فيلم Ucitelka


Ucitelka is a movie starring Zuzana Mauréry, Zuzana Konecná, and Csongor Kassai. Since the arrival of the new teacher, Maria Drazdechova, to a Bratislava suburban school in the year of 1983, life has turned upside down for students...

Other Titles
Učiteljica, Ha'mora, The Teacher, Vår nya fröken, Leçon de classes, Profesoara, La profesora, Mokytoja, Nauczycielka, Klasseforstanderen, A Professora, Učiteľka, ザ・ティーチャー, La maestra, La Maestra, Η δασκάλα
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Comedy, Drama
Jan Hrebejk
Petr Jarchovský
Zuzana Mauréry, Csongor Kassai, Tamara Fischer, Zuzana Konecná
Czech Republic, Slovakia
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Since the arrival of the new teacher, Maria Drazdechova, to a Bratislava suburban school in the year of 1983, life has turned upside down for students and parents. The teacher's corrupted behavior and one of the students' suicide attempt that could be related to that matter, makes the school Principal call the students' parents for an urgent meeting that will suddenly put the future of all the families at stake. They are asked to sign a petition to move Miss Drazdechova out of the school. The teacher's high connections within the Communist Party makes everyone feel threatened, but at this point they have no choice but to make a decision: will they dare to go against Miss Drazdechova and stand up for what they believe in at any risk, or will they just remain silent and let things be?

Comments about comedy «Ucitelka» (21)

Michael photo

What I found especially powerful about this film was that it brought a completely new look at the idea of childhood and relationships. The idea that some of us are stuck in our childhood and never truly grow up is explored in this film. By looking at different perspectives of children who have been in foster care and by studying in the Academy, the ideas are explored in a different way. The actors in this film are doing a great job at showing their feelings for their characters. It's not that I think this is a perfect film. It's not. But I don't think it's the greatest film of all time. If you like indie films, I think you'll like this. I rate this film 8/10.

Hannah S. photo
Hannah S.

Lennart Poetto's film is a unique take on one of the most controversial subjects of the 20th century: the Vietnam War. The movie is full of emotions and at times is quite disturbing. It shows the brutality and corruption of the soldiers and the politics of the United States government. This movie is also very funny and very touching, showing the beauty of nature, and of life. But the film is not just about the war. It is also about the Vietnam War itself, and the role of the media, as well as the effects of the war itself on the Vietnamese people. The movie starts with the Vietnam War, and then moves on to a few days after the war ends, with the film showing the aftermath of the war, and the consequences of the war on the Vietnamese people. It also shows the harsh reality of life in the rural areas of the country. The movie is very realistic. The soldiers are shown to be inhumane, killing people for the sake of the war, and the civilians, many of whom have no voice, suffer from the war and its effects. The most shocking scene is the scene in which a young girl, in front of her mother, is found dead. There is nothing funny about this scene, but it is also very realistic. The movie is well acted, and it is made very well. Lennart Poetto is a very talented director, and he is not afraid to show some disturbing scenes in his movies. It is very rare for a movie to be very emotional and touching, but this is one of those movies.

Arthur photo

I haven't watched the original version since I was in grade school and I didn't have the necessary viewing knowledge to appreciate the film's flaws. And yet, I'm so glad I did. To me, this film is perfect and was one of the most heartwarming and beautifully written stories I've ever come across. Every scene is moving and dramatic, the characters are real and powerful, and everything comes together in a beautifully executed sequence that is as beautiful as the setting. The cast is magnificent and the story is one of the most pure and purest films I've ever seen. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a great story, touching characters, and a great deal of emotion. If you like movies with a little bit of story, you will love this film. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Cheers!

Janice O. photo
Janice O.

An intelligent, well-acted film. The dialogue is the main thing. If you don't like the dialogue, you're missing the point of the film. If you like the dialogue, you'll love it. If you don't, you'll hate it.

Michelle Bryant photo
Michelle Bryant

This film was a refreshing break from all the Hollywood comedies, action flicks, and chick flicks that fill our theaters. It has the same feeling of being taken from the end of a roll to a new beginning. The main character is Adam, a little boy who finds himself as the subject of a government experiment that has the same effect as a malformed baby. He is taken from his mother's womb and adopted by a couple who wish to use him to serve the Soviet Union. He is then placed in a foster home where he is forced to use all his negative energy to fight off the adults. Adam and the others take the lesson that "no one gets left behind", and is soon able to fight back against the adults and their abuse. What is good about this movie is that it takes its time to develop the characters and makes it really easy to understand. The actors do a wonderful job of creating the characters of their roles. We really feel for them and feel a sense of sadness for their condition. The movie does not really rely on large explosions or gore to make it stand out. Instead, it relies on small things that add up to a great story. We see the consequences of what the boys have done and what they have to go through. We can also relate to them and their situation because we are the same. The children's problems are also funny because they really are little kids who are being treated as adults. This is what I enjoy about this movie. It doesn't dwell on what is wrong with them and leaves us with hope that things will get better for them. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a good look at the realities of being a child. I gave it an 8 out of 10 rating because it was refreshing and that it took its time to develop its characters and let us see what is wrong with them and then move on. I would like to thank the actors and directors for making such a great movie and showing that it is possible to have a good, exciting movie with great acting and a good message without having to rely on an awful lot of violence.

Lauren Ward photo
Lauren Ward

I'd just like to say that the first review of this movie in IMDb really bugged me. The reviewers simply hated the movie. It's like a bad review from someone who likes "very bad movies". I was quite surprised that this movie was not rated at all. It's really not a bad movie. It's just another movie with the same themes as some other movies. You may say that it's no good but it's just like many other movies, and I'm just here to say that it's not that bad. The movie is nothing special, but it's just another movie like "Spider-Man 2" and "X-Men". I don't think that they're bad movies, but they're just like the other movies. The only difference is that they are made by big companies. The director made "Wanted", and I think that he knows how to make a movie. I mean, if you see a movie like "Titanic", or "The Dark Knight" or "The Avengers", they're really great movies. They're the best movies in their genre, but they're just not good movies. It's just like a bad review from someone who likes "very bad movies". I'm just here to say that it's just like those movies. But, if you like the movie, just don't get mad about the bad review.

Nathan F. photo
Nathan F.

Why do I like this film so much? I can't understand why the film is so famous. Maybe it's because it's based on the experiences of a group of people. After all, we all know the stories of people who become gangsters, lovers, teachers, artists, you name it, I've seen it all in my life. It's also based on the struggles of a group of people, who have to come together and survive in a totally different environment. This story is told through the eyes of two children, who are not in a gang. They're really innocent. They have no gang ties, no knowledge of how to do anything. And in the end, they become a gang in order to survive, because they are afraid of losing their love. But they're not afraid of the big city. No, they're afraid of the small town. This is the film's message. If you don't like the story, then don't watch the film. It's not a crime movie, it's not a comedy. It's an emotional story of two kids in a totally different environment.

Jean Green photo
Jean Green

This is one of those movies that is really difficult to rate. I'm not sure what the number is but it seems like it is somewhere between 5 and 10. It is definitely not a good movie, I don't think there was anything in it that was really funny or original. I think the actors did a great job and it was really well done but it was too slow to be funny. I think the movie is not only about the Russian mafia and gangsters but about all kinds of mafia, all sorts of petty crooks, criminals, pimp-mafiosi, etc. It shows the corrupt nature of all the groups involved in organized crime. I think the director wanted to show a realistic view of a very corrupt society. In the end he was very successful in showing the corruption of the Russian Mafia. The mafia movies are so hard to watch, but this one is much more realistic than most mafia movies. I recommend this movie to anybody who likes gangster movies.

Tyler photo

I'm not sure what people are thinking, but I really enjoy this movie. In fact, I watch it in a Spanish class. The "departures" in this movie are not so mysterious as one would think. You know that a friend of a friend of his friend is going to "go away" in a few months. This way, everyone of us can see this in our lives. This movie shows that the world of exile is not so real and mysterious as one would think. If you are going to have a lot of money, you can buy the best and the best apartment, but you cannot buy the best and the best friend. The friend can't be bought in a box. A friend is not so precious, so fragile, so lovely, so wonderful, that you can buy it. I do not understand why this movie is so bad, but it is so bad.

Judy photo

The most interesting aspect of this film was the way in which it captured the true story of the corruption in the administration of the Russian government. There are times when the filmmaker is making a documentary about a social issue or the problems of one particular society and the fact that they are making a documentary about Russian President Putin is simply the icing on the cake. The film is very well-made, with a fine pace and a fair amount of humor and pathos, yet it has some really chilling moments and is somewhat hard to watch at times. This is partly because of the music used in the film and partly because the film is shot in a very dark way and dark scenes make for great scenes when the viewer is trying to concentrate. The film is a good summary of the corruption in the Russian government and is very well-crafted.

Michelle E. photo
Michelle E.

I saw the film on TV in the Philippines and I really liked it, and I still do, if only for the simplicity of the narrative, the familiar script, and the very simple idea of a dying man's journey through his life, which shows him the changing of his circumstances and his change in the world, through his own hands, by making memories. There is a brief appearance of God in the film, but, without giving away any details, the film is very religious in its content and it has a kind of spiritual tension, which was very refreshing and the man's beautiful little story, who is not merely the narrator but also the main character of the film, and also the subject of the film, is very important and worthy of being remembered.

Marilyn Johnson photo
Marilyn Johnson

I was very interested in this movie. It seems that Czechs are quite talented at creating stories and original screenplay. So I decided to watch it. I didn't expect much and I was very impressed with the movie. The director made a very good and very realistic portrayal of Czech society and culture. He also managed to make a very unique story. It is a good story with a lot of laughs and some drama. Some of the actors were really good. I also liked the idea of a rock band that happens to be the Czech president. And I was surprised that the Czech president did not appear in the movie. Anyway, I am very impressed with the movie.

Grace J. photo
Grace J.

This is a really good film. It is, however, not perfect. The characters, even though very well written, do not have any real depth. The director, Elisabeth Bergman, goes through the motions and often gets a bit too stuck on the details of the characters, and goes through some scenes without really giving us much of a reason to care. Nevertheless, this is a very good film, and is easily one of my favourites. It is really interesting to see a film like this, where the dialogue between the actors is excellent, and the locations are perfect, but where the main character's storyline is just a collection of coincidences, and is not the centre of the film. It is very impressive to see a film like this, where all the details are given to the audience and then all the film's plot is built around it. The problems I had with the film are minor, and I do not think I would have seen them if I were not used to the film in question, but they do not spoil it for me. The acting is great, the dialogue is good, the setting is great, and the film is very interesting. It is a great film, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in European cinema. Rating 7/10

Hannah Sims photo
Hannah Sims

Nowhere on this site can you find a list of every single movie in the IMDb Top 250, but if you are a moviemaker like me you will be fairly familiar with some of the movies that were in the Top 250. Those that are well known and well liked will show up on the top. The list of movies that have been in the Top 250 is growing and growing. Here's a list of the movies that are in the Top 250. 1. Unfaithful (1997) 2. The Cat in the Hat (2003) 3. The Wedding Singer (2003) 4. The Color Purple (1978) 5. Mary Poppins (2006) 6. The Graduate (1967) 7. The Wizard of Oz (1939) 8. Rosemary's Baby (1973) 9. To Kill a Mockingbird (1963) 10. Back to the Future (1985) 11. Singin' in the Rain (1961) 12. A Mighty Wind (1957) 13. The Truman Show (1988) 14. The Return of the Pink Panther (1973) 15. Jack and Diane (1960) 16. No Country for Old Men (2007) 17. Billy Jack (1963) 18. Five Easy Pieces (1954) 19. Saving Private Ryan (1998) 20. Annie Hall (1998) 21. The Godfather (1972) 22. The Fugitive (1973) 23. The Godfather: Part II (1972) 24. The Last Samurai (1954) 25. The Godfather: Part III (1972) 26. Spartacus: War of the Damned (2001) 27. The Shining (1980) 28. Full Metal Jacket (1987) 29. Chinatown (1974) 30. The Godfather: Part IV (1972) 31. The Godfather: Part V (1972) 32. The Usual Suspects (1995) 33. The Insider (1998) 34. A Clockwork Orange (1971) 35. The General's Daughter (1958) 36. The Elephant Man (1970) 37. Donnie Brasco (1971) 38. All About Eve (1950) 39. In the Mood for Love (1965) 40. Seven Samurai (1954) 41. Sunrise (1936) 42. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) 43. The Shining (1980) 44. In the Heat of the Night (1963) 45. Casablanca (1962) 46. Citizen Kane (1941) 47. The Dark Crystal (1999) 48. Godard's Bicycle Thieves (1949) 49. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1951) 50. Full Metal Jacket (1987) 51. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) 52. Sunset Boulevard (1950) 53. Lost Horizon (1949) 54. The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1965) 55. The Graduate (1967) 56. The Man Who Wasn't There (1961) 57. The Godfather: Part II (1972) 58. Gangs of New York (1974) 59. Citizen Kane (1941) 60. The Big Sleep (1947) 61. The Graduate (1967) 62. City Lights (1961) 63. Le grand bouffe (1957) 64. Satyricon (1960) 65. Take that Hank (1957) 66. Gone With the Wind (1939) 67. Taxi Driver (1976) 68. Taxi Driver 2 (1977) 69. Blue Velvet (1974) 70. The Last Picture Show (1948) 71. Easy Rider (1969) 72. Bicentennial Man (1959) 73. Chinatown (1974) 74. The Godfather: Part III (1972) 75. The Wages of Fear (1956) 76. Donnie Brasco (1971) 77. The Godfather: Part IV (1972) 78. American Beauty (1999) 79. The Seven Samurai (1954) 80. Amadeus (1935) 81. Citizen Kane (1941) 82. The Third Man (1957) 83. The Outsiders (1960) 84

John photo

When a movie is made about the Czechoslovak communist regime and the struggles of the working class, we should be aware of the meaning and implications of what is happening. CERTAINLY, THE LAST YEAR OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA, which is one of the most famous novels in Czech history, was written by Ivan Dostoyevski, who lived during this period, and THE LAST YEAR OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA is the most influential literary work in the history of Czechoslovakia. The writer was one of the most active and respected communist leaders of the Czechoslovakian state. He became a doctor, a schoolteacher, and a socialist leader. But there is no doubt that he lived a very privileged life, the only drawback is that he was not living a long life. The movie is a documentary-style film about Dostoyevski, his life, and his communist-era experiences. A lot of footage was filmed by his friends, and many of his works were translated into Czech and spoken in Czech. The acting is very strong, especially the role of the publisher, and the portrayal of Dostoyevski is well done. It is a very good movie, but it is probably not very meaningful.

Jordan O. photo
Jordan O.

This film is a great example of what a Russian film should be like. It is both hilarious and sad at the same time. It is completely dark, and yet we get a glimpse of the inner human soul. The story is not particularly important, the acting is fine, the music and camera work are excellent. The cinematography is wonderful, the two actors are wonderful. The story is well told, the humor is present throughout the film, and the sadness is present throughout. The film will be a classic for many years to come. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good movie.

Matthew Simmons photo
Matthew Simmons

A group of poor Slavic people in the beginning of the 20th century move to the town of Zagreb in their old estate, together with their dead wife. They manage to find a poor old woman who still lives in her home and makes a home for them. Their four children take over the land and start their own small business. After a while they find out that the old woman has not left her home for two years and that she has a daughter, who has the same health problems as her. The children's mother is afraid to tell her daughter about this. The four children do not know what to do. One of them goes to the former woman's house in the town and his father, who is her doctor, tells him to go to the old woman's house and ask her to go with him. He also goes to the old woman's house in the town and asks to go with her. At the end of the film they do that. In the beginning they are in an orphanage and later they go to the home of the old woman's daughter. They start to live there. In the old woman's house there are a bunch of young people who use to work for the old woman. They work together with the old woman. The mother of the young people tells the old woman that she has a daughter. At the end of the film the old woman tells her daughter that her daughter has died. The daughter's mother looks for her daughter's body. In the end the young people do not find their old mother's body. There is a tragedy, but a happy ending. The old woman looks for her daughter's body. The young people leave the old woman's home and live in the city, and the old woman works for a bus company. The film is good.

Raymond photo

I found this movie as a movie as i was looking for something to watch during the day. The story of a professional life of a university professor with a family, and with a sister who is not able to live up to the expectations of her mother, who was really hard on her. I found this movie a little boring, but because of its aspect, i could understand the character of the professor. For me, the movie was a very good watch. I enjoyed the director's point of view, it was interesting to see his life in such a short time. Overall, I like this movie. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "La Casta Vida" ("The Father Vows")

Brenda Soto photo
Brenda Soto

Vinny is a young man who has a major crush on Mila. Her father is killed and she lives with her aunt, who has a strange relationship with Vinny. She takes Vinny on a trip and there she meets Ivan, who is supposed to be his adopted brother. He is a strange man with a severe illness, who is also planning to sell his body to the highest bidder. Vinny and Ivan become friends, but she keeps seeing him. Then Vinny meets Anna, a teenager who is not very bright but has a beautiful personality. She takes Ivan on a road trip, which is supposed to end with them meeting up with the brother. But the way the story ends is not what you expect. This movie is like a love story with a supernatural twist. It has some great things, but is not as strong as it could be. It's not a horror movie, but has a really creepy atmosphere. I recommend it for people who like a romantic movie, but it is not a very deep one.

Paul photo

One of the most exciting films I have seen for a long time. Wonderful chemistry between the characters. Some scenes are incredibly funny. I would recommend this to everyone who likes to see a film with a strong story.

Jennifer Banks photo
Jennifer Banks

Being a man, when I want to see a movie, I don't go to see a movie like "Platoon". I go to see a movie like "Seven Days in Hell" or "Silence of the Lambs". Or maybe "The Insider". When I watch movies like that, I am always disappointed. And when I see "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", I feel like the movie is just completely brilliant. "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" is a wonderful, beautiful movie. It is a story about friendship, love and the conflict between good and evil. It is a great story. There are no "accidents" or "mistakes" in this movie. The characters are well-developed. The actors all do a great job, especially Ian McShane and Orlando Bloom. It is a great story, and I love it. The only problem I have with this movie is that I want more time with the characters and more time in Narnia. I think they should have shown more of Narnia. And there should have been a little more explanation on why the characters were in Narnia. I'm not really interested in that. The film is just great. It is the best fairy tale movie I have ever seen. If you love this movie, go see it. You will not be disappointed.