فيلم Tubelight


Tubelight is a movie starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, and Om Puri. A story of two brothers set during the Sino-Indian war, 1962: the younger one who's at war at the borders and the elder who's at war with his own world.

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2 hours 16 minutes
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Drama, War
Kabir Khan
Manu Rishi Chadha, Kabir Khan, Parveez Sheikh
Om Puri, Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
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Laxman Bisht is a simple man.He is called Tubelight by everyone due to his abnormality his only support is his brother Bharat.When tension arises on India- China border Indian government asks young stars of its nearby by small town of Jagatpur to come forward to join the forces to fight for the country .Bharat leaves to fight for the country leaving Laxman in the care of Banne Chacha.A war gets declared on the border leaving a tense situation in the whole town.Li Leing and her son Gu Won Chinese of Indian origin arrive in the town and Laxman believes that befriending them will end the war and unite him back to his brother.

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Willie Sanchez photo
Willie Sanchez

Kashyap (Prashant K. Mishra) is a young Punjabi farmer whose marriage to Mariya (Neha Dhupia) is taking a little longer than expected. He has his work cut out to make the big step. The responsibility falls on a young couple from Delhi (Mokhia Khan and Pritish Kohli) to give Kashyap the "right" stamp of approval. Kashyap's long-time friend Vadra (Prakash Raj) wants to know why the marriage took so long to consummate and feels that the two are the only ones who could have been the right "parents" for Kashyap. He doesn't think this is the right idea since Kashyap is not a normal person. Kashyap and Mariya meet again when Vadra goes to his office in the capital to find out about a diamond that's been given to Mariya. Kashyap meets Vadra again at his own place and goes to see Vadra's father who tells him about the diamond. Kashyap decides to propose to Mariya and they meet at the airport. Vadra is a very rich man and Mariya is a starlet. Kashyap also wants to know how to handle his problems. Kashyap has come across the potential of the two and he wants to teach them some useful things to make them successful. The dialogues are wonderful and very original. My only problem with the film is that it seems to be on the premise of the big wedding instead of a normal wedding. The whole process of Kashyap's preparations and Vadra's wedding are very important to him. Kashyap also meets his idol Dr. Verma, who was very influential in his childhood and Kashyap wants to have a match made in heaven with him. The plot is clever and interesting. This is a film that shows you that in life, there are good and bad things that are happening. You have to learn how to take a positive and positive outlook on things. There are many positive things in life that you have to learn to accept and grow from. You must also accept the fact that there are bad things that happen in life. Just because it's bad doesn't mean it's not good. Don't you think?

Catherine photo

The film is one of those films that can be easy to classify and as I'm sure you will get the same feeling as I did. The director is Dr. Jaya Bhaduri, known for her award winning and very important films 'She-Male' and 'Midnight', which will no doubt be remembered in the future. Her other films include 'Happy New Year', 'Loose Ends', 'Vastu', 'Yeh Se Dul Bhoot', and 'Ushpande Rakhte Haseeno'. Though 'Tubelight' is a different take on the society of India, which is very clear in the scenes and the messages it conveys. In fact, the director clearly shows that the society of India has to change and it can't remain the way it is, which is to keep on living the way it is. The message is clear that India has to change its ways and be different, to become a more accepting country and a much better country. All of the characters are important in the film and the actors do a very good job, especially the lead actress Priyanka Chopra who is absolutely amazing in her role and she is the one that sets the story of the film. 'Tubelight' is a very good film, I give it 7/10. I recommend it to all, especially to anyone who is interested in Indian Cinema or this year's batch of films. *I have seen this film and I have to say that I enjoyed it very much.

John photo

I saw this movie in 4D theatre. I was impressed with the whole movie. The movie just reminded me of my experience during the war in Iraq. After watching this movie I thought to myself, that it will be interesting to see what would happen if it was released in theatres. I want to get in touch with people who have experienced the same kind of violence and inhumane conditions in Iraq. I want to read their experience on IMDb and comment on it. I also want to hear their experience in cinema. I thought the movie is really a must watch for all. Some people may say, that it is too slow, but i say that it is not slow but rather boring. The movie is about a bunch of kids who live in an orphanage and who are beaten by the government. The boys feel helpless and feel the only way to survive is to rebel. Some people may think that this movie is some kind of propaganda for Islam. But what is actually portrayed in the movie is that Muslims are oppressed by the government. But Muslims are fighting to liberate their country and their people. These are the only two goals Muslims are fighting for. If people want to know more about this topic then i recommend to see the movie.

Nicholas Campbell photo
Nicholas Campbell

The story of a woman who has to lead the life of a hermit after being given a death sentence. She must live as a recluse, except for her blind servant who visits her every morning at 2 o'clock. If she does not leave the house she will die of starvation. The film was directed by the late Padmavati (played by Katrina Kaif) herself and she had a difficult time in the post of director. The film is based on an award winning novel by Amisha Patel. Padmavati is portrayed by Katrina Kaif. She was born to a Hindu family in New Delhi in 1956 and is a retired lawyer. After Padmavati's death, the director of the film was questioned by the Election Commission as a favor of the ruling party. She was also threatened by the BJP because she had no PFI in the movie. The film is based on the novel by Amisha Patel and a collection of stories of the past. The film had a very high budget, but it was nothing but a failure. The story is well developed but the film does not deliver. The direction is underwhelming and the script is poorly written. Katrina Kaif gives a good performance as Padmavati but I am sure it was not her best performance. The performances of Priyanka Chopra and Pankaj Tripathi are decent. The story is well developed and the story-line is good. The story is also very relevant and the film has political implications. The film has strong performances and a good direction. The film should have been a hit but the film had many hurdles. Padmavati was supposed to have a mainstream release but it was a hit and Padmavati was an award winning film, which is very difficult to do.

Donna B. photo
Donna B.

Before seeing this film I was not particularly interested in the subject, but upon seeing it, I think it's pretty great. The first thing I have to say is that this is not a war film, nor should it be. I have only read a few stories about WWI and have not seen the original film on which it was based. I'm sure it would have been boring to me. In any case, this is a story of how different cultures have tried to co-exist and, in the case of India, how they have been fighting each other for the last 3-4 years. These stories could have easily been used to create another war movie. I also think the way the film is structured is very clever. It's not an epic war film, it's a story about a different culture, and a very different culture at that. The way that the war is presented is in most cases very simplistic, with the action taking place in the background. I believe this is a very effective technique. It's clear that the director wanted to show the suffering of the population and the people who lived in the region. And the fact that we see such a primitive tribe and village, making war seem like a natural part of their lives, is very powerful. The cinematography is also great. I was very impressed by how the camera moves through the movie, showing the journey of the people, sometimes without any music, and sometimes with the music of the tribe. This really adds to the movie's feel and mood. I also think that the way the director used narration was a very interesting way to tell a story. I didn't find it distracting at all, it was natural, and I liked it. I also like how the director didn't just focus on the conflict between the cultures, but what actually made the conflict so bad. He focused on the war and the suffering of the people, and not just on the people trying to survive. This is probably the most important thing. I think that if this film had been made during WWI, it would have been a disaster. It would have been extremely violent and depressing. The fact that the film is set during the 1930's shows that the director is extremely interested in the times. The actors all do a great job. Although Akshay Kumar is only in the movie for about 10 minutes, he does a fantastic job. He is very charismatic and convincing, and his character is very sympathetic and complex. The only thing I don't like about him is that he sometimes seemed to overact. You see him give these rather cheesy speeches to

Debra photo

I am not a big fan of Bollywood movies, mostly they are a one time watch, but this movie was unique in that it was a long awaited movie. Well the film was well put together and I was quite satisfied with the movie. But I was a bit disappointed in the portrayal of Misa Bharti. I felt that she is portrayed as a war loving character who is very good at winning hearts, and I didn't feel that she was the key to the whole story. Her character has been portrayed in the wrong way. The character of her lover was portrayed in the wrong way too. In fact, if you had seen this movie, you would think that this movie is over all a big commercial flop. So I think this is an excellent movie to watch once. But if you want to see an awesome Indian movie, go watch this film and if you want to see a good movie, watch it.

Anthony photo

I loved this film and the acting is very good. They are trying to hide their sins. You feel for them, which is great. The documentary is very good as well. I don't think I'll watch it again, but it's an OK movie.

Laura A. photo
Laura A.

A war movie, but it has got more elements than usual. It has more of a emotional connection to the viewer, than a war movie. But the drama is like any other war movie, that is very hard to take it seriously, as the whole atmosphere has got a Hollywood feel. And when the story goes into its real world, it has a good twist to it. The characters are as normal as anyone can imagine, if you have a keen interest in politics. The acting is not perfect, but it does not matter as it does not really matter. The story is very close to reality, and will not become exaggerated. All in all, it is a very good war movie. If you have a free time, don't hesitate to watch it, and if you have a group of friends to watch it with, you will be able to enjoy it too.

Theresa Nelson photo
Theresa Nelson

So, there is no story, I am not sure if it is a movie or documentary but both are mixed up to give this movie a "feel good" effect. The film is about a journalist who is known for bringing some truth in to the whole media business. The film is interesting but at the same time, a bit boring. I would like to see more from the director or an actual explanation of how it all started. The film takes itself very seriously but the story it tells is too confusing and I lost interest in it a lot of times. I think if a director made a movie like this, it would be much better than what we have here. The acting by the actors is very good but it doesn't help a lot. There are some scenes where the camera is shaking and the actors try to be serious. It seems like it is trying to be serious but it is not. It also seems like it is trying to portray a serious situation with a heavy heart but in the end it ends up being the opposite. Some of the scenes are very hard to watch as you think you are watching something real but it's not. Some scenes that should have been very dramatic end up being a joke. All in all, this is not a movie to watch, its more of a documentary. Its definitely a good try though and a decent story. I will definitely be watching the rest of the films in this series.

Mary photo

A good story. Choppy at times but all in all a very well made movie.

Brandon Barrett photo
Brandon Barrett

Okay, it is a big and complicated story and it is hard to sum up what it is about. First of all, the focus is the poor people of Gujarat and their struggle for survival. But the focus is a huge village called Mahuva and it was one of the most beautiful and most ideal places in Gujarat. All the poor people were living in the village. But then came a man called Rakesh who came to Mahuva and treated the villagers with respect. Then came the riots and all the poor people were dying, but Rakesh had an answer for it and saved them from their predicament. I think the movie is about a person who can do anything for his community and himself. And that is his strength. When we see him, we see a man who can do anything for his community. But when he tries to do something for himself, he fails. And that is his weakness. People are making many movies about the common man, but I think this movie is a new thing. They are making movies about how difficult it is to be a poor person in India, and I think that is the reason why people love this movie so much.

Stephen Simmons photo
Stephen Simmons

Don't get me wrong.I thought the movie was excellent.But what I mean by this is that I am not in love with the movie itself.I am in love with the superb acting and screenplay of the movie.But in this particular instance, my sentiment is more than a little hurt and was not able to take the movie in a good direction.The movie started slow,but got stuck on a little detail,but got into the flow of the movie.However,it dragged on a little bit for a while.It is a movie that relies on the character of Prabhas,who is the protagonist.He is not the typical hero that always gets the girl.He is not the ultimate hero,he is the average everyday man.He plays a typical hero role.However,he was great.Maitrey Bhatnagar and Bharath Sharma did a great job in acting.But what I really appreciated about the movie is the screenplay.It was very smooth and it was easy to understand.For me,the screenplay was the biggest reason of this movie being a 9.I could not understand the movie and the lack of understanding of the movie might not have been the fault of the writers.For me,it is the characters and their actions that was the main reason of the movie being a 9.

Jesse Evans photo
Jesse Evans

A multi-layered, beautifully crafted drama about three Kashmiri girls who go to London for school. They attend a school where boys are treated as equals, girls are treated as objects, and where they are given little to no respect and a lesser allowance. On their first day of school, the girls discover that their school has been taken over by men who force girls to behave like prostitutes. In one of the films greatest points, this film clearly shows how women are treated in both mainstream and illegal institutions in Kashmir. The film also gives us the only glimpse into what happens when one of the girls is beaten up. This movie also highlights the mistreatment of women in all forms of institutions in Kashmir. At the end of the film, we are treated to a message of redemption. It is a well-crafted film and a must-see for all women.

Julia West photo
Julia West

I enjoyed this movie very much. It was more of a look at the aftermath of the holocaust than the usual war movie. But it also tells us about the long-term impact of the holocaust on the lives of the victims, and how they cope with their grief. I found the acting very well done and the storyline touching. I would highly recommend this movie. I did not feel bored at all. Overall, a very good movie.

Diana Keller photo
Diana Keller

I loved this movie. And in the first couple of minutes, I was wondering whether I should go to see this movie or not. After a while, I started watching the movie because of its few beautiful images, and of course, its title. There were many themes of the movie, all related to India and its culture. This movie showed how Indians in the 20th century were forced to become part of Pakistan, how Indians were against joining Pakistan. This movie also showed the way the British were using Indians in the future to help them get a bigger share of the Indian economy. As a movie, I have to say it was good. There are a few scenes that I really loved, such as the part when the girls were looking for their fathers, when the girl was scared of her grandfather and when the girl looked at her father's face. Also, I really loved the part when the girl was watching the trailer and thought that her father would die soon. Then, the girl was crying as her father came to life. There were also some scenes that I was watching when I was watching this movie, such as when the young girl was still a child, when the family was talking about going to Pakistan, and when the girl was crying when she was going to school. All of these scenes were really touching. As for the actors, I thought they were good. In the first half, I thought they were really good, especially the one actor that plays the son. The director was really good too. The actors were not a big part of the movie, but still, they gave a lot of emotions and feelings to the movie. Overall, I enjoyed this movie very much. It was very good. It showed many things that happened in India and also in Pakistan during that time, which are not very easy to show in a movie. And also, I enjoyed the art direction and cinematography. This movie is a nice surprise for me. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It was good.

Gary Wade photo
Gary Wade

This movie isn't good enough to be a well-made war movie. It has the right type of ingredients for a war movie. But I didn't like the direction. There is nothing to be proud of except the cast. You would expect a lot more from a movie that boasts such a good cast. There is no chemistry between the characters. But the performances were great. The cinematography was quite excellent. But the direction. Well, I can't really explain the direction because the direction was a mess. Some parts of the movie were visually impressive, and other parts were uninspiring. The movie is all right but the direction is just the wrong ingredient. This movie should be called the "Om Shanti Om" of cinema. To sum it up, if you liked Vikram Bhatt movies, then you will definitely like this movie. However, if you don't like Vikram Bhatt movies, then don't watch it. Rating: 6/10 (Out of 10)

David Chavez photo
David Chavez

I thought this movie was good, it is interesting because of the war and how things went down in the military. It was interesting how the the movie ended. If the movie is not the best of the year then I guess I am giving it a 6. I am giving it a 7 for being entertaining. I hope the sequel comes out soon!

Roger Santos photo
Roger Santos

Being a Bengali, I was looking forward to watching this movie. I watched it twice and every time it gets better and better. The movie is not a common Hindi movie like 'Tumjhe Tum' or 'Baat Baat' and that is why it is not going to be a classic, but it's definitely worth watching. I like the idea of an Aamir Khan movie. If you are interested in Aamir Khan, you should watch this movie. The movie has everything to please the movie goer like a great fight scene, an Aamir Khan soundtrack, great music, beautiful camera shots and stunning visuals. The direction is good. I think Aamir Khan is making a comeback with this movie. He has a new look and a new voice. The script is great. The message is very clear and does not get lost in the movie. The story line is good. The movie is worth the watch.

Cynthia photo

So I am not much of a fan of Bollywood, but I have a duty to the Indian people and as such I took the time to watch this film with a kind of objectivity and respect. I am afraid that many people may be overly critical of this film because of its color. However, I believe that such an extreme reaction to this film does not really mean anything. Just like the popular saying goes, the critics are the ones who give you the bad news. A person who does not like a movie is still no different from a person who does not like a person. I must admit that I really enjoyed this movie. It is not a work of genius, but it is a good movie. I enjoyed the beautiful shots of Biju Chawal, the historical context, the love story between Thakur and Shanti, the actors (some of whom I have not heard of before) and the story. If you are not familiar with Bollywood, I would recommend that you go and watch something new and go through the different films released this year, and make an educated decision. The recent romantic films are quite good, but most of them are quite forgettable. So, for me, I would have to say that the color of this film is a significant point.

Joe J. photo
Joe J.

Two characters in this film portray two opposite worlds. A simple soldier and a brave martyr. The film is based on the book by the same name by Dalip Tahil. It is an eye-opening study of the effects of sectarianism on the lives of ordinary people in Pakistan. The story is well constructed and stays true to the original book's story, with emphasis on its characters. Each of the five characters is well-developed and react in different ways to the conflict. The character of Asif Aboobak is particularly powerful in the first half of the film, and provides the film with its highlight. The film is also well-adapted from the book's style of narration, but unfortunately it is poorly translated into Hindi film. It's also important to mention that the film is more of an "indepth" experience. It is not a film to be watched on a Saturday afternoon. If you are not looking for a social message or emotional impact, it may be a good film to watch once. For those looking for something very much different and extremely entertaining, it is best to wait for a DVD. Overall, the film is excellent. However, the film does not do justice to the book.