فيلم Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked is a movie starring Chris O'Dowd, Rose Byrne, and Kitty O'Beirne. Juliet, Naked is the story of Annie (the long-suffering girlfriend of Duncan) and her unlikely transatlantic romance with once revered, now faded,...

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aşktan Kaçılmaz, Juliet, Nua, Amor en vinilo, A Meztelen Juliet, Juliet, Naked - Tutta un'altra musica, Bare Juliet, Juliet, desnuda, 茱麗葉戀習曲, Juliet, Nua e Crua, Juliet, ha'girsa he'eroma, Džulijet, Η Τζούλιετ, Γυμνή, Amor de vinilo, Też go kocham
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
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Drama, Comedy, Music, Romance
Jesse Peretz
Tamara Jenkins, Evgenia Peretz, Jim Taylor, Nick Hornby
Rose Byrne, Chris O'Dowd, Alex Clatworthy, Kitty O'Beirne
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Annie (Rose Byrne) is stuck in a long-term relationship with Duncan (Chris O'Dowd) - an obsessive fan of obscure rocker Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). When the acoustic demo of Tucker's hit record from 25 years ago surfaces, its release leads to a life-changing encounter with the elusive rocker himself. Based on the novel by Nick Hornby, JULIET, NAKED is a comic account of life's second chances.

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Jean Davidson photo
Jean Davidson

I am not sure if this is meant to be a biopic, but it certainly seems to be. It is funny, poignant, dramatic and entertaining all at once. I was also intrigued by the use of the film stock. There was a nice amount of time between the scene of the music video and the film, as if to let the film breathe. I love it when a film is made from the perspective of someone who has never heard the music, and it is great to see that. The best thing about this film is that it is so very original. You are going to love this movie.

Jacqueline photo

I have read the critics reviews and it seems they have a thing for comedies. This movie is NOT a comedy, I guess. It is a very sad story about a man who's life is on the brink of ending because he's not "very funny". He has lost his job, he has lost his love, he has lost his girlfriend. And he has just lost his daughter. The movie is very realistic, but not funny. It has some real life scenes that are real. I didn't laugh much, but I still found it very sad. If you are a man and you like a really sad story, this is the movie for you.

Ethan G. photo
Ethan G.

This is a great movie, I loved the story and the movie, I can't wait for it to come out on DVD! I was really surprised that I didn't hear any complaints about this movie, the reason I went to see it is because of the great cast, the whole cast is excellent, and everyone in the movie, except for Darryl, is hilarious! I just love him in this movie, he is very well written and has such a great personality. His character is just great, he is funny, he is strong, he is the best actor in the movie, and he is also very well played by David Morse, and his relationship with Claire is very sweet and emotional. It is a movie I would recommend to anyone, I highly recommend this movie, and if you don't like it, don't watch it, it's not that bad. If you don't like it, go back to what you were doing before you saw this movie. It's a great movie!

Zachary Thomas photo
Zachary Thomas

What a great film, the music, the acting, and the cinematography were wonderful. The only criticism I have is that it is too long. It's definitely not for the weak hearted, but it is definitely a movie to see if you like musicals.

Sharon M. photo
Sharon M.

While many films have come out over the last couple of years, none quite compares to "Naked" (or the "Naked" Trilogy, as it's also known), a film that manages to be both wildly funny and intensely moving, making us believe in the characters and their inner struggles. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to go to bed with a woman like Juliet, but I can't imagine not sleeping with her. The film was shot in and around Savannah, Georgia, with a few scenes in Orlando and New York City. The entire film is shot on film, and the camera never leaves Juliet's face. We are so immersed in her body, her soul, and her humor that we find ourselves laughing and crying. It's a movie that, in spite of its length, never feels overlong, and you never feel the need to take a break. As with "Naked," you never feel like you're watching a film that's going to end. You feel like you're watching a movie that's going to last forever.

Ronald R. photo
Ronald R.

As many other reviewers have already said, this is the kind of movie that you watch on the way home from work. The characters are not your usual Hollywood types, and the story is not your typical Hollywood formulaic. The soundtrack is a bit too loud, but that's not a problem for this movie. The music is the main part of the movie. The music is, of course, always good. The songs are great and will stay with you for a long time. You'll be listening to the same songs for the rest of your life. They are, of course, the songs that the characters sing, and sing them well. This is the best song of all. I can't think of one single flaw with this movie. It is one of those movies that is worth watching again and again. You will find it hard to get through it, but you will definitely want to. This is a movie that you will be talking about for a long time. I have seen this movie a couple of times and I always find something new to say about it. It is one of those movies that you can watch again and again and you will always find something new to say about it.

Gloria Ward photo
Gloria Ward

An intriguing movie about a modern girl's relationship with her father. For me, this movie was quite moving, and definitely a movie worth watching. For some reason, it wasn't made available on video, and I was lucky enough to find it for a bargain price on Amazon. If you want to watch a great movie about modern relationships, you should definitely watch this.

Joan Guerrero photo
Joan Guerrero

I'm not going to lie, I've seen this movie twice already and I'm still not bored. I still find myself at the edge of my seat, ready to believe anything. I think this is a movie that most people will enjoy. It's not a movie that will make you cry or make you laugh, but it's a movie that will keep you in your seat and pull you into its story. The film is a coming-of-age story, but it's also an American story, because it takes place in the '80s and the '80s is what I am living in now. It's not a perfect film, there are parts that aren't great, but they aren't bad either. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It's really great.

Gary J. photo
Gary J.

I watched this movie just recently and I thought it was great. The casting was perfect and I thought it was great that the movie ended up as a comedy. I loved the cast and the story line. I thought the movie would have been better if they would have made it a romantic movie. If they would have made it a romantic comedy, I would have never seen it. It was perfect.

Heather photo

As much as I hate to admit it, I was drawn into this movie. I was bored with all the big movies that I had seen and thought I was ready for something different. I found myself engrossed in the characters and their relationship. The movie took a great idea, put it into a wonderful, amazing story. And, I really enjoyed it. This is a movie that has a lot of things going for it. There are some great actors, and a great story. It's not for everyone, but if you like movies, then this is a movie that you should check out. I give it a 9 out of 10. It's not perfect, but I can't imagine anyone not liking it. I'll definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out.

Albert King photo
Albert King

I must say I liked this movie very much. I had never seen any of the previous films of this director and I thought this was a very good one. The music and the screenplay is very good and really makes the movie. The performances were good and especially Helen Hunt was very good. The director did a very good job and his other films are good too. I hope that the director does more good movies. I liked this movie very much and it is a must see movie. I also recommend you to see the other films of this director. They are good too.

Nancy photo

I'm a big fan of this movie, and I'm a fan of romantic comedies, especially those with a happy ending. I'm a bit of a masochist. I can't watch happy endings for very long, but I like to feel satisfied after the movie is over. This movie is a bit like that. You don't expect it to be a masterpiece, but you're very satisfied when you've left the theater, because you know that you've seen a good movie, and you can't wait to see the sequel.

Christine W. photo
Christine W.

I think this movie is a must see. It's a true story, but the film makers have kept it to a very small amount of footage. And the story is told in a very funny and intimate way. The story is of two women, one of them is a mother, and the other one is a young woman. The mother is a depressed and depressed mother. She wants to die. But she's not just suicidal, she's suicidal of the loss of her daughter. She wants to kill herself, but she can't. So she's seduced by a man, a gay man. And he has a special gift for women. The young woman is very romantic and she loves to sleep with men. But the mother doesn't want to get to know the man, because she has a crush on her mother. The mother has a weakness, and that's what the movie is about. And the movie is very funny and very intimate. This is a great movie for gay men and women. I really recommend it to everyone.

Jeremy Chavez photo
Jeremy Chavez

This movie has been described as a horror comedy and it is in fact a horror comedy. It is a film that was at one time in the realm of a comedy. But as time went on, it became a drama and a psychological drama. It was no longer funny. I remember hearing people say that they hated it. So I was a little skeptical. But I decided to see it anyway and I was not disappointed. I was expecting a comedy, but this film turned out to be a drama. The director, Woody Allen, had the good sense to cut the film short when it became a drama. The film was not one that would have been suitable for an Oscar. This was a really good movie that I would recommend. My rating of 9 is a little too high, but I think that the movie deserves a 9.

Peter Thomas photo
Peter Thomas

The two movies share many similarities. The main character is a young woman who gets pregnant and decides to leave her job and become a singer. She does this despite the fact that her best friend is an alcoholic and is in the midst of a divorce. While she is singing she's still being pursued by a music producer who is determined to get her to become a pop star. There is a lot of drinking and drugs involved, but I don't think that is what people usually associate with music. The film is also very much about life after graduation and the transition from one career to the next. Many people do not want to be a singer after graduation because they have already had a successful musical career. But the characters in the film really do not have that problem. There is a lot of drama and I think this film shows that being a singer can be very fulfilling. The performances in this film are excellent. The two leads, Juliette Lewis and Danny Glover, are both excellent. They both show a lot of emotion in their scenes. Juliette Lewis is the most talented singer in the film and I think she was the most real in the film. The chemistry between her and Danny Glover is so good that it really is believable. The other two actresses in the film, Maya Rudolph and Claudia Christian, are both good as well. The director, Richard Linklater, does an amazing job of directing this film. He creates a feeling of time and place. I think the main problem people have with this film is that it is very slow in parts. But it is really worth seeing.

Thomas O. photo
Thomas O.

I'm not sure if it's my childhood or just the fact that I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, but I found this movie to be surprisingly good. It's an adaptation of the original novel by Richard Yates, which tells the story of a high school student who is told that she has been cast for the lead role in a Hollywood film. What follows is a journey of discovery, friendship, love, and the struggle of adulthood. This film has a great cast, and they all do a good job at playing their roles. I particularly enjoyed the performance of Gabrielle Union, who plays the lead character, Juliette. She plays the role well, but I think that she should be nominated for an Oscar. I also really enjoyed the performance of Ed Harris, who plays the male lead in the film. He plays the part very well, and his performance really brought the film to life. The story is very simple, but the way it's told is actually very effective. The film is a simple story, but the way it's told is very effective. I think that the movie has a great message. The message is that if you're not having fun, then you probably shouldn't be having fun. It also has a great message about the importance of friendship, which is something that I think is lost on a lot of young people today. The message of this movie is that if you're not having fun, then you probably shouldn't be having fun. I think that this movie is a good choice for a movie night with friends. It's definitely worth a watch, and I think that it's a movie that you should definitely watch.

Stephen W. photo
Stephen W.

A film with a realistic story of a man who gets older, and a man who gets older in a young man's body. Its also a film about our perception of relationships, love and life. A film about people and the relationships they have and how they move through life. Its about feeling, and what it means to have feelings. It is also about the idea of love and how to accept it and accept the relationship you have with someone. The ending of this film is a tribute to the feelings of a young man who meets and falls in love with a woman. The film is also a tribute to life, and the feelings that people have, and how they move through life.

Donald photo

This movie is more like a TV series than a movie. The one and only real star of the movie is Richard Gere, who plays "Richard Gere" in the movie, but he plays his role in such a way that it is very hard to tell the difference between real Gere and fake Gere. The movie is essentially a series of short segments. The segments are in a sort of chronology, and the only way to know what will happen next is to watch the whole movie. But, if you watch the movie with a large group of people, you will have a great time watching the whole movie. The movie is truly unique, and a must-see for anyone who likes to laugh. In the beginning, it is hard to tell what the movie is about, but once you figure out what it is about, you will laugh and cry. There is so much more to this movie than what I have written here, but it is not something that I would want to spoil. I am going to recommend this movie to everyone I know, and I will do so because I love Richard Gere. I have been waiting for this movie for a long time, and I think I will have a great time watching it. This movie is something that you must see, but you will not regret it.

Jesse photo

Great movie! Great soundtrack, great actors, great storyline. I don't think this movie should be rated so low because it was written by a straight white man who knows all the humor of the gay world. For those who think this is a bad movie, well, it was made by a black man who has no clue what he is writing about, and it was made by a gay man who doesn't know what he is talking about. I think that the movie was made for the gay community, but it was a very good movie. This movie is an excellent movie, and should be nominated for an Oscar.