فيلم Miss Stevens

Miss Stevens

Miss Stevens is a movie starring Lily Rabe, Timothée Chalamet, and Lili Reinhart. A heart-broken teacher chaperones a group of high schoolers to a state drama competition.

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Running Time
1 hours 26 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Julia Hart
Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz
Lili Reinhart, Anthony Quintal, Timothée Chalamet, Lily Rabe
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A heart-broken teacher chaperones a group of high schoolers to a state drama competition.

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Billy photo

I've been a huge fan of Diane Keaton since I saw her in a long time in an early '80s film called "Beverly Hills Cop", and she's a force of nature. In this movie she plays a small town widow, played by Louise Lasser. A child is stolen from her and she decides to go to Hollywood, which I'm sure you've all seen, but the rest of the story is about her journey. Her daughter is involved, and her daughter's a bit of a troublemaker, so she takes on the task of taking care of the child. What I really loved about this movie was how it played on the different cultures that are involved, and how she dealt with all of the problems. She was just an amazing woman, and she was able to do what she was doing with such grace and determination. She was a woman that was strong, and just wanted to do the right thing, no matter what. I really liked how the movie handled this, as it was very real and not some cartoon. There was no overdone gore, just a little bit, but I'm sure it's a lot in real life. I'm so glad that this movie is out, and I hope that more people get to see it.

Jane Fisher photo
Jane Fisher

I really enjoyed this movie. I'm a big fan of Will Smith, and this movie was great. Will Smith is the best thing in the world. This movie is a MUST-SEE. I'm giving it a 10 out of 10.

Alice Hopkins photo
Alice Hopkins

It's a film about love, friendship, and human relationships. But it's more than just a romantic comedy. It's a powerful, emotional and realistic look at what it's like to be gay. It has a fantastic cast, but they didn't all have to act out some of the most moving scenes. This film is also about how far you can go and still be a friend to someone, and how difficult it is to stay true to someone you love. But in the end, it's all about finding the truth, and making the right choices for the right reasons.

Lisa Castro photo
Lisa Castro

This is an original film, I would love to see it get a theatrical release, but at this time there is not a lot of good material for a film to take. That said, the cinematography, sound, and music are top notch. The sound design is amazing. If you want to see a film about a man who is "not all there", this is a great film to see. It is very heart-felt, and the ending was perfect. I hope this gets a theatrical release, I would love to see it. I feel this film is a great representation of the "other".

Judith Rios photo
Judith Rios

Wow. This movie is one of my all time favorites. The way this movie portrays the love between sisters is so beautiful. It makes you think about how much you are missing out on if you are not there. The acting is wonderful and the way this movie ends was so moving. It is such a shame that this movie is not being made anymore. I love this movie. I love the music. The story is great and the characters are great. I love it.

Jesse S. photo
Jesse S.

A typical unpretentious movie that is entirely delivered by a well-acted and crafted screenplay. The characters are all believable and all have interesting and relevant personal histories that serve to make the story more meaningful. I didn't think the characters were a very big deal but, in reality, this movie is a lot more about the relationships between the characters than the personal history of any one of them. I think the plot and the way the story is delivered are the most important elements of a movie. I enjoyed this movie very much and it is one of the few movies I have seen that I will watch again and again. I think this is one of those movies that is so enjoyable that you will want to watch it again and again. This movie is not only about love, but about friendship and family. It is about love, it is about family, and it is about friendship. This is a movie that you will watch again and again.

Charles Johnson photo
Charles Johnson

What can I say. A movie that gets better every time I watch it. The movie's storyline, though a bit thin, is really good. I really liked it. The acting was good. All of the characters were believable. The relationship between the kids was really good. I also really liked the movie's ending. It was really touching. I really recommend watching this movie.

Rachel photo

I've just seen it for the first time. I am amazed by the stunning acting, direction and the amazing story. The two young girls (Emma Watson and Rachel Weisz) were absolutely stunning. They were the two parts of the story that I felt really connected with. The story was more realistic than the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, and I really appreciated that. I am glad that I watched this movie with my girlfriend. It made me feel a little bit closer to the main character, and we both thought the story was very strong and touching. The scenery was amazing and the movie was very well done. I've watched this movie over 10 times, and I have to say that I still find new things in it. I can't wait to see it again.

Martha photo

The movie is about a man who is quite a bit different than the norm. He is an ex-con and one who has dealt with some rather bad people along the way. I found the movie very funny and uplifting. The actors did an excellent job. They gave a great performance. The movie is funny and uplifting. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Jonathan Mitchell photo
Jonathan Mitchell

This film was a great film and I would like to see it again. I have never been to the filming of the film. I have only seen the BBC, so I was expecting something a bit different. The film is wonderful, the acting is wonderful, the setting is wonderful, and the direction is wonderful. If you have seen the BBC version of the film, you will have a very good idea of what I mean. I would like to see the film again, because the BBC version is really good, but the film is much better.

Stephen photo

I'm a big fan of Woody Allen, and I'm not a fan of his past films. So I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from this film, but I was also a bit disappointed. It's about a young boy who wants to be a writer. But he has no idea how. The first half of the film is like a Woody Allen musical. I thought it was great, but then it really gets off the tracks. It has a lot of beautiful shots, and it is really well acted, but it has too many characters. It's like he has to have every character in every scene, because he wants the audience to know the whole story. And it's very confusing. The first half of the film is great, and the second half just makes no sense at all. I was really looking forward to seeing this film, but I can't recommend it. The characters are too confusing and not enough time is given to the film.

Louis photo

This film was soooo good. I had never seen a film before like this before and it really was an amazing experience. I loved how this film was based on real life. I really enjoyed how everything was depicted in a true way. The actors were great and the actors/actresses were just awesome. I will always love this movie. This film was amazing and I'm not even a film critic. I'm just a normal girl that just loves movies. I think this film was amazing and it definitely deserved the Best Picture award. I definitely recommend this film to everyone. I don't want to say it because it would spoil the movie but it's definitely worth the watch. I loved it. 10/10

Anthony photo

I saw this movie yesterday with my girlfriend, and we were both very impressed. I thought it was great, and the only reason I didn't give it 10 stars is that I think it could have been better. The characters were great, especially Corrine, her character was like a caricature of what a mother would be like, but I think that would have been better if she was not the mother of this little girl. She seemed like she had a heart of gold, and I thought the only reason she became the mother was because she wanted to. The characters were wonderful, the story was great, and it was wonderful to see a movie that had a little bit of everything. I highly recommend this movie, and it will make you think. The only thing that I didn't like was that the movie was so short. It is a good movie to watch, and it has some parts that are funny, and I think that is why I didn't give it 10 stars. I give this movie a 10/10, it is a movie I would recommend to anyone.

Grace F. photo
Grace F.

This is one of my favorite films of all time. It's so beautifully written and so perfectly cast. It is a perfect film for any family to watch. There are many amazing aspects of this film, but I think the most touching part is when Tim Allen's character is talking to his son about his father. It's so funny and so heartwarming. He's doing his best to protect his son, and he realizes that the most important thing in his life is his son. I'm sure everyone can relate to this story, and it will leave you with a warm feeling. I also love the scene where he is working on his car with his son. It's just so real and touching. I think that if this film were made today, it would be absolutely amazing. I just can't say enough good things about this film. It's a classic.