فيلم I Saw the Light

I Saw the Light

I Saw the Light is a movie starring Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, and Maddie Hasson. The story of the country-western singer Hank Williams, who in his brief life created one of the greatest bodies of work in American music. The...

Other Titles
Láttam a fényt, Δόξα και πτώση, A Jornada de Hank Williams, J'ai vu la lumière, Hank Williams, una voz a la deriva, アイ・ソー・ザ・ライト
Running Time
2 hours 3 minutes
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Music, Drama, Biography, Romance
Marc Abraham
Colin Escott, William MacEwen, George Merritt, Marc Abraham
Maddie Hasson, Bradley Whitford, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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The story of the country-western singer Hank Williams, who in his brief life created one of the greatest bodies of work in American music. The film chronicles his rise to fame and its tragic effect on his health and personal life.

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Johnny W. photo
Johnny W.

The movie, as I have seen it, is not very good. But the reason why I say that is because the movie is not only about a boy, but also about a person who was trying to find his own way to live. It is a movie about a real man who is trying to find his own way in life. I have seen the movie so many times and I can say that it is a really good movie. It is very funny. It is also very moving and very touching. I really like it because it is a very good movie. It is a movie that I think people can really watch. It is a good movie.

Gerald photo

This movie is an excellent movie, and I am glad I saw it. It was also very interesting to see a movie that had a lot of great music and not just generic rock music. The characters were believable and it was a good story. The story is about a girl who is raped and she gets a job as a stripper. She meets a guy who is an actor, and she falls in love with him. She has a lot of problems in her life, and she is also dealing with her sister who is a drug addict. This is a great movie to watch, because it has a lot of great music. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie.

Jerry Munoz photo
Jerry Munoz

I saw the film for the first time last night. I was curious to see how the movie would compare to the book, and I can say it was a great movie. I was also surprised at how well the actors and actresses portrayed their characters. They did a great job at portraying their emotions, and I thought they were the most believable of the cast. I also loved the way the director shot the film, and I loved the music, especially the piano music. It was haunting and beautiful. I really enjoyed the movie, and I am going to see it again in a few days. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone. I would say it is definitely worth the money, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Benjamin Stevens photo
Benjamin Stevens

I loved this film, and I think it's a good one. The plot is pretty standard, but the acting is great. Keira Knightley is great, and her performance is strong, and believable. I think she was the most believable, and I think she deserved the Oscar she won. Colin Firth is great too. The plot isn't too complicated, and the film is very slow, but it's still enjoyable. The film is a bit more slow than other films, but I think it works for the story. I would recommend this film to anyone who liked "Atonement" or "Atonement" or "Fawlty Towers", or "The King's Speech", or "The Pianist", or "The Queen", or "The Prestige". I think it's a good film.

Melissa Phillips photo
Melissa Phillips

I saw the movie and loved it. It was a very nice story. The main character was very good. I am very happy that there was a movie with this kind of story. The movie was very good. The music was very good. I hope there will be more movies like this. I give this movie 8 out of 10.

Diane L. photo
Diane L.

I first saw this movie in the cinema and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. It was an amazing experience to see it on the big screen and the acting was superb. I will not spoil the ending but I will say that it is a brilliant ending. If you haven't seen it then go and see it now. You will not regret it.

Jonathan L. photo
Jonathan L.

I've read a lot of the reviews of this film, and while I don't agree with them all, I still liked the film. It's a good film, very entertaining, and it kept me engaged. I'll admit, it does get a bit slow at times, but that's just me. The performances were all good, and the direction was excellent. I really enjoyed this film, and I hope you do too.

Amanda photo

This movie is an excellent depiction of the life of Bob Marley, who died at the age of 24. The story of his life is told from his point of view. The movie was shot in Kingston, Jamaica and New York City. The locations were wonderful and it was very easy to follow. The acting was superb and I loved the way the director used the music. This is a movie that will stay with me for a long time.

Alexander photo

I saw the movie the day it came out, and i must say i was quite impressed. I thought it was a good movie, and the acting was excellent. I did not expect to be so touched by the film, but it was a very touching film. The story was very good, and it was interesting to see the journey of two people. I think it was a good movie, and i give it an 8 out of 10.

Nicole G. photo
Nicole G.

I saw the movie in Amsterdam and I have to say that I really enjoyed the movie. I really enjoyed the storyline, the music, the cinematography and the acting. The acting is really good. The movie is about a young woman who was a child prodigy. Her parents divorced and she has to live with her grandmother. She was in a poor family but she did not have problems with her grandmother. She had a very bad childhood and she has to live with her grandmother. One day she meets a guy and they start to fall in love. But her grandmother does not like it. Her grandmother hates that girl. She tells her that she should not get close to any man and she should stay away from the guy. The girl is not happy and she has to deal with her grandmother. She is not happy with the grandmother but she tries to do her best to get away from her. The movie is a very good movie. The story is good and it is a story about a girl who was a child prodigy. I think the movie is very good. I like the acting of the actors. The movie is a good movie.

Mildred P. photo
Mildred P.

The very first time I watched "The Room" was a very good day. I was very, very impressed by the movie. But the next day, I was disappointed. It was too slow, I felt like it dragged on. It was the first time I watched it, but I thought I would never watch it again. But when I saw "The Big Short" the next day, I started to watch it again. I was completely shocked. The movie was so much better than I thought. It was so different. The movie had so much life. It was so funny, it was so sad, it was so romantic, it was so funny. It was so much more than I thought it would be. I just loved the movie so much. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a good movie. It was so different from the other movies I have seen in the past. It had a lot of heart and it was so funny. I really think that it is one of the best movies ever made. It is so good and I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Judith R. photo
Judith R.

I Saw the Light (2015) * (out of 4) The story of Gene Hackman and Michael Shannon is one of the more controversial films that has been made recently. Hackman plays Henry Hackman, a former boxer who is a friend of Shannon's, who is now a pianist and musician. They meet and work together on a project and both of them have to deal with some personal problems that they have to face in their personal lives. The film starts off very slow and doesn't really go anywhere until the end of the film, but that doesn't mean that the film is bad. It's just that the story is quite a bit different than the one that we've seen before. The film does a good job of showing how Hackman's character deals with his personal problems, but the film is also very powerful in showing how Shannon's character deals with his personal problems. I Saw the Light has a very powerful message about how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and how you should look at a person and how they see the world and what they're really about. I Saw the Light is a very good film that will have a lasting impact on anyone who has ever had to deal with personal problems.

Carolyn photo

This movie was very good, although I do not think it was Oscar worthy. The story is really good, and the actors did a very good job. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was that the movie seemed to go on forever, I know it is supposed to be an hour and a half long, but it seemed like it was only about an hour and a half. The movie also had a very slow pace, and I felt like it was dragging on and on, it was really slow and boring. Also, the ending was very good, but I don't think it was the ending that would have made this movie good. Overall, this movie was good, but it could have been better. 7/10

Marilyn Burton photo
Marilyn Burton

I saw the film at the premiere in Hollywood, and it was a great movie. It was the most exciting movie I've seen in a long time. I thought the cinematography was incredible. It was beautiful and that's what made the movie feel so real. The performances were all great, especially Cate Blanchett as Alice. I think she should win an Oscar for this performance. I don't know how she was able to act that way, but she did it really well. She also had a very real and believable relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, which I think was very important. I think the cinematography was very beautiful and that's what made the movie feel like it was really happening in that moment. I think it was a great movie, and I think it should be nominated for an Oscar. The movie was very moving, and I think that's what made it so good.

Jose photo

I Saw the Light is a movie that I feel that every one should see. It is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. It is the story of two women, Greta Gerwig and Sally Hawkins, who have experienced the loss of their father and are trying to survive. The main story is Greta Gerwig, a high school dropout, who is a singer, and also has a special talent that is her ability to see the future. She has been using this talent since she was young. The film focuses on her attempt to adapt to her new life and her relationship with her mother. Sally Hawkins is an actress who is in a downward spiral of her own, with no money and a single mother who is not able to support her daughter. When she is not at the movies, she is spending her time in the library, and trying to find work. She is also working to become a writer. I Saw the Light is not a great movie, but it is a beautiful film, and I feel that it will be one of the most well-received movies of the year. I highly recommend this movie.

Adam photo

I Saw the Light is a film that I really enjoyed. It is a tale of two different people. One is an old man, and the other is a young man, who is blind and deaf. Both have different dreams and aspirations. This film is about finding your dreams, and seeing them through. The director really pulls it off. It is one of those films that you watch and think about. It is well made, and the acting is excellent. It is an interesting story, with a lot of twists and turns. I Saw the Light is one of those films that you really want to see again. It is a great film to watch over and over again.

Danielle T. photo
Danielle T.

A good film that is so much more than just a film about a couple of days in the life of two men in the 1980's. The story of these two men is so fascinating, and it makes you feel so much more for the characters. I'm not going to say anything about the plot, because there's no plot in this film. It's just a journey of two people through their lives and the people around them. I loved the movie. I was actually sad when it was over. I thought the music was amazing and the acting was great. I hope there will be a sequel to this film.

Beverly Bradley photo
Beverly Bradley

In the 1980's, a young man named Peter (Brad Pitt) is on his way to Los Angeles with his girlfriend (Winona Ryder). He's on his way to meet his estranged father, who has been a pimp for the past thirty years. Peter's father is a devout Catholic who is deeply in love with his daughter. His father, who is also a musician, is also a struggling musician who is too afraid to be himself. He's depressed and is extremely jealous of his daughter. One day, Peter is pulled over by a cop (David Morse) and he is arrested for drug possession. He is taken to a hospital and has a seizure. His father is also arrested. He's in the hospital for two days. His father is unable to get out of jail. The father, who is a skilled pimp, knows that he must get Peter to a lawyer who will get him out of jail. He decides to hire a lawyer who is also a musician and he decides to take his daughter and Peter to Los Angeles. There are some good performances by the cast, but the story is a bit of a mess. The story is very cliche and the film is very boring. The film is a bit slow. The performances are fine, but the film is just too long. There are some great music cues, but the film is just too long. The film is definitely worth watching, but it is not a very good film.

Juan photo

It's the best film I have ever seen. I don't know what is the cause, I think it's the music. The music is perfect. I have never been so moved. The performances are great. I like the way the film has been shot, and the director has done an excellent job. I can't tell you the plot because I don't want to spoil it. I think the director is one of the best directors I have ever seen. I like this film a lot. I hope you'll watch it.

Brittany photo

This is a wonderful movie, a classic in my opinion. I've been listening to this album for a while and I loved it. I feel it is the best album I have ever heard. The movie is also very well done. It shows the world as it is, the love of people, the confusion and fear of being loved and the courage to fight for your rights. It shows how we are all connected and how we can all be together. It is a very powerful movie that will make you think and make you feel. I don't know why this movie isn't getting the recognition it deserves. I think it deserves it.

Kimberly Sanders photo
Kimberly Sanders

I saw this film in the theatre when it came out and I've seen it again a few years later and now I can't stop thinking about it. This film is a bit slow at times but it has a great message about hope and the life of the individual. I saw this film when I was young and I remember being so moved by it. It is a really powerful film that shows how a great person can make a difference in a small town and how a simple person can make a huge impact. I think the director did a great job with this film. I also liked the performances from the entire cast. I think the performances from the entire cast was one of the things that made the film so great. I think the main characters of this film are a bit dull and the dialogue could be better. But the message of hope is the main theme of this film and it is definitely worth watching.

Eugene Hopkins photo
Eugene Hopkins

This film is one of the few I've seen that I liked. I enjoyed it, but I found it a bit hard to swallow the way it was done. It was one of those films that I found myself really enjoying, but when I looked back on it, I realized that the whole film was really one long song. It was like watching a movie that was made on a slow motion video. I don't think it was really done for the sake of it. I think it was done because it was in a way, a tribute to the people in the film. If it wasn't for the people in the film, the whole film would have been nothing. The film is about a man who sees the light after years of darkness and then he starts to see that he was born in the wrong place, he was born with a disability. He then begins to understand the meaning of life and that life is worth living. He realizes that he has the power to change the world and change it for the better. He then begins to write and start to make music. He then goes through a number of tragedies and then he comes to realize that he has the power to change the world. He then begins to make music again and that's how the film ends. It's a very sad film. It's a very sad story, but it's a story that will stick with you long after the film is over. It's a really good film and I recommend it to people who like stories about people who see the light.

Ruth M. photo
Ruth M.

I saw the film last night and thought it was very well done. The story was told in a very different way than what I had expected. The story was told very well and the story was told in a way that was very relatable to the film. The movie did not leave you feeling "sickened" or "depressed". In fact, I would say it was a very positive film. The film was a lot more than just a film about the life of this young woman. It was about her as a human being. The film was very well made and I would highly recommend this film. I would give it an 8 out of 10.