فيلم Ballet Blanc

Ballet Blanc

Ballet Blanc is a movie starring Shelley Starrett, Colter Carlbom-Mann, and Brian Woods. An innocent-looking young boy mysteriously appears in a nondescript small town as some fear he's set to unleash his reign of terror.

Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
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Mystery, Horror, Drama
Anne-Sophie Dutoit
Anne-Sophie Dutoit
Brian Woods, Colter Carlbom-Mann, Shelley Starrett, Franco Fox
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An innocent-looking young boy mysteriously appears in a nondescript small town as some fear he's set to unleash his reign of terror.

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Nicole M. photo
Nicole M.

i loved this movie. it is a very good movie, and i think that people who don't like it, are just too picky. i didn't like the fact that it was a movie, and not a documentary, but that was not the point. this is a movie about a woman who had the power to see the dead, and she had the power to live again. it was a very good movie, and i recommend it to people who like good horror movies.

Deborah Gonzales photo
Deborah Gonzales

I saw this movie at the theatre and it was a great experience. The movie is so well made that I could watch it over and over and still get a lot out of it. The movie is really scary. The story is great and the characters are great. I love the ending. I think that the director really did a great job and I really think that this movie is a must see. I love the movie, I think that it's going to be a great movie and I really hope that it gets a lot of good reviews. I give it a 10/10.

Scott photo

This movie is amazing. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. It was my first time watching a movie on the big screen. I loved it. I felt like I was a part of the movie. I love when a movie is made that leaves you with a feeling. It can make you feel good or it can make you sad. This movie made me feel like I was in the theater with the people in the audience. It has a great cast, amazing story, and a great ending. If you haven't seen it you should. I can't wait for the DVD to come out.

Rose G. photo
Rose G.

I went to see this movie after hearing that it was going to be a movie that would be good. I was very surprised at how good it was. The story was interesting and the characters were very well done. It was a very dramatic movie, that left me with a lot of questions. I think that the movie is definitely worth seeing. It's a must see!

Phillip M. photo
Phillip M.

I really enjoyed this movie. The direction was great, the acting was great, the cinematography was great, and the music was great. I am glad to see that this movie is still making a name for itself and that it has some of the best reviews I've ever seen. It is a shame that so many people don't like it. I think that this movie is brilliant. I will recommend it to everyone. I really hope that more people see it and that more people will give it a chance. I really don't understand how people can not like this movie.

Evelyn Torres photo
Evelyn Torres

A must see. I am very excited to see the movie. I am a huge fan of the band and I believe this movie will give a wonderful ending to the legend. It's a real shame the movie wasn't as good as the book. I feel like the movie could have been a great book. I would recommend it to everyone. I feel like this movie is going to change the world for the better. Thank you to everyone that helped make this movie possible. I look forward to seeing the movie and reading the book. I hope this movie does well and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks again for reading.

Joseph C. photo
Joseph C.

If I were to sum up the movie in a sentence, I'd say "It is the story of a young woman and her sister who is kidnapped and taken to a castle by the Lady of the Lake. She then slowly begins to unravel the mysteries of the Lady of the Lake." I am of the opinion that this movie is truly one of the best movies I have ever seen. The director has done a great job in creating this movie with a special effect of beauty. The film is set in a fantasy world and it is really fun to watch. The acting is great and the story is a great one. The movie is worth watching and I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good movie and is looking for a movie to watch. If you are a horror fan or just love a good horror movie, you must watch this movie.

Ashley R. photo
Ashley R.

I've seen a few different film versions of this story and this is the best I've seen. It's a bit slow in places but overall, it's great. I can't believe this isn't on TV. If you are a fan of the book, this is the film to see. I'm not a big fan of the music but I love the music in this film.

Emma photo

I am a huge fan of horror and I have seen hundreds of them, and I have seen the ones that are not good. This movie was one of those, the first of a long line of good ones. The story is about a young girl who is a dancer at a ballet school. She is not very good, but she loves ballet, and she finds a way to get into it. She gets a job as a dance teacher in a small town where the residents have strange ideas about ballet. There are secrets to this town, and she has to try to keep her secret. The movie is well written and directed, it has good acting and the music is great. I loved this movie and I'm glad I watched it, but it is not for everyone. I recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies, or who loves movies like Carrie, The Sixth Sense, The Others, Amityville Horror, or Halloween.

Carl Bishop photo
Carl Bishop

I am a big fan of Dario Argento, I have been since he started making movies in the 70's. When I first heard about this film I was excited, I was expecting something that would be similar to Amarcord, but it was a little different. I was looking forward to seeing it, but when I did I was disappointed, it had a good story, but there was nothing original about it, it was just about a bunch of young people going on a cruise. I mean, I am sure it was a little different, but it just didn't feel as good as I was expecting it to. But, I finally got to see it, and I am so glad I did. It is so good! It is just a really good film, I don't know what else to say. It is really interesting, and I think the actors did a really good job in it, even though they had little to no screen time. It is a really good film, I am not sure what to say, but it is really good. I recommend it to anyone, especially to Argento fans, I am sure they will love it, if not, you probably won't.

Scott photo

One of the best films I have ever seen. A must see. The story is captivating and the story is told in a very unique way. The whole cast is brilliant. In my opinion the cast is one of the best ever. They make you feel like you are there. I really enjoyed this film and can't wait to see it again. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes films about the past, especially the time when the Illuminati was a big part of the world. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I think that the ending is a little bit over the top. But it makes sense and I think it is a very good ending. This is a film that you should definitely see. I give it a 10 out of 10. It is one of my favourite films and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Virginia Howell photo
Virginia Howell

This film is about a ballet teacher and a student who find a way to work together to solve a mystery and make money from it. I was really excited to see this film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is interesting and original, and the characters are very interesting. The music is also great and the choreography is very good. This is a film that is definitely worth seeing. There is nothing really bad about it. The acting is good, the plot is good, the music is great, and the story is very good. I recommend this film to everyone. I would give it a 9 out of 10. I would definitely buy this film on DVD if I could. You should definitely watch this film!

Stephanie Young photo
Stephanie Young

This movie is great! I found it funny, and actually it made me cry a little bit. I think it's one of the best horror films I've ever seen. I really hope that more horror movies will come out like this one. If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely watch it!

Louis photo

I am a HUGE fan of the genre and I had heard so many good things about this movie. I was so wrong. The story was bad, the acting was awful, the story was so contrived, and the ending was so stupid. The only good thing about this movie was the cinematography. But that's about it. I hope that the movie is actually a cult classic because I want to see it again and again. I think that this movie should be considered a classic because it is so far out of the norm in terms of entertainment. There is no need to see it again and again. And it's not even a remake. It is the exact same story but with different actors. I have no idea why this movie has such a high rating. I have seen some really bad movies that have gotten such high ratings. I think that the people who rated this movie a 10 are the ones who are rating it as a good movie. I think that it is not a good movie. If you like the genre, then go see it. But don't let it be your favorite genre. It is not.

Judy Elliott photo
Judy Elliott

This movie is so scary I have no words to describe it. The plot is very simple, the characters are very well developed and the music is great. This movie is the best horror movie I have ever seen. I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies. The only thing I would have changed is that there was no nudity. That is the only thing I would have changed. This movie is one of my favorites. I give it a 10/10.

Carol B. photo
Carol B.

This is a brilliant film, it's scary, and it's so well made, you'll want to watch it again and again and again. I have seen it four times and I'm still amazed at the quality of the film. I'm not going to give anything away but it is a really intense film and I think that many people who haven't seen it yet should go out and see it!

Dylan photo

I've always been a big fan of this film, so I decided to watch it again on DVD. The story is very unique and original. The cinematography is brilliant, and the pacing is perfect. The film really grabs you and never lets go. The characters are just so real. There's no one in the film that you don't empathize with. The acting is just superb. I especially like the characters of the characters of the movie. It's a very emotionally touching movie, and there's really nothing that you can complain about. You really need to see it to believe it. This is a great film, but I do recommend that you watch it before you buy the DVD, because there's some really bad language in it, but it's only a minor detail. Overall, a great film, and definitely worth the watch. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Angela B. photo
Angela B.

I've been waiting for this movie for quite a while. It had the potential to be a great film but it was not. The story is quite similar to The Secret Garden. A young girl meets a man who doesn't even know she is his daughter. She begins to feel a strange attraction towards him, but she has to keep her secret for the sake of her family. The Secret Garden was one of my favourite movies of all time, it has the feeling of a beautiful story told with a perfect touch of horror. I wish they had done the same for this film. The acting was good, I think they should have cast the same actors as in the Secret Garden. I think they could have cast better actors. The other thing I did not like about the film was the ending. It was the typical ending. They make it look like they are going to make it up to the girl, but then they go on to say goodbye to her and her family. It seemed like they were going to end the film with a happy ending, but then they decided to end it with a sad ending. I would say that it was a decent film, but not the best of the year. The Secret Garden is my favourite film of all time.

Cynthia photo

I was very disappointed to see this film on the DVD, but I have a feeling that I will get to see it on the big screen. The film has a very strange look to it, but it's very well done. The story is very disturbing, and the camera work is very good, but it's the music that stands out. It has a very disturbing and haunting music that really grabs you. I have never felt so unsettled and scared before. The film is about the loneliness of the characters, and how they try to make sense of it. The ending is very strange, but that is what you want. Overall, this is a very disturbing film, that really grabs you, and gives you a feeling of unease. I highly recommend it.

Julie Long photo
Julie Long

I have to admit I've never seen a film like this before. I was curious to see how they would pull off something like this. And I was not disappointed. The film is well written, and the acting is brilliant. The story is very intriguing, and it leaves you with a very profound and heart warming feeling. I would recommend this film to anyone. The film leaves you with a lot of questions that you can't get out of your head. I would highly recommend this film to anyone.

Willie Ford photo
Willie Ford

In my opinion this movie was well worth the money I paid for it. It's a very good movie. I just wish that they would make more movies like this. The actors are very well casted and the story line is very unique. I would love to see a sequel. I really enjoyed the movie and I highly recommend it. If you like movies like this you should really check this out. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.