فيلم The Happytime Murders

The Happytime Murders

The Happytime Murders is a movie starring Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, and Maya Rudolph. When the puppet cast of a '90s children's TV show begin to get murdered one by one, a disgraced LAPD detective-turned-private eye puppet...

Other Titles
Rotaļlietas pieaugušajiem, Crimes em Happytime, ¿Quién está matando a los moñecos?, パペット大騒査線 追憶の紫影(パープル・シャドー), Carnage chez les joyeux touffus, Pupazzi senza gloria, ¿Quién mató a los puppets?, Nemilosrdni plisanci, Bouba shel retzakh, Cine trage sforile?, ¿Quien mató a los Puppets?, Edepsiz Kuklalar, Zaisliukai suaugusiems, Haláli bábjáték, Rozpruci na śmierć, Pela Hora da Morte, Carnage chez les Puppets
Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Action, Thriller
Brian Henson
Todd Berger, Dee Austin Robertson, Todd Berger
Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Leslie David Baker, Maya Rudolph
USA, China
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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In a world where puppets coexist with humans but are treated as second-class citizens, Phil Phillips was the first puppet cop on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) before being fired. Now a private detective with a human secretary Bubbles, he is hired by puppet client Sandra to find out who has been blackmailing her. Phil investigates a lead at a puppet-owned porn shop and while he goes in the back to check their records an attacker kills everyone present, including Bumblypants, a cast member of "The Happytime Gang", a puppet sitcom that was due to go into syndication. The LAPD arrive and Phil meets up with his former partner, Detective Connie Edwards. Twelve years prior, Edwards was being held at gunpoint by a puppet criminal. Phil tried to shoot him but missed and hit an innocent puppet, killing him in front of the puppet's young daughter. Edwards and the thug exchanged fire; Edwards was wounded but the thug was killed. Edwards received a puppet liver transplant which left her with an addiction to sugar which is like heroin to puppets. Edwards testified against Phil and a law was enacted preventing puppets from being cops. Back in the present, Edwards believes it was a robbery gone wrong but Phil believes it was murder. That night Phil's brother Larry "Shenanigans" Phillips, former Happytime cast-member, is torn apart when someone lets dogs into his house. Phil reluctantly teams up with Edwards to find the killer..

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Denise H. photo
Denise H.

Oh my gosh.this movie rocks. I went to the theater with a few friends and we all sat down to watch this movie with different opinions on it. One of my friends said that it was one of the best movies he's seen in a while, and another friend said that it was his favorite movie ever. I sat down with my husband and my friend and we all agreed on the fact that this movie was amazing. The plot is simple. There is a rich man who keeps losing his memories, and he decides to have his girlfriend make a movie about it. For a while, he decides to keep the movie a secret, but things get complicated when the girlfriend gets the hots for the man who keeps losing his memories. Now, the plot is simple, but it's so great that you don't need to say a word. The characters are incredibly funny, and you can't help but feel for them at some points. Just the fact that the girlfriend's idea of a movie is to turn the main character into a killer made me laugh. Plus, I didn't realize that the main character was an older man until the end of the movie. That alone made me laugh. The fact that this movie is so funny is the reason that I gave this movie a good rating. It's not the story that's the problem, but the way that the story was put together. The movie is incredibly funny, and it's all about the jokes. There are some really good jokes in this movie, and some of the jokes are even really funny. Overall, this is one of the best movies I've seen this year. I'm already looking forward to the second one, because this movie is really great. I gave this movie a 7/10.

Rebecca Davidson photo
Rebecca Davidson

Liam Neeson is back as a hitman in the movie version of the classic crime thriller The Happytime Murders. Neeson plays Jack Rackham, a hit man who takes on clients who are playing the game of life and death. He is known as a quick decision man who takes out people that are playing the game of life and death. This movie takes the story from the original novel. The characters in this film are based on the novels of writer Gerald A. Keyes and director Stephen Sommers. Neeson is a perfect choice for the role. He has the acting chops and plays the part perfectly. The movie is very funny and quite good. It's no masterpiece, but it's fun and entertaining. It's a good movie.

Harry P. photo
Harry P.

The film is funny, the plot is not very complicated and even though the plot may seem confusing at times the viewer can be easily worked out, but that is not to say that this film is boring or one of those movies where the viewer would have difficulty getting the story. The movie is basically about a drug dealer and his dreary life (mainly because he works for his mother), he is trying to get over the death of his mother and the subsequent incident where he was jailed for drug dealing, the director of this film does a great job at showing how he thinks and how he works in order to get through life, there are several great performances, and the cinematography is extremely well done, this is a movie that is worth seeing. A strong 7/10

Kimberly Jenkins photo
Kimberly Jenkins

I have to say I am rather surprised at the low rating I have given this film. It was not what I was expecting at all. Not too serious and not too cheesy. It has a great story line and is quite enjoyable to watch. You know when you watch a movie it is going to be good when you are entertained by it. I recommend this movie to any person with an open mind and a lot of patience to watch it. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Phillip F. photo
Phillip F.

*Spoilers* You are an aspiring hit-man, driven by your dark obsession, for your last assignment. You are up against a slasher who is after a missing porn star. You fight for your life and the life of your partner. You find out later that your partner was killed in a botched hit by your hired assassin, who is no longer capable of the job. However, you are given a job to track down a mysterious woman named "Flynn" who was seemingly killed years ago. And that woman is the secret of your assignment. The mystery woman has been resurrected, having been cured of all the terrible things that she is capable of, and who also is a very powerful and deadly individual. You realize that, by having her track down the real hit-man, you will be able to save your partner and also find out the fate of your loved one. What a great concept. This movie was directed by one of the greatest directors of all time, Ridley Scott. Scott had never directed a bad movie, in fact, he has directed so many good movies that he has become the ultimate director. However, The Living Daylights was a huge mistake because it is a typical cheesy movie and Scott should have let the actors do their job. The acting in this movie is spectacular and is really the only reason that this movie is so good. In particular, the chemistry between the characters are so great and you really feel that they are in a relationship. If the actors in this movie did not have a great chemistry, then the movie would have been terrible. The special effects are great. Everything from the speed of bullets to the skin burn effects are great. The action is fast and fun. You don't care for the characters, because there are so many that they are "just a character" in this movie. The soundtrack is the best part of this movie. The score in this movie is very loud and powerful. It goes great with the action and suspense in this movie. When watching this movie, you feel like you are in the middle of the movie, and are completely immersed. When you are in a movie, you are trying to figure out who's who, what's going on, and who is who. In this movie, you are never sure, because you are not looking at the screen. You are only looking at the actors, who are looking at the screen. There are so many actors in this movie. When you are not paying attention, you have no idea who is who. The characters are well done. Gary Sinise is very good as the hit-man, but he is no movie star. He has a lot of charisma and he makes you believe that he is a hit-man. He is not the most popular person on the earth, but you really love him. The rest of the cast is very good. William Forsythe is really good as the detective. He is able to play a role that is realistic and not like some of the famous actors that are really famous, who are able to play an emotionless character. The only real problem with this movie is that the story is really generic. This movie is not a masterpiece, but it is a good movie, and the plot is really good. The plot is something that you could use in your daily life and how a good plot should be. The storyline is not groundbreaking, but the story is very good. The best part of this movie is the plot. If this plot was not in this movie, it would be just another generic movie. You see, this movie is a combination of two movies that Ridley Scott has directed. The original Psycho and the remake of Psycho. It is definitely one of the best remakes ever, and in my opinion, one of the best movies ever. The acting in this movie is very good. Gary Sinise gives a great performance as the hit-man. He is able to play the character of the killer and show that he is not a movie star. William Forsythe is also good as the detective. I really like the performance of Dennis Farina, who plays a very funny character. He makes you laugh and then he gives you a sad, emotional speech. The other actors in this movie

Victoria photo

This movie was one of the best I have seen in a long time. It was visually stunning, with some excellent scenes of the 90's. The plot is that a bunch of crooks are impersonating dead serial killers to fool the police. The crooks work out that an aspiring actress, Juliette Lewis, has been impersonating her, and has been placed in a fake jail. So she has to trick the crooks into releasing her. However, the crooks are not keen on seeing her, and they soon discover that Juliette is a deadly force to be reckoned with. If this movie had any flaws, it would be that the end was somewhat predictable, and not entirely original. However, the first half is outstanding, with some eye-popping shots of the 90's, which are only enhanced by the excellent acting. The second half, which is less well known, is quite original, and is much more interesting. So I say, go see this movie, you won't be disappointed.

Juan photo

The first time I saw this movie, I didn't care for it. But it is really a great little flick for a rainy afternoon. It has a lot of things going for it, the acting is good, the story is pretty simple and the direction is OK. However, this movie also has some pretty nasty scenes. A lot of murders that take place during the day and a few that take place in the night. Some good one-liners, but the "Knock knock" scene is bad. There are also some sick scenes in the movie. The characters are likable and some of the actors really make you laugh. It's not the best movie I've seen, but it is a good one. Just don't expect much and you will have a good time watching it.

Christopher D. photo
Christopher D.

It's no secret that there are certain movies that get better with age, and it's interesting to note that the acting in this movie is still quite good. Jason Patric is still very convincing in his role as Detective Dave, and you'll love to see him in other roles. There are a few minor plot holes and the film is definitely more serious than it should be, but it's still a good watch. And the supporting cast is also very entertaining as well, especially Paul Giamatti, Michael Cera and Sarah Silverman. The soundtrack is also very good and you'll definitely want to check it out, too.

William Rios photo
William Rios

Who can forget those little ghostly comedies in the 80's such as Michael Myers, Freddy, The Phantom, The Clonus Horror, and The Boogeyman. So when a movie like The Happytime Murders came out, we just had to see what it was like. It was not the best movie in the world, but it was entertaining. The movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis, who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it follows the original Happytime Murders, and some other lesser known ones. Although the movie is not the greatest, it is still enjoyable. It has its moments, and the ending is very unique. The movie is good enough to keep you interested for the entire two hours. But for the first two hours, it is more of an adventure film than anything else. But once the movie gets into the plot, it really gets interesting. The movie has some really good parts, but other parts just drag. But there are some good scenes that you will definitely enjoy. The movie is certainly worth seeing, but it is not that great. But if you enjoy the ghost stories in the 80's, you will definitely enjoy this movie.

Charles H. photo
Charles H.

I must admit that this movie is one of my favourite comedies from the 90's. It has great performances from all the actors, even from Dan Akroyd, who was one of my favourite comic actors at the time. In my opinion, this movie is more about the great friendship that these actors have and how great it can be in this kind of comedy. I think the story is very creative and shows how complicated it can be when you have to use the mask of a serial killer. I think that this movie is a very special comedy movie and one of the funniest I've seen in a long time. I can't really explain why but I think that this movie is a classic. I know I'm going to be at the next cinema to watch it at least once.

Diana B. photo
Diana B.

I really liked this movie, it's more fun than what I expected it to be. I think this movie is more of a "comedy" than a "horror" movie. It's about a criminal family who are getting killed off one by one, but it's not really a "horror" movie, like "Scream", it's more of a comedy. The family is starting to get very bored and it's time for them to end their lives so they can start again, so the family has to use the most ridiculous "plan" they can think of. I thought it was very good and I think you should watch it.

Emily H. photo
Emily H.

This film was an absolute laugh riot. An uninspired bunch of fools roll into an old haunted house, where the rules of the game are thrown out the window and they have to make the most of it. So what are the rules? I'm not going to give them away, but you have to take my word for it that you will enjoy this movie. I got my money's worth and there is something for everyone. The plot is lame, but the action is fantastic. This film is the greatest example of the genre and it is a must for anyone who is looking for a laugh. One thing I will say, it is so different from other horror movies that you might think it is a comedy. It isn't, it is actually a very serious horror movie and it deserves to be seen. Just don't expect the rest of the movies and you will have a great time.

Nathan photo

It is just a shame that this film was released in such a limited edition (2000 copies to be exact). It is a great film and I have seen it on a lot of DVD's but I think I would have enjoyed it more in my local cinema (as I have the comfort of a local cinema). It was worth the wait! It is a decent crime/drama/fantasy/comedy all rolled into one. I love it. The cast were brilliant, especially Dominic Cooper, not bad at all for a full English accent. The supporting cast were also good. Tom Hardy was also good, and his character was quite strange, but I still enjoyed his character. Overall, it is a great film and a good addition to the film library.

Alan Hicks photo
Alan Hicks

In my opinion, this movie was the best I have seen in a long time. It was very clever, very funny, and very captivating. I was surprised that the movie kept my attention so well. I have to say, the acting was not the greatest, but it was better than usual for this type of movie. I actually didn't really see the whole plot, but I was entertained enough to keep watching. Overall, this movie was a masterpiece, and I am very glad I watched it. I give it a 9/10, and I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Bryan C. photo
Bryan C.

This is a rather decent movie and I can't think of any flaws in it. The story is simple, the acting is good, the story is pretty good, and it isn't so realistic that it's impossible to watch. Also, a little bit of realism goes a long way. The movie is worth seeing just for that. You should definitely check it out, though, because it's a lot of fun. The acting is good, the story is pretty good, and the director did a great job. Overall, this is a decent movie and if you can get past a few flaws, it's an excellent movie. 7/10

Lori B. photo
Lori B.

First of all, I was a little disappointed with the film because there was not one single good performance in this film. The director didn't seem to know what to do with the script and put a bunch of disparate actors together without adding any variety to the film. The film tries to be a serious film but it never comes out. Even though the film doesn't come out, it's still a better movie than you'll see today. The first movie was also better than the second, but that's no reason to pick on this one. The acting was average but at least the two leads did something with the material. I don't think I could've done it better. The second movie is actually better than the first, but you can't just pick on the first one. Overall, the film is a huge disappointment, but not as much as the first one. Overall Rating: 6.2

Christina photo

I would like to think this film would be a guilty pleasure. I was hoping to enjoy it, but came away feeling that it was just another dull film that pokes fun at some very specific segments of society. Unfortunately, this film does not have the same feeling to it as it's predecessor, but has a similar story. The previous film is less concerned with sexual harassment, and more concerned with the threat of being fired from your job. This film is more concerned with how others treat you because of how you act. It does a good job of pointing out the ridiculousness of a film like this, but unfortunately there are just too many elements that just don't go anywhere. I was also a bit let down by the film's second act. There are many times during this film where it seems like the filmmakers wanted to get to the end of the film, but decided to throw some punchy jokes and some black comedy into it to make up for it. However, once the film ends, the punchiness was gone. It was rather more of a somber affair. I can't help but wonder if this film would have been just as entertaining if it had only focused on the sexual harassment and harassment towards others. I think it was a good idea to show this because it is one of the more negative aspects of society. It is somewhat common that you can tell what the majority is going through by what is being said. However, if this film had focused on the harassment towards others, and made jokes about how everyone is being a jerk to others, it may have been just as fun. The film is just so slow moving that it doesn't really have any real impact. It feels like the story is building up, but that is the problem. You just don't care about the characters enough, and after a while it seems like they are just another couple of jokes in a row. The film is just overall a big letdown. I am just glad it was on TV because I didn't want it to be in theaters. I recommend this film if you are looking for a smart, funny comedy. It is not going to be to everyone's taste, but if you are looking for a good film, then this is for you. It's just a shame that it's not getting a better chance to show it to more people.

Albert G. photo
Albert G.

I had a feeling from the beginning that I would enjoy this movie. It was full of action, humor and great dialogue. I think it's perfect for teenagers. I had high expectations of this movie, but I still think it's great. It's a good movie with a little bit of drama in it. If you are looking for something that will make you laugh, then I would recommend you check this out. I give it a 7/10.

Juan photo

The Happytime Murders is the second American comedy to be shot in Poland, following the popular Polish comedy The Laughing Policeman. The movie is of course extremely similar to the first one, but the audience is also able to understand the Polish language, which is perfect for the movie. The Happytime Murders is the best comedy that is made in Poland, and can definitely be recommended to everyone. I would also like to mention that I haven't seen a Polish movie like this in my whole life. I only know about the Angry Police, but I've never seen a Polish movie like this. I also hope that this movie will be nominated for an Academy Award, as it deserves this award. My score: 8.5/10

Tiffany D. photo
Tiffany D.

I wasn't expecting too much from this film but I really did enjoy it. It was a bit of a rushed movie but it was great fun. As a teenager, this is what I expected from this film. The film is slow, but it is enjoyable. It is more like a musical and not a typical Hollywood plot. You will not be bored and you will enjoy it. I enjoyed the film, it is a bit of a downer but I would watch it again.

Joseph R. photo
Joseph R.

I went into this movie with little expectations, but after watching it, I was impressed. I never really thought it was a remake of the original (which I liked). However, it does have elements that were obviously lifted from the original, and I think it works in its own way. I think it's hard to criticize a movie for not having a hook that people go for it and go, "yup, that's the original!" but I think that's what this movie did. It's a different story, which is the main theme. It's not a spin-off or a spin-off of the original. It's just a new story. I think it works, it was enjoyable. It was a good film to watch, I just wish it wasn't so dated and had no connection to the original, but that's just me. I recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it, but if you have, I think it's a good way to pass the time.

Robert S. photo
Robert S.

I just saw the movie last night and I loved it.I hope this movie gets a DVD release. It was so fun to watch.I had such a great time watching it.I didn't understand why people hated this movie.I think I liked it.I didn't understand the ending and I don't care.it was fun! I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes these types of movies.The whole movie is really stupid but it is funny. I hope this movie gets released on DVD.

Jesse Ortega photo
Jesse Ortega

If you are going to see this movie, make sure you go in with an open mind. Most of the movie is from the perspective of a mother who's ex-husband was involved in a bank robbery in the middle of the night. She was the one who saved her son's life but left him with nothing. She had nothing to lose and nothing to gain, so she had to go with the flow, and so did her son. I personally think this movie has a very good message about being willing to give up for your loved ones and being willing to stand by your friends. This movie is definitely a comedy, but if you look at it like that, it is very enjoyable. My only real problem is that it's extremely hard to find. I haven't seen it in a while and it was recommended to me. I will definitely be looking for it and purchasing it for myself. I love the movie so much I'm going to see it again in a few days.