فيلم The Witness

The Witness

The Witness is a movie starring William Genovese, Shannon Beeby, and Kitty Genovese. The brother of Kitty Genovese investigates the circumstances of her murder and the truth of the story that dozens of locals witnessed the crime and...

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1 hours 29 minutes
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Biography, Documentary, Mystery, Crime
James D. Solomon
Gabriel Rhodes, James D. Solomon, William Genovese, Russell Greene
Kitty Genovese, William Genovese, Shannon Beeby, Winston Moseley
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The brother of Kitty Genovese investigates the circumstances of her murder and the truth of the story that dozens of locals witnessed the crime and did nothing to intervene.

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Kelly S. photo
Kelly S.

I thought this documentary was well done and very informative. I was somewhat disappointed that the film was a little slow, but it was still interesting. I felt that the film was very well done. It was very good to see the interviews with those who were involved in the investigation and the trial. I also thought that the film did a good job of showing the opinions of the witnesses and the people who were not involved in the case. Overall, I thought that this film was very good. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the case and how it was solved.

Olivia C. photo
Olivia C.

The first half of this documentary is interesting, but the second half of the film is very, very dull and not very informative. It was so boring and uninteresting that I did not even bother to watch the end of the documentary. I felt that the documentary was so dull that I felt like I had not had any fun at all watching it. It was just too boring to watch. I was very disappointed with this film. I think that the first half of the film was very interesting, but the second half of the film is boring and uninteresting.

Craig S. photo
Craig S.

I have seen many documentaries about the Watergate scandal, but this one is by far the most detailed. The director, Ron Klain, has done a fantastic job of weaving in interviews with key players and providing lots of information that is not easily available. This is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about Watergate. This is a must-see for anyone who is interested in politics.

Ashley A. photo
Ashley A.

In this documentary, the director discusses the unsolved murders of a woman, a man, and a child. The case is so weird that the story is a bit unbelievable. The director has the ability to get the viewer involved in the story, even if it is not a true story. I think that this documentary is good for the viewers who are interested in the case. The viewer should not be concerned about the details of the case, and the viewer should not be concerned about the police investigation. The viewer should be concerned about the process and the process should be interesting. I recommend that the viewer watch this documentary.

Lauren photo

You can't really find any fault with this documentary. I think it was made with a very clear agenda, and it certainly didn't do a very good job of showing the flaws of the system. There are two main flaws in the system: 1. People are usually not prosecuted when they are proven to be innocent. 2. People are rarely prosecuted when they are proven to be guilty. These two problems are not made any better by the fact that the system is rigged. There is a lot of good information in this documentary, but it's really hard to see all of it. It's hard to follow what's going on, and the documentary is a little too long. I feel like there are a lot of things that are missing from this documentary that would be interesting to know about. For example, how often do people go to jail for drug crimes? What's the average sentence? How many people are convicted for gun crimes? What's the difference between drug crimes and gun crimes? These are all questions that should be asked. It's not a bad documentary, but it's not really a great documentary either.

Hannah Edwards photo
Hannah Edwards

I went to see this movie with a big, big crush on the lead actor. I was so excited to see him in a movie and I was really looking forward to this movie. And I was pleasantly surprised. The acting in this movie was superb. I could not have been more pleased with the movie. I do not know how this movie was able to win so many awards. But it did. The acting, the plot, the cinematography, the direction, the script, everything was excellent. This movie will appeal to many people. I would highly recommend it. It is a great movie. I give it an A+

Eugene Jensen photo
Eugene Jensen

After watching this film, I was left feeling that this was the most underwhelming film I have ever seen. It is truly a shame that this film was given such a high rating on IMDb. The majority of the film is the testimony of a woman who was raped by a police officer and her abuser. The entire film is a testimony to the horror and fear that she felt. The movie is very well acted and directed. The film is well made and the content of the film is well presented. However, the film was poorly done. It is a real shame that the film was not a lot better. I would recommend this film only to people who have seen the original film or those who want to know more about the case. It is not a very good film, but it is certainly a well done film.

Melissa D. photo
Melissa D.

This documentary is excellent in its own right. The interviews are very insightful, and the material is engaging. I was most impressed by the one-on-one interviews with police officers, and the detective in charge of the case. This detective was a seasoned veteran of the Chicago Police Department, who had been assigned to the case after it had been handled by a second officer, who was the first officer to bring the case to the attention of the public. The detective was able to convey his deep love for the case, and his sense of duty to the families of the victims. His willingness to share his personal experience with the public was something that I found very moving. As an outsider, I found the material to be very compelling. I was interested in the way that the interviews were conducted, and how they were arranged. I was also interested in the nature of the crime, and the method of the murder. I found this to be an excellent documentary. It is well-written and thought-provoking. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in the case. I think it is a very worthwhile documentary. I highly recommend it.

John Jensen photo
John Jensen

The biggest thing that bothers me about this documentary is the idea of not allowing the subject of the film to fully develop. It is so powerful and important that the film should allow for him to show himself. So the film's director cuts out a lot of the time that could have been spent on the subject of the film and instead just spends a lot of time on the victim's family and friends. It feels like it would be better to give the subject more time to be a full-blown character instead of just showing his life. That said, I would definitely watch the film again to see what else the director could have shown.

Richard photo

It's been a long time since I watched this documentary and I must say it was a very good one. The best thing about it was the very well chosen footage from the cases of the Boston Marathon bombers. I loved the interview with Mark Lane, he was very open about his role in the Boston bombings. The way he explained the background of his role was very interesting and convincing. I liked the part when he explained how he had a lot of help from people. The one thing that bothered me was the narration of the interview with the elder brother of the Boston bombing suspects. The narration was very weak, not at all convincing. The story of the brother was interesting and I liked the way the filmmaker made it. I have to say that it was very good and worth watching.

Douglas Barnes photo
Douglas Barnes

I think I can speak for the majority of viewers when I say that I'm going to go watch this film again. I didn't get to see it in the theatre, and I don't think I'll be able to do that when it comes out on DVD. The film is a rather lengthy and boring documentary, but I think the director did an amazing job of presenting the facts of the case and giving an honest account of what happened. There is no doubt that the story of the Lindsay family is a very sad one, and I think the director managed to show a lot of emotions and some of the biggest atrocities that have been committed in this country. I think it is unfortunate that the movie only deals with the Lindsay case, and the subsequent trial. I think that the real story of this case should be told, and the people involved should be shown in a more positive light. I'm sure that many people would love to see this story told in a way that's not so harsh and depressing. I think the documentary could have been more interesting, and more realistic. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. I'd recommend it to anyone who has a strong interest in the Lindsay case.

Douglas Elliott photo
Douglas Elliott

Having never heard of this film, I really didn't know what to expect. I just thought it would be a nice compilation of events from the murder case that the media had focused on. It wasn't. I am really shocked that the film got a high rating here. This is a very basic story that doesn't get very far into details. The only thing that made this film interesting is that the filmmakers did some research and showed the background to this case. This is not a documentary but more of a presentation about the case. That's it. This film is not worth watching.

Kathleen Montgomery photo
Kathleen Montgomery

I really enjoyed this documentary. The first half hour of this film was a little slow, but the pacing of the second half really picked up and it was great. There are several scenes that are disturbing and disturbing in a way that you could really see that this man is mentally unstable and that he's been doing this for many years. In the end, this film is really about the witness and what happened to him. The rest of the film is about his son who was in the witness protection program and how his father is now a huge proponent of the witness protection program. There are also a few scenes that are disturbing in a way that you could really see that the man is mentally unstable and he's been doing this for many years. Overall, the film is very good and is worth seeing. If you are not a fan of documentaries, I recommend that you skip this film and watch "Syriana".