فيلم Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a movie starring Tony Jaa, Tiger Hu Chen, and Iko Uwais. When a billionaire's daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate is targeted by a group of professional assassins, a team of mercenaries must...

Other Titles
Triple amenaza, Potrójne zagrożenie, Trostruka pretnja, トリプル・スレット, Véres hármas, Tripla Ameaça
Running Time
1 hours 36 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Thriller, Action
Jesse V. Johnson
Paul Staheli, Fangjin Song, Joey O'Bryan
Scott Adkins, Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Tiger Hu Chen
USA, Thailand, China
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

When a billionaire's daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate is targeted by a group of professional assassins, a team of mercenaries must stop them before they kill her.

Comments about thriller «Triple Threat» (27)

Hannah photo

Triple Threat is a very enjoyable, action packed, action packed, action packed movie that could easily have gotten so much more action but only the right amount. The movie starts off very much like a Friday the 13th movie and then goes into a completely different direction and ends up being very similar to Dawn of the Dead. What I found most enjoyable about this movie was the characters, some of them are great and I would love to see more of them. Also I really liked the last half hour of the movie and thought that it was extremely interesting. The fight scenes were very good and the story was pretty good. This movie is not for everyone and the only thing I would recommend would be to watch it and then go back and read the first two chapters. If you watch this movie and enjoy it then go back and read the first two chapters and then see the third chapter and then I am sure you will love this movie as much as I did. In short, I liked this movie and I will recommend this movie to anyone. Rating: 8.8/10

Scott photo

After watching the latest movie entitled 'Triple Threat', I was curious to see how it would compare with the original. And after watching it I was not disappointed at all. This movie does an excellent job of making the story as realistic as possible. The acting was top notch. While most of the characters in this movie are likable, there are still a few that are the ones that draw the audience in the most. The two leads, of course, are Tom Sizemore and Robert DeNiro. Both are strong in their roles. Both are believable in their roles. And they are both very well suited to their characters. The supporting cast in this movie was very good. Although, I was quite surprised that one of the best supporting actors in the movie was Jamey Sheridan. He was extremely believable as the slimy drug dealer. He was the most likable character in the movie. The music in this movie was superb. I loved the songs used in this movie. I had so much fun listening to the songs and I loved the feel of the music in this movie. All in all, this movie is a very good thriller and an excellent movie for those who like thriller movies and music.

Denise photo

Having had my time with the first movie, I am back with Triple Threat 2. The way I see it, the second installment in the Triple Threat series can easily be compared to the first movie. The plot is still similar but the action is better. So even though it is not as well-made as the first movie, I still feel the same way about Triple Threat 2. And the movie is more interesting and action-packed than the first movie. I thought the pacing was a little fast and the plot was a little strange. But I thought it was better than the first movie. There are a few plot-holes that I found, and that are minor. The best thing about the movie is that the action and violence is more intense and better. The main character, David, played by Joshua Jackson, has the same style of his father, Matt Damon. But unlike Damon, Jackson does not have a great looking physique. Also, Jackson is the strongest of the two. One of the great things about the movie is that it does not rely on special effects. There are a few uses of CG in the movie, but there are not as many as in the first movie. And in the second movie, they use a lot more CGI. I think the CG in Triple Threat 2 is better than in the first movie. The special effects are more detailed and the effects are well-done. But the action in Triple Threat 2 is better. And this is where the movie excels. There is a lot of action in the movie. Especially, the first half of the movie has more action. The action is more intense. This movie also has more action. In the second movie, there is a lot more action. And this movie has more action. And this is the one aspect of Triple Threat 2 that makes it better than the first movie. The last point I would like to mention is that there is a lot more violence in Triple Threat 2. The last half of the movie has more violence. Overall, Triple Threat 2 is a very good action-thriller. And it is definitely the best one of the three in the Triple Threat series. It has more action, better action, and better action. I recommend this movie to everyone. My rating is a 9/10. It is a better movie than the first movie. It is worth watching.

Jesse photo

I had heard about this movie and heard that it was in the theater for me. So I got a chance to see it. It was a great action movie. First, the characters are very likable. They are very memorable and seem like real people. It is just the characters that are likeable in the movie. There are some funny scenes that I found quite funny. Second, the movie keeps the suspense going through out the whole movie. I didn't really find any part of the movie that was boring. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I didn't even realize that I was in a movie. Third, the action is awesome. It is a lot of action, but it is all exciting and doesn't lose any of it's excitement. It is just so well done. All in all, I really enjoyed the movie. It was really fun. It was like a super hero movie, but a lot better. I give it a 9 out of 10 stars.

Marie Taylor photo
Marie Taylor

I was going to rate this film a 10, but as a rating it's a 9. It is the best one out of all three films, with being by far the best. This is without a doubt a classic, and one of the best action movies ever made. I had to watch it again to see if it still was as good as the first time, and it still is!

Amanda D. photo
Amanda D.

This movie was so well written and directed. It had a great story line, great action, and a great ending. The opening is a little slow and doesn't really develop the plot that much but I was still enthralled by the story line. I thought it was well written and directed. I highly recommend this movie.

Bruce photo

So, I just saw this movie at the theaters. To be honest, it was actually a very good movie, with an excellent cast. The movie itself is not a comedy, nor a drama. It is very real, very fast, very violent, and very funny. I don't know why it's getting such bad reviews. It's just a great movie. I love it. I am very happy for the writers, and the director. This movie should be on everybody's must see list. I'd give it a 10/10, if I could.

Benjamin M. photo
Benjamin M.

Based on the popular comic book series, "TRIPLE THREAT" stars Max Martini (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Tony Schaffer) as a seasoned assassin who is sent on a mission to avenge the death of his partner, his family, and a police officer who was murdered in the line of duty. The film is a bit on the "shaky-cam" side, but it is also well-acted, and there is lots of violence. The film is not without its shortcomings, however, such as the subplot with the assassin's girlfriend. She isn't developed, and the character is written poorly. The entire subplot is unnecessary, and the characters are not very likable. Some scenes are a bit slow, but the overall action is great. The action scenes are well-shot and well-executed. I would recommend this film to action fans, as well as those who enjoy a good action movie.

Kenneth E. photo
Kenneth E.

This is an excellent movie. I was a bit apprehensive when i first saw the poster for the movie, but I am very glad i saw it. What really grabbed my attention is the quality of the movie, and how it is made. I was impressed with the technical aspects, and the actors who were featured. The story is very much true, as the main character learns the reason behind the murders of his brother and friend. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of action movies, and wants to see a movie that is different than most.

Carol T. photo
Carol T.

We must not forget the first thing we see in a movie, not the credits. Even in the trailers, it is not very much. "Triple Threat" is one of the first action-thriller, I've seen in years, and it is very good. The movie is based on the best selling novel by William Weisiger. I recommend it to fans of espionage films, because of the cast, the film is very good. The movie is about a political analyst, a young woman and a retired ex-Marine. The retired Marine (Liam Neeson) is doing an article for the newspaper, and the young woman (Rachel Weisiger) is going to tell the newspaper about a new way to investigate terrorism. She has a strong connection to the old Marine, and they are going to start a very big investigation. There is a great scene in the middle of the movie when they are in a hotel, and the young woman is having the man take her to a hotel where there are some strange men. They are gone for a while, and the woman is left alone in the hotel, and she becomes convinced that she is a terrorist, and she must be caught. The retired Marine is sitting in the middle of the lobby, and he has a lot of problems with her, and she is very angry. They both try to make the man tell her the truth, and what's going on in her life. The young woman is even more angry, because she believes she is a terrorist, and she will do anything to get her revenge. The old Marine sees that the young woman is getting angry, and he says that it would be very dangerous to have her like that, because she could hurt her own family and friends, and he believes that the young woman is becoming very dangerous to herself and the world. He also feels that there should be some other way to investigate terrorism. So, the young woman agrees to join the Marine, and she will stay with him for a few days, until she knows what she wants to do. Meanwhile, the old Marine tries to convince the young woman to change her way of thinking, and she does. In the end, they start a new investigation, and it turns out to be very dangerous for them. The movie is good. I would give it a 9/10. It is very good.

Melissa C. photo
Melissa C.

When I first saw this movie, I thought it was very silly. I mean, it was one of those films that you didn't really care for. However, I was amazed that this film turned out to be one of my favorite films. Now, I'm very into action movies, and I'm not that good at taking the time to study them. But this movie was so well written and so well directed. I mean, it was brilliant. The movie has a great plot. The characters are very interesting and very well written. The story is very entertaining. And the fight scenes are fantastic. I just love how these two fight at the end. They were great. The fight scenes are very well done, and they are intense. They are also very graphic, which I don't like. But I also like how the director chose to make the fight scenes dramatic and intense. It gives a whole other feeling to the film. In my opinion, the director made a really good film. It's good for all ages. It's a classic.

Victoria photo

This is a good movie. I think it's a great take on a famous story. It's like a Batman movie, except they're not playing Batman. (But maybe they should have). It's a movie about a guy trying to get his kids back. It's very well done, well acted, well shot and the plot is simple and easy to follow. I've never seen a movie like this before, it's just full of action and it's really fun to watch. I don't know why it's not a bigger hit like Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, but I think it's due to it's low budget and the fact it doesn't have the same quality as those movies. I hope they make more movies like this one in the future, it's really fun to watch and I think it's worth a watch. 9/10

Benjamin Roberts photo
Benjamin Roberts

This was a very good thriller. A lot of tension, and the twist was pretty neat. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes thriller movies.

Janet photo

I am pretty critical when it comes to action movies. But I have to say I really liked this one. It's got a lot of action, and some pretty cool special effects. The story is a little thin, but that's not a big deal. The characters are all pretty well-drawn and there are some good fight scenes as well. There is some pretty great acting, too. It's not a masterpiece, but I think it was pretty good. There is some fun to be had. The violence is mild, but the death scenes are pretty graphic. The violence is pretty mild, but the death scenes are pretty graphic. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I would highly recommend it.

Ralph M. photo
Ralph M.

Tate Donovan (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a New York socialite who is working her way back to being a respectable person after a run in with the law. She finds her ex-boyfriend, Scott Beart (David Paymer) at a bar and decides to talk him into going out with her. Unfortunately, Beart has a rather aggressive personality and can't wait for the "glue" to dry. Donning a pair of expensive shades and a black hoodie, he and Tate decide to take him to a local sports bar to celebrate his birthday. Unfortunately, Scott is kidnapped and held for ransom. Since he can't talk, he offers to pay her ex-boyfriend $1 million if he's willing to talk. While she is reluctant to give up the money, Tate begins to realize that she is not as innocent as she thought. While this movie is no masterpiece, it is very entertaining. Jamie Lee Curtis does a good job playing a strong and independent character. She is a believable young woman who can get herself into trouble, and even while being played as a damsel in distress. The reason I don't like Jamie Lee Curtis is that she's too great of a actress to play a woman who is extremely aggressive, but ends up acting like a dumb jock in some of her roles. Even with all of her acting ability, she just doesn't have the strength of character to be a strong female character. The scene where she's lying on a beach naked is one of my favorite scenes in the film. She's really one of my favorite actresses. David Paymer is amazing in this movie as the abusive boyfriend. His character is so incredibly manipulative and awful, I can't think of another actor who could have played him so well. The last scene in the movie is amazing. A lot of times, movies end up like this where there's just nothing good going on. This movie has everything going for it. The plot is interesting, the acting is great, and the movie is very entertaining. The only reason I don't give this movie a perfect rating is because of some questionable plot elements. If you're a huge fan of Bond films, you might not enjoy this film. The first half of the film is very slow and boring. The second half is the best part of the film. It just keeps building to a fantastic climax. I think this film is definitely worth watching. If you don't like Bond films, you might not enjoy this film. The fact that Jamie Lee Curtis played a young girl was a huge plus for me. The fact that she's been so successful without Bond movies is amazing. I don't think there's anything wrong with this movie. It's not a masterpiece, but it's great.

Harry A. photo
Harry A.

I think this is an excellent action movie. I enjoyed it very much and the actors did a great job. I do recommend it to all the action lovers.

Bruce C. photo
Bruce C.

In my opinion, Triple Threat is one of the best action films I've seen. This film will keep you entertained and engrossed. A man finds himself as an enigma after a deadly shootout in a shopping mall. Meanwhile, the ruthless gunman starts to hunt him down. In my opinion, this is the best film I've seen. Although it does get a little slow at times. It has some pretty amazing scenes. One of my favorite scenes is the car chase. The chase and the shooting will have you on the edge of your seat. A great action film. This film has great acting, great action, and great dialogue. I can't really rate this film but it definitely deserves the rating of a 10/10. It is by far one of the best action films of the year. Enjoy!

Nicholas Long photo
Nicholas Long

This is a pretty good movie, but it's not a masterpiece. It's a little too long, but it's still very good. I really enjoyed the acting, the story, the action, and the humor. I think that the actors really did a good job with their roles. I think that the director did a good job directing this movie. I think that he did a good job of making this movie entertaining. The action was very well done. The story was good, the characters were well-written. I think that this movie was really good. I think that this is a good movie to watch.

Marie photo

I found this to be an excellent movie. It was great to see such a good actor in a leading role. I thought it was a very well written movie. It was just a shame it was a little long. Overall I think the movie was just OK. I would like to see the other two on the same day and then possibly see the sequels.

Ronald M. photo
Ronald M.

I had not seen this film until last year and finally got to watch it this evening and was very surprised by how well it held up. It is an outstanding example of a movie that needs to be seen and appreciated for what it is, not what the critics and/or public have come to expect from it. If you are going to see a film you are interested in, then watch it! The film is very well made, the cast are excellent and the story is well done. My only disappointment is that the film seems to have gone out of print in the US. I know that many films are making a resurgence, but Triple Threat is a film that has been out of print for several years and it would be nice to see it get a proper theatrical release. As for the critics, I read several of them commenting that they could not get into the film or the music or the story. I found the reviewers totally out of touch with what makes a good film and the fact that Triple Threat did not win any awards really doesn't matter. The fact that I felt that the critics were far too quick to condemn a film that was not a perfect film but a well done one is of no consequence. All in all, if you are going to see a film you are interested in, then watch it!

Beverly E. photo
Beverly E.

This film was released in 1997 in an action packed world and is well worth the watch, despite some poor editing, like the scene where the good guy throws a grenade into a big building. However, the action and the acting were great. Nice addition to the action genre. My favorite was when the bad guy broke his neck and then came back for more. Some of the jump scenes were a bit too fast. Another thing that had me thinking was how many people were killed. How many people were killed, that was the question. I like the fact that it was not the same guy doing the killing in each film. No, it was like killing off the main bad guy for the whole film. I was a little surprised with how many times this film had me thinking, I hope they don't make a sequel. The only thing that was a little bit of a let down was the music. It was OK but didn't seem to fit well with the scene. If the director and the music team had worked together, they would have made the movie a lot more appealing. This is an action film with lots of action. The only thing that I did not like was that the story had the good guys going to school and then getting killed, which was a little bit of a let down. The actors in the film are great. There are some great quotes and the actors have great chemistry. It's not an action movie for the average action movie fan. It's a great movie for action fans who have not seen all of the action films. It's the one I would watch again and recommend it to everyone.

Linda F. photo
Linda F.

Many people have written me off when I have expressed my interest in seeing this film. I can't say I am entirely unfazed by this. I do think the film is highly entertaining and this is perhaps the best of the three. Having said that, I have seen quite a few good films, and this film does not deserve the low rating it has received. First off, this is not a superhero film. This is not a film about the best of the best. It is a story about a drug cartel's super agent and how he must deal with his inner demons. This film is a brilliant action film. This film is extremely well written. This film is extremely well directed. And this film is very bloody. I do not recommend this film to people who have not seen the other two films in the series. If you have seen the first two, you will see what I mean. If you have not seen the first two, this film is not for you. If you have seen the first two, you will have seen this film. It is very, very well written, the acting is good, the action is great, and the directing is great. If you have not seen the first two films, you will not like this film. It is very good.

Mark photo

I watched this movie in the theater, and I'm a big fan of the Bond movies. I just watched it again, and I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is not perfect, but it's a very good movie. I like the story, and the plot is very good. It's a good movie to watch with your friends. I really liked the movie, and I recommend it to all Bond fans. The story is very good, and the plot is very good. The movie has a lot of action, and it's very well directed. The movie is very good, and I recommend it to all Bond fans.

Raymond Alexander photo
Raymond Alexander

Caught this on late night TV and I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it. We have always been taught to believe in the word of the Government, but in reality there are all sorts of insidious (in the eyes of our government) tactics used by our government to make us feel powerless. This film takes a look at the DOD in the 70's. So far so good. The story is kept at a level that is believable, yet shocking. It is possible to watch the movie with an open mind and see the good in the military. It is disturbing that the DOD is actually doing things that the United States government has taught us not to do. It is a testament to the power of the military that it can sway the United States government to do things that we have long thought of as being "inconsistent with our Constitution". It shows that the government is willing to use "leak" tactics to spread propaganda and even to orchestrate wars to give them more power. But the DOD is not the only agency doing things like this. The military is much more than the military, and has its own agenda. There are also many cases of the military having a "false flag" operation in the back of the closet that is set up to look like a military operation. This is just one example of how the military is trying to influence our government. All in all, I'm glad that I saw this film, and it is probably one of the best I've seen in a long time. It's good that we have a film that shows that the military is not all about killing people. It also shows that our government is not all about doing things that we want them to do. I give the film a 9 out of 10. I really don't think that I would have liked this film as much if it wasn't for the ratings this film has received.

Megan W. photo
Megan W.

Hollywood movie, I had to do a little research on the movie itself.and I am glad I did. This movie is a good and original and it is entertaining and gives you lots of action scenes. I love the whole plot of this movie, it is nice and exciting and you know that there are many surprises for the audience. The story is not the worst in this movie. It is better than that. I loved this movie and I recommend it for you to see. Hope you all like this movie. I enjoyed it. I give it 9/10

Philip M. photo
Philip M.

I have watched this movie so many times and I still can't get tired of it. I love the way the movie keeps you guessing. The characters are so good, they are believable and you really feel for them. I think the movie is really underrated. I love the ending and the fact that the characters never got caught. I think the acting is really good, I love the way they use accents. I love the way the movie is made, the music is really good. I think this movie is really underrated and I think it should be more known. I love this movie and I have watched it so many times.

Andrea photo

I've seen this movie many times, and I've always found it entertaining. This movie has a great plot, great action, great acting and great music. It's a must see. This movie is great for those who like action, comedy, romance and action. I think this movie has a great future and I hope they make more movies like this one.