فيلم Yao ling ling

Yao ling ling

Yao ling ling is a movie starring Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Francis Ng, and Yi Zhang. A quirky internet star, a pair of retired gangsters, and the black sheep of a prolific family of herbalists are a few of the oddball tenants that call...

Other Titles
Goldbuster, Jiu ling ling, Yao yao ling
Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Fantasy, Comedy
Sandra Kwan Yue Ng
Yee-Hing Wong, Yunhai Zhou, Muchun Cha
Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Francis Ng, Yi Zhang, Alex Fong
Hong Kong, China
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A quirky internet star, a pair of retired gangsters, and the black sheep of a prolific family of herbalists are a few of the oddball tenants that call the dilapidated apartments of Humble Grove home. Fearful of being locked out by a ruthless property developer with his eye on the building, they've stayed inside for years. So, when supernatural incidents befall them all on one night, instead of running, they turn to flamboyant ghost hunter Golden Ling to perform a most unusual exorcism.

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Roy Hill photo
Roy Hill

I was a little hesitant about seeing this movie, but after seeing it I can honestly say it is a great movie. It is very funny and the actors are great. I give it a 9 out of 10. I also like how they make it look like a Chinese movie. I would like to see more of this movie. I hope this movie will be in the theaters soon.

Theresa photo

I don't think I'll be getting the DVD when it comes out. I haven't watched it all that much but I watched it once or twice and didn't really get much out of it. I think it's probably because I don't think I've watched it enough. I do think it's one of those movies that will just be better when you watch it again. I really liked this movie and thought it was great. It's not the greatest movie ever made but I do think it's one of the best. I think the director did a good job with this movie and I think it's a good movie for the whole family to watch. It's not one of the best movies I've ever seen but it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Keith L. photo
Keith L.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It's not the best of the year, but it's definitely not the worst. This is the type of movie that you don't want to see on a Saturday night, but on a Thursday night, it's definitely worth a watch. It has a couple of great plot twists, and the humor is very funny. There are some really clever jokes, but the most clever jokes are the ones that don't make a lot of sense. There are also some plot twists that aren't that bad, and the movie doesn't drag on and on. I can't say that I liked this film that much, but it's definitely a nice little film that's worth seeing.

Evelyn photo

This movie is very hard to watch, because you have to keep reminding yourself to keep watching it. If you do not pay attention to the movie, it will just be a movie, but if you do pay attention to the movie, you will notice that there are many good jokes in this movie. The characters in the movie are very well written. I think that this movie is more of a comedy, because it is full of jokes and funny jokes. I think that you should watch this movie, and you will have a good time watching it.

Nathan Curtis photo
Nathan Curtis

It is difficult to say if there was a moment where I was in tears, but after the movie ended I was in tears for the rest of the night. This movie was funny, and it made me laugh, which I do not normally do. I would recommend this movie to anyone, but especially for the people who do not have a sense of humor, this movie may not be for you.

Nicole Gibson photo
Nicole Gibson

A Chinese movie about a small town's male-dominated cinema and its female lead, who is more interested in acting than in love. The movie's plot is very interesting. The film is based on the idea that love is much more important than sex. This movie shows the real beauty of love, and the love between two people. The film is a little slow, but still, the film is interesting.

Melissa F. photo
Melissa F.

I didn't think it was a good film but I did find it funny. I don't know how the reviewers would rate it but I was surprised. There are some funny scenes and some beautiful scenery. There are some silly jokes but I did like the jokes. I did find the plot quite predictable but it is still good and it is enjoyable to watch. If you want to see a good comedy and don't have a lot of time to waste then this is for you.

Jeffrey C. photo
Jeffrey C.

I saw this movie with a lot of expectations, and I was not disappointed. This movie is like a parody of the story of the Chinese mythology. If you are a fan of the Chinese mythology, you will love this movie. If you are not a fan of the Chinese mythology, you will probably find it hard to understand it. This movie is not like a comedy movie, it is like a real epic story, which is like a journey of a good man and his path to reach his goal. This movie is full of historical background, and is a must watch for the history buffs. I would give it a 7.5/10

Jeffrey R. photo
Jeffrey R.

The movie has been reviewed as a "typical Chinese comedy", but it's not. In fact, it's one of the most brilliant films I've seen in a long time. There are no single characters, and each is unique and well-rounded. The action is real, the characters are real, and the humor is real. This is a movie that would make any fan of Asian cinema proud. A must-see!

Marie P. photo
Marie P.

This movie is definitely a fan favorite in my household. It's one of those movies that you either love or hate, but you just can't say which. I really like this movie because it's different from the other movies in the same genre. It's a movie that has a lot of humor and a lot of action. It's also a movie that's definitely not for everyone. There are some scenes in this movie that are really disturbing. I've watched it a few times and I've still never gotten sick of it. This movie is definitely worth watching and it's definitely a must-see. It's a good movie for anyone who likes movies like that.

Tammy photo

I really like this movie. I've watched it twice, and I love it more each time. It's a very entertaining movie. It's very funny, and it's not very serious. I can't say much more about the movie because I don't want to spoil it. But I really love this movie. It's the first time I've seen the movie. I really like the way it's directed, and it's very entertaining. It's a good movie to watch.

Tammy photo

I had read all the negative reviews, and was a bit apprehensive to see this film. I am glad I went and it was better than I expected. I don't want to say too much about the plot because I don't want to give away any of the fun, but it's not a movie I'd see twice. If you're looking for a nice, light comedy with a few good laughs, then this is the film for you. It's not going to make you laugh out loud, but it does have some good laughs. It's a bit more risque than I'd have expected, and the music and acting were great. The characters are likable and you really root for them to get together. This is a film I'd recommend to anyone looking for a light-hearted, fun movie. I rate this film 7/10.

Edward photo

I am a huge fan of Hong Kong cinema, and this movie really surprised me. This is a totally different type of movie. It has all the traditional elements of a Hong Kong movie, and yet it has a very original plot. It is a real combination of Hong Kong and Chinese culture. I was expecting the usual over-the-top action and high-spirited action, but instead I got a really unique and interesting movie. The characters are all very well-written and have a great sense of humor. There is a lot of humor in the movie, and it is very funny. The action is quite realistic, with some extremely well-done stunts. I really loved the way the movie was shot, and it really makes the movie more realistic. I highly recommend this movie, even if you are not a fan of Hong Kong movies. It is a really unique movie that I have never seen before.

Louis S. photo
Louis S.

I had seen this movie on TV, I liked it, but I wasn't sure what to expect from it. The first half was more serious than the second half, but that is the way it should be. I was laughing quite a bit at the jokes, especially when someone's tongue was cut off, and when they were making a big deal out of the 'green-tongue' of the character, I laughed a lot. The movie wasn't really too serious, and the jokes were funny, but the jokes weren't quite as funny as the jokes in the first half. The second half of the movie was more serious, and the jokes were more funny, and the movie was a lot more funny. The movie had a lot of unexpected funny jokes, but the jokes weren't as funny as the jokes in the first half. So, the movie is a little bit better than I expected, but it isn't great, and it isn't a classic.

Mark M. photo
Mark M.

I enjoyed this film because it had some great elements, including some funny scenes. But there were some serious flaws. For example, the first half hour of the film was really boring. I think the main problem is that the story was really simple and so were the characters. This is a perfect example of how to make a comedy. However, I think the director was not able to pull off the jokes in the second half of the film. I think the first half hour of the film was really good, but it could have been better. I think it could have been better. And I think the plot was a little weak. But it was still really funny. I think the director was able to make a good comedy with a simple story. However, I don't think this is the best comedy of all time. It is a good film, but not a great comedy.

George W. photo
George W.

Lao ling ling is an old fashioned comedy, which is based on the fact that most of the people in China speak in Cantonese. But in fact it is more about the dialogs than the spoken words, and it is really a good example of the fact that a lot of Chinese people still speak English. If you speak English with your family or friends, you will find it very hard to understand the dialogs. The cast is great. The cast includes the usual Chinese celebrities, who you might know from their TV programs. However, it is the foreign actors who are really great. Like John Mahoney who plays the leader of the gang, and Jason Lee who plays the bad guy. There is also a cameo by Jason Alexander who plays the main character in a comedy movie, which is quite funny. Overall, a very good movie for fans of comedy.

Wayne photo

As the title suggests, this is a comedy, which is just about a bunch of people who just happen to be from China. What's a little bit of a surprise is that they all have their own version of a Chinese language, which is a good thing. I haven't seen this film in a long time, but I still remember some of the jokes and the way they were done. I like this film, but it's not really a film that I would recommend to anyone. It's a comedy, and that's all I really wanted from this film. And that's not saying that I don't enjoy the humor of it, but the jokes aren't really that funny. If you're looking for a funny comedy, then this isn't it.

Phillip M. photo
Phillip M.

I saw this film when it first came out in the theatres and loved it then. I've just seen it again and it's still one of my favourite films. The story has some good jokes, a good twist and is one of those movies that can be watched over and over again. I really recommend it to anyone who likes comedy.

Judy Brewer photo
Judy Brewer

This is one of the few Chinese movies I have ever watched. I have to say that I'm very pleased that I did. I had no expectations going in. I knew that the movie would be short, maybe two hours. However, the movie was extremely entertaining and funny. The plot was well thought out and the acting was very good. The dialog was good, the acting was great. I laughed so hard at the end of the movie that I had to go to the bathroom. I was so happy that I saw this movie. I hope you will also enjoy it. If you do, you will probably love it. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone.

Cynthia photo

It's one of those movies you watch and say "this is actually funny", and you realize it was never intended to be a comedy. A funny movie with a good message. I would recommend it to anyone who likes foreign movies, or anyone who's not afraid of wasting a few hours of their life. The movie is about a Japanese man, who's mission is to make friends with the local villagers. When he meets a young girl, who is studying in Japan, he falls in love with her. This movie is filled with great laughs and great jokes, and I recommend it to anyone.

Helen Rogers photo
Helen Rogers

Tong's a mad scientist who is making a zombie that will rule the world. His girlfriend is killed by the zombie, and he is rescued by a doctor who is treating him. He brings her to a mental hospital where she is in a coma. She is to be the next victim of Tong's zombie. The doctor also has a daughter who is being held captive by the zombie. Tong's daughter tells him that the zombies want to use her to take over the world. Tong and the doctor team up to try to stop the zombies. This is a great movie. It has great action, great special effects, and a great plot. It's not as good as "Night of the Living Dead", but it's a good film. 7/10

Edward J. photo
Edward J.

There's a long history of movies about the Chinese people and their history, and I would say that this one is one of the best. It's not a historical documentary, and it's not really about the Chinese people, but it's about the history of the Chinese people. It is a very unique movie, and I'm glad to see a Chinese movie that shows a very different side of the Chinese people. I think it's a good movie and I would recommend it to all people.

Eric photo

I've seen a lot of films in my time and this is by far the best. The acting is perfect, the story is interesting and the cinematography is gorgeous. The film is about a magical doll called "The Dreamcatcher" and the boy who lives with it. The dreamcatcher is a young girl named Mei. When Mei dies, the doll's owner wants to keep her body in the doll's body. He wants to keep the dreamcatcher in his family, which he wants to keep. But the boy has a feeling that he should get rid of the doll and Mei. The boy is Mina, who's also the leader of the animal club. He wants to take the doll and Mei to a museum where he will give Mei to a good home. But there is one thing. The dreamcatcher is a young girl and Mei is a girl. So, what's the problem?