فيلم Life Itself

Life Itself

Life Itself is a movie starring Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, and Annette Bening. As a young New York City couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the unexpected twists of their journey create...

Other Titles
So ist das Leben - Life Itself, 生命中的美好意外, La vita in un attimo, To właśnie życie, Seule la vie..., Life, Itself, Como la vida misma, ライフ・イットセルフ 未来に続く物語, La vida misma, Az élet maga, La Vie en soi, A Vida em Si, Asta-i viata, Isto é Vida!, Ha'kha'yim ha'ele, ライフ・イットセルフ 未来に続く物語, Elu ise
Running Time
1 hours 57 minutes
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Drama, Romance
Dan Fogelman
Dan Fogelman
Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Mandy Patinkin, Annette Bening
USA, Spain
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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As a young New York City couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the unexpected twists of their journey create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes.

Comments about drama «Life Itself» (22)

Cheryl W. photo
Cheryl W.

The film was a good one to watch. It was a bit confusing at the start but when the story progressed it was really good. I really like how they portrayed a girl's transformation from the beginning. It was really touching and emotional. I think the director really put his heart into it. He really cared about the movie and he knew exactly what he was doing. I also liked the way that the director made the audience feel as if they were actually there. I think that the director did a good job with this one. I really enjoyed this movie and I would recommend this one to anyone.

Sharon photo

I watched this movie for the first time last week, and I was really excited to see it. I had the feeling that it would be good, but I was wrong. It's a good movie. It's interesting, and interesting movie is something that is not often seen in movies these days. I think this movie is very different from the others that were just there to show what the other movies are like, and to get people to watch it. The movie is very slow and peaceful, and has a lot of depth. I really liked the story, and I liked the idea of it. It's a nice movie, and I recommend it to all people. I liked it very much. It's not a very violent movie, but it's very serious, and the effects are awesome. I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Martha photo

My friend recommended this film to me, and it was so beautiful, I was hooked. I am so glad I found this film. It is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. The cinematography, the songs, the characters, the visuals and the story. Everything about it is beautiful. I recommend this film to all my friends, because it is definitely one of the best films I have ever seen.

Howard photo

A beautiful film that is surprisingly much more about life than about death. I'm not a huge fan of Shirley MacLaine, but I really enjoyed this movie. The characters are believable, and the way the film is told makes it easy to get involved. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has ever felt sad, lonely, or lost in life, and to anyone who has ever felt like the most important things in life are the people around you, and not the things that happen to you.

Albert photo

I have read the reviews for this film and i must say that there are quite a few great reviews in here about this film. I also have read the negative reviews of this film. I have to agree with the negative reviews and would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good film. It is quite a film. The film is also quite fast paced and the story is engaging. It's a bit like the movie Taken but with a romantic twist to it. The film tells the story of a woman named Caroline, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who goes on a journey with her son to find her true love. The story is told in flashbacks to show how Caroline was a child and how her father abandoned her at a young age. The film shows how Caroline grew up to become a woman who could take on the responsibilities of a husband and mother. The film is not without its flaws but overall it is a really good film. I don't know how to describe the film because there are just too many elements of the film to describe. The story is told in flashback to show how Caroline grew up and how her life had been changed forever. The film is very touching and there are many emotions that can be felt from the film. The film is very heart touching and is a great film to watch with your significant other. This film is also a must see for anyone who has ever been in a relationship, because it will touch you in a different way.

Keith Brooks photo
Keith Brooks

I didn't like this movie much, and it was so boring. I gave it a six, because I thought it was an interesting story, but I can't say that I like it, and it's a shame that it didn't get better. This movie was full of cliches. It had a very uninteresting plot and a very cliche ending. I guess it would have been better if they went for a different ending, but that would have ruined the whole movie. I didn't like the actors, especially the gay guy. I don't like his acting at all. I think he should stick to "gay" movies.

Roy photo

I think this is a good movie that will touch the viewer. What I liked about the movie is that it is based on the book, "A Very Long Engagement" by Marianne Moore, which is a very good book. It is really a story of a wife and a wife and a husband. What I liked about it is that it is not a happy story, and the end of the movie is not a happy ending, but it is a good end, because of the ending of the movie. What I didn't like about it is that it is not a real ending, but more of a pseudo ending. It is a pseudo ending, because we have seen the ending of the movie, but it isn't a real ending, because of the pseudo ending. So what I liked about it is that the movie is based on a book that is a really good book, so it is not a real movie, but a good movie, because of the good ending.

Arthur Patterson photo
Arthur Patterson

I got the DVD of this movie in the mail today. I had wanted to see this movie for a long time, but the time never seemed to come. I've been reading the book (over the years) and I had to go see this movie. I think it was worth the wait. It was a good movie. I thought it was well done. It had a great plot. There were some very interesting plot twists. The acting was very good. The two leads played their parts very well. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the ending. It was a very good ending. It gave a little more depth to the story than I thought it would. I think it was a good movie. I would give it a 8 out of 10.

Janice Brown photo
Janice Brown

If you've ever had a crush on someone, I really think you'll enjoy this movie. The story is real and it captures the essence of what it's like to be in love. The movie is set in Boston, and the actors are chosen to play Bostonian people. The casting of this movie was quite accurate. You can actually see the Boston accent in the movie. I liked the movie because of the setting and the characters.

Samuel photo

I liked the first movie, I thought it was great, but I've decided to watch the second movie. This movie was much better than the first one. It's like a perfect book and I think that's why the movie was so good. I love this movie, it has some amazing scenes and the actors are amazing. It's like a movie that you can watch over and over. It's great. I don't understand why some people don't like it. I give this movie an 8.5/10.

Julia P. photo
Julia P.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who likes to see the life of a child in a world where most of us do not know where we are going. The children in the film are all fantastic and the acting is outstanding. It is also a film that is very appropriate for children of all ages.

Nicholas Wong photo
Nicholas Wong

I am a fan of Tim Robbins, but I don't think I've ever seen him in a movie. Maybe he was in a play somewhere and was so busy he couldn't make a movie. He was excellent in the movie, as always, as well as in his short role as the lead. In this movie he is as good as ever. The movie is not only about love, but also about coming of age, and the growing up of the other characters in the family. It's an interesting story, and very well-done. A must-see movie for anyone who likes romance, and a great movie for Tim Robbins fans. I would recommend it to anyone. Great job, Tim.

Juan photo

So.here's the thing.I'm not a fan of movies. But I've seen a lot of movies and they've all been good. I'm not a movie buff, I just like to watch something and enjoy myself. I watched this one and I really enjoyed it. I actually cried a little bit. It's a romantic movie and I enjoyed it, the whole movie. The acting was good. All the actors played their characters well. The movie was romantic and realistic. The only thing I didn't like was that they used the same old songs over and over again. I don't care about musicals but it was annoying to me. And the love story was just annoying. You have to like a movie to like it, not like it. I'd rather watch the movie for the acting, story, acting, and romance. I'm giving this movie 8/10 because it was pretty good and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes romantic movies.

Willie photo

The saddest film I have seen in a long time. Very moving in a few places but the message is that you have to be your own hero, you have to be your own man. You can't be a victim. And you can't wait for someone to tell you the right path. A very good film, a few of the scenes were shot in black and white. The ending was great. But the message was very good, too. We are all heroes and we all have to be. But in the end you have to do what you're supposed to do.

Thomas R. photo
Thomas R.

I really liked this film because it tells the story of two people who really aren't meant to be together. The young couple are a good couple and the older one has lost his passion and is desperately trying to regain it. The film is set in a secluded country estate and the actors have very limited dialogue. The main characters are very interesting and the story is kept moving. The scenery is beautiful and it's easy to connect with the characters. A couple of times I wondered if I had seen the same film. I really liked this film and would recommend it to everyone.

Ashley Price photo
Ashley Price

I came across this movie at the dollar store, and I was excited to see it, so I bought it. I thought the movie was very well made, and it was very moving. I was very impressed with all the actors and actresses. I thought there was enough dialogue for the entire audience, and I was pleased with the performances. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Jerry photo

The movie is about a woman, D'Angelo, who has just had a baby with her best friend, and that is what motivates her to marry and have a baby with her friend. D'Angelo has had an affair with her best friend's husband, which makes her very angry and not trustable. At the end, she realizes that she did not love her best friend enough. She begins to feel like a loser. The movie is about the baby she has with her best friend. The movie is very emotional and shows how the baby is more important than her best friend. It is a very good movie about relationship.

Bruce P. photo
Bruce P.

I read the reviews on this film and what I thought was that the people who liked it were being too harsh on it. I read many comments like "I was so bored watching this movie that I fell asleep." or "I didn't think the plot was all that great." I'm glad that I did not fall asleep but I would not say that I would have to watch it again. I enjoyed the film very much. I also enjoyed the performances by all of the actors. The film is not really about love, it's about the anguish of missing one's family. It's about being unable to connect with one's family and how that affects the person. The director was able to take the people's emotions and make them seem real. I really enjoyed how he was able to show the situation from the women's point of view. I think it was done very well. I also thought that the film was very realistic in how it was shot. I think that it was very realistic in how the women's emotions played out in this film. I think it was a very good film, and I think that it would be a great movie for any audience. It's one of those films that you would watch several times and would enjoy it. It was very well done and I really enjoyed it. It is one of the better films that I have seen this year.

Catherine B. photo
Catherine B.

i like this movie. the ending is a bit awkward. but overall it's worth watching. i think it's also interesting that the main character is gay. i think it's important to have a gay person in a movie to show that not all gay people are bad. i was also glad that it had a lesbian in it. it's a nice touch. if you like lesbian movies you'll like this. if you like romantic movies, you'll probably like this too. but if you like comedy, this is not your kind of movie. it's not supposed to be funny.

Barbara photo

I've never seen a movie about a lesbian relationship that's not a chick flick. Not that I don't appreciate the concept, but the movie is too far from reality to be a true representation of lesbian love. This movie is like a Disney princess movie and a love story. However, this movie is far from romantic and the dialog is way over the top. This is not a movie for the masses, it is for the people who are looking for a good and intelligent story about a love story. The movie is decent, but it would have been better if it had been a little more realistic. Also, the ending was a bit off, but I can't tell if it was intentional or not.

Kevin Castro photo
Kevin Castro

After getting a very nice review from a lady on IMDb, I thought I would check this out. Well I was not disappointed. I loved it! It is definitely one of my favorites. I think this is one of those movies that makes you realize that we don't live in a perfect world. We don't have everything we need in life and this movie shows that in a very interesting way. I think this movie is great, the characters are very likable, and the actors do a good job. The ending is also very satisfying and I definitely recommend this movie to anyone that wants to learn more about love and life. I really like it!

Deborah photo

Before going to see this film, I didn't know too much about it, but I was so happy that I did. It's a wonderful romantic comedy. It's very funny, but it's also touching and uplifting. It's a movie that you can watch over and over again. The acting was wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for a better script, or for more memorable songs. I'm a huge fan of Elvis Presley, and I've always liked his songs. I even bought a few of his albums. I think this movie is a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone.