فيلم Shen ye shi tang

Shen ye shi tang

Shen ye shi tang is a movie starring Tony Ka Fai Leung, Tony Yo-ning Yang, and Tao Liu. Set in a little restaurant in an inconspicuous lane of Shanghai, which opens at midnight everyday. The owner is a man of about fifty, makes a...

Other Titles
Midnight Diner, Samje siktong, Shen Ye Shi Tang
Running Time
1 hours 43 minutes
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Tony Ka Fai Leung
Yingxin Zhu, Chris Chow, Simon Chen, Yarô Abe
Tony Yo-ning Yang, Yibai Zhang, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Tao Liu
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Set in a little restaurant in an inconspicuous lane of Shanghai, which opens at midnight everyday. The owner is a man of about fifty, makes a set of special food for each guest who visits the restaurant, and listens everyone's story.

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John photo

This is one of those films that when you watch it, you don't feel like watching it again. The story has been told many times before, but it was told very well and told very quietly. The character work was wonderful and the casting was perfect. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, but especially to people who want to see a film that is beautiful to watch and tell. This is a wonderful story told by a wonderful person.

Phillip Taylor photo
Phillip Taylor

I really really loved this movie. The plot is very important and profound. It's very profound because the way the main character's actions play out are so unpredictable and it's very hard to predict how this guy will act. All the interactions between the characters are very interesting and are full of dramatic moments. It's really a special movie. It's not a normal movie, it's not just like action, there's a lot of hidden meaning in the story that you don't see in normal movies. It's really a very good movie.

Arthur photo

This is a very sad story about a man who is at a crossroads in his life. This movie is definitely not an Oscar contender, but it is well worth watching. There are many great performances by the supporting cast, especially those of the Chinese actors who are really good at their jobs. Although some of the shots in the movie are well shot, there are scenes where the camera is not in focus and the shots have been so badly shot, that the audience is very confused. This movie may not be for everybody, but it is definitely worth a watch. It is definitely a movie to see in a movie theatre if you want to see a good movie.

Hannah G. photo
Hannah G.

There are so many moments in this film which are so much meaningful to the Chinese community. If I told you they were, I'd be lying. But I'm just honest about this film and its meaning to Chinese, and that it is extremely moving. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in looking into the culture of the Chinese. People who are not fluent in Chinese can still appreciate the subtle message of this film, and appreciate the great performance from the entire cast.

Sandra M. photo
Sandra M.

I love the movie. It's about the past, present and the future. It shows how bad things can get when emotions get the upper hand. It shows the frustrations and greed of the rich and the problems they have. Even if the story isn't what you want to see, you can still watch it to learn. The movie shows the death of a girl and the death of a mother and it shows how they are feeling. You can't go wrong with this movie.

Kevin photo

This is a good movie. It is about a girl who was abused by her step-dad when she was young. Her father leaves her. She doesn't know why he left her. She starts acting like a little girl and starts talking like a little girl. She is lonely and wants someone to love her. The movie is about her trying to find her way to love. It is a good movie and I recommend you watch it. It is not boring at all. You will find the movie very enjoyable.

Jesse photo

I came across this film by chance one evening, when I was on vacation in a town about an hour south of Beijing. I was struck by the strange, almost surreal set, the brilliant use of colour, and the high class, almost aristocratic atmosphere. As I watched the film, I couldn't help but be drawn into it. As a serious film student, I was fascinated. I was even moved to write an essay on the film for my class on film history. I learned so much about film. It made me realize the history of Chinese cinema. I had never seen a film that worked so well on so many levels.

Richard photo

A very good movie, as the title indicates, about two groups of men on the stage of a small Chinese theater. The former are a small group of young dancers who perform an event that involves the men, the latter, the legendary Chinese classic, the "Shanghai Doll". The story is told through the eyes of the young girl in the lead, whose mother is a dancer and who wishes to make her husband happy, as well as her younger brother and younger sister. As the years pass, the young dancer, who knows no English, learns more and more about the old Shanghai Doll, and begins to realize that, as she has her own mother to take care of her, she might be able to perform the events that her mother will never allow. This is a really beautiful and moving story, that is full of beautiful actors and scenes. It has the basic elements that make a good story: love, tragedy, revenge, and achievement. The film is beautifully shot, and the photography is so sublime that you cannot help but be mesmerized by it. You may not know the name of the director, but you will be shocked to find out that it is Hou Hsiao-hsien. He was a mainstay of the international art world, and the most important thing in his movies is that he is able to connect with the audience. It is this very ability that makes him such a great film-maker. I am so sorry to see that this movie was not nominated for an Oscar.

Alan photo

As the Asian cinema came of age in the 1980s and 90s, film-makers have continued to show their cultural heritage through their films. However, often this has resulted in little more than generic B-movies with only the best-known performers involved. After the hit film "The Host" was released in 1979, directors like Stanley Kubrick, Yasujiro Ozu, and Ho-Sang Park really took this technology and made films that showed the beauty of Asian cinema. In fact, director Ho-Sang Park's "The Host" was an incredibly beautiful film. A beautiful movie that left a lasting impression on the viewers. "The Host" was a stunning, visual masterpiece. The film is set in modern times in Singapore and features several beautiful shots. The "Host" is about two sisters who get involved in a strange love triangle between their father and a different woman. The story is beautifully told and features a classic Hollywood ending. This film deserves much more attention, and has probably never been better shown than this. It is an amazing film that is one of the most beautiful films ever made. This is a true cinematic masterpiece and a truly unique work of art. This is truly one of the best films ever made. The cast includes all Asian film veterans and many first-time actors. This film is the best film ever made and one of the most beautiful films ever made.

Christina photo

I know what most of you are thinking, after watching this film. "I don't know what I'm supposed to be thinking." Well, I don't know what I'm supposed to be thinking, but I'm not thinking at all, and I think it's because I've only seen it twice in my life, and I've read the book. It's also very short, which is a nice bonus, since it's not that long. And the film is very good, although sometimes it's a bit hard to follow what's going on. The characters are all very well-developed, and you really can't help but like all of them. But the one thing that makes this film so good is that you just don't know who the person is supposed to be! If I knew that, I probably would've walked out of the theatre. So it's great that all of the characters are well-developed, but the one who is supposed to be one of the main characters, is never really clear about his or her identity. This makes the movie a lot more fun to watch. Not a great film, but it's good. Watch it once, and don't expect to be able to understand it. There is also a little romance in it, which is cool. I recommend this film to anyone who loves the classic Hollywood epic movie, and isn't afraid to go to the cinema to watch a decent film.

Eric Schultz photo
Eric Schultz

An amazing film that will stay with you long after the credits are rolled. I've read the book and I've seen the movie. The movie is a great story of the people involved in the film, and how all of it led to the tragic demise of Princess Qian Qian. You must see this movie. Don't miss it.

Barbara photo

Well I saw this movie last night and I was somewhat confused, after reading all the reviews here I was expecting a lot more. It was a good movie. I am very surprised this is the first time I am seeing a movie by Andy Lau. It is like he did this movie for his friends and family. I think this movie is very important. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good movie to watch. I think everyone should see this movie. I think you will feel the same way I did after watching this movie. It was very moving and realistic. You should go and see it.

Alice E. photo
Alice E.

The great thing about this movie is that it's a welcome return of the Hong Kong director's family-oriented work. There are no guns, no car chases, no sex, no cars, no explosions. This movie is extremely contemplative, very slow-moving, and with a very strong sense of emotion. The master of long shots, Wong Kar Wai, demonstrates in this film that the long shot is the most powerful tool in the cinematic toolbox. It is not a matter of how many shots you show a scene in, it's how you show it. Wong Kar Wai uses a very simple technique of "reverse shots". He follows the action of a scene over and over and over again, sometimes to show the characters, sometimes to show the scene in which the action takes place. Then, he takes one long shot from each viewpoint. The effect of the reverse shots is that when you watch the long shot, the viewer feels like a fly on the wall. If you're not paying attention, the reverse shots can make the audience feel like they're a fly on the wall, too. What's really amazing is that Wong Kar Wai can do this so well with very little money and only one long shot! For more information on the master, watch "The Long Kiss Goodnight". This movie is a perfect example of the director's skill and discipline. The film is a huge tribute to Wong Kar Wai's family-oriented films. The main character, Wu, is essentially a normal person. He loves his family, he's quite attached to them. But then, he's faced with a horrible tragedy that changes his life forever. The story tells us that the reason for his predicament is the loss of his mother, whom he still loves. As his mother was a very kind person, he goes on a journey to find her and reunite with her. The story of this man who is not able to remember anything about his past is very sad. The most interesting thing about this movie is the end, which is an homage to Wong Kar Wai's famous masterpiece "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". In the movie, you can feel the inner turmoil of this man. You can feel his pain and sorrow, as he realizes his mother is gone and he is losing his memory. The ending is fantastic. It's a perfect way to end a Wong Kar Wai movie, because it's the end of the story. The movie ends with Wu, still a normal person, without memories of his mother. You can feel his anguish and the sadness he feels. The scene is very powerful, and very sad. It is a nice, gentle way to end a Wong Kar Wai movie. But it's not only for Wong Kar W

Daniel F. photo
Daniel F.

This is a stunning portrayal of a family in a poverty stricken town who are gripped by hunger and desperate to survive. Its a lovely and touching film with lots of surprises. While I am not sure that I would call this film the best I have ever seen it is still very good and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in these kinds of films. Excellent. 9/10

Amber photo

This is a story of the struggle of the young to find their place in a society that just doesn't want them. One of the most important lessons in this movie is that you need to be yourself and your actions will be observed by others. You need to be yourself. Life is not just about working hard. It is about achieving your goals. But in my opinion, it is very important to be yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. It is like for the young men in the movie to be themselves and their actions will be observed by others. They need to be themselves.

Olivia photo

Because I was not able to watch this film when it first came out, I thought that I was going to see another Bollywood flick with lots of blood and great action scenes. I did not believe that this movie had such a great story. The movie is about the relationship between a man and a girl. The main character is an older man who is in love with a younger woman. The older woman is on her way to an Indian holiday for her boyfriend. But, the older woman does not return for her boyfriend. Instead, she decides to stay with a new friend who wants to be a doctor. But, it is not an easy friendship between the old man and the new friend. This is where the conflict occurs. I think that the director does a great job with the cinematography. I think that the movie was shot beautifully and it helped in creating a movie that was touching. This movie was a family film. You will not be surprised that this movie is about love. The story of the movie was good. But, I think that the story could have been a bit better. There were some important scenes, but it was not a story that you would watch many times. There are some scenes that you can watch more than once. This movie is really a must see. It is worth the money.

Christopher Smith photo
Christopher Smith

First time I've ever seen a film that makes me so emotional in the first few minutes. They are really pushing the limits of boundaries and making the viewer feel how it is to be a slave to their oppressive surroundings. It's really sad, and it's such a powerful film. This movie is one of the most moving movies I've ever seen. It was so depressing and sad. Even when they are breaking the white woman's neck, it still makes you feel like you don't want them to get away with it. It really is an excellent film. Especially when you think about what the main character would have to go through if she had not got on the train, and also what it must have been like to be a slave in the 1860s. This film is definitely a must watch.

Louis photo

Chaoyu Mitchel is the perfect man in the role of a man who is still with his bride, when the other man disappears. What he goes through is nothing short of incredible and the plot keeps you hooked. This is not just an excuse for an easy romantic movie, it is a movie that demands your attention. Chaoyu Mitchel is a movie you don't want to miss. You will not see a movie this excellent again and again. There are many instances where you may not like Chaoyu's actions or reactions but that does not change the fact that his character is a man with an impossible situation. This is the best movie of the year!

Johnny Wade photo
Johnny Wade

This film has got to be one of the most profound films that I have ever watched in my life. Every moment of this film has to be special to be able to be called "masterpiece". The cinematography is simply wonderful, with the cities and landscapes really being a paradise. This is a film that must be watched by all people who has a positive attitude to life. The message of the film is not to treat your enemy well, but to treat your friend well. And how about that song that starts off the film, the lines in the film are so simple yet so profound, you will not be able to help but sing along to the music of the film. My friend and I have watched this film 4 times and i still watch this film every time, just to listen to the music and to feel it again. This film is definitely one of the best films that I have ever seen.

Megan B. photo
Megan B.

This is a great movie with a great story and you can watch it again and again without getting bored. It is a very inspiring movie, very real and touching. The acting is amazing and the music is awesome. You have to be prepared to cry, but this is not an easy movie to watch. But it's worth every second of it.

Carol photo

Before I saw this movie I had been reading all these reviews from people who saw the movie first and thought it was very good. So I had to see it first. I loved it. The movie was simple. It was about a woman's reaction to the death of her husband. In this case it was her second husband. He died in a boating accident. She finds it very hard to adjust to the life as a single mother. It was a great performance by the main actress. The ending was sad but very good. You will enjoy it even if you are not Chinese.

Howard Wagner photo
Howard Wagner

First of all, I must say that I haven't seen a great performance by any of the leads. The characters are good, but the film is too slow. However, the cinematography and story, combined with the score, are very good. This film has a great message. It is about the human condition, as well as a message about the fragility of life. It is about the importance of a family and how the sacrifices that a mother must make to save her family are more than just what we owe to her. A mother has to sacrifice her love for her children, her joy for her husband and her strength to protect her children. It is a good message that people who are over 65 will find especially touching, as they tend to lose a great deal of their youth and vitality. I thought that the most touching scene was the wedding scene where the father was apologizing to his wife for the huge damage she caused to him. The message that the film conveys is that even if the male is dying of cancer, the female is still alive and in a different state, and that is why we still love her.