فيلم Unga Astrid

Unga Astrid

Unga Astrid is a movie starring Alba August, Maria Bonnevie, and Trine Dyrholm. Biopic of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, the author of numerous children's books and creator of Pippi Longstocking.

Other Titles
Młodość Astrid, Unge Astrid, Conociendo a Astrid, Tornando-se Astrid, Becoming Astrid, Lihiyot Astrid, Astrid, Nuori Astrid, Astrid Lingreni rääkimata lugu, Young Astrid, Zrodila se Astrid, Astridos Lindgren jaunyste, リンドグレーン, Astrīdas Lindgrēnas jaunība, Az ifjú AStrid
Running Time
2 hours 3 minutes
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Biography, Drama
Pernille Fischer Christensen
Pernille Fischer Christensen, Kim Fupz Aakeson
Henrik Rafaelsen, Alba August, Trine Dyrholm, Maria Bonnevie
Sweden, Denmark
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Biopic of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, the author of numerous children's books and creator of Pippi Longstocking.

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Kathryn photo

Saw the movie about 2 weeks ago, and I have to say it was worth the wait. I enjoyed the story and the portrayal of the subjects of the movie. The movie is not overly violent, and the actors were very good in the part. The movie shows the pain and suffering of the victims, as well as the pain of the soldiers. The movie is very accurate in the depiction of the war. The movie is very sad, and it shows the pain and suffering of the war, and how the soldiers felt about the war. It also shows the things that happened to the families of the victims. I think the movie was a good portrayal of what happened to the people, and what they felt.

Justin G. photo
Justin G.

The film is a documentary on the life of former Swedish rock band 'Foo Fighters' (a.k.a. 'The Foo Fighters'). The film is based on the book 'Foo Fighters' by James S.Dawson and is set in the summer of 1999, when the band was still in the midst of the American music-industry-reign. In the film we see the main character, Patrick, as a young man, and the main character, Dave, as an old man, as a result of the late 60s and early 70s depression. The film covers a number of periods, starting from when the band was still a rock group and ending in the middle of the 90s. The film is a mixture of the interviews with the original members, as well as the songs and performances of the band. The film was well-directed, but the lack of a script made it difficult to follow the story. The performances of the band, especially the rock songs, were also not very good, as the actors all seemed to be in a bad mood throughout the film. The film is a good documentary, but it could have been a much better film.

Jean J. photo
Jean J.

I saw this film at the premier in New York City last night and was very impressed with the way it was put together. It's a very well made film that I think is a very interesting look at the lives of some very rich and very poor people in the South African apartheid. I think that this film has some very powerful and powerful images, and the actors really did a good job. I think that the movie is very much about how we are not allowed to see the lives of the poor, and it's a very sad and sad story. The film really shows the love that the poor people have for each other, and how the rich people try to manipulate the poor people. I think that the movie was a good depiction of the South African apartheid, and it's sad and sad that it's been so destroyed.

Martha photo

Greetings again from the darkness. I've been a bit disappointed with the recent "Love" movies, but I was expecting a more serious approach than "I want to be loved" and "I want to be loved." While this movie is quite good, it does not fully satisfy. The plot is somewhat confusing, as well as the twists. The performances were also not what I expected, but there were some very good performances, especially from the lead actors. This movie is worth a watch if you're a fan of Swedish cinema. I give it a B-.

Hannah McCoy photo
Hannah McCoy

When I saw this movie, I was skeptical. After all, it's not that the movie is good. I thought it would be a boring movie with a boring storyline. However, the movie was worth the wait. It is a story of a teenager who is being raised by her mother and father, who are divorced. When she grows up, she decides to go to school, and she meets a young man named Brad, who is a young actor. He shows interest in her, but she does not know about it. Eventually, she learns that he is being threatened by his father's boyfriend, who wants to kill him because he is an actor. When she and Brad meet, she is shocked by his acting. Brad was a good actor, but he was not famous yet. However, he is famous now, and his acting is great. In the end, they fall in love. However, when the boyfriend realizes that she is not his girlfriend, he beats her up. She becomes pregnant, and her father tells her that she will be a mother. This causes her to hate her father, and she wants to kill him. However, she decides to go to school. I give the movie a 7 out of 10. It was good, but it was also very boring. I think that it would have been better to have a story that was more interesting. Also, the movie is not really about the actors, but about the story. It was interesting, but the story was not very good. However, the acting was good. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Benjamin Y. photo
Benjamin Y.

I first read about this movie a few months ago. I wanted to see it because of the actor in it, Angie Dickinson. Angie was also in the movie "Shane" but was also in a movie called "Bully". It's about a woman who lost her son when she was only 4 years old. She decided to take him to the doctor and when she got there, she found out he was deaf. She did not have to wait long to find out that he was actually autistic. The movie was interesting and I was a bit interested in it. I started to watch it but I couldn't help but notice the bad reviews on IMDb. I didn't watch the whole movie, I only saw the first 30 minutes or so. I thought I might watch the whole thing but I watched it and it was better than I expected. The acting was pretty good. The movie was interesting and I liked the story. I liked how the movie showed the autism spectrum. I also like the fact that the movie didn't make the autistic person look bad. I also like the fact that the movie didn't make the autistic person look like a monster. Overall, I liked the movie and I recommend it to everyone who likes a good drama. 7/10

James Estrada photo
James Estrada

This movie is very well done. A story of a rich woman (Astrid) who is no longer the woman she once was. She is now a spoiled, self centered, conniving, woman who always is looking for the next person to turn into a sex slave. She and her two daughters (and a younger daughter) try to live the high life of the rich world, but are completely out of touch with reality. One of the daughters, who is very intelligent, is more interested in looking after her mother's "perfect" body than in her own. The other daughter is more interested in her boyfriend than in her own. The father, who is an alcoholic, is more interested in his car than in his wife and child. The movie is not about the exploitation of women or of sex slaves, but about the character of the women and the way they cope with life. The film has a very good atmosphere and some very good performances. One of the most important things about the movie is the respect the director has for the actresses. They are all very good and are able to express themselves very well. All of them are very beautiful, but not all of them are particularly good looking. The only one that I found a little bit annoying was the older daughter. She is not the kind of girl you would like to see get into a fight. The two other daughters are also very good looking. The youngest daughter is very pretty. She is very cute and very charming. She is very smart and does a good job at keeping her secrets. There is one scene in the movie that is very funny. Astrid has to go to a party and she is being forced to drink some sort of alcohol. She says she will not drink it, but she has to. The character of the two other daughters is very good. They are very innocent and very well acted. The youngest daughter is very pretty and intelligent. The other daughter is a little bit annoying, but she is very good at holding her secrets. The father is not that interesting and does not seem to be a very good person. The acting of the father is good. The cinematography is good. I really liked the whole atmosphere of the movie. This movie is very good.

Kevin W. photo
Kevin W.

I have been a big fan of the book since I first read it. I am a big fan of the movie adaptation. I have never been to see the movie, but I would love to. It is about a girl who is blind and who works in a department store. She is a very good employee. One day, she is put in charge of a store that sells the greatest and most expensive jewelry. She does a wonderful job and becomes a millionaire. Then she is not the same. She has an affair with a store manager. She does not tell the manager and they do not know about it. She is divorced. The movie does not show all of her problems. The movie shows only the major problems. I believe the director did a good job. I have to say that she did a great job. I like the movie a lot.

Nicholas G. photo
Nicholas G.

The Danish movie "Astrid" is a lovely film with a wonderful cast and a strong message. The story is set in the 90s in Denmark and tells the story of a young girl who is abused by her father. The father is a drug dealer who is always searching for more drugs. One day the father is caught and imprisoned and the daughter is left in the care of the police. She tries to survive by taking care of herself and caring for the elderly people in her neighborhood. But it is hard to survive in a place where you can't go out or even go to the store. This film shows the real suffering of a child and how she is made to live in a place where she is not allowed to express her feelings. This is a movie that should be seen by everyone. The cast is very good. Anna Petersen and Kjell Nilsson are wonderful together and they really make the film. It is an important movie and should be seen by everyone. If you are a fan of this movie or not, go and see it!

Gregory Peters photo
Gregory Peters

Nelson Mandela's Nobel Peace Prize for his "non-violent" struggle against South Africa's apartheid regime has made him a controversial figure, one who has been vilified by some and praised by others. Nelson Mandela has not been a household name for a long time, and this film from 2005 may be the last chance for those who know him to see the man in a film. It's a drama about the life of Nelson Mandela and the political circumstances in South Africa, with the film's title being a reference to his "peace" principles. As the film begins, we learn that Mandela is a child, and his family is a house on the edge of the white settlements in the Free State. It's a normal family, except that the son is mentally challenged and has severe behavioural problems. He doesn't like his mother and his father is convinced that he is an intellectual. His father is a progressive political leader, but his son has no interest in politics. The film then focuses on the Mandela family and the life of their lives. The film is directed by Peter Landsberg, who also wrote the screenplay and the story. He made a good choice, because this is a drama about a man who has lived a very difficult life, but he has had a very good life and has never been defined by his childhood. The film has a very good performance by the cast, and a strong performance by Nelson Mandela himself. The script is strong and it is very interesting to see what happens to the character over the course of the film. It's very interesting to see his political ideas and the way he reacts to things that happen around him. The direction is also very good, and the film doesn't have the stereotypical scenes of the typical South African drama. The cinematography is also good, and the film is very well edited. The film is very well made, and it is very enjoyable. The film is a good drama, and it's an excellent film.

Teresa W. photo
Teresa W.

In a movie with a strong cast, I felt that the director and writer missed a chance to explore the story in depth. The characters were simple, and the story lacked depth. The cinematography was effective, but I found the background score and sound design lacking. I would have appreciated the director taking some time to explore the story and characters, but instead of following the main story, he focused on one set of characters. The director and writer were to blame. There were no proper supporting characters, and the story suffered for it. The story was poor, and the director should have made the character development of the other characters more developed.

Alan Chen photo
Alan Chen

Astrid (Jenny Agutter) is a 30-year-old German woman who makes her living as a tutor in a class of twenty-year-olds, where she is the only female teacher in the group. She has a strong social life and a passionate affair with a student, Robert (Omar Epps), who works at a construction company in Berlin. The boy, whose name is Czerny (Sebastian Koch), is a smart and self-confident student who has been treated badly by his teachers and is afraid of his grades. When Robert arrives at Astrid's class, he is immediately attracted to her. After a brief sexual encounter, he finds out that Astrid is not what she appears to be. Robert's mother (Helene Kloostermann) is indifferent to the boy's attraction to Astrid, and finds it difficult to accept his relationship with her son. At the same time, Astrid's boyfriend, the construction worker (Max Beck), is suspicious of his friend's friendship with Astrid, and is convinced that she is a double-agent. Meanwhile, Astrid is struggling with her own sexuality and decides to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of a building. In the end, Astrid's lover, Robert, has to choose between his friendship with Astrid and his commitment to his mother. Director Patricia Reichman tells a simple and sad story about the life of a woman who is trying to make her way in the world. It is a film which is full of beauty and humor, and which leaves the viewer feeling very much satisfied. The characters are well-written and very well-acted. The script is very good and the cinematography is very good, as well. The soundtrack is also very good. I think that the best scenes in the film are the ones which have Astrid and Robert in close contact. The movie is not a comedy, but rather a very sad drama, and I think that it is worth seeing.

Jacob photo

The life of the Czechoslovakian actress, Anglais Stoycheff (Nell) is an interesting and fascinating one, and the movie concentrates on this aspect. The main character is a young woman, who was sent to work in the Soviet Union, where she became a famous actress, and who was eventually sent back to the Czechoslovakia. Her story is an interesting one, and the movie is a good one to watch.

Grace Jordan photo
Grace Jordan

I first saw this movie at the age of 10. I loved it. I thought it was really moving. I went back and watched it again several years later. I loved it again and again. I watched it several times with my mom and sister. I think I still watch it every single time it comes on TV. The movie is about a young girl who has a terrible childhood and has never been allowed to have friends. Her mother doesn't believe in her abilities and tries to make her stay in the house. The mother and daughter have a very long relationship that is mostly about their daughter. She is trying to make her daughter believe that she is not a normal girl and that she is special. The mother is very cruel to her daughter. She does all she can to keep her daughter in the house. This movie is not for everyone. I think that if you don't like to see violence, this movie isn't for you. I think that if you like to watch a good movie with a great story, this is a good movie for you. I give it a 7 out of 10.