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Colette is a movie starring Keira Knightley, Fiona Shaw, and Dominic West. Colette is pushed by her husband to write novels under his name. Upon their success, she fights to make her talents known, challenging gender norms.

Other Titles
Colette: liberación y deseo, Colette: Príbeh vásne, コレット, Koletė, Colette: Liberación y deseo, Kolete
Running Time
1 hours 51 minutes
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Biography, Drama, History
Wash Westmoreland
Wash Westmoreland, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Richard Glatzer, Richard Glatzer
Dominic West, Robert Pugh, Keira Knightley, Fiona Shaw
Hungary, France, USA, Netherlands, UK
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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After marrying successful Parisian writer Henry Gauthier-Villars, known commonly as "Willy" (Dominic West), Gabrielle Colette (Keira Knightley) is transplanted from her childhood home in rural France to the intellectual and artistic splendor of Paris. Soon after, Willy convinces Colette to ghostwrite for him. Colette, in turn, pens a semi-autobiographical novel about a witty and brazen country girl named Claudine, sparking a bestseller and a cultural sensation. After its success, Colette and Willy become the talk of Paris and their adventures inspire additional Claudine novels. Colette's fight over creative ownership and gender roles drives her to overcome societal constraints, revolutionizing literature, fashion and sexual expression.

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Debra photo

I recently caught this on the Lifetime cable channel. I know nothing of Jane Fonda but was impressed with how it was done. Fonda plays a role that is very much a character study. She has to move around from place to place in order to achieve her goals. The movie shows her through many stages. One of the movie is her childhood, while the other is her father's death. The acting of Fonda is exceptional. She is played perfectly by her. Fonda, to me, was a little more than just a pretty face. She was also smart and had a lot of courage. The movie, as you may know, has been around since the 1980's. But since it was so well done and thoroughly researched, it was a good show. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good story.

Rebecca photo

I thought the movie was excellent. In particular, I thought the first two acts were extremely well-acted. This movie is about a young girl who comes from the countryside to the city in search of her father. The first act was particularly well-done. Her mother being very good-natured, but very proud of her daughter's accomplishments in school, the mother's kindness, and the kindness of the city people, the mother is able to help her daughter to overcome her difficulties and overcome her fear. I thought this was a wonderful, entertaining movie about a girl who overcame adversity to become a respected, prominent woman. The mother's kindness is the best sign that she really cares about her daughter, and she brings out the best in her daughter, which I thought was very touching. This movie made me want to go to college to get a degree in law, and I hope to see the city grow as it did in the city of Chicago. I think the message that is given in the movie is very powerful. I think this movie would be a great way for young people to learn more about why the American dream is important, and the importance of going to college to make it a reality.

Harry photo

I found "Saved By the Bell" to be a refreshing change from all the Disney movies that I have seen. It showed girls who were not put into stereotypical roles of how girls should act in a film. It was really interesting because I knew I was watching a Disney movie before I even watched the movie. I must admit, I did expect the typical "Girl next door" attitude of the film and I did get that. However, I had no idea how true to life it was. I also was shocked at the fact that it was true to life. The real life character of the movie, I thought, would have been an A student, but she was actually a B student. She even took some time out to volunteer for the Girl Scout program. I was not at all shocked that she was a doctor. She even played the roles of "Coach" and "Mr. Rogers" by the same company. She even managed to throw the game. The movie showed girls learning to be proud of who they are, even though their clothes weren't perfect. I was not at all surprised at the fact that this girl went from doing not too good to becoming a full fledged doctor. Overall, this was a very good film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Mary L. photo
Mary L.

How can one write such a devastatingly honest and disturbing and powerfully emotional film? This film is very hard to watch. That's the only thing that it is. It is hard to watch because of the subject matter, which is so sensitively and honestly presented. It is a film about a beautiful but troubled woman, who happens to be the widow of one of the most infamous crimes in American history, a crime that has changed the course of American history forever. As if this were not enough, the film delves into the world of the Rothschilds, who, in addition to being the worst criminals ever, are also the richest, most powerful and well connected family in the world. She is herself in a precarious situation, as she works to make ends meet, whilst being well aware of the horrible and frightening possibilities. This is no wishy-washy Hollywood drama, by any means. Her job is dangerous, and she is constantly being watched. She is constantly on the run, and is desperately trying to keep her family intact. It's an incredibly painful film, and a must-see for anyone who believes in the importance of history and for anyone who is outraged by injustice and injustice being done to others. It is extremely upsetting, and very moving. This is a very brave film, and I feel strongly that it will go down in history as a true work of art.

Harry photo

This is a movie that I love, and I think anyone can enjoy it as much as I do. It's got great acting, great directing, great music, great cinematography, and is full of so much history and so many great historical moments, it would take a whole lot of books to tell it all, so I'd just add a few to see what I mean. I think the best parts of this movie are the French officers, who are portrayed so well. Everyone of them has their own personalities, and they are all very likable characters. I also like how the viewer can really feel for the characters, not just the humans. It's really interesting how, in a group, one person can cause all the others to fall apart. The soldiers, on the other hand, are played well. I don't think they should have been given so many lines. I think that's one of the best parts of the movie. They were mostly great, and as mentioned before, the French soldiers were played to perfection. I love the singing, it's the only part of the movie I'd criticize. I think that, if there was a few more minutes of this film I would have liked it even more. I'll leave that for someone who hasn't seen it yet, and that's probably anyone.

Alice photo

I first saw this movie in my freshman year in high school and remember it was haunting and very moving. I have had the chance to see it again many times since then. I cannot wait to see it again in my senior year. Both actresses gave great performances in this film. Some of the best performances were by Charlotte Rampling and Tim Roth. I thought the portrayal of Keira Knightley was amazing. She really was courageous to step into the role of a Christian to become a nun. One of the things I liked about the film was the message it gave about religious faith and how it is a precious and powerful gift and it was important for people to give it freely and completely. I think many people may not have believed or accepted the messages the film was sending them but I believe many of them will look at it more closely now that they have. It was a powerful movie and one that I would recommend to any Christian who has doubts in their faith.

Philip Stone photo
Philip Stone

It's a beautiful, heartbreaking film. A shame it was not in the theatres when it was released, because it is a wonderful portrayal of a certain time in American history. The acting is superb. It is definitely worth watching.

Christian photo

I saw this film on television at a pre-screening, and found it to be highly engaging. It deals with a man who is a lawyer, and sees how all the different facets of his life are brought together in the shape of the law. The film is not hard-hitting, but is based on the idea that there are things which are truly essential in life and those which we do for no other reason than to please the gods. One of the things I liked best about the film was the portrayal of family. The father is shown to be a good father who really cares about his family, but is also at times a very temperamental and controlling man. The mother is not shown to be the only reason for all the child abuse that occurs. She is also a loving and caring mother who is constantly trying to prevent the abusive behavior of her husband. The children are well-done, with good and bad points of temperament. I especially liked the performances of Jared Leto and George Clooney. Clooney is great as the father, and I really liked Leto's portrayal of the role. I also found the depiction of the sexual behavior of the men to be very realistic, and the portrayal of the women to be quite relatable. I would have liked to have seen the actors portraying the men in a more prominent and prominent way. It is more obvious to see all the films of all the men in this film to show the different types of men, instead of focusing on a single person. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys drama, or who likes to learn a little more about the mind-sets of the people around them. It will also be interesting for people who like to learn about the events that occurred in the early 20th century, and also to learn about the kind of thinking which was prevalent in society at the time. This is a very good film, but you need to be open-minded, and your mind should not be closed to the subject matter.

Teresa M. photo
Teresa M.

Everyone knows that the new season of "Downton Abbey" will feature a series of extravagant Christmas parties with large houses, elaborate food and much more. I myself am a fan of the series. I do not want to give away any spoilers here, but I will say that I thought this movie was quite good. I thought the acting was good, and I thought the storyline was a little more complex than the last season. I thought the costuming and costumes were very well done and attractive. I did not feel the costumes made the characters look fake. I also thought the wardrobe designer did a nice job with the Christmas decorations and decorations. I think they did a good job with how they decorated the large house and the large town houses. I thought the costumes were a little too classy for Christmas time. For example, the man in the Santa suit and his fancy suits, the big blue hat and the Santa hat and all the other things, I thought it looked a little too much like a movie costume. I also did not like the pink Christmas tree. I thought it looked cheap and fake. I think they should have left the white tree for the whole season and the green tree for the first Christmas party. I also think they should have made the Santa suit and the orange suit, the Santa hat, and the Santa hat and the orange hat different. I think that would have been a nice change of scenery for the whole season. I thought the costumes were good and it was an enjoyable Christmas movie. I thought the music was good and I think it fit the movie well. I think it was good for the Christmas season. I also thought that it was good that the movie was short and that the movie did not run a long time. I thought the movie did not feel like a long movie. I think it would have been better if they had made the movie longer. I thought the plot was good and I thought it was good that the movie was not a movie for all ages. I think that it was a good idea to make the movie for adults and I think that adults would enjoy this movie. I think that the movie was well-done and I think that it is a good movie to watch on Christmas time.

Nathan H. photo
Nathan H.

It's quite rare to find a documentary on the art of film making. One of the few exceptions to the rule is Stephen Frears, who decided to focus on that aspect of film-making by taking a look at the process of making a film. He focused on different aspects of filmmaking including the story, direction, editing, and music. Frears carefully made a film that covered everything a good documentary should. The way the film really came together is very well done. It makes you feel like you are on the set of the film, you get to know people and enjoy them as actors. The acting in this film is superb, I am always impressed with the performances of Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, and Samuel Jackson. There is no scene that drags on, everything is explained perfectly. It is almost as if Frears had a hand in writing this script. The films best scene is the part that the company is forming, when Robin Williams asks the group what they want to do, and they say something along the lines of "We want to be great". I have to say, Robin Williams is one of the most talented actors I have ever seen. It is a shame that he has had some bad luck with roles, as he has been an incredible talent. I think that this film is a must-see for everyone.

Andrea T. photo
Andrea T.

Having just watched the film, "L'enfer", and having read the book, I can say this: the film is very faithful to the book. The whole film is based on the book, and the novel that is. As for the novel itself, it was very compelling and a great read. In the novel the main character, Henrietta, is actually a young woman who is very lucky, because she's a woman of courage, because of her daughter and her husband. The main reason she was an important person in the book is that she's a woman who is capable of being a great leader, and because of that, she's able to turn the times. It's really a great heroine, and the character of Henrietta is very interesting, and she's a really interesting character in the book. It's not just a boy's film, it's not just a film for young girls, it's for women of all ages, from girls to women of all ages. I've heard a lot of negative comments about this film. The main reason I disliked this film is that it didn't give the impression that the women in this story are heroes. In the novel, the story is about a group of men who are driven by women, but it's not about the women and their struggle for power. It's about the struggle of Henrietta's group, their war against the Man, who is kind of dominating Henrietta, because she has a woman's soul, and Henrietta's soul is giving to Henrietta the best knowledge she can have, and she is a woman who is giving it to Henrietta, who is the leader. Henrietta is a leader in the film, and this film makes the connection between the war of Henrietta and the war of the man. It shows the war in a very simple way, and not in a complicated way. Also the film is not really about women's rights. It's about a woman who has a leader who is fighting for her. In the film, the main character is able to control the war, because she has a strong sense of destiny, and is able to make the right decision, and therefore she's able to control the war. In the novel, she has to deal with the conflict and in the novel, the conflict is something that is always threatening, and she must have the strength to fight it. In the film, the conflict is in the film, and the conflict in the novel is something that is always threatening, and she must have the strength to fight it. The film also has a strong message, that is that a man is never able to be the leader of a group of people, or the leader of a whole country, because he can never truly understand that his people are worth something. Henrietta is able to understand the importance of her group, and because of that, she is able to make the right decision, and therefore she can control the war. It's a very well made film, and I highly recommend it to all people who haven't seen it. However, I have to say, the book is so much better than this film.

Russell photo

This is one of those movies that will be seen over and over and over again. What a strange dream this is. In the first twenty minutes or so, this is a drama with a little bit of comedy, with a dash of crime. Then it goes into an utterly riveting journey into a world that no one would ever imagine. The genius of Kubrick's film is that it has the same sense of the absurd as his classic work, but with a truly new plot that is able to get into and sink into the audience. There are so many great things to say about this film. The first thing that comes to mind is the music, the music is incredible. It's really beautiful and haunting, and it adds to the dark and macabre atmosphere of the film. The main character is portrayed wonderfully. Depp plays the part well, he is a complicated character and he is one of the most complex actors that I have seen in a long time. There is also the incredible and wonderful performance of Michelle Pfeiffer, she is just fantastic, she is beautiful and frightening. The supporting cast also is great, particularly Joe Mantegna as one of the judges, he is great and funny and very convincing. I have to mention the music score, it is amazing, it's so haunting and so perfectly orchestrated. You will notice that the opening theme is almost like the opening theme of Stanley Kubrick's classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, only I think this film is the most gripping in the film. There is a sequence at the end where the music is so beautiful and perfect, and it is used at the very end of the film, in a fantastic way. Then there is the whole darkness and the horror that this film is about, the actors really are fantastic, the whole cast works so well together. The soundtrack is so unique and perfect, it is very different, it is disturbing, and it is amazing. The movie is frightening and very disturbing, it will keep you on edge and on the edge of your seat the whole time. Then there is the cinematography, which is so awesome and so well shot, the camera angles are fantastic, and the use of the cameras is perfect, the cameras are very tight, in the same way as Kubrick uses the camera in his movies, just beautifully. The film is definitely in my top 10 all time favorite films, it's that good. Kubrick is one of the most genius directors in history, and this is one of his best films, it is an example of the genius that he is.

Timothy photo

I enjoyed this film. I can't say I'm a big Lizzie Borden fan, but she was a wonderful woman, and this film was not biased. I didn't hate the film, but I was very disappointed that this film focused so much on the mistakes of the founders. It took an entire chapter to be able to focus on the mistakes, and had to devote the other chapters to Lizzie's personal life. How many chapters would you take out of a book? I guess that's the point of the film, that Lizzie's faults are almost an afterthought. I enjoyed the historical perspective of the film, and I enjoyed the fact that the people in the film were made up of women who were real people. I'm not surprised they weren't white supremacists, but there were some well-known abolitionists and women who were NOT. They were people of color, women, and other people with different ethnicities. I think it's important to show all people's perspectives. This film does that. I think it was also very well-made. I don't think the director was the right person to be shooting the film. But I think the director did a very good job of portraying this time period. I'd like to say this film is good, but I'm not sure it's good. I don't want to sound like a religious fanatic, but I think it is good, because it shows how Lizzie would have been affected by this. The picture on the film is a bit dry. It's very important to be honest about your mistakes, but you need to be accurate in your judgment. The film is not a history lesson. It's a film about the times, and the people who were living them. I think it's interesting to watch how someone who is historically inaccurate goes about painting Lizzie as a wonderful woman. I think Lizzie was a woman who was raised with one of the worst homes in America. She was raised by a single mother. She came from a very conservative family. She's basically a survivalist. She's a very flawed woman. But you don't see the flaws in her because they are swept under the rug. The real Lizzie was very strong. She wasn't perfect, and she was certainly not perfect in her leadership qualities. If you want to see a film about Lizzie, this film is the best you'll get.

Susan photo

First off, if you liked "The Godfather", then you'll love this movie. It is so good that it is hard to say if "The Godfather" is the best film ever. "The Godfather" is great and Oscar-worthy, but it's still a good film. "The Corleone" is better and should have won more Oscars. It's basically a slow-burning drug war story with characters that aren't very memorable, but you like the main characters anyway. This movie has its moments, but it's not a very good film. It has a few nice scenes, but the rest is slow-burning and boring. It is well done though. The actors do a good job, and there are many moments where I was stunned by how much I enjoyed the film. If you like fast-paced, or maybe violent, you'll love this movie. I wasn't a big fan of this one, but it's a nice one to watch. It's an interesting story about the rise and fall of a major Mafia family and it's certainly a good one to watch. But the ending is somewhat weird and doesn't really end on a good note. Overall, it's a good film, but I wouldn't recommend it to most people. I give this movie a 9/10.

Charles photo

How wonderful to see a film that has the strength of character, the delicacy of acting, and the depth of an actor's performance to keep the audience from drifting away from the screen. While the film does have a few disturbing aspects, it does in fact befits its dramatic theme and focuses on true humanity. In this regard, I think the film really shines, and I highly recommend it.

Jordan photo

After seeing this film I was very impressed, the story and characters were well written and the acting was great. The characters were very real and easy to relate to. The story was very moving, I felt a little bit teary eyed. The score was very good, and the scene with Frances McDormand was very good. The story was easy to follow and the acting was very good. I think this is a great film, I think it is an Oscar contender and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. Well worth watching.

Billy photo

It was hard not to sit through the whole thing. The acting is excellent, the story is captivating, and the story unfolds without sacrificing any of the things that make this story a masterpiece. I would definitely watch this again, as it could be so much more.

Jean R. photo
Jean R.

I haven't seen this movie for some years now and one thing I notice in watching it is that it is not a likeable movie to the viewer. It is supposed to be a tragedy about a beautiful woman who is found dead in her old house and the roles of the husband and wife are reversed. It's not a romantic movie like Cinderella or even Good Will Hunting. It's about the lonely housewife and how she is being treated by her husband and how he isn't really feeling all right. I felt sorry for the characters in the movie and the story was so beautiful. The actors are really good. Diane Kruger is one of the best actresses I have ever seen and she does a wonderful job. She had a great character to play. There was a real depth to her character. Liev Schreiber is great as well. The mother is the same as in Schreiber's previous roles. I also like how the film portrayed the social class of the different groups that were at the time. The different groups would be the rich, the poor, the old, the young and the man and woman who are only left at the end of the movie. Also there is the work place, which was a hard job and even more hard for the women who worked there. The director really put some emotions into the movie. It was an important role of Liev Schreiber to play. This movie was a big contribution to the gay movie genre and was successful in the industry. It is worth seeing.

Beverly L. photo
Beverly L.

This is one of my favourite films of all time. Every film has something special about it and this is one of them. An excellent character study of a very complex woman. The whole plot and the entire script is presented in a very realistic fashion which makes you feel like you're living the film with her. It is one of the most powerful and honest portrayals of human nature. Yes, it's very anti-climactic but still. Do not let it turn you off. It's one of the most humane films I have ever seen and it is such an excellent film.

Stephanie R. photo
Stephanie R.

I watched this movie with my wife and son. We thought it was wonderful. There were some parts that were a little long but it seemed to end on a good note. It really moved me. I'm not a big fan of Quentin Taratino but I liked this movie a lot. I liked the way he made it more romantic and even seemed to make it more family friendly. It showed the power of love and how people can love more than they know. It was more of a drama than anything. I liked it better than The Shawshank Redemption because I think that one is more of a mystery movie than one of a romance. Overall, I would say that it is worth watching. I would definitely recommend it. You will not be disappointed.

Jonathan L. photo
Jonathan L.

While I won't necessarily agree with the majority of the person who wrote negative reviews, I am one of the many who genuinely enjoyed the film. As I am a history buff, I found myself riveted from the start to the end. I was particularly captivated by the details of the town of Newburyport during this period. There is also an excellent cast, led by Kirsten Dunst who again displays great range. As for the director, I think that he did an excellent job. He did a good job of mixing historical facts with modern life, with a superb amount of historical accuracy. As for the movie itself, I loved it and found it exciting. The acting was spot on and I felt that the story flowed quite well. I feel that the person who wrote the negative reviews was a little too harsh, as I personally felt that this was a very well made movie. If you are a history buff, then you should definitely give this a shot.

Roger Howard photo
Roger Howard

This movie is a great piece of history. As much as I like Leonardo DiCaprio and I enjoy him in this movie. This movie is full of unbelievable things, and if you watch it long enough, you will not realize that these things happen. A great movie, must see!

Austin V. photo
Austin V.

One of the most powerful films I have ever seen in my life. I saw it the day it came out on VHS and on DVD. I was absolutely blown away by how well made this movie was. The script was extremely well written, there was never a dull moment in the entire movie. The acting was brilliant, even if this movie was not for those who like those Hollywood awards movies, it would be a ten. All the supporting actors were extremely good and it was really great to see what they would do in the future. The editing was great, all the scenes were beautifully edited and the acting was the best I have ever seen in any film. I really wish I had the chance to see it again in theaters. I would recommend it to anyone who loves movies and needs to get over a bad experience in the past.