فيلم La La Land

La La Land

La La Land is a movie starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Rosemarie DeWitt. While navigating their careers in Los Angeles, a pianist and an actress fall in love while attempting to reconcile their aspirations for the future.

Other Titles
La La Land: Melodia de Amor, La ciudad de las estrellas (La La Land), Âşıklar Şehri, Kalifornijos svajos, ラ・ラ・ランド, Kaliforniai álom, Dežela La la, Ai Yue Zhi Cheng, La La Land: California unistused, La La Land: una historia de amor, 樂來越愛你, La La Land: Kalifornijas sapņi, La La Land: Una historia de amor, Orasul stelelor, Những Kẻ Khờ Mộng Mơ, La La Land: Una Historia de Amor, La La Land: Ciudad de Sueños, Pour l'amour d'Hollywood, LaLa Land, La La Land: ciudad de sueños, La La Land: Cantando Estações
Running Time
2 hours 8 minutes
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Musical, Comedy, Music, Romance, Drama
Damien Chazelle
Damien Chazelle
J.K. Simmons, Rosemarie DeWitt, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling
Hong Kong, USA
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Aspiring actress serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and jazz musician Sebastian scrapes by playing cocktail-party gigs in dingy bars. But as success mounts, they are faced with decisions that fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.

Comments about musical «La La Land» (22)

Lauren Harris photo
Lauren Harris

* Some Spoilers * The best moment in the movie is when Sebastian takes her dad and grandma to the bathroom. That is the most beautiful moment in the movie. I think it's more romantic than the last scene of the movie. The music is really good, and it feels like an orchestral piece. The idea of the movie is really good. The "journey" that Sebastian takes us on is really interesting. I think that the writing is very good. The movie is really well made and it's really very interesting.

Terry Lucas photo
Terry Lucas

I thought I was going to hate this movie, but I actually thought it was one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. It is one of those movies that can put you in a whole new perspective about all things film. The story was perfectly structured, the visuals were truly stunning and the music was just wonderful. My only complaint about this movie was that it went a little long in the middle. I also thought the characters were just slightly too cliche and a little too Disney. But overall, it was a beautiful story with great visuals and great music. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is into the film world.

Sandra photo

While I found this film to be both a bit too long and too long-winded, I also found it very, very good. The characters are all good-hearted, and the plot is not overdone or over the top. I especially liked the storyline of the father-daughter relationship. It seemed natural, and I found myself really caring for all the characters. There were also many things I did not like, such as the excessive use of music in the movie, and the way it was implemented. In one scene, two ladies in a hotel, one in a sexy outfit, the other in a pair of slacks, are singing a song. I thought this was unnecessary and distracting. It was also a bit confusing at times, as the director was quick to change what was being sung at certain points. Also, I found the characters' actions to be a bit unrealistic. Many scenes seemed to be exaggerated, and the way that they were executed was not realistic. However, I did not find this to be a negative aspect of the film. I thought that it added to the film's atmosphere, and made it more exciting. Overall, I found this to be a great movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys good musicals, like myself.

Brittany Stephens photo
Brittany Stephens

What a great musical, this is a must see. Now I know all the people that are dissing this movie. This is what modern movies should be. Original, smart, and fun. I don't think there is a single negative word to describe this movie. I give this a 10 out of 10

Philip Hudson photo
Philip Hudson

There is a scene where Mia is dancing to a song in her apartment. In that scene, I saw the real and perfect sense of what love is. It is not about sex or money. Love is like a perfume. You smell it and you experience it. That's what this film is about. Love is so small. It is when you feel love. In the movie, it was when the girl lost her memory. It was when she had a flashback of her friend's and that's the moment when she got the real feeling of love. The song was a little bit fake but it was just a little. The song is just to express the feeling of the song. The story is about a girl who lost her memory and the girl decides to have a new memory. The best part of this film is when they met again. The good guys and the bad guys are totally different. In this film, I felt like I was back in the '90s. But not like that. I felt that I was in a different time. I was experiencing the new age. This is a very good film.

George photo

The movie is a lot of fun and is very entertaining to watch. It is beautifully filmed and all of the actors and actresses do an amazing job. Emma Stone is stunningly beautiful and plays a great character and I loved the way the movie portrayed her as well. Sebastian is a really great character and he played the part very well. The only actor that did not work was Ryan Gosling who is a great actor but I didn't really think that he had a big part in the movie. All of the actors and actresses did an amazing job. The movie is very very entertaining and I can't wait to see it again. 8/10.

Crystal photo

There's a sense of "world peace" at the end of this movie. A longing that never goes away. I hope that everyone has a chance to see this movie because it's a beautiful story about love and heartbreak and the feelings of being true to yourself. If you like this movie, you'll like this one too. It's a winner. It's in a league of its own.

Samuel Santos photo
Samuel Santos

I'm a big fan of musicals, especially musicals with songs that play off each other and are catchy. "La La Land" doesn't have those things. It's a story of romance and of trying to make something of it and of just trying to live the dream and of trying to figure out what it means to be happy and that love is something that is elusive. It's a love story, but not about love in the usual sense of the word, more of a tale about being in love. The main character, Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) are basically alone in the world and they meet up with each other on the road to trying to be together. They have no interest in other people and they try to find their own way to finding love. They fall in love at first sight, and so does Sebastian. The film has a very strange plot, but also has a very natural feeling and a sense of wonder. It is a beautiful film, beautiful music and beautiful scenery. It is not easy to watch, but I think that anyone who likes love stories and loves musicals, particularly musicals, will enjoy this film.

Samantha J. photo
Samantha J.

I'm surprised that not a single critic was positive in this movie. I don't have any problem with this film at all. There is plenty of musical numbers that are very catchy and entertaining. The story is great and I actually found myself really invested in the characters in this film. Emma Stone is always fun to watch and the rest of the cast is also great. The only thing that I didn't like is that it is a little bit slow at times. Overall, this is a great film that is worth the price of admission. It will be a nostalgic trip to see the cast and crew. It will also be a good laugh at some of the Oscars that were shown. 8/10.

Sharon photo

I was excited about this movie the moment it started and I was thrilled to see it was so much better than the first one. I loved the story, the music, the characters, and the love that was shared between them. Everyone in this film has so much to say and it was very well-written. It is also great to see that they made it less "Hollywood" and more musical. I really don't see how it could have been any different than the first one. This movie was very enjoyable and everyone did a great job in it. Even if you are not a big fan of musicals, you should still see this movie. This is a must-see!

Joan Davidson photo
Joan Davidson

I'm a sucker for musicals, and I absolutely love this movie. It's like a cross between Hollywood musicals and classic musicals. There is a lot of musical choreography that I really liked in this film. But, I do have to say that it is a little bit long. I thought that the music was really good and it kept me going. I really recommend this movie, it's very fun and a great film to watch with your friends.

Paul T. photo
Paul T.

This is a very under rated movie. I went to see it the day it opened, and I've seen it over a thousand times since. It is amazing, and the performances by both cast and crew are outstanding. I would give it a 9 if it was possible. I highly recommend it.

Rachel Carr photo
Rachel Carr

I saw this film for the first time tonight, and I'm really not a huge fan of musicals. I watched it for the first time with my wife who likes musicals. She thought it was really good. The two of us got to talking about it for the rest of the night. She thinks it was really good, and I disagree. We both agree that it is more of a romance, a love story than a musical. It's a different kind of love story. I didn't find it that dramatic or scary like some people would say. I found it to be an uplifting love story. We really liked this film, and I think it is a great one to watch with a friend or two. If you like musicals, I think you will really like this one too.

Julia photo

I loved the movie. I mean, it's beautiful. It's beautiful how they show the past, present, and future, and how they brought all the main characters together. I really loved the whole soundtrack, and that's not something you hear every day, I'll tell you that. I also really loved the fact that the actors were portraying different characters and their personality's were not the same. It was almost like they weren't portraying them at all. It was a really great movie. I love it. 8/10

Keith Kelley photo
Keith Kelley

If you love to watch musicals, this is the film for you. Lyrics and dances with over-the-top performances and fantastic direction. Emma Stone is beautiful as always and Gwenyth Paltrow is a real treat. The story is cute and very reminiscent of "It's a Wonderful Life." If you love a feel-good movie with a bit of a heart, then this is for you.

Catherine photo

It is rare that I actually enjoy a film so much that I feel compelled to write a review. This film was just such a film. I don't usually comment on films but I felt this was a must see for every fan of the musical genre. The music in this film is great and I loved every second of it. The whole cast were brilliant and it is only just a matter of time before I fall in love with their performances. In particular Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are brilliant in this film and the chemistry between them is amazing. I would love to see more of their film together in the future. The story was beautiful, the characters were beautiful and the musical numbers were just perfect. The only reason I am giving this film 8 stars instead of 10 is because I found a few plot holes and some awkward moments that are very noticeable. But I am so not expecting perfection from the cast and the story that I felt it is worth the fault. I am very impressed with the new musical cast and it is an amazing start to the new musical genre. One of the best musical films ever. See it.

Sara photo

I loved this movie and if you're not a musical-type fan, you'll love it. I do like musicals, and I liked the music in this movie. It was really great to see the movie take on the stage. As someone who's really into theatre and theater-based movies, I was pleased with the way this movie worked. It was really fun to see the musical numbers and some of the special effects and visuals of the movie. I think this movie would have been great if it wasn't for the bad guys. The movie just wasn't the same without those bad guys. I'm not saying the movie should have been about the bad guys. But the movie's main focus was about the main character and his struggles. If the movie had been about a other character, the movie would have been boring. I really liked the character of Sebastian. He was really cute and I really liked his character. The music was really nice and the movie really captured my heart and my eyes. I just hope there's going to be more musicals in the future. I hope they will keep up the tradition.

Jason Gibson photo
Jason Gibson

Some may feel that this is a boring movie, and I do not agree. The movie is mostly entertaining. However, the soundtrack is terrible. Why do people like this? I think it is because the plot has nothing to do with the music. But there is also another reason, the music is not that good. But I do not know why. There is not that much to it, but it is interesting enough. I liked the whole idea of this movie. The actors are all great, the story is excellent, and the music is great. I do not think this is a great movie, but I do not think it is terrible. It is entertaining, and if you enjoy music, you will like it.

Daniel Ray photo
Daniel Ray

Is this a film for people of all ages, or just for the girls? I can see why people might have problems with this film, but if you're a guy or a girl, you're bound to love it. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are a great pairing and the chemistry is palpable between them. There is a nice mix of humor and drama, and the set-pieces are exciting. I don't understand why the critics hated it. I'm not sure if it's because the romantic comedy genre is a little too "manly" for most people's tastes, or that it's about "nothing" and "purity," but I think it's a great film. I've seen it twice and plan to see it again. So it's a 8/10 from me, and not the 9/10 I expected.

Cheryl Weaver photo
Cheryl Weaver

I was very disappointed with the previous two movies of La La Land, and I was very disappointed with this one too. This movie was a breath of fresh air. It was pretty much what I expected it to be. I thought that I would be angry about it but that wasn't the case. I was just super happy that this movie actually did something with it. The acting was very good. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did great in this movie. They really gave it their all and showed what they are capable of. Emma Stone was great and Ryan Gosling is amazing. I feel like they were the most believable in the movie and they were able to bring their characters out of that "perfect" stage. I loved the plot of the movie. It was very intriguing. I was able to connect with the movie and was able to enjoy the movie. I have seen a lot of movies lately and this was the first time that I really cared about who got killed and who lived. I really enjoyed it.

Roy Barrett photo
Roy Barrett

I am a big fan of musicals and I love the ones that come out of Hollywood. However, I found this film to be very sweet and sincere. I love that the film just embraced its characters and that it didn't try to make anything over the top. The main character is so charming and very relatable and the other characters are all very likeable. The songs are wonderfully chosen and just really grab your heart. The cinematography is beautiful and very stylish. It is very visual and it feels very modern. I loved the relationship between the characters and how the narrative was developed. The characters were all so interesting and quirky and I loved them all. It was really nice to see how each character played off of the others. The main character and the other main characters all fit their roles very well. I also loved the ending. I was able to feel emotions for each character and believe in what they had experienced. I thought that the film was very sweet and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes musicals. It is definitely worth a watch and will make you want to go to a musical.

Juan Estrada photo
Juan Estrada

I don't know if it's the history of the movie or the history of the genre but it's a movie that makes you think. It's the story of a young girl who moves to a New York City music district, with her father and her older brother. Their parents are struggling to support them while they move to this music district. Their home is occupied by a rock star and his band. One night they get to know each other and they fall in love. The movie is set in a very modern time and it gives the feeling of a period piece. The story is very smart, it makes you think about what you're watching and it makes you think about life and the future. I recommend this movie for anyone who likes a story with a good soundtrack.