فيلم The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is a movie starring Neel Sethi, Bill Murray, and Ben Kingsley. After a threat from the tiger Shere Khan forces him to flee the jungle, a man-cub named Mowgli embarks on a journey of self discovery with the help of...

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Running Time
1 hours 46 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Jon Favreau
Rudyard Kipling, Justin Marks
Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Neel Sethi
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Living among the wolves in the jungle, young man cub Mowgli quickly learns to live life among his wolf pack and all the animals that inhabit the jungle, but when the villainous tiger Shere Khan threatens Mowgli's life, black panther Bagheera offers to take Mowgli to a nearby man village where he will be safe from the tiger's wrath. Along the way, Mowgli gets tangled up in a series of encounters with a sly snake named Kaa, a swimmingly ruthless gigantopithecus named King Louie and a lazy bear named Baloo, who quickly becomes his guide to the 'bear necessities' of life.

Comments about adventure «The Jungle Book» (20)

Edward Tran photo
Edward Tran

This is an excellent movie, based on a children's book. It is a fantasy, but has great realism. The story is of a wolf who is sent from the forest to find a young girl, and he falls in love with her. The wolf is able to understand the language of the human. This movie is a very good fantasy film, with good acting, and great CGI. It is a great family film, with great emotions and a great story. The jungle is very well shot, and the story is very realistic. This movie is a great film, a great fantasy film, and a great family film. My grade: 8/10

Megan C. photo
Megan C.

The Jungle Book is a great family film for children and adults alike. It has great characters and a great storyline. There are also some funny scenes and a lot of the jokes work. The story has a strong message and the animal characters are great. It is a great family film to watch with your kids.

Janice M. photo
Janice M.

This movie is definitely not as good as the book. Some scenes are not as good. I think this is why people are not as enthusiastic about this movie. The story is not as good as the book. I think this is the reason why people do not like this movie. The story is the main thing that you have to watch this movie for. The story is the one that people say "Oh, that's really good". However, if you read the book, you know that it is not that good. It is not a great story. I think this is why people are not as excited about this movie. I think the movie is a lot better than the book. The best thing about this movie is the movie. There are lots of animals. There are lots of scenes that are just amazing. I give this movie 8/10. If you have not read the book, you may not like the movie. But if you have read the book, you will love the movie.

Laura P. photo
Laura P.

The Jungle Book is a visually stunning film that succeeds in keeping the audience focused on the story and not just the visual effects. The story is simple but very heartwarming, and the interactions between the characters are authentic. The music is fitting, with the songs matching the scenes in the film. I recommend this film to people who like an exciting story with lots of action, special effects, and a great story. This is a movie that is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a movie that is fun and entertaining, this is it. I give it 8 out of 10.

Olivia M. photo
Olivia M.

A great movie. I was very happy with the movie and was expecting so much more, but it was awesome. I think it's an example of how to make a great movie. It's a shame that Disney made the movie so long, but it was a good idea. The movie shows the transformation of Mowgli and how he is able to survive in the jungle. I think they did a good job with it. I think that it's a great movie and I can't wait to see the sequel.

Donald Hansen photo
Donald Hansen

I think everyone has had the experience of laughing out loud when they have seen a Disney film. But the reaction that I had to this film was different. I was astonished. I knew that the trailers were pretty bad, but I didn't expect to be laughing so hard. It's just a funny film that has some humor and doesn't go over the top. I would highly recommend this film. But if you want something that is a little more serious then go see Brave.

Austin photo

I didn't have high expectations for this movie. The animated movie I saw had a very typical Disney story and even the music didn't really hit me with its impact, and the whole movie was just all the same. So I wasn't expecting much. But what I got was a very enjoyable movie. It was very funny, and the story is actually a little different. It has more to do with the animals than with the humans, and there is a lot of action. I didn't find it to be boring at all. I think this is the best of the three movies. It is very entertaining and the story is unique. It is a very good family movie. It has a lot of action and humor, and there are some very cute animals. It is one of my favorite movies and I definitely recommend it.

Dylan M. photo
Dylan M.

I am in love with this movie! It is a real love story with an adventure in the jungle! The movie is about a gorilla who wants to become a human, and this gorilla is Willy Wonka, who works for the company that makes chocolate, the Chocolate Factory. This movie is good for kids, but also for adults. The story is good and the characters are good. The characters are funny, and they are likeable. They are all funny and have a good personality. Also the main character of this movie, Willy Wonka is good, and he is funny. It is very cute. It is a good movie to watch with your family!

Kathy T. photo
Kathy T.

I didn't want to see the trailer for this movie because it's so sad and depressing. But I finally saw the movie and I can't believe how much I loved it! The trailer is just the beginning of the movie. And the story is so very sad and that's the best thing about it. The characters are all so real and real that you can see how these people are feeling. The characters are not fake and all of them are very believable. Even the little monsters are cute and it makes the movie even more real. The actors are so very good. Each actor is doing a good job, the story is good and the direction is amazing. I can't really say much about the characters but I can say that they are very well done. The only thing I don't like is that the ending is a little bit predictable and it's not as good as the rest of the movie. Overall this is a really good movie and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. The cast is great and the direction is great!

Debra photo

I saw the first movie and loved it. It was funny, exciting, and heartwarming. I loved how the animals interacted and the characters. I loved the music and the story line. The actors were very good and all of them seemed to have been given great scripts and a good director. I think the Jungle Book is still one of the best Disney movies. Disney has proved that they can make a movie that can be taken seriously. I was very excited to see this movie and I'm glad that I did. This movie will be a classic for many years to come.

Joshua R. photo
Joshua R.

This is the best animated movie I've seen in ages. It is beautifully made. There are some very serious scenes but it is still a family movie. The characters are great, the animation is amazing, and the songs are perfect. The plot is very simple and there is very little actual suspense. The kids will not be disappointed. They will like the humor and will like the adventure. They will also like the songs, the animals, the scenery, and the story. The people who don't like the movie will probably say that it is not for them. They may have problems with the characters, or the songs, or the animation. It doesn't matter. The movie is not meant for everyone. It is meant for kids and adults. It is about the journey of the little animal Bala, who has to overcome obstacles in order to find the whereabouts of his lost parents. It is about the struggle to survive in the jungle. The story is great. It is good for kids, and good for adults. It is not meant to be watched by anyone under the age of 12. If you are 12 or older, and you have an open mind, I recommend you see it. I give this movie 8/10.

Samuel photo

If you liked the first one, then you'll love this one. But if you didn't like the first one, then you might have a hard time with the second. I think there were a lot of scenes that were very graphic and disturbing. It was good for a couple of laughs, but it wasn't as funny as the first one. It was also kind of a love story between a boy and a girl. If you like the first one, you'll like this one. If you didn't like the first one, then you might have a hard time with the second.

Kyle photo

My kids and I enjoyed this movie immensely. The kids especially loved it. It had a few great scenes, and was just as captivating as the book. The audience was entertained and happy throughout the film. I was even more interested in the ending and the way it was dealt with than I was the beginning. The ending did not leave me in suspense, but I was satisfied and I think everyone else was too. I have seen it twice now, and am looking forward to seeing it again. If you have children, I recommend the kids get this movie, but do not let them watch the previews or other previews on the Internet before going to see it. They will not get the film and it will be a disappointment for them.

Anna photo

I am a big fan of the book. I read it as a child and re-read it when I was young. So, I was excited to see this movie. The only thing that I had to be disappointed about was the fact that the character of the Jungle Book didn't have a lot of screen time. The Jungle Book has been around for a long time and has many different versions. I was disappointed that they didn't show more of the characters. And, when I read the book, it was like the book was more of a fairy tale. I think that they should have showed more of the characters in the movie. I thought that the movie was a good movie. I think that it was a good movie because it was different than the other movies and it was fun to watch. It was a good movie because it was different from the other movies and it was fun to watch.

Kathy photo

So my sister and I saw the Jungle Book in theaters. This is one of the best films we have ever seen. It has everything a kid could ask for in a movie. The storyline was great, the characters were awesome and the humor was perfect. It is the perfect family film. Everyone will enjoy it.

Jerry Gonzales photo
Jerry Gonzales

The movie is really good. I really enjoyed it. It was funny, sad, and filled with action. The story was very simple, but still good. It also had a lot of action and special effects. It is very entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Tiffany M. photo
Tiffany M.

This is a truly magical movie, where we are in a Disney world with the little boy. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be awed by the magic of a fairy tale.

Amanda S. photo
Amanda S.

It's the first time that I have written a review on IMDb, and I'm not sure why I'm here. I thought the film was good, I like the story and the cast was good too. My main problem is that the movie is not a Disney film, its not funny, there is no music and the kids are not good. The film is a fantasy about the land of the jungle, and the two brothers that are supposed to save it, but they are not good at saving the place, and the old man who is supposed to be the chief of the jungle and help the children to get back to the forest. I give it 8/10 because the story is good, the cast is good and the CGI is very good.

Catherine B. photo
Catherine B.

I have to say, I am a big fan of the Disney Animated Movie "The Lion King" and I was looking forward to seeing the new "The Jungle Book". The trailers were rather promising and I was in the mood for a fun, enjoyable film. Well, I was not disappointed! The film starts off in the "old" times of Narnia and the new owner of the land, Peter (Jack Black) is taking charge of the land. In a funny scene, he goes to the "summer camp" and lets all the animals go. Unfortunately, the rest of the animals don't want to leave the island and get out of the island. This is the main reason for the war that they had. From that moment on, the film goes in a very fun, fun direction. The characters of the animals are funny, funny, funny. I loved the song "Do the Right Thing" by The Rolling Stones. The film was also very well directed and made me feel very much like I was in Narnia. I was also very much into the story and the scenery. I loved the different animals. The Jungle Book is a good movie. If you like the original "The Lion King", you will enjoy this film as well. It is very entertaining and a fun film to watch. I highly recommend this film. The film is about a boy named Lion (Sam Elliott) who lives in Narnia. When he goes to visit his father, he is suddenly taken away from Narnia and he has to find a way back. He does this by befriending a bear named Eeyore (voice of Jim Henson) and his friend, a monkey named Saroo (voice of Andy Serkis). After a lot of adventures, they find a way back to Narnia and Narnia realizes that it needs a new owner. The acting is really good. The voice of Sam Elliott was very good, and I thought he was a great actor. I was also really happy to see Jack Black in this film. I love his movies like "The Big Lebowski" and "A Christmas Story". The direction of the film was also very good. The film was very well directed and it looked beautiful. I love how they use different music and music videos in the film. I love that the songs from the film were great and I also loved how they used the "Frozen" song. I also loved how they used the "Wrecking Ball" song from "Frozen". I also liked the music and the music was very catchy and fun. The songs were great and made the film very fun to listen to. The

Alice Kelley photo
Alice Kelley

This is a fun movie. I've seen a lot of movies from Pixar, and I think they have done a really good job. They have made a movie that's just like the classic Disney cartoons. I think that's a good thing. I like that they have made a movie that's like the classic cartoons. It's like a mix of Toy Story and The Lion King. They made a movie that's just like the classic cartoons. I think it's a good movie. I recommend it to anyone.