فيلم Kapoor & Sons

Kapoor & Sons

Kapoor & Sons is a movie starring Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan, and Alia Bhatt. A story revolving around a dysfunctional family of 2 brothers who visit their family and discover that their parents marriage is on the verge of...

Other Titles
Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921), Kapoor And Sons
Running Time
2 hours 12 minutes
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Romance, Comedy, Drama
Shakun Batra
Ayesha DeVitre, Spandan Mishra, Shakun Batra
Alia Bhatt, Fawad Khan, Sidharth Malhotra, Rajat Kapoor
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A story revolving around a dysfunctional family of 2 brothers who visit their family and discover that their parents marriage is on the verge of collapse,the family is undergoing a financial crunch and much more as the drama unfolds.

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Catherine C. photo
Catherine C.

First time in decades I've watched a comedy about the Indian society. And not just that, the Indians have been in a system of segregation for so long that the characters' issues of identity are not that different from those of the native Indian community. The jokes are not new. The dialogue is not fresh. But the casting is. Kabir Khan is Keshan, whose friends are Ranvir and Sabu. He has been educated by his father, who had been a judge in his previous life. He is a devout Hindu, and is now in a Hindu Brahmin family. He is also very religious and is a staunch disciple of Lord Shiva. He is only following the instructions given to him by his god. He's become quite an expert in that area, and has made a vow of chastity for his future. Then comes Nasser Khan, a movie critic from India. His friends are no longer willing to take him seriously. He is married to a nice girl, but his marriage is yet to take place. He is being rejected by his parents, and he is always surrounded by people who do not know who he is. When his old friend Rababhai Raja asks him to come to India for his wedding, he decides to go. As he enters the country, he meets another Indian, a Chetnik who is in a hurry to get a car. The first couple of days go well. Nasser's old friends start to notice that he's becoming more different from the rest of them. The other Indian starts to notice him as well, but they are still unsure of what to do with him. They have reservations about him being a Muslim, because his family doesn't seem to be Muslims. As a result, his family begins to suspect that he's actually a Christian, because he has been being a Muslim all his life. They decide to get him a passport and to send him back to India. His brother Sabu, a well-educated young man, doesn't agree with this decision, and starts to bully Nasser into changing his religion. Sabu is not a perfect person. He is very religious, but he is a poor man and has no money. Nasser is ready to do everything to pay off Sabu's debts, but Sabu starts to tell him to leave him alone. So Nasser decides to leave, only to return later. On the way back, he runs into the brother of a friend of his, who also happens to be a Hindu. Nasser tries to reason with him, but he starts to beat him up. But Nasser also starts to make plans for getting the brother a new car. So the brother agrees to have Nasser come to India to help him out, but he has to find an Indian woman who is willing to go along with it. Nasser asks his old friend Ranvir to come with him, and the two begin to visit Hindu temples. As they learn more about Hinduism, they become more attached to it. But eventually the three men realize that they're going against Hinduism and begin to question their own beliefs. To make their case for what they do, they try to convince the rest of the audience. This is a rather silly movie. I'm sure the comedy is mainly there for the laughs, but I was bored after about an hour. I thought the story was much more interesting than the jokes, which don't really work. But this movie is definitely worth watching. The cast is good, and the performances are quite good. Kabir Khan is very likable. His humor is fresh, and he has the perfect persona to play Keshan. His acting is spot-on, and you can't get enough of him. The other cast members are decent, as well. Nasser Khan is also good, and I really enjoyed him. Ram Kapoor is decent as the Chetnik who is questioning his beliefs. Anupam Kher is good as the personification of the wrath of Lord Shiva, and the others are okay as well. Overall, a fairly decent movie, but it's not that great. It's just okay. I'd probably say it's above average. But it's a fun movie to watch with a few beers, and even better when you have a few beers and not a beer.

James photo

I am quite familiar with the works of PK who has done some great movies in the past. I have seen and liked the movie 'Rustom' where Kapoor & Sons was in my view a well-made movie. I have seen the movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' where Kapoor & Sons was really not well-made. I have also seen the movie 'Aayir Aayir' where Kapoor & Sons was really not well-made. But, I am surprised that PK has really made a movie in which he shows off his acting and talents. I have watched the movie on TV and saw it from the side, that was what made the movie 'better' than it would have been otherwise. On the whole, I think that the movie was okay, but it could have been better. The movie was a bit different from the original stories but was still good. The story was good, the acting was good and the cinematography was very good. The songs were not that good and the film was just OK. I am sure that Kapoor and Sons will be well-deserved of the praise they are getting. The movie is very good and has a good plot but the film could have been better.

Howard C. photo
Howard C.

A Hindi film. a real Indian film. about India. this is a movie about two brothers in Mumbai, who run a bar. one brother is a successful businessman, the other is a pretty girl in the business. However, what makes the movie unique is the fact that the characters are real people. The characters are real. some of them are doing business with the characters. (independently or not) The characters are really likable. The characters are realistic. You can actually feel for them. In fact, you could feel that they are human. The story is actually a good one, it tells us a story about how they live, how they work and what happens. It tells us about the mafia in Mumbai and how things work. The movie was really good. It was entertaining, it was well done and it was a great story. The acting was also great, except of the male character who was not convincing, but the actress was really good. Overall, a good movie. a well done movie. 7/10

Samuel W. photo
Samuel W.

What is so great about this movie is its balance of comedy and drama. It is a kind of sappy romantic movie with a dash of goofiness and a healthy dose of some drama thrown in. It is a movie that made me laugh, and this is what makes it so great. It has a perfect balance of good laughs and beautiful romance, and has a perfect balance of direction and screenplay. I don't want to spoil it for you, just watch it and enjoy it for yourself. 7/10

Megan photo

Jeevish Shah is one of the most underrated actors of our times. His performance in this movie is one of the best of his career. The entire cast was also brilliant. Music is pretty well done, and the background score was quite nice too. Overall, one of the best family entertainment ever made in India. One of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.

Samantha Hall photo
Samantha Hall

Wish I was able to view this film before it was released in theatres, but I was not able to see it in a cinema. I was lucky enough to get a secondhand VCD copy from the local Asian department store for a few pounds. Being a big fan of Puja Prakash's earlier work, I was pleasantly surprised. I have seen a number of Kapoor & Sons films and was pleasantly surprised at their accessibility, the story was quite simple and straightforward and the music, although a little melodramatic, was at least appropriate. The performance of some of the characters were better than expected and made the film work. The film reminded me a bit of "The Broken Girls", which was an American film which I had never heard of but liked. Kapoor & Sons is slightly different but is a well worth seeing. I would recommend this film to people who like the Kapoor & Sons soundtracks.

Jeremy photo

The film is a film of the day, and it is about an individual who is struggling with his situation. It is quite a well written film. After the setting of the film, the direction is great. The cinematography is fantastic. The background score of music is very good, and the acting is very good. Akshay Kumar and Mahesh Babu have good chemistry, and Shreyas Talpade is well acted. Rajesh Khanna was just fantastic, and so is the chemistry between Anushka and Mahesh. The film is a slice of life, and the film could have been more well written. But the film is good enough to watch.

Laura S. photo
Laura S.

So far, I'm the only one who has noticed the absence of the usual antagonists in the recent Hindi films. Let me tell you, I love the Ramayan, but most of the antagonists in the film were really good. So, no complaint here, this is a good film to watch, and you might find a few scenes which you are unable to find in your favorite Hindi film. Enjoy.

Melissa photo

An excellent movie with few flaws. Good cast and good direction. A bit of a roller coaster, but it has many strong points and it's worth watching.

Henry Lopez photo
Henry Lopez

Just kidding I liked it, it's one of the most enjoyable films I've seen this year. Salman is a brilliant actor and the two co-stars, Shreyas Talpade and Abhay Deol, play the two of them very well. Rishi Kapoor also provides his usual good supporting role to the characters and the visuals of the film are very cool and I really enjoyed the pace of the film. The songs are also very good, the best songs are 'Hounar' and 'Tu Na Toh Kya'. The story is also very nice and I really enjoyed the movie. I don't understand why people didn't like it or why it's getting so bad reviews. Its a very good film, you can easily enjoy it. The story has a lot of twists and turns. I really liked the chemistry between the two leads, especially Salman's and Abhay Deol's, I really like the fact that they're a first time father and son couple in real life. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Just give it a chance and you might be very surprised. Salman, you've become one of the most brilliant actors in Bollywood and its great to see you making a comeback.

Tyler Jacobs photo
Tyler Jacobs

In the beginning, I wasn't too keen on Kapoor & Sons. When I heard it was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali (I believe), I was skeptical that I would be so disappointed by his work. However, when I was at home, I thought I would watch it on a movie night without any expectations. It was one of those films that I would watch after it ended and I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was just a short film that had a good message. I also thought that I had seen a good film when I saw "Pandora" (a film that I haven't seen in a while) and the ending of that film had some dark tones to it. I was very disappointed by Kapoor & Sons because I thought it would have been a good film. I felt that there would have been more comedy to the film and a darker tone. As it was, I was pleasantly surprised by the film. I liked the fact that they showed the 'star' in a different light and I was pleased that the 'star' did not take over the film like he did in "Pandora". The film definitely showed that the real star of the film was the 'star' and it was only him who was in the film. As it was, I thought that the film was great. The performances were wonderful, the story was decent, the direction was great and the ending was superb. Overall, I loved the film and I would definitely recommend it.

Judy M. photo
Judy M.

A guy called Mike lives in a small town in India with his wife and young daughter. The film starts out very well with Mike trying to get his family's business up and running but things start to go downhill when he decides to leave his daughter in the care of her brother, and decides to live in an RV in the country to earn some extra cash. A stray dog starts a fight between the family and is brought to the local veterinary clinic for rabies treatment. The next day the boy dies and Mike must decide if he is going to live or die. The film starts to look very good, but when the son goes into the woods for a hunt he ends up getting bit by a huge snake and dies. The film then continues with Mike and his family struggling to deal with this tragedy and try and get the boy's body back and put it in a vat of liquid nitrogen. The film does get a bit silly in places, but in a good way, and the actors do an excellent job. The director is well known to most people as the director of "Notting Hill", but the movie is very good even though it has been around for a while. It is a great comedy that the family will definitely enjoy. The kid is really funny, but the acting is very good. The kid in the film is going to be huge for a while. 6/10

Jane Armstrong photo
Jane Armstrong

Its a good movie that has got good story line.though the cinematography is terrible.the music is good and songs are good also.the songs are made for it.

Lauren R. photo
Lauren R.

Like all the time-honored genres of Bollywood - comedy, romance and drama - there is something that is so Indian about this film. The jokes are in the language, in the manner, the situations, the characters and the choreography. Though the film is a Hindi film, the storylines are carried in Hindi. The characters are real and believable, despite the differences in their personalities. There is a more-than-passing similarity between the characters in this film and the characters of a "real" romance. Most of the time, this type of film revolves around a man's love for another man and the consequences that he faces in a short period of time. The film is lighthearted, yet romantic and realistic. You will probably like the characters in this film. The music in this film is well chosen, but doesn't intrude in any of the scenes. The songs are songs that will get stuck in your head for a long time. The music is more than enough for a typical Bollywood film to make you smile and jump. The story is also different from the norm. It starts out as a normal romantic comedy. But once the main plot gets moving, it really picks up and unfolds into a more-than-ordinary romantic drama. The story is more than average, but is quite gripping and very engaging. Overall, this film is a good choice for a family. It is not the most thought-provoking film, but the characters are good, the music is memorable and the story is charming. The actors are likable and the story isn't predictable, so if you have some time, you can watch this film.

Gloria R. photo
Gloria R.

Director Raajkumar Menon is on the same mission as Kapoor & Sons: to convey the power of nostalgia. It has a nice cast of Aishwarya Rai, Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Kalpana. However, it has not got the magic of Kapoor & Sons, that movie has. It's only the original characters and very very few nostalgia lines. In my opinion, the nostalgia is too obvious and does not add anything new to the story. Kapoor & Sons is just an opportunity to repeat the same story. Therefore, a lot of good stuff should have been created here. However, the absence of strong, good stuff is the only downfall in the movie. The ending is too rushed and not touching at all. However, I do not like the film which ended in the same way. The cast is great and Kapoor & Sons is a good film, but it could have been much better.

Tiffany V. photo
Tiffany V.

I must say that I am a big fan of Kapoor & Sons. I am not a fan of Salman Khan but I am not a big fan of Aishwarya Rai either. But the movie I thought was the best of all of Kapoor & Sons. I felt that this movie was really good. It was a good idea to have the two brothers in a different place but it was still a good idea. This movie is a family movie but it is not a family movie as many people would say. It is a good story, good plot and good acting. Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai did a great job. I am not sure why they have not been nominated for best actor. The thing I do know is that I love this movie and I want to watch it again and again. There is so much to say about this movie. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Lawrence photo

Overall, this is a very good movie. For me, it has the essence of an Indian movie. The characters are good, the direction is good and the pace is good. There is no romance and there is no sex, but there is romance. So, in my opinion, I think this is an Indian movie and you can watch it without a problem. The music is good and the cast is very good. No question about it. Akshay Kumar is so good as the dad who has lots of problems and is very insecure. Katrina Kaif is so good as the neighbour who is very smart and wants to get out of her life and has to live a bad life. She has to marry and have a kid and has to pay for the hospital bills. She is so good at playing the part. She deserves an award for this. The rest of the cast also has their role. The story has a simple story but is still very good. It doesn't tell you that there is no hope, love or friendship in life and that is a waste of time. The theme is one of the most good of the time. The cast in this movie is good and the acting is good. I really liked the song 'Mere Hukum Khosla' which is the theme of the movie. It is very good. The movie is very good in my opinion and you can watch it without a problem.

Christine C. photo
Christine C.

I have seen this movie before but I found the storyline of the movie really amusing. Some aspects of this movie are a bit overrated but some parts of it are very well executed. The scene where the father and son are fighting is very funny and the song that they sing together is also quite catchy. Overall, I would recommend this movie for everyone but I would also recommend this movie to those who are more mature. 8/10

Martha S. photo
Martha S.

I went to this movie with a friend, a virgin, for an early Valentine's Day movie night. I saw some of the comments here, and I don't regret going, even though I still don't know how to write an honest review. It's not a perfect movie, not at all, but there are enough laughs to make it worth seeing. I really liked the set up, with the wedding and the sex and the wedding parties. It made it more romantic and intimate, even though the whole movie was still sex. We got the point where Kapoor (Rituparna) can't keep his hands off of Anna (Dharmendra). I liked how he opened up to her in his various fantasies. I also liked the love story between Kapoor and Anna. It was not forced at all. It just flowed naturally. I also liked the ending, which ended the movie, and gave some closure to Anna's and Kapoor's relationships. I don't know why I am giving this a perfect score, but I am. The movie is more focused on the relationships between Kapoor and Anna, the sex scenes and the physical parts of their love, than the plot, which is basically a love story between a man and a woman. I also think the sex scenes were really good, but the film needed to work more on the plot and maybe could have been a little shorter. There are too many characters and situations for the plot to have meaning and focus. This is not the best film to watch on Valentine's Day, but if you have nothing better to do, it's definitely worth a watch.

Lawrence photo

I was really impressed with this movie. It was such a different film. The movie is based on the life of 2 sisters in India. One of the sisters has died and the other is a rebellious, rebellious girl. The director, Abhishek Kapoor, who is not known for these types of films, did a brilliant job. The storyline was interesting, and the background of the characters is wonderful. I'm not very fond of Bollywood films, but this was amazing!

Christian Ward photo
Christian Ward

I really don't like to criticise a movie so I won't. However I am glad I have seen it. I have seen it because it was so good. It is actually about one guy's life and one girl's life. However, I have to say the acting was very good. I don't have to say much about the performances of the other actors because they really did a great job. Some of them are really good and one of them is really great, but there are some others who do a good job too. Also, the story was really good and it has some great scenes. You won't regret to watch it.