فيلم L'affaire SK1

L'affaire SK1

L'affaire SK1 is a movie starring Raphaël Personnaz, Nathalie Baye, and Olivier Gourmet. An investigation by a young inspector who quickly becomes obsessed with stopping a monster.

Other Titles
Soruşturma, Bøddelen fra Bastille, El caso SK1, L'Affaire SK1, Sag SK1, シリアルキラーNo.1, Bödeln från Bastille, SK1, Υπόθεση: Άγνωστο DNA, Seryjny zabójca nr 1, Serial Killer 1, Tapaus SK1
Running Time
2 hours
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Drama, Crime
Frédéric Tellier
Frédéric Tellier, Patricia Tourancheau, David Oelhoffen, Frédéric Tellier, Patricia Tourancheau
Raphaël Personnaz, Michel Vuillermoz, Nathalie Baye, Olivier Gourmet
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

An investigation by a young inspector who quickly becomes obsessed with stopping a monster.

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Amber S. photo
Amber S.

My name is Theo Jansen. I am a student of Film and a member of the European Parliament. This film is a perfect way to express a life style that is often depicted in mainstream media: extreme pessimism. The film gives a voice to the voiceless. I have seen many opinions on this film. My opinion is that the film was very well done and deserves a much wider audience. If you have never seen this film before, you should try it. It is not only an intelligent drama, but it is also a must watch for those who want to take a look at a realistic story of a youth's attempts to leave his area and try to change his life.

Walter L. photo
Walter L.

Wes Craven knows what he is doing. This is a beautifully done movie with great performances by all the actors. The cast is great all around, this film is great from beginning to end. Wes has done it again. A movie that really is about the main character and how he will be remembered. He is a good, very good person, very humble and with a good heart. The man makes you feel good and you wish you could be like him. He does a great job of keeping the film true to the book and not using the books title. One of the best movies of all time.

Lisa photo

Just watched the documentary " SK1 - The Fictional Life of Jean-Baptiste Arp (The Hero)." It really is amazing to have such a great documentary on something that is so insignificant. As for the topic of this documentary, it is true that people who had lived through such events, were killed with their own hands. But it is just a short step to this a whole different form of violence. I think that this is a much more than just a documentary about a fictional figure. It is a real reflection on the whole society. This documentary is so worth watching, and you should definitely see it. One of the best documentaries ever made. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Roger Rodriguez photo
Roger Rodriguez

I loved this movie. I didn't see a lot of movies that I thought were good until I saw this movie and I've seen a few bad movies before, but not like this. There was a lot of talking and all the characters were so real. It was actually very interesting to see how the characters acted. I am not sure how they did it because they had the actors and the writer all there, but the actors were very good. I liked all the actors because they all were very good at acting. The way the writer and director played with the actors and made them talk in a way that seemed like it was real was really great. There were scenes in the movie that were actually scary and intense. If you like dark comedies then this is the movie for you. I will buy this movie when it comes out on DVD and I will watch it again. This movie is definitely worth watching. It's like a TV show on TV but without the TV show.

Kathy Chen photo
Kathy Chen

I had seen the original on HBO and thought it was good, but this film was a bit different. But it was just as good. One of the best films of the year. Everyone should see this. I saw it in the theater, it was perfect. The ending was good, but not what I was expecting. There are a few plot holes and the dialog is kind of messed up. But it is still good. If you like anything Nicolas Cage, this is a must see.

Carolyn photo

The scene in the film when 'Dorian' is taking a shot from his rifle at the very bad guys on the rooftop was very disturbing to me, you see that they have to deal with a bunch of armed men who have no fear, but for some reason when they shoot one guy, they just stand there and look at the shot as if it was nothing. The scene with the two of them together was also disturbing, as well as the whole of the end of the film. I loved the character 'Dorian', who I found very likable and, I thought, quite believable. I also liked the whole 'oh well I'm an American and I don't care if people are going to die' line that the police chief of the scene used to justify the poor living conditions they were living in. I didn't think the ending was at all as depressing as I was led to believe it would be, the two characters at the end just seem to get on with their lives, not to mention that they seem to take the matter in their own hands and go off on their own to do their own thing, so the ending was not as depressing as I thought it would be. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good story, especially if they like a good film, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Jean-Claude's work. I hope to see more from him in the future.

Alexander photo

A documentary about an important and complex case, 'SK1' is a gritty and surprising look at the shocking unsolved murder of two friends, who are at the beginning of their lives in France and Germany. The film is well done, fascinating, intriguing, and incredibly insightful. There is little time to dwell on the details of the case, only the interviewees. The film shows the men as ordinary, well-educated men who struggle to overcome the obstacles they face to live their lives and their dreams. The interviewees have an almost absent voice, which may frustrate some, but they do not attempt to prove their innocence, but simply discuss their stories with the author, and the film allows them to do so. There are several compelling and dramatic moments in the film. The most striking moment is when the interviewees recount the fateful night of the murders. This sequence is fascinating to watch, and the viewer may well think about this sequence in their minds for days after the film. The author is a well-known journalist, but the film does not focus on him too much, and the reader may not want to. The author does a great job of making the interviewees, including his wife, a person to care about. The film is very well done, and a wonderful piece of film-making. In the end, it is hard to imagine how the investigation could have ended differently. It is also hard to believe that no one in the public was told about the murder, or that it was never solved.

Julia F. photo
Julia F.

This is a wonderful movie. I went to see it because of this: I thought it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. The beginning is somewhat confusing. It has several different stories. Some are clear, some are not. The viewer is asked to make up his or her mind about which story to believe. The movie is very episodic. There are several characters and their stories are interwoven. At one point the movie seems to be going in many directions at once. One of the stories that seemed to go nowhere was the story of the man who had the gangster-killing. If you're not a fan of gangster movies you'll probably have trouble with this one. It's a very visual movie, and I think this is a good choice for that. The cinematography is quite stunning. The story flows easily and I was really involved. I liked the characters. I liked the scenes. I liked the actors, even the non-actors. I think it was a great movie.

Helen P. photo
Helen P.

This film was spectacular! It is a great example of the meaning of cinema. Well acted, compelling story, beautiful cinematography, and a beautiful message. This film's message is a simple one: We are all "the master of our own fate", so let's stop using violence, violence against humanity, violence against ourselves, and violence against others. We can all do better.

Christian W. photo
Christian W.

This is an incredibly good film. It is by far the most powerful and haunting film I've seen in a long time. I was completely hooked from the start, and the whole experience left me feeling quite depressed. This film is a work of art and it deserves a lot more recognition than it has. Some people don't like it because they want to believe that this is just a 'vampire film', but this film is much more than that. It is much more than that. This film is a masterpiece in its own right. It is masterfully constructed, brilliantly acted, and insanely disturbing. The score is an incredibly beautiful piece of music, and the soundtrack is absolutely unforgettable. Some people have criticized this film for being too graphic, but that is completely false. There are no real nudity scenes, but there are some very graphic scenes involving decapitations and dismemberment. The main reason that this film is considered too violent is because some of the scenes are extremely graphic. It is still a disturbing film, but it is not a violence-filled, blood-soaked bloodbath. The story is still as compelling as it was in the first film. Although it is different from the first film, it is still excellent. I still recommend it to anyone, but if you have not seen it yet, then you should definitely see it. This is one of the most emotionally devastating films I've ever seen, and it's not for the faint of heart.

Amber F. photo
Amber F.

A great film and a breath of fresh air in a world of action movies. I went in with the biggest "how did they do that" moments in mind, and I came out not only with a good movie but with a new respect for movies. Many people have written that this movie is just "unoriginal". Well, if you didn't like a movie when you first watched it, this movie is just a rehash of what you thought you liked in the first place. The problem with remakes is that they're so often not as good as the original. This is not the case. In my opinion, this is a classic in the film-making sense. I was actually surprised at the quality of the sound, cinematography, and the direction of this movie. What impressed me was that I never saw a "let's take a break" from the story or the acting. All three aspects of a great film are here, and it was enjoyable to watch this again and again. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, and you won't regret it. This is a "must see" movie for anyone.

Mildred Morgan photo
Mildred Morgan

This is my favorite movie. You have to see this movie. It's not easy to understand this movie but it is the truth. It shows the lives of poor people in Montreal. The main character is a woman who doesn't know what to do. She's hiding from her husband and her sister and her daughter. She takes care of her ailing mother and sister. Her mother is a disabled woman and the sister is her daughter. She takes care of the ailing mother and daughter. This is a sad movie. You have to see this movie to understand the whole story.

Bobby H. photo
Bobby H.

It is just too bad that this excellent film has been hard to find for so long, and has a very low rating on IMDb. This film is a masterpiece in its own right, and deserves a wider audience. However, the reason why the film is underrated is that the story is not that interesting. It is basically a story about the struggle of a woman against the system, and the strength of the individual. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes an excellent story about a woman fighting against the system. The acting is very good, as are the sets. I would like to know how the film came about, but I don't think it was a film made by the same director. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Randy photo

One of the great films of all time. Les Miserables is now an anti-hero character, and is cast as a detective with deep contempt for the noble profession. During the course of the film, Claude Pichegru is shown as an honest, dedicated and loving father, who despite being disowned by his family is able to stay committed to his family and duty. The film never fails to evoke strong emotion and sympathy. It is also the only film I've seen that has a not only a great villain, but a sympathetic character as well. Claude Pichegru as a detective is one of the greatest performances ever made. His loyal, loyal character is one of the greatest aspects of the film. It is also important that the film does not glorify an organized crime, but instead the illegal activity of a criminal syndicate. The film is a powerful and moving portrayal of human life. Its unique and important approach of portraying criminal life in a moral light make this film unique and important as well. The movie is directed and written brilliantly, and the acting is great. The music is very effective, and the plot is complex. The editing and music are both perfect. The use of photography is brilliant, and the overall effect is wonderful. In addition, this film is an example of what a great film can accomplish with a very simple plot and all the talent on the screen.

Kevin photo

My guess is that this film is an 'in-your-face' statement about the complexity of human behavior. The film is incredibly moving and thoroughly engrossing. My first view of it was at a screening for a film teacher and the film teacher said that it was the best film he had ever seen. The film is both emotionally and intellectually challenging. If you are not prepared to watch this film, it is difficult to see how the human experience can be summed up in a simple phrase. I would encourage anyone to see it. You may not be able to see the film as thoroughly as others but it is worth your time.

Karen Wallace photo
Karen Wallace

I never saw "SK1" in the theaters, but I had the DVD. "SK1" is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I think it's one of the best movies of all time. A lot of people don't like this movie because of the sex, violence, and drugs in it. However, I think it's just how this film is supposed to be. The whole thing is shot in a documentary style, where we watch different people talk about the incident. It's very interesting to watch, but not too graphic. This film is definitely not for everyone. I'm sure you will hate it, but that doesn't mean you can't watch it. I really recommend this movie to everyone who is a fan of real documentary style movies. It is truly a great movie, and I suggest that everyone watch it.

Carolyn photo

For me, this is an excellent film. Yes, it is a bit slow and some scenes are too long. But the great performances are worth it. Yes, it is a bit confusing. But the movie shows that every man is different, and there is no perfect man. This is one of the best films I've seen in recent years.

Martha photo

It is a fantastic film, a film that is really based on reality. The film shows the horrible effect that one single person can have on the whole world and how the only one who can bring him to his senses is simply himself. This film is based on real events that took place in 1979, just after the Stalingrad battle. The film is shot like a documentary and shows you the whole story, the point where the army falls. It shows you what was happening and how those events affected the whole city of Skagerrak, and also the entire country. This film is a really important and very well-made film, and I highly recommend it. I would like to say that this film is based on real events, but that's not true. This film is just based on the situation and the fact that this happened, and it is so true. I really loved this film, I think it is really well made. I would recommend it to everyone who loves good movies. The only problem is that it is a little bit long, but it's not a big problem. It's a great movie and a really good movie, so I would really recommend it.

George C. photo
George C.

I saw the film at the theater (or should I say in the theater?) when it was released and I was completely enthralled. The performances were perfect (as was the camera work). The casting of Blanchett, of course, was spot-on, and the supporting cast (including some of the acting regulars) were a delight to watch. I felt compelled to write this review as it's always the same. I watched it again at home after many years and I really am moved by this movie. It's been ten years since I saw it, but I still feel that I need to write about this movie and I think it's time. It really is that good. The scenes with Francois Cluzet and Michel Cluzet are especially touching. I don't want to give any spoilers, but I will say that it's the most beautiful and touching scene I've ever seen. The way that Francois clings to his son, watching them die and dying, is a moving and beautiful scene. The fact that the ending is so brutal and brutalizing is really, really sad. I don't think anyone can watch this movie and not be moved by the character of Jacques, or the story itself. I think it's a great movie and I'm glad it's out on DVD. If you haven't seen it yet, go out and see it. I'm glad I saw it, and I hope you'll see it.

Johnny photo

A pretty impressive film, from the perspective of the film's cinematographer. We often forget that the photographer is not the filmmaker, he/she is merely the photographer. The film photographer has no idea of the film that they are taking. He/she does not know the mood or the movie. This is why some of the scenes are so dark. Also the photography is sometimes unbelievable, like when the police officer is staring at the mother with his arms outstretched, and when the police officer throws the mother to the ground. But these are small details, and you have to understand them in order to enjoy this film. The performances are not exceptional. But they are OK. The film is really unique. A film that one can watch several times, and the picture and sounds will never lose any meaning. This film is probably the first one that I really liked a lot.

Jennifer Lee photo
Jennifer Lee

I have always been a lover of Nicolas, he has always given me an emotional and intellectual thrills that I haven't been able to get from any other movie. His body of work, his style of film-making and his passionate and loyal approach to the art of cinema is truly remarkable. In a post-colonial context in Asia, he has been able to find an inspiration that reaches back to the indigenous peoples of the world. His visual style is well suited for the film, and the language and use of subtitles is in full compliance with the purpose of the film. I hope that people will be able to appreciate the film, but above all, it will be a learning experience for everyone. We see it for what it is: a love story, a story of human dignity, a reflection of human rights and a contribution to a community's struggle for a better world.

Ryan photo

The film begins with a flashback to the late 1980's. The young man is involved in a gang of petty criminals and starts to know the "men in black" who they are and what they do. This film has one of the best opening scenes of any film I've ever seen. The music is great and has an eerie sound to it. The film also has some very interesting and thought provoking dialog. One particular scene that I really liked was when Lila meets up with "Dudek", a drug dealer in the street. He tries to convince her that she is not crazy but it is very interesting to see her reject him and the film really shows the maturity of the character. The character is very rich and he continues to try to convince her that he is not crazy. The character also says that he will make a deal with her. She then says that she is not going to do it and walks out. The director goes on and on with this scene, getting more and more "insane". This scene is probably the best of the film. This scene is the backbone of the film and the film is shown as a series of flashbacks with some great narration. The director also did a great job in using a very moving and haunting soundtrack. This film is based on a true story and it is a very important part of the history of the world. It is also very important to show that violence is not the way to fight for justice.

Ronald Hicks photo
Ronald Hicks

A truly great film.the biggest movie of all time.watch this movie it is more powerful then some other movies. all the actors of the film did a great job and it is not a movie for everyone. if you think this movie is a nothing please watch it for real. watch this movie for the ending.it is perfect.