone.

Christian Kelly photo
Christian Kelly

This is an incredible piece of work. The acting is magnificent, the film isn't gory or anything, it's just very well made and funny. Everything about this film is perfect, the script, the directing, the photography, the acting, the soundtrack. It is definitely the best movie I've ever seen. Anyone who wants to see a great film, check this out. I highly recommend it. I am just so impressed and amazed by the world of film. I just can't stop watching this film.

Johnny B. photo
Johnny B.

I don't believe in categorizing films. I am a fan of movies, not TV. This is a movie that has too much of all the elements of an intelligent movie: The symbolism of the film, the truth of the film, the psychological conflicts of the film, the symbolism of the film, the personal issues of the film. After watching this film, I didn't feel a good feeling about it. The themes are great, the images are great, but this film is more than that. It has a great performance by Ellen Barkin and great acting by David Duchovny. It has beautiful cinematography by Benoit Debie. And it has many other elements that make this film special. It is not a happy film. It is not a profound film. But it has such a unique experience that I won't forget it for a long time.

Richard K. photo
Richard K.

The great Peter Sellers has a gift of making movies that are great not for the sake of having a great movie but for the sake of being a great movie. Peter Sellers is such a great actor and when you watch any of his movies, you feel so connected with the characters that you feel as though you are a part of the movie. This is one of my favorite Sellers movies. This movie is one of my favorites. I was totally absorbed in the film. The pacing was perfect and the movie was so interesting. The movie has a great message. The movie doesn't preach to you but it shows you that there is a need for change in society. It was a great message for all ages. I would give this movie a 9/10 because the actors were great, the story was great and the movie was a great movie. And the message was a great message. This movie is a must see. The movie is a great comedy for all ages. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. I would recommend this movie to my friends and to anyone who is interested in movies.

Adam Lucas photo
Adam Lucas

The story of a male goldfish who appears to be ill but in reality is a different species. An interesting, interesting premise but not a lot of substance to it. The creature is entertaining, but a lot of the time you are just wondering what's going on. No, really. As one of the human characters says, "Hey, we got an ill Goldfish, it's in need of a home." In the end, the story is a bit far-fetched, but it is exciting and has a certain level of truth. But the film is not worth going out of your way to see. Worth keeping in your collection, but it won't give you much out of the story.

Ruth W. photo
Ruth W.

After the disappointment of 'Captain America: Civil War' - I was prepared for a rather sad movie. In fact I was rather looking forward to 'Lone Wolf McQuade' but I was left very disappointed. The movie is actually very well done. I think the more critical one would have to say it was a bit of a mess but overall I still enjoyed it. Yes it is slightly disappointing and some of the comedy is rather weak and predictable. However, I still think it is an enjoyable and worth watching movie and definitely worth giving the viewer a second chance. 9/10

Anna S. photo
Anna S.

I wasn't sure if this movie would be good or bad. The previews seemed interesting and I heard all the critics rave about this movie, so I thought, "Hey, let's give it a shot". Well, I was wrong! This movie is very entertaining. The concept is quite original, but the movie itself is good, actually great. The writing and acting is really good, and the movie just keeps you hooked. There are a couple of scenes that were really funny and I was laughing out loud a couple times, but there are some truly funny scenes as well. I think people will probably get lost by the time they reach the last half hour of the movie. I really liked the ending, it was good. Overall, the movie is really entertaining and fun to watch. 9/10

Michael photo

I didn't even know that this movie existed until a while ago. It's a beautifully made film about true love, where the protagonist actually has one of his best friends die in his arms. I like movies with real life characters, but this movie reminded me that it's okay to be weak in real life too. It's a movie that leaves you wanting to find out more about its protagonists, or at least that you could care less about the outcome of the story. You feel a little lonely and hollow for having lived an unremarkable life and how this story is meant to lift you up. All in all a masterpiece.

Andrew Y. photo
Andrew Y.

As a Scandinavian actor I am very pleased to see that an American is making movies with the biggest audiences in Scandinavia. Mr. Soren Lilleholt's new movie, "Gunnar" is a very good movie which has been received very well in Scandinavia. I think it is one of the best movies of 2012. I enjoyed the movie a lot, because it is very realistic about how long it takes to find a job in Norway. Also it shows how hard work is and how important it is for people to have a job. I think that Mr. Lilleholt is a very interesting director, and it is good that he is making movies in Europe and North America. I also hope that he will continue to make movies in Scandinavia.

Diane Harvey photo
Diane Harvey

When I first saw this movie I thought it was like a revenge type of movie, but it is so much more. A lot of people have said that it's not that good because it's about a bunch of people. That's not true. The only reason that they got the name "Heroes" is because they have one. It's like a legend, or something. It's really stupid but I liked it. It's definitely the best movie of 2008.

Charles S. photo
Charles S.

I was expecting it to be about 40 minutes long and instead I got about 90 minutes. Some of the scenes felt long. That's all because of the high quality of this movie. I liked it so much I'd like to go back in time to see it again. Some of the other reviews said they liked it but some didn't. This was the first movie I watched and I really liked it. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a nice, well written, well directed, well acted movie. I loved it.

Evelyn photo

I can't say enough about this film. I didn't see it in theaters, but I've seen it on DVD several times. This is one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I loved the different voices in it, the overall approach, and it was unique. Some might say that the plot was not very coherent. But really, who cares about that? The actors were fantastic, the director was awesome. I thought the music was brilliant and the whole thing was great. I loved this film, and I highly recommend it.

Christian photo

Diane Keaton's performance as an overworked nurse who loses the good will of her patients to the loss of her marriage and her personal and professional life is the highlight of this picture. The first half of the movie is slow and tedious and the second half is funny and full of the laugh you'd expect from a Keaton movie. Keaton's character is aware of her loss of friends and career and, although she doesn't let it affect her, there are times when she starts to wish she had never lost these friendships. The script is one of the best in the years, with jokes that are so funny and full of wit, that you can't help but laugh along with them. There is never a dull moment and most of the movie is based around Keaton's good will. She is always the center of attention, but her contributions are not so obvious. The second half of the movie is worth watching and you will be rooting for her character throughout. It's one of those rare movies where the two halves work together and make for a wonderful experience.

Joshua photo

Flawless-just what we expected after reading a bunch of other reviews here on IMDb. People complain about the plot, we're not sure if they read the book, but the plot is everything, and in some places is so complex and intriguing that you will need a second viewing to catch it all. And I'm not sure what the writers were thinking when they decided to make the characters into little caricatures. We had such an amazing time laughing out loud at the characters, as if we had witnessed a hilarious comedy. The performers, especially the child actors, really took us by the hand and made us feel as though we were there, along with the characters. That's what film is supposed to do: make us feel like we are there. We loved this movie.

Jose photo

A brilliant example of how a fairly standard tale can be stretched out into something so funny and yet moving and touching and funny. A wonderful cast and the sheer talent of Rufus Sewell make this film even better. It is a big budget movie and it is also a very talented cast. We all know that Rufus Sewell can do just about anything, and this is no exception. In this film, he plays a parole officer who has returned to his small town after serving his last time. He struggles with all the problems of home life, and is also trying to deal with the past. So when his son shows up, who is prone to violence, it is not that surprising. The film is not a comedy and the performances are all good. The only actor that stands out is Michael Rooker. He is very believable and charming as the younger brother. He brings an unusual, natural feel to his character. The film does have some slow points, but overall it is a terrific movie and worth seeing.