فيلم Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles

Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles

Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles is a movie starring Marc Aronson, Michael Bernardi, and Jerry Bock. The origin story behind one of Broadway's most beloved musicals, Fiddler on The Roof, and its creative roots in early 1960s New York,...

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Max Lewkowicz
Valerie Thomas, Max Lewkowicz
Jerry Bock, Michael Bernardi, Danny Burstein, Marc Aronson
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The origin story behind one of Broadway's most beloved musicals, Fiddler on The Roof, and its creative roots in early 1960s New York, when "tradition" was on the wane as gender roles, sexuality, race relations and religion were evolving.

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Donna Sandoval photo
Donna Sandoval

I came into this with mixed feelings. I am not a fan of documentaries, as the only documentary I have seen that I really enjoyed was "Citizen Koch" which I saw on Showtime in March 2008. I had seen a lot of critics trash this film and I had to watch it as well. I was thoroughly impressed with it. I believe it was a documentary on faith and how the film makers were able to convey a message and still have faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ. The overall message is that faith is more important than money and the people in the documentary talk about the importance of the poor, the sick and the less fortunate. I recommend this film to all who are serious about God and Christianity.

Olivia Warren photo
Olivia Warren

I love this film. I hope everyone gets to see it! I have read the reviews and have never seen a film about faith quite like this. This film is about how faith and miracles have saved so many people over the years and how the miracle of faith can be applied to everyday life and even the most mundane things. If you're interested in what the New Testament says about faith, you should check out this film. All the actors in this film did a great job. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a great film on faith. See it and share it with your friends!

Keith W. photo
Keith W.

This is an amazing documentary that will definitely get you thinking about your own personal quest for peace. It is very timely and covers issues that are still relevant today. I loved the stories about people from around the world that had a miracle in their lives that brought them to the brink of death and how they were able to overcome their fears and make peace with themselves. For people who are interested in peace and change, this is a MUST SEE documentary.

Larry Watkins photo
Larry Watkins

I was very impressed with this documentary. It is a documentary that will keep you awake and will really grab your attention. You will see the hidden side of the Rastafarian religion. For some reason they can say these words over and over. It is not just any religious organization. This is one of the reasons they are a religion. I would say this is one of the most important documentary I have ever seen. It definitely deserves more recognition and maybe even more funding. They should be able to make more films and more documentaries. I would recommend this documentary to anyone and anyone who doesn't want to hear what the world thinks of them. I recommend it to everyone.

Cheryl H. photo
Cheryl H.

I was fortunate enough to see this movie at a screening in the hall at the Rotunda Theatre in Seattle, Washington, USA. This movie, the last of a trilogy, is very important to us in the movement. It is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. It really touches on the subject of children's interests, to the extent of trying to inspire young minds to pursue their interests as they grow up. The subject is not so much of a religious or spiritual issue, as it is a universal one. It is about a child's need for a father figure, the need for a friend, and the social life in which he lives. That is why the book, the movie, and the site all agree on the theme of the book, the movie, and the site. The movie is a good example of what I am talking about. It is a "pure" movie, without any visual effects, and all the best of the music. I have never seen anything like it. The movie is both a great education tool and a source of happiness. I was thrilled to see that it was shown at the National Film Board's awards. It is a great gift that all people should have. I highly recommend it.

Olivia Stewart photo
Olivia Stewart

This movie had such a powerful impact on me that I went to see it again. I realized the impact that it had on me after reading the book. This movie was made to make money and not to educate. The reason I liked this movie so much is that it was not shown in the style of a documentary, but rather in the style of a movie. The actors were obviously in it for the money, but also for the enjoyment of the audience. I was impressed with the acting, the script, and the cinematography. I hope they do a movie on the old miracle of miracles. As the ad says, "just watch this movie."

Tyler photo

It was a great movie. However, I must say I felt the bad editing in parts. If it was less raw it would have been amazing. Also, the negative editing and music in the trailers for the movie didn't really fit the movie at all. I am definitely looking forward to watching this movie again. It will be nice to have my favorite actor in the role of the narrator. It was such a great movie. Hopefully they release a second and third time. I hope you guys give it a chance!

Jeremy photo

I am a very religious person. So it was a little difficult to get through the movie without thinking of my own religion. But I was able to get through it. I thought it was very emotional, and I really appreciated the people involved in the film. I had no idea what it was about until I watched it and realized it was very important. I also appreciated the work of the missionaries in doing the filming. I did not know much about the missionaries and I thought they were very well-trained, very devoted, and very caring. It made me realize how much I appreciate all people who come to me for help. They also showed that it is important to remember to just be yourself and to not use others for support. It is very rare that I get people to forgive me for not being able to help them. But this movie did it. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that he is the Savior of the world. I am going to keep an open mind and think about it as I watch it.

Craig photo

Wow! This movie is a great work of art. I found it inspiring and would like to see it again! The acting is wonderful, and so is the writing. I hope this movie will be able to be distributed nationally, and I hope that it will be shown in schools, so that our children can see how a miracle of a miracle happens every day. I was a nurse, and have a niece, who has a physical disability. I feel that the film makes the point of the story about a miracle of a miracle that can be done every day. The first time I saw this movie, I was quite skeptical about the fact that it would be a masterpiece, but it was a beautiful experience. I hope that other people, who read this and would like to see it, would find it as well. It is not just a film that teaches the truth of life, but a film that can be taught to children. I believe that we as a people should be reminded of the miracles of a miracle every day. Thank you so much for making this film!

Timothy H. photo
Timothy H.

I agree with the other reviewers that this movie was much better than I had expected. A powerful message for people who don't have the resources to do what they need to do in the areas of their lives. I do have one slight complaint about it. It is a bit long and some scenes were repeated over and over again without any improvement. But this is no big deal. In the end I am glad that the movie was done in such a way that the viewer can come away with a sense of hope, especially in a country where people are still suffering and have so much to lose.

Dennis photo

To tell you the truth, I was intrigued by the fact that the movie was not based on the book. The book was, however, quite good. I enjoyed it, especially because of the dialogue. What makes a movie like that so special is the performances. They give you a clear view of what they felt was the essence of their characters. This movie was superb. Many of the performances were outstanding. The actors portraying Jack the Ripper, Dr. Lizzie Borden and Theodora Welby, were all exceptional. Even the children's performances were exceptional. I think the one that stands out the most is the performance by Theodora Welby. I thought she gave a very moving performance. The film was well edited, with a lot of cut scenes. I liked this. I didn't like that the director used a lot of montages to show scenes. I don't know how they did that in the movie. However, there were many memorable scenes that I would like to see again. The director did a good job of keeping the movie moving. This is a great movie.

Sarah photo

In fact, i saw this film last night and it is a masterpiece, it's the most beautiful film i have ever seen, it is about a man named Raed, who is able to see the future and when he sees the plane crash which was his main form of coping with his sorrow and pain, he goes to a plane and meets a bunch of other people who also have this ability. So he has this big project to do, to see the future, he wants to see the future and if you think about it, it really is a beautiful film. I also think that it is a story about two things, its about his ability and the difference between science and faith. I mean i saw the film and thought it was very interesting, it was very inspiring, and I thought the film was also great because it was about religion and science and i think it was very interesting. So all in all this is a really amazing film and it is very inspiring. I would recommend this film to anyone and i also recommend to anyone who wants to watch a film about science and religion, it is really a great film.

Nancy H. photo
Nancy H.

I will never forget the day I saw this documentary and just how many laughs I had! This film is so educational, and it will leave you in tears. The stories are so true and such a relief. This film is about a man who has no money and how the church would help him out. This film is a MUST see for all! Thank you!

Daniel Vargas photo
Daniel Vargas

The movie that has given me so much joy and keeps me thinking about it, makes me tear up. Some of my friends and I are still crying from it. The director and producers made a great documentary on the legacy of The Who. Every part of the history is covered in the film, including the fact that it was very difficult to get this movie made. The director and producer have an incredibly clear vision, they don't want to leave the audience with any questions and that's exactly what they have. I can't wait for the DVD. It is a must for any Who fan, it's hard to think of any other band who is so dedicated to their fans and this documentary does an amazing job at explaining the complete history of The Who. I'm going to watch it again.

Howard M. photo
Howard M.

This is a documentary of T.C. & Ann, two young sisters, who founded the Holy Ghost School of Martial Arts and now run their own company. They have been in BJJ for about ten years. They talk about T.C's main influences, and also her childhood and her motivation to be a black belt. They talk about what she does to prepare for the classes, and how she gets the point of the moves. They also talk about T.C's training partners, who all get mentioned in the film. They show the original video of the seminar, which is a little scary. I highly recommend this movie, because it is a great look into the lives of two great women.

Diane photo

Saw this film at the Kennedy Center in NYC this weekend. Although we all know about the Holocaust, this is something else. This film makes you cry. It takes you on a journey through the mind and emotions of a child, and the two men who live through this child. The movie takes you on a journey from this child's world to that of the Jewish parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. The story is not only interesting, but uplifting. You don't need to know anything about the Holocaust to feel something about it. A must see.

Judith photo

This is a must see documentary on how children can become leaders in their communities. It is an example of the power of children's dreams. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to understand the power of children's dreams and how they can change the world. If you liked this documentary, please share it with anyone who may enjoy it as well. Thank you!

Louis photo

One of the most important documentaries I have ever seen. This is the story of how Charlie Kaufman (the director of "Adaptation", "Adaptation 2", "Adaptation 3") transformed himself into a powerful, articulate, highly talented, and versatile film maker. He uses the techniques of film-making to portray the life of Charlie Kaufman, as if he were in front of the camera. This film is incredibly moving, touching, and really makes you think about what is possible. It is amazing. We can only hope that he makes more films in the future.