فيلم A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born is a movie starring Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, and Sam Elliott. A musician helps a young singer find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

Other Titles
Assim Nasce Uma Estrela, Taip gime žvaigžde, Zvezda je rođena, 星夢情深, 一個巨星的誕生, Narodziny gwiazdy, Täht on sündinud, Zvijezda je rođena, Zvezda je rojena, Zrodila sa hviezda, È nata una stella, A Star is Born - Encore Version, Nace una estrella, Nasce uma Estrela, S-a nascut o stea, Ένα αστέρι γεννιέται, Kokhav nollad, Vì Sao Vụt Sáng, Csillag születik, Zvaigzne ir dzimusi, Bir Yıldız Doğuyor, アリー スター誕生, Ha nacido una estrella, A Star is Born, Ena asteri gennietai, Une étoile est née
Running Time
2 hours 16 minutes
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Drama, Music, Romance
Bradley Cooper
Eric Roth, William A. Wellman, Frank Pierson, Will Fetters, John Gregory Dunne, Bradley Cooper, Joan Didion, Moss Hart, Robert Carson
Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Greg Grunberg
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Jackson Maine, a famous country music singer privately battling an alcohol and drug addiction, plays a concert in California. His main support is Bobby, his manager and older half-brother. After the show, Jackson visits a drag bar where he witnesses a performance by Ally, a waitress and singer-songwriter. Jackson is amazed by her performance, and they spend the night speaking to each other, where Ally discloses to him the troubles she has faced in pursuing a professional music career. Jackson invites Ally to his next show. Despite her initial refusal she attends and, with Jackson's encouragement, sings on stage with him. Jackson invites Ally to go on tour with him, and they form a romantic relationship. In Arizona, Ally and Jackson visit the ranch where Jackson grew up and where his father is buried, only to discover that Bobby sold the land. Angered at his betrayal, Jackson punches Bobby, who subsequently quits as his manager. Before doing so, Bobby reveals that he did inform Jackson about the sale, but the latter was too inebriated to notice..

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Jessica photo

I don't think I'll ever forget this movie. It was the best movie I've seen in a while. The songs were great, the acting was amazing, and the plot was good. I don't understand all the hate it's gotten for being a chick flick, or for being a chick flick. This movie was supposed to be for guys, and the guy in the theater with me actually said it was the best movie of the year. If you're a guy, you'll love it, if you're a girl, you'll love it. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Jeffrey photo

It's been a while since I've seen a movie so far this year. This is definitely one of them. The story is good, the cast is good, the music is good. I really like the way the music is used in the movie. I like the way that the music reflects the mood of the movie. I also like the way the movie is filmed. I liked the way the camera moved during the scenes. I also liked the way the director captured the color of the movie. It was not a very dark movie, but I don't think that was a bad thing. I think it's good for people who want to watch a movie to feel a movie to the point that they feel like they're in the movie. I think it's really great. I think the way the movie is filmed, the music and the way the camera moves are the key parts of the movie. I think it's a really good movie, and I think it's one of the best movies I've seen in 2017. I think it's really great.

Jack H. photo
Jack H.

I really loved this movie and thought it was a great way to spend a couple of hours. I think the fact that it was based on a true story really added to the realism of the movie. I also thought the performances were very good. I felt like I really cared about the characters. I also liked the fact that the film was very realistic. I mean, I have never met a woman who is so full of life and so full of emotions. I also liked the fact that they were very true to the actual events and the characters, which made it so believable. I really think that if they were to do a sequel or a movie that would take place in the future, I would definitely like to see it. I know that they have a lot of new actors in it and I think it would be really interesting to see how they would do it.

Frank J. photo
Frank J.

I've seen a lot of songs in the movie, but not that many great ones. The songs were good, but they were not memorable. They were in a way, as you can say, forgettable. The acting was pretty good. I have to say that it was more than just the acting. There were some cool scenes that really made you think about what you have seen and how it affects the main character. The story is pretty solid, but not really original. It's just something you have seen a lot of times before. I was a bit disappointed in the fact that it wasn't as funny as I was expecting. It's still a good movie though. I would recommend watching it, it's a very good movie. I would definitely say that it is one of the best movies of the year.

Martha J. photo
Martha J.

After watching a lot of the awards shows and seeing what was on offer for 2015, I was worried that this movie might be the "worst of the year". However, this was one of the best films I have seen this year. It's a true tearjerker and a true classic. I think it is the best film of the year so far. I can't really think of anything else that is good or even better than it. It was nominated for 5 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director. I can't really think of a reason why this movie wasn't nominated for anything. It is a film that will make you cry, laugh, and will make you feel everything that a movie should do. It was a truly emotional film, and I have cried twice in the last couple of days. I think it is one of the best films of the year, and I am not surprised that it won the Oscar. I'm not going to give anything away, but the ending was the best thing about this film. The acting was great, the story was amazing, and the music was great. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Donald photo

I have seen many great films, and this is one of them. It's not perfect, but it is a great film. The actors are great, and I don't really like that some of the songs are the same as the songs in "Aladdin". But the film is very enjoyable. I enjoyed it. I'd recommend it to anyone. The story is very different from "Shrek" but very well done. It's a very good film.

Christine photo

So this is a chick flick and a romantic comedy. I was not expecting anything but this film was amazing! I love a good chick flick, it is a nice change from the duds that Hollywood has to offer. This is a good film for the entire family to watch and if you are a girl you will love this film. It is a cute story of two people in love and their love for each other. I loved the way it was told and the characters were perfect. This is a great film for the entire family to watch.

Gloria photo

I didn't know what to expect with this movie. I'm a big fan of musicals and love musicals, but this one just didn't have that feel to it. It was like I was watching a different movie. I have to admit I did enjoy the musical numbers, but I did find myself waiting for something to happen. The acting was also pretty good. I found it hard to tell that the actors were really playing these characters, which I didn't really expect. I also found myself laughing out loud a few times. There were a few times when I did have a hard time not laughing. I also found myself actually caring about the characters, which I rarely do. I think the biggest problem I had with this movie is that the characters were just not that interesting. They were all very broad and not very interesting. I also found it hard to care about any of them. All in all, this movie was definitely not bad, but I think I will probably forget about it after about a week. I can't wait to see it again though, and I'm sure I will be more interested in the characters and their stories.

Eugene W. photo
Eugene W.

After a long time of waiting for a musical film of this caliber, I finally saw this film. And I am not a musical fan. However, I had never seen this film before and I was pleasantly surprised. I have always heard about the power of this film and the actors in this film did a great job of being themselves. I feel that the casting was perfect and the actors did a great job of embodying their characters. I think that the most impressive aspect of this film was the music. This film had a lot of amazing songs and this film had a lot of great songs. The film really touched me and I enjoyed it. This film is very different from the previous musical films and I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of musicals and who has not seen this film before. I would recommend this film to anyone who is into music and who is a fan of this film. I give this film a 7 out of 10.

Amy photo

Saw this film on a DVD while vacationing in Mexico. I was expecting something great, but it was far from it. The storyline is somewhat interesting, but not that much. The music was not up to par. The plot, while creative, is not original. It seemed to me that the writer/director had a good idea, but had not done enough research to get it right. There were a few shots that were out of place and the soundtrack was not good. There were some parts of the film that I found somewhat humorous. However, all in all, the movie was not very memorable and did not give me the feeling that I have been to a different country or culture. I would not recommend this film to anyone who has not been to Mexico, and I would not recommend this film to anyone who has not been to Mexico. I was very disappointed with this film. It is not worth watching.

Susan photo

I went into this movie expecting nothing but an average comedy. I thought I was wrong. The story is simple, but the humor is real and makes you laugh. Bradley Cooper is excellent as always, and Emma Stone is stunning. Overall, I loved this movie, and I hope to see it again. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a great comedy.

James photo

For some reason, I was not sold on this film, but I'm a fan of Keanu Reeves and he did well. He is very believable as the professional tennis player. I thought that the film was good, but not great. The beginning of the film was good, but I felt it was a little slow. The romance in the film did not really work. Overall, the film is worth seeing, but I do not think that it will be the next American Beauty.

James Romero photo
James Romero

I liked the movie but felt that the whole thing just fell flat for me. It seemed like it was going to be so much more than what it was. But I would still recommend it.

Sarah photo

I have been a huge fan of the director of "The Great Gatsby" for years and have watched it countless times. He has a knack for capturing the essence of a story. It's a beautiful film. The acting is top-notch and the songs are brilliant. I think the last few times I have seen it I have been left wanting more. But, I'm not sure that this film is the best in the series. It's not as good as "Gatsby", but it's not terrible either. It's just not as good as "The Great Gatsby". I love that movie. It's the best of the trilogy. It's a perfect film. I don't understand why it's not a big hit, but it's not that good of a film either. I'd like to see it again. I think it could be better. Maybe I would like it more if I had seen it when I was a teenager. I think it's worth seeing, but I don't think it's as good as "Gatsby".

Marie photo

This movie is one of the best movies of 2015, I don't want to spoil it for you. I just want to say that it is one of the best movies of 2015. The acting was amazing, it was very emotional and intense. The characters were very believable and they were not stereotypes. It's an emotional movie, so if you are looking for something emotional, this movie is not for you. It's a movie that you can watch with your friends, with a date, or just for a night at home. It's a movie that you can watch with your family, and you can also watch it with your best friend. I give this movie a 9/10. I have watched it 4 times already and it is still the best movie of 2015.

Rachel photo

A Star Is Born is one of the few movies I have seen where the ending is completely unbelievable and not even in a good way. I could have done without the movie but for the fact that I can't get over the fact that it ended the way it did. It was not as bad as a couple of other movies I have seen lately but it was definitely one of the worst. Overall, I think this movie was pretty good and I would definitely recommend it to people who like a little romance and a little bit of drama.

Eric Flores photo
Eric Flores

I had heard a lot about this movie and was really looking forward to it. My expectations were low and it ended up being a really good movie. It was not for everyone but if you like romantic movies this is a great one. The chemistry between the characters was really good and the story flowed nicely. I would definitely recommend this movie to someone who has not seen it yet. It was a little slow in parts but overall I really enjoyed it and it will be on my DVD collection for sure.

William Larson photo
William Larson

For me, this film was a pleasant surprise. I thought that it would be another awkward, cliche, and over-hyped love story with a teenage girl and a tough guy. But the movie turned out to be more interesting than expected. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are both talented actors, and I was expecting to see them in a terrible film. But, I was pleasantly surprised. They did a good job, as did the supporting cast. This movie is a must see.

Tiffany photo

Just saw this movie last night and I have to say it was a very good movie. The performances were all good, the plot was good and the ending was great. It was also very funny, and I think that if you like romantic comedies then you'll like this one. It has a good storyline, and the ending was perfect. It was just a good movie overall, with a very good story and good acting. I think it would be good for families as well. The only thing that I did not like about it was the film was rated R, but I think that is not necessary to make a movie. The movie is rated PG-13, so I think that is just because of the story itself and not because of the rating. So go see it and you will not be disappointed. 7/10

Marie O. photo
Marie O.

I was skeptical when I first saw this film because I'm not a fan of James Franco. I've seen some of his work but I didn't like his work in "The Disaster Artist" or "The Interview". But I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I thought the characters were written well, and I was also impressed with the acting. I don't know why I had low expectations, but I was happy to see a film that had a lot of action, romance, and suspense. I was also surprised by how well-done this film was. I think it's one of those films that you can watch and enjoy the action without having to think about the plot or the characters. This is a film that's more of a mystery than an action film, and I think that's what I liked about it.

Mary H. photo
Mary H.

The movie was a total letdown. I was expecting a different kind of movie. I wasn't expecting a perfect movie. I was expecting to be blown away. I was not. I don't know how they got that movie so wrong. I'm not a big fan of any kind of music and it was just boring. The movie was so short, it felt like an hour and a half. I could have been done with it in about 10 minutes. The main character was so bland. I never really cared about her. It was just a wasted 2 hours. I was so disappointed. I was expecting so much. I wanted to like this movie so much. It was so bland. I really don't know what to say about it. It just failed on so many levels.

Julie Stephens photo
Julie Stephens

I've seen both the theatrical version and the director's cut, and I've always loved both versions. So when I heard the director's cut was out, I went to see it. I had to admit that I had been anticipating it since the trailers for it were released. I was very disappointed with the director's cut, but I was also very impressed with the theatrical version. I think it's a great film, and it's not to be missed. The musical numbers are really well done. Some of the songs are a little over the top, but I think that's a compliment. The other thing that I really liked was that it really focused on the characters, not just the songs. The acting was good, and the directing was excellent. I also really enjoyed the cinematography, and the cinematography was really well done. I think this is one of the best films I've seen in a long time. It's not a perfect film, and it does have some things that are a little out of place, but overall, it's a great film. I think people will enjoy it. I gave it a 9/10.

Joshua E. photo
Joshua E.

I like this movie, but it is not for everyone. Some people find it boring, and some people find it very boring. It is not for everyone, but if you like the same kind of movies that I do, you will probably like this one too. The music is very good, and the movie is very entertaining. I really enjoyed this movie, and it is definitely one of the better movies I have seen recently.