فيلم The Foreigner

The Foreigner

The Foreigner is a movie starring Katie Leung, Jackie Chan, and Rufus Jones. A humble businessman with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. A cat-and-mouse conflict ensues with a government...

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Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
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Action, Thriller
Martin Campbell
Stephen Leather, David Marconi
Katie Leung, Jackie Chan, Rufus Jones, Mark Tandy
USA, China, UK
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A humble businessman with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. A cat-and-mouse conflict ensues with a government official, whose past may hold clues to the killers' identities.

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Nicole Bowman photo
Nicole Bowman

The Foreigner was a pleasant surprise. It was enjoyable and well acted, but it also had some flaws. I was skeptical of this film based on its reputation, but I was very surprised. I had never heard of the film before, but I was happy to see that it was actually a good film, which surprised me. I'm not a big fan of Shia LaBeouf, but this is a good film for him. The story is that an American soldier is captured by a Taliban leader. His first few days in the prison are very tense and difficult to watch, but eventually he learns that he is going to be executed for his role in the U.S. military. The film is about an American soldier trying to escape the prison, and finding himself trapped by the warlord's demands. The story is original, but the story does seem to drag a bit at times. I was never bored with this film. Overall, I recommend this film to people who are looking for a film that is different and is fun to watch.

Carl photo

We were bored on our way to the cinema and wanted to watch a popcorn flick to cheer up. We stumbled upon this movie and were very impressed. The movie has been good on the critics and I would have to agree with them. I enjoyed the first half an hour more than the second half. The action in the first half is really entertaining and the villain is very interesting. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and I would definitely recommend it.

Billy F. photo
Billy F.

Just saw this film at the Telluride Film Festival and I must say, it was a good film. It has a lot of action and a good story and characters. The best part of the movie is that it isn't a Hollywood film. It has a nice pace and it was also very good that the plot was very original. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I was thinking about the film but it was still very good. I really liked the characters. I think Tom Cruise had a good role in this film and he played it well. I also liked Jeremy Renner in this film. I didn't really know who he was but I thought he did a great job. The only negative thing I have to say about this film is that it's not as good as I thought it would be but I think it was just a good film. I think I would rate it higher than I did but I'm still not sure. Maybe I'll watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

Evelyn photo

After watching this film I am genuinely shocked at the rating on IMDb, what a load of crap, I've seen worse films, this is the best of them all, and if you've not seen it then you have obviously not watched enough movies to rate it lower than 5. It is one of those films that makes you feel good and proud for being alive, and makes you feel alive, I urge you to watch it, it is a well worth viewing. Its a simple story of a man who goes to Vietnam and the reality of the conflict, of the bloody violence of the war, of the disillusionment of the British, of the differences of the two sides and how the whole thing is a sideshow. I would urge you to watch it, and don't judge it by its current rating, its a good film, a great one, and I don't think I will ever see another film quite like it again.

Marie W. photo
Marie W.

The Foreigner is a movie that I can't say that I didn't like. It is a good action movie with a good story and great performances. I'm a fan of Bruce Willis, but the guy has a pretty bad reputation in the industry for his other movies. I can't really say that I like most of his movies because most of his movies are good but not really great. The Foreigner, however, is not a bad movie. I enjoyed it very much. It has a good story, good acting, and good camera work. I enjoyed it because it has some very cool action sequences, great special effects, and some great cinematography. The film is so much like The Matrix, but with the twists that are not really that similar. This is an action movie that will entertain you because it is so much like The Matrix. I will recommend it to anyone who enjoys action movies and is not afraid to watch a really bad one. Bruce Willis is back in action, but not in the same way he was back in 2003. I think that this was a good move because it made the movie a little more interesting. If you are looking for a good action movie and want to see what's going on in the world of fighting, see The Foreigner. You won't be disappointed.

Amanda H. photo
Amanda H.

A dead pregnant woman is captured by a group of ultra-wealthy individuals in order to auction her off for a hefty sum of money. This seems like a plot that would be too complex to film but director Ridley Scott manages to turn this into a very unique and exciting thriller that provides some great action scenes, a great cast and a memorable supporting performance from Tom Hardy. The film is based on a true story and tells of the woman who was supposedly murdered in order to sell her for a hefty sum of money. We are led to believe that the real victim in this case was her boyfriend and her family, who live in a quiet country estate. The young couple are left to raise the baby and the husband has found a new job in America but is still trying to come to terms with his former life. However, the night he catches a glimpse of the woman being forced to strip for the auction, he decides to take action and help. The film provides some excellent action scenes and an overall suspenseful plot. The performances are also very good, with the main star Tom Hardy delivering a great performance. He is very convincing in his role and shows a great deal of emotion in his performance. The supporting cast are also very good and all of them provide some fine performances. The film has a very good and memorable sound track as well as a great music score by Hans Zimmer. The film also does have a good amount of violence as well as violence against women and children, although I must admit that I did find the violence a little excessive at times. Overall, I highly recommend this film to anyone who is into action thrillers. It is a very good film that I found very entertaining and a great action thriller.

Alan Howell photo
Alan Howell

In the new sequel to the "The Foreigner", it seems like the FBI agent turned gang leader is one step ahead of the bad guys. His strategy is to be in charge of the police force, not just on the streets, but also in the building where he lives. This is where he meets an old friend. While they are waiting for the police to show up to arrest them, they find out that they are being watched by a policeman. They have a plan to steal a machine gun from the cop, which they use to commit the most brutal act in the history of gangsters. With a bunch of the best action movie villains ever, this is a movie that is sure to get the audiences attention. This sequel is so good, that I think it is worth it.

Sandra Lee photo
Sandra Lee

John Wick: Hong Kong action thriller by writer/director David Ayer, and starring Keanu Reeves, is a visually exciting and thrilling film. Keanu Reeves stars as John Wick, a former bounty hunter, who once had his perfect life. One day, he was sent to Hong Kong to save a wealthy American, who had been kidnapped by the local criminal gang. During the rescue, John Wick's life changed completely. Now, he is an expert assassin, and must track down the American to stop him from being killed by the local criminal gang. This film is a lot of fun. It has an awesome story, great action, and is a visually stunning film. Keanu Reeves does a great job, as does every single character he plays. He is a lot of fun to watch. The action is great, and I definitely liked the story, but I didn't like the ending. The ending left me feeling kind of cheated. This is a great movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of action films. * out of *

Kelly Bishop photo
Kelly Bishop

This is one of the best action movies of the last 10 years. The plot is simple, but the action is unbelievable. Denzel Washington plays a government agent who finds himself in a precarious situation when the guy he was sent to hunt, the terrorist, shows up at his doorstep. Washington is a natural in these type of roles, and he portrays his character perfectly. I like the way he keeps his cool during the action sequences, and he does this well. I also like the style of the movie, a mix of the first and third installments of the James Bond series. The action is more powerful, but the story has been told a number of times in these type of movies. I also like how the movie starts with a flashback, and then moves onto the main plot. The end of the movie is very violent and intense, and it is done in a way that has been done in previous James Bond movies. I will admit that I did not see this movie in theaters, but I was so impressed by the action, that I purchased the DVD. I rate this movie an 8 out of 10.

Roy Ortiz photo
Roy Ortiz

I had seen a couple of Jet Li films in my youth and one of them was "The Foreigner" and I was not expecting much from the film but I was quite surprised and liked it very much. The plot is very interesting, the fight scenes are amazing and the plot is good and overall the film is a winner. I rate this film 8 out of 10. Jet Li is a very good actor and he can be good in other films as well. The Foreigner is worth watching.

Helen Adams photo
Helen Adams

I watched this movie twice in one week. The first time I watched it, I thought the movie was going to be really boring. However, I watched it a second time and I was amazed. The movie is great because it is very realistic. It's not full of special effects or lots of action scenes. The movie has some very good acting. The characters in the movie are very well written. I also liked the way that the story was told. I think that this movie is one of the best I've seen in a long time. There are few parts in the movie that are kind of funny but they are short and make up for it. Overall, this movie is really great.

Christine photo

I don't know if this was a better movie than "The Godfather", but I liked it much better. I just finished watching "The Foreigner" and I thought that it was even better than that one. I have seen both of them but I have to say that "The Foreigner" was even more riveting and the action scenes were more impressive. "The Godfather" is a classic of cinema and I think that it is worth of more than just one viewing. If you haven't seen it, watch it, it's worth it. It's not Oscar material, but it's a great movie and I think that it deserves a great one.

Nathan photo

It's a silly movie, the CGI is very unrealistic. It's also very violent and bloody. The whole movie is just a revenge plot and a bit of mystery. Not that you get any satisfaction from the story, but the film is not a bad movie. It's just an ordinary action movie, with a twist that you can't predict. I gave it 8/10.

Zachary Holmes photo
Zachary Holmes

I really enjoyed this film. It's a suspense thriller with action, and it's beautifully shot and edited. The acting was all great, the plot was well thought out and well told, and the story is interesting and fun. In short, a very good film. I look forward to more from Clint Eastwood.

Andrea photo

This movie does not do justice to the story it has. I did not watch the first one, so it was refreshing to get a fresh look on the story. There were some parts that did not make sense. I also thought the cast was a little far-fetched for the part they were playing. But overall, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes action movies.

Jerry P. photo
Jerry P.

i thought this movie was just awesome. it was entertaining. it was realistic. and it had a good plot. the action was good. and i think this movie is a 10/10. so what did i want from this movie. i wanted to see the aliens and the aliens destroy the world. so what i got was the aliens destroying the world, the aliens in a car, a bad guy, and a cop with a little crush on him. then a cop in a pink car. (it was a pink car, but he was in a car. what a coincidence) i just loved the whole movie. and the music was great. i think this movie was pretty good. but it was really bad in some parts. i think this movie could have been a 9/10. but the ending was a little messed up. but it was still a 9/10. i think the movie could have been a 10/10.

Benjamin Howard photo
Benjamin Howard

I don't see this as a "war movie" as some reviewers here seem to think. This is more of a "action-adventure" movie. The story is very exciting, and the way the action scenes are choreographed is just brilliant. If you like to see a great action movie, with some nice cinematography and great story, then this is the movie for you. Don't expect anything spectacular, but expect to be entertained.

Douglas Moreno photo
Douglas Moreno

I've seen many John Wick movies and this one is probably the best yet. It's a revenge story and the movie is full of action. The acting is good, the story is pretty good and the action scenes are cool. Also, I really like this movie because it's not a sequel that follows the same script. The acting is pretty good and the plot is pretty good. The acting in this movie is better than in the other John Wick movies.

Sandra Larson photo
Sandra Larson

I saw this film with my friend who had seen it first, and he had a blast with it. It's a great action thriller. You can't help but root for the criminals, because they all seem to get killed off pretty quick, so there's no time to really think about it. Then, at the end of the film, you get the sense that the criminals are just the ones to blame for what happened, but it's hard to know who to root for. The plot is really solid, the acting is great, and the way it's filmed is great. I know this is going to be a controversial review, but the only reason this film isn't higher is because I'm not a fan of action films. But, I will say that this film is a lot better than any of the recent superhero films. If you have an interest in action films, this film is a must. If not, I would say wait for it to come out on DVD.

Olivia P. photo
Olivia P.

This film shows how a one-man operation can devastate the economy, only to get a promotion and keep the company going. What goes around, comes around. Michael Caine plays a U.S. intelligence officer with a split personality. He has to juggle his secret life with the U.S. government. James Woods is an experienced CIA agent, but he's also a drug dealer. He uses the CIA's informant network to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States. This film was very entertaining. I thought it was very realistic. It made me want to go out and start a drug cartel.

Austin Mendoza photo
Austin Mendoza

When you see the "A" rating it's not really an "A" movie, it's more of a "B" movie. This movie is so "B" in its rating that it really deserves it. As a matter of fact, it was the perfect movie for me to see. It was smart, suspenseful, and full of action. I really enjoyed it, and think it is a movie that will keep you watching and wanting to see it again and again.

Marilyn S. photo
Marilyn S.

I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that literally moved me, even if that movie wasn't actually about the world I was living in. In my opinion, the film "The Foreigner" was the first of its kind, the first movie to really capture the emotional and mental roller coaster ride I feel when watching a movie. The movie is set in France in the year 2009 and as the movie opens, we see a young French woman named Catherine (Tilda Swinton) who's mother has died. Catherine and her husband (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) are now the sole caretakers of a small apartment complex. Catherine is eager to start a career in journalism but she has to undergo some grueling interviews with her future employer, an American journalist (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman). He's played by Jude Law, who I have always thought was a very talented actor. The film begins with the two of them chatting with each other and they soon decide to get married. Catherine realizes that she doesn't have the guts to do anything about her own mother's death, and decides to sell her apartment to finance her marriage. The movie is still fresh in my mind. The first half of the movie really makes you feel as if you're in that place. The editing is smooth and the performances are powerful. I can't recall a time when a movie actually made me feel like I was in that place. I also can't recall a time when I felt that much empathy for the main character. I couldn't help but compare Catherine to "The Ring" in the way she looks. The scenes where she's in the bathroom with her bathroom mirror are just so sexy and the way she looks so beautiful. She even goes out topless in one of the scenes, which really made me feel as if I were actually in that apartment building. It's hard to believe that just a few years ago, people in France and throughout Europe were so hostile toward foreigners. Now, everyone seems to be friendly and accommodating to foreigners. I think this is one of the reasons why Catherine and her husband wanted to sell their apartment. In the end, Catherine decides to stay in France and become a journalist. The relationship between Catherine and her new boss, the American journalist, is a bit awkward. But the fact that they are not only acquaintances but they both love the same movie is refreshing. The Foreigner is a must see for anyone who likes a movie that can make you feel good and makes you think.

Larry photo

On the surface, this movie has a fairly straight forward storyline. A group of Australian mercenaries are hired to retrieve the only possible piece of intel that can lead to a massive arms deal between the world's superpower and a terrorist group. The problem? They're not as good as they think they are and the mercenaries are no better than them. Director Jason Reitman and writer David Leitch are at the helm, and they're on the money. The movie isn't any more over the top than many other action movies. Sure, it's got a few funny moments, and some great action sequences. The acting is good, but it's the writing and the script that hold this movie together. The movie could have easily gone in the other direction and been a comedy. The comedy comes through in the first few minutes, but it's nothing we haven't seen before. The movie is a bit choppy, but it's not bad. The action is very good, with some great stunts and gunfights. The movie isn't perfect, and the movie is just about 90 minutes long, so there's definitely more action in the movie than you'd think. The movie isn't about anything else. The film is about a group of mercenaries, who don't know who they are or who they are working for. They're not really involved in the plot, and it's a story that could have been told without the mercenaries. The movie is well done, and a definite watch. I rate this film 8/10.