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Wastelander is a movie starring Brendan Guy Murphy, Carol Cardenas, and Jon Proudstar. Nothing Can Save Humanity From Itself

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Angelo Lopes
Angelo Lopes
Carol Cardenas, Brendan Guy Murphy, Sian Vilaire, Jon Proudstar
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Nothing Can Save Humanity From Itself

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Joan Schmidt photo
Joan Schmidt

Spoilers! A movie about a train that can only operate on water is pretty hard to come by. You can only expect a Hollywood or Sci-Fi special effects movie, but that is not what this movie is. This movie is a movie about a train that is so far out of the box that it is actually a work of art. There are many scenes that are extremely original, and the story is actually original. This movie is definitely worth watching. My only complaint is that the film is a bit too long. I would have liked to have seen more of the train and more of the futuristic world.

Heather photo

Wastelander (2012): Dir: Anthony Minghella / Cast: Daniel Craig, Keira Knightley, Tom Cruise, Milla Jovovich, Ralph Fiennes: Told from the point of view of a spaceship on a mission to the solar system, this featurette offers a look at the crew's journey from the moment they land on earth to the event that sets them back in space. Based on the novel by William Gibson and directed by Anthony Minghella, this sci-fi drama is told through the eyes of a young crew member played by Daniel Craig. The space voyage is the first and most dangerous time for the crew as the sun's rays cause them to shrink and die. After a tragic event, the crew is thrown into the vacuum of space, where they must find a way to return to earth. Keira Knightley plays the character of Samantha who, after the events on earth, begins to seek out her lost brother, who was an engineer aboard the spaceship. Tom Cruise plays the part of the engineer who is forced to take over the role of pilot. Milla Jovovich plays the character of Catherine who becomes a traveling companion to the ship. Ralph Fiennes plays the role of the android played by Simon Baker. This is a great addition to the genre and brings it to the level of those that came before it. The special effects are the best of any I have seen in this type of featurette. Score: 7 1⁄2 / 10

Raymond L. photo
Raymond L.

I have read the novel and I loved it. But, the movie was a little too different. The movie had a lot of action. I also thought it was more about the powers than about the supernatural. I was disappointed by the movie. But, it was still a great movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone. But, I do not recommend it for the younger audience. There are a lot of scary parts in the movie. It's not a good movie for the younger crowd.

Linda E. photo
Linda E.

A few years back I saw a trailer for this film, it looked like a typical sci-fi flick with aliens, cars and plenty of action. I was expecting this to be like the great John Carpenter films, which have the most action, sci-fi and monsters. This film has that, but there is not a huge amount of action, or monsters, but it still does have a good plot and it's not boring. This film is like a fun comedy with some action. The acting is good, the character development is good and the actors were not terrible. I have to say this film was really good, and I would definitely recommend seeing this film. I give it a 7/10.

Christina photo

This movie had me hooked from the very first frame. I think I might have watched it ten times before I was able to finish it. There were so many great action sequences, that I don't think I could have imagined it. There are some of the more gruesome sequences I would have liked to have seen in the original film, but I guess that's a little nitpicking. I think this movie deserves a higher rating than it has gotten. I would have liked to have seen more of the alien race, and more of the battle between the humans and the aliens. I really thought that the action was quite intense, and I was really enjoying the whole film. There were some nice twists in the plot, and the ending was a nice touch. The only thing I really didn't like about this movie was that it took a little too long to get going. I was really looking forward to seeing the sequel, but I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD. The DVD is out tomorrow, and I would recommend that everyone who is looking for a movie to watch, get this one. I think it's a great movie, and I think you will be entertained.

Willie photo

This is an amazing film. I love it. I think the acting was very good. I was totally immersed in the film. I like the way the movie was shot. It was very futuristic. I loved the action sequences. The special effects were very good. I loved the sound effects. I think the story is very unique. I don't think it's for everyone but I thought it was great. I'm sure it will be a classic.

Charles Mitchell photo
Charles Mitchell

This film is about a group of soldiers sent to Mars to retrieve a lost diary. It is set in the future and has been recreated in a digital format. The movie is very much a low budget production. There are no stars in the cast and the acting is not very good. The movie also has a very slow pace and no action. It is one of the most boring films I have ever seen. I have seen some worse films, but this is not one of them. The story is just a little bit silly, and the characters are rather flat. There is also a lot of comedy in the film, but the comedy is not very funny. The film also has a rather weak ending. The Mars mission is not very interesting, and the film does not really have any action. This is a very poor film. I would rate it as a six out of ten.

Henry Howard photo
Henry Howard

The special effects were pretty good, the effects of the ships looked good, the special effects were good, but the story was weak. The plot was weak. This film could have been so much better, if the plot had been expanded. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Dylan Reed photo
Dylan Reed

I really wanted to like this film. I really liked the concept of "Thief" and "Riptide", and the idea of this futuristic world. But after watching this film, I was rather disappointed. The story was good, and the premise of the film was intriguing. But the "thief" is a very uninteresting character, and the "Riptide" is even more uninteresting. And the whole "futuristic" plot was just too simple and not very original. The actors were good, but they could have been much better. I think the director tried to make the film look futuristic, but in the end, it just looked like a cheap action movie. I also think that the film could have been much better. But overall, I still think that it's worth a watch.

Kathy Rios photo
Kathy Rios

This movie is a great comedy/action movie, and I've always been a big fan of the series. I've watched this movie a couple of times already, and I just love it. It is basically a modern day Jodorowsky-style film, but it works. The concept of the movie is cool, and the concept of the story is cool, but the concept of the movie is so cool, that it is just impossible to stop watching. The movie is definitely worth watching, and if you're a fan of the series, this is a must watch!

Donna Morgan photo
Donna Morgan

The movie is not bad. The acting is not bad, and the special effects are good, but the story is very weak. It's a very boring movie, and it doesn't have any great moments. If you want to see a sci-fi movie, I suggest you see 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Blade Runner.

Harry photo

Like most movies of the 70s, the movie is quite simple. A crew of astronauts is sent to an alien planet in order to save mankind. What they don't know is that the planet they are sent to is not what they thought it was. The movie is very simplistic, but it is also very entertaining. The special effects are great, and the movie has a good storyline. The characters are great, especially for a sci-fi movie. There are some very funny scenes, and some great special effects. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies of this genre.

Joyce photo

I had never heard of this movie before but my sister got it and I thought "I will check it out." I'm glad I did. This movie is one of the better Sci-Fi movies of the past few years. It's actually a good movie. It's like the Terminator meets Star Wars meets Blade Runner meets Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars meets Star Wars meets Star Wars. It's not perfect, but it's not really that bad either. The story is very good. It's well thought out and well paced. There are some flaws in the story, but overall the story is good. The characters are likable and well developed. The actors are good, and the effects are good. The effects are very good, especially the ones with the little space ships. The effects are what really makes this movie a great Sci-Fi movie. If you like Sci-Fi movies, you should definitely check this out. It's worth a look. It's not really a Sci-Fi movie, but it's worth a look.

Marie G. photo
Marie G.

I just watched this movie, it was my first ever time seeing a movie, and I have to say it was a good movie. I have to admit, the plot was very good. The effects were awesome, and the acting was really good. I liked the movie because it was different, but also it was pretty good. I didn't think it was that good, but it was good.

Raymond Y. photo
Raymond Y.

I would say that I am a bit of a big fan of the comic book. But I can't really say that I was excited about this film. I had heard about it, but had never seen it. I had seen a trailer, but I had only seen it once, so I knew nothing about it. I was just curious what it would be like, and I was very glad that I finally saw it. The film starts out with a great storyline and a great cast. The story is great, and I think that the actors did a fantastic job. The action is great, and I think that the director did a great job of combining action and a good storyline. I really enjoyed this film, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys action films, or any kind of sci-fi. 7/10

Thomas photo

I had heard of the movie before I saw it, but after reading some of the comments about it I decided to go ahead and watch it. It is a good movie. The special effects are good, the story is good, and the acting is good. It is not a great movie, but it is not a bad one either. It is a good movie with a decent story and some good special effects. If you like sci-fi, action, or just a good movie to watch with your friends, then you will like it.

Rachel E. photo
Rachel E.

If you are expecting to see a big budget action movie with lots of explosions, special effects and action, you will be disappointed. The movie is made by a team of real actors and does not have any action in it. Instead, the movie has a lot of drama and has a lot of big battles. This movie is good for people who like movies with a lot of action, drama, and people with a lot of knowledge in computers. You will have to be pretty smart to understand the movie, but it is worth it.

Beverly Taylor photo
Beverly Taylor

At first I thought this movie was going to be terrible, but when I saw the trailer I was in awe. It had the best visuals I've ever seen in a movie. It had everything I wanted in a sci-fi movie. It had good action scenes, it had a great cast and it had the most realistic looking alien creature ever. It also had a great story that was simple, yet simple. It wasn't about the aliens, it was about the humans. This movie was great and I highly recommend it.

Roger Fields photo
Roger Fields

This is an interesting film with some good actors in it. It's a mix of science fiction and action and it is very entertaining. The ending is a bit predictable but is still good and interesting. The action scenes are well done and they are well paced and paced well. The acting is good and there are some good fight scenes. The story is interesting, although it is not as good as the original Star Wars. The main character is likable and you like him in the end. There is some bad language in the film which is annoying but not as bad as in other films. There is a lot of nudity in the film but not a lot. Overall I really enjoyed the film, it was entertaining and had some good action and good acting. I recommend this film to fans of science fiction and action.

Cynthia Sandoval photo
Cynthia Sandoval

I really enjoyed this movie, it was a lot of fun and there are some really great moments in this movie. It's a bit of a strange mix between a hard Sci-Fi story, with some really good humor and some really good action sequences. I've read a lot of negative reviews about this movie, and some of them are absolutely false, some of them are even completely wrong. It's not about aliens or monsters, it's about the human race and how we've fallen and how we can rise again. I have to say though that it's a really good movie, it has some really good action sequences, a lot of funny moments and a really good mix of Sci-Fi and Comedy. It is not as good as Alien 3, but it is a really good movie.

Marie Coleman photo
Marie Coleman

I'll start off by saying I don't really like movies that have too much computer graphics. It's like they're not real and they're just a movie for people to watch. This movie has some of the best computer graphics I've seen in a long time. I can't say it's the best movie ever but it's certainly one of the best computer graphics movies I've ever seen. The characters are likable and the story is good. It's just that they're not computer graphics. They're not supposed to be computer graphics. If you want a good computer graphics movie you should look elsewhere. But if you want to see a good computer graphics movie you should watch this movie. It's just a good movie.