فيلم Blood Feast

Blood Feast

Blood Feast is a movie starring Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, and Sophie Monk. Fuad Ramses and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad...

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1 hours 30 minutes
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Marcel Walz
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Sophie Monk, Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, Sadie Katz
Germany, USA
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Fuad Ramses and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess ISHTAR. He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms. After this pivotal night, Fuad begins a new life, in which murder and cannibalism become his daily bread. He starts to prepare a ritual FEAST to honor his new mistress, a lavish affair dripping with BLOOD, organs, and intestines of human victims. As butchered bodies are heaped upon the Altar of Ishtar, Fuad slowly slips further into madness, until he is no more than the goddess's puppet; and she thirsts for the blood of Fuad's wife and daughter too.

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Megan photo

The casting, the reviews and the hype surrounding The Picture of Dorian Gray reminded me of a similar ad campaign for 'Alien Resurrection'. Unfortunately for me, I have nothing in common with any of the main characters in that film. Watching this film again, my memory of the first fifteen minutes of 'Alien Resurrection' was of me getting confused and wondering who they were, where they were going and why I wasn't paying attention. All that is missing here is the action, the romance and a good storyline. It's not a bad film by any means but it's not a good film either. The plot is mundane and there's no real chemistry between the main characters. Which isn't to say that they're bad actors, or that they're all bad actors (Ed Harris is no Michael Biehn), but the fact remains that this is a poor film, a very poor film. It's a lot of nothing, which is exactly the message it wants to send and unfortunately it can't quite hit it. It's a film which uses colour to represent characters and atmosphere, and is paced like a balletic romp but you don't care. There's little tension and nothing in the script makes any sense. The story moves at a snails pace. Everything seems to happen so fast and it's hard to get a grip on what's going on. It's all very laboured and it's difficult to sympathise with anyone in this film. You could walk out and not miss much. So when the credits start to roll, you'll probably just want to watch the TV-versions of 'Alien Resurrection' again.

Lori Oliver photo
Lori Oliver

This movie is a fun, gore-filled horror comedy. it has a great plot, fantastic acting, and plenty of laughs for you. but for me, this film is not quite up to my expectations. the problems that are mentioned in the other reviews are pretty much the same ones I had with this movie. for instance, the focus on the plot with no character development, and the other problems that are stated on other reviews. The plot is well-developed, but it just seems a bit short. I don't think there are really a lot of unanswered questions to this film. I think the movie could have been longer, and it could have had more of a mystery-theme. Another problem is that there isn't a great deal of character development for the characters, and so the film feels a bit flat. Overall, the movie is a fun, gore-filled horror comedy that is worth seeing for the gore alone. For me, I give this a 7/10

Kimberly Hudson photo
Kimberly Hudson

It's been some time since I've watched a film that was an actual part of my childhood, not some over-rated second-rate black and white popcorn movie. After viewing this one again, I realize that I'd been suffering a bit of a reverse existential crisis, as if I'd lost touch with what made me feel good, but still wanted to believe in a higher power. The movie's set in the early 1970s, when I was in school and just got off a trip in the middle of nowhere, and was trying to find my way home. I found a small time diner where the owner was selling books and kind of freaked out, and proceeded to hook up with the owner and his girlfriend who I think was an adult. The girl would get on her bike and start riding up and down the road with me, until she found the place and parked on the other side of the street. Now that I look back, I've noticed that the movie got a bit confusing for me, as I didn't remember exactly what happened at the diner. All I know is that I had a vague idea of what happened, and I'm not sure why. The characters' lives seemed to be going along perfectly, but I just couldn't seem to figure out exactly what they were doing. It seemed as if they could have been doing anything but something, and yet nothing happened. But when I looked at the ending, I realized that the ending is exactly what the movie is about. And I know that's not quite what the director intended, but I got a little bit of closure.

David G. photo
David G.

This movie is a 'stale' thing to say of a thing. It's not 'so bad it's good' or 'really, really bad', it's a stutter-junkie-ly different thing, and if you are able to get over it for a minute, it has it's charms. I actually like the movie a lot better than the review says. To sum it up, it has the typical workaholic, recently divorced, mumbling, alcoholic, depressed, loser parents in modern-day America, with the typical suburban, 4-track suburban background. There is a 'great' doctor at the hospital who runs into the family and offers advice to make their lives a bit better, and we're supposed to think he's a great psychologist. So yeah, it's got the typical stuff, and as it is, it's still pretty good. The entire movie is set in a vacation home on an island. But, the island is really a normal suburb - people have a lot of things to do and go to school, there's a Walmart and a bunch of department stores, and the whole town seems to have a nice, southern feel. The kid's home is pretty much a dump, and the woods are very quiet, a few cars and shrubbery. But, there's not much in the way of bad things, and the mother gets quite a few really bad visions of her own life's betrayals, and she does a lot of violence and killing. She believes that the doctors and friends who help her are all out to get her. The parents have a nice-but-sad marriage. There is one woman who is literally the perfect wife and mother. One of the best parts of the movie is that it shows how much moping, depression, and violence are really related. The father just abandons his wife and children to go to work, and lives like a common loser. There is a young girl who is an aspiring graphic artist and just wants to be accepted. The mother is pretty much depressed. The mom just breaks out in some sort of drunken rage and kills several people. Some sort of Satanic cult, or occult stuff. These people have access to all this and they want revenge, or to take revenge on the "darkness" of the family. The townspeople eventually come to the conclusion that it's a pattern, and the mom or someone calls a panel of experts and the doctor, and they all agree that what the doctor says is correct. She's been a bad influence on the kids, and this is their future. It turns out that the doctor was just trying to help the kids and everyone else, and the movie does end very nicely, with a great ending and a great scene with the whole family.

Stephen photo

This may be the weakest entry in the Dead Movie series, yet still manages to hold its own as a horror film. A few episodes make it worth a look, if you like these type of films. The film doesn't do the best job of the Dead Movie brand, but it's not bad. Even though this film is rated "R" and contains some sexual content and some language, I think it would be a good movie for teens or adults to see, for an entertaining movie with lots of gore and plenty of suspense.

Christine photo

I can't remember if this movie ever showed on TV, so I caught it on cable a few weeks ago. I am very familiar with the book and I'm generally fond of it. I just hope that no one watches this movie because it is a crappy film. It's not the worst movie I have ever seen but it sure wasn't the best either. The story was more like a book of a different genre. I really like the first part of the movie and the atmosphere is great. It reminds me of B-movies of the 70's and 80's that I enjoyed. However, the last 20 minutes just went too crazy. So ridiculous and random. There are some scenes that are so messed up. And also one of the characters died in a scene that was supposed to be a big scene. It was so stupid. But all in all, this movie is one of the better horror movies I have seen in a long time. It had some potential to be something special and unfortunately it did not live up to it's potential. It's certainly not the worst horror movie I have seen but I could've made it better. Bottom Line: Not a horrible movie but the ending is too stupid. I would not recommend this movie to anybody unless you are a huge fan of the book. It was a good movie in it's own way but I wouldn't recommend it for a friend's first watch or for anyone else.

Christopher photo

I have never been to the Cenotaph, but just got back from seeing this, and the whole event made me think of it again! The horrors of the British Parliament building, taken directly from the movie. The whole place, with all the treasures they could get, locked up, in the basement, you would think they would just go to the basement, if they had time and money! Oh, and there's a monument to William Godwin, I thought it was very cool! The action was pretty good too, the ghosts were more scary than I expected, the beehive scene was pretty eerie. Overall I really liked this movie, I thought it was fairly entertaining, and definitely worth watching.

Terry Nichols photo
Terry Nichols

Now that the sequels to the original Dawn of the Dead have come out, it is understandable why this is rated so highly in many circles. A strange combination of a zombie movie and a silent period piece, Dawn of the Dead is more reminiscent of a silent film. Unlike most of the zombie movies, Dawn of the Dead is more about the situations that the characters find themselves in, and not about the action. In this movie, the zombies can apparently only be controlled by touching them, something that might seem somewhat impractical in the fast-paced world of this movie. It also is suggested that an object that seems to be harmless, will be very, very deadly in the hands of the hero. It is this use of events to prepare for the climax of the film that makes this film unique, and also explains why the series is known as the "Zombie Trilogy". Now for the plot, there are a few plot holes, especially if you are a zombie movie fan, but they are explained by the film's ending. The ending does give us more information on why the zombies are on earth, but it is still not enough for a film like this. The ending makes more sense than the ending of Dawn of the Dead, but it is still not enough to explain all the events of the film. This is actually the most important part of the film. Because the film revolves around how a group of survivors will get back to a safe place after the zombie attack, it is important to the plot. The acting in this film is really the best thing about it. Most of the characters are brilliant actors, and each one of them bring some of the most memorable performances in any zombie movie. Some of them also have the distinct problem of being good actors, and the good performances can also make the films more interesting, and make them more enjoyable to watch. However, the one acting that really stood out in this film was Greg Kinnear. Now, in most zombie movies, the character of Jack is someone we hate, and it is important to the plot to be able to see someone who is so good that we hate him. In this film, it is very interesting to see how Jack is as he is portrayed, and some of the effects used are perfect for the style of the film. I really liked how Jack was seen to be more human than the other zombies, and how he was seen to have more emotions. It was also great to see how the zombies were made up of elements of the early 1900's, and that they looked like a human being, even the zombie that is used to be the head of the group was more human looking than any other characters. However, the biggest problems I had with this film, was the length. The first 45 minutes, while it was interesting, was too long.

Jane Evans photo
Jane Evans

Love the idea of this film but have never gotten round to seeing it. Still, it's got a lot of nice touches, and there's a clear connection with the original. Overall, I'm pleased with the film, and would recommend it to anyone. Suggestion: on a slow day, watch this film in its entirety. Loved it!

Katherine H. photo
Katherine H.

Perhaps one of the greatest cult horror films ever, The Baker Family is a painfully understated and understated masterpiece. Horror films come in many different varieties, and it's often hard to tell which ones are truly the best. This is the type of horror film that people love so much because of it's simplicity and almost poetic quality. In any case, it doesn't matter what kind of film you are talking about, this movie has a deep and interesting character-driven plot, the atmosphere is well-done, the acting is amazing, and there is a perfect amount of "weirdness" to make it seem fresh. I'm not entirely sure if this is what the critics think or what a really high caliber director intended but this film truly shows what horror is all about.

Evelyn photo

I thought the movie was very well done. My only complaints are that the third act is very weak and one of the actors is miscast. The movie is worth seeing if you want a good and well made horror movie. It is really sad to see that they are dying off today.

Jacqueline G. photo
Jacqueline G.

Bram Stoker's Dracula (or Bram Stoker's Dracula) is the work of a man whose interest in such supernatural horror films is a secret, and whose latest creation, The Bram Stoker's Vampire (the first and arguably best of the series) was released after he'd disappeared. Boulting shows this fact in his delightful adaptation, the result of years of investigations and visits by Bram Stoker himself and his assistant Edward Weeks. It's not the best film in the series, but I found it to be more entertaining and gripping than the last one. A lonely, old man, whose appearance is cold and dark, turns up at the best possible moment in a run-down boarding house, only to turn out to be a professional vampire killer. His presence was an indication that something terrible was about to happen. Inexplicably, the writer doesn't give us much of a back story as to why he should be there. We don't know why he chose this particular house, why he came to know about the blood feast, why he went to Europe in the first place, or why he was so angry at the conclusion of this particular story. What we do know is that he was actually hiding something very evil inside himself. This was not a bad film. It's better than the second film, which was just okay, but it was not a good film. The violence was too bloody, there were a few scenes that were unnecessarily violent, and there was too much nudity for the British censors. But it was still better than any other film in the series. It was also the first Dracula film to show the real essence of the character, which, although underwritten, is a part of the fun.

Ashley photo

This movie, even though it is a remake of a classic horror movie, doesn't feel like one. You start out with an uber-creepy slasher, and slowly the story moves forward. the cast is fantastic. Amanda Plummer and Aubrey Plaza both have great scenes. You also see people like Annabelle Woods and Laurie Metcalf in these parts. But I think a lot of the film's success rests on George Wendt, whose performance is outstanding. He plays the part of a creepy, serial killer who never tells anyone the truth about his past. The ending is fantastic. This film has a great script, and good production values. It was well worth the rental.

Harold photo

I didn't know much about this movie before I rented it. Then it popped up on the TV one day, and I knew I had to see it. When I did, it was definitely worth the rent. The film is a low-budget horror anthology of sorts, with some notable names in the cast, and even with some of those, it doesn't feel like one. Everything seems well thought out, and there are moments where you can't help but laugh, or to notice something weird that goes on. There is one or two violent scenes, and of those, I think there's two that should be legal. The gore is restrained, and the characters are believable. If you want an intelligent horror flick, there is no wrong choice here, though the ending leaves something to be desired. If you want to be creeped out, this is for you, and if you want a bit of a laugh, this is for you. I give it a B.

Kathy Howard photo
Kathy Howard

This movie is very much like this. The woman is too young to marry, she is obviously an underaged girl, and has a habit of breaking into homes at night, pretending to be the sheriff. Anyways, she's getting younger, more mature, and more petite. The movie is filmed in the very same style as "Blow Up" and "Play Dead". If I had the choice, I would prefer to watch this with "Blow Up" or "Play Dead" and not "Blow Up". It's not that hard, but they're both a lot better. The movie is really good. The girl in this movie is hot, and the guy is quite nice to look at, too. The film's only flaw is that it doesn't leave any serious hints of a killer. It seems like the killer is playing the part, but the movie keeps talking about the same things, without ever revealing the killer. Also, it seems like the writers are trying to avoid things like "what if"s, instead of just spouting them out. I actually found the "what if"s in the movie interesting. Another flaw is that it's a little confusing. There are so many things going on, that it's hard to keep track of what's what. Overall, the movie is a great, unique, and scary slasher. It's very good, and worth watching.

Lisa photo

This movie is a horror anthology about the inevitable decay of a society. While the women, and men, are supposed to be the saviors, it's the degenerated males who are the real villains. The whole thing is framed around a major plague on the planet. It also doesn't hurt that it stars John Leguizamo, who is easily one of the most interesting and accomplished actors in Hollywood. The movie has some truly dark humor that's very effective. The first half is basically a PSA warning about the plague, and the second half is the initial invasion of the "monster" as people die by the millions. The people in this film are definitely the monsters. One of the characters almost gets a face full of bug spray and has to wake up after an hour to get out of the garden. Other characters are introduced in flashback, and then they disappear for a while. A former journalist has a sudden and abrupt death, a cop is injured, and a student is bitten by an animal. The English teacher is bitten by a bat and killed. The girls who like to dress up as men suddenly learn how to swing their swords, and the other characters dress up as men. Their whole world is collapsing, and they have to band together to survive. There's also a police detective who's obviously been in the army. The movie is pretty violent, with a lot of blood and people falling over. People get bitten, burned, and slaughtered, and there's a murder that's caused by a fish. Some of the characters are just stupid and don't know how to defend themselves, while others are heroes. There are also some pretty amusing scenes of a guy getting his throat slit and a killer fish tearing his eyes out. The movie is very stylish. It looks like a 60s film noir, but it's much more fun and smart than that. It's very violent, but the violence is necessary. This movie will make you think and question what's going on. It's a good time. It's fun to watch. It's good for your brain, but don't be afraid to look away if it gets too disturbing.

Eric Edwards photo
Eric Edwards

In a very short synopsis it says that this movie is a supernatural revenge horror. That is definitely not what it is about. This movie is about a family of murder and weird rituals. The main characters are a couple that kill each other at night and in the morning they are brought to a house of curious guests. While they are there a strange creature hides in the closet. The audience can see a very similar ending to "Rosemary's Baby". There are also several scenes of mystery. But at the end of the movie everything is revealed. The idea of it being a horror is clearly not the real reason. The movie was actually very nice. They took all the horror tropes and made it very nice. There is very well placed gore. And a very good atmosphere. The problem with the movie is that they weren't able to make the mystery easy to understand. And that is the main problem with this movie. But the movie is also very stylish. There are many scenes where you know that you are watching a super classic 80's slasher. And there is also a few psychological scenes. And there is also a very nice soundtrack. The movie is pretty good and the ending is actually very scary. And that's really the point. This movie is actually a horror about horror. Something like "Nightbreed". It is like a weird slasher with a lot of blood. I liked it a lot.

Danielle Hanson photo
Danielle Hanson

I was going to see this movie with a friend of mine, who hates horror, and said "I hate horror movies, why don't you go to the theater and see a movie about vampires?" After that, I was very glad to see the movie was going to be on a theater. It's a great movie, with the good and bad parts. The movie started off pretty good. It had some great scenes. Then there was a bit of a slow period, and then the movie picked up again. The good part of the movie was when I realized how some scenes were "translated" from real life. The main actress did a good job with the part of Katey. She was very attractive and I think the movie deserved a higher rating. Overall, the movie was quite good. I would recommend to watch it with friends, or maybe with someone else who dislikes horror movies. It is an interesting movie that will keep you entertained for a few hours.

Julie Chapman photo
Julie Chapman

Blood Feast was one of the three films directed by Robert Englund, written by Englund and directed by David Lee Jones. Blood Feast was one of the more interesting B-movie films. It is still a very interesting film, and it also is a very entertaining B-movie film. The film is great in a lot of ways. It is very entertaining and it also is a good psychological drama. The film is very entertaining and has some of the best horror movie moments ever. The film is very good and very entertaining. I give Blood Feast a 7 out of 10.

Jonathan E. photo
Jonathan E.

If you like this movie, don't forget to watch the original, "Mona Lisa Smile". 7 out of 10

Danielle W. photo
Danielle W.

The Asylum's "Hellraiser" (the original "Hellraiser" in the 70's, the original "Gigli" in the 80's) was an Italian horror/thriller-comedy-horror hybrid that was written by James Gunn and Robert Rodriguez and directed by John Russo. The film stars Dafoe as "Frankenstein", Lohan as "Ginger", Gosling as "Monsieur Delacroix", and Mark Whalberg as "Alex Cross". It was originally a straight-to-video (T-V) film and was adapted for the big screen by Gunnar Hansen (who later adapted it for the big screen) and Bryan Smith. The story is a parody of "Alien", with a vampire, a werewolf, and a werewolf werewolf and its not to hard to guess which one is the bigger of the two. The music, by Peter Gabriel, was composed by Hans Zimmer (who would later write the score for "Batman Begins" and "Iron Man"). The film also stars: Russell Crowe, Samuel L. Jackson, David Ogden Stiers, Doug Hutchison, Kiefer Sutherland, and Helena Bonham Carter. The film is rated "R" for violent images, language, sexuality, and drug use. The DVD of the film is in widescreen and has an alternate print with extras. I will not be listing the extras, but it is quite interesting to watch the alternate print in the first place. This version does not feature original material from the book, but does include material from the book. Also, the film was advertised as a box-office hit, but was actually much higher at the box office. Overall rating: 7.5/10

Gary Hart photo
Gary Hart

This movie was very, very well made. The execution was very well done. The actors were all amazing, but the young cast members were the standouts. However, they were all barely under 20, so I wouldn't be surprised if they won't be sticking around to see the sequel. A great horror movie!

Craig photo

You want a deep and meaningful horror movie? Then give this movie a chance! While not really unique, it is a great movie all the way! It isn't afraid to take risks, although in some ways it is a little predictable. The cast is a great mix of talent, with multiple roles (non-speaking) added in to further enhance the "Punishment" nature of the story. The story isn't really original, but it is pretty original, and the twists and turns don't disappoint. The acting is quite good, and the characters are believable and real, which is a nice touch to a horror movie. They could have easily added a couple more horror movies to this list (like say, a redneck murderer movie or a slasher movie) but they were there, and are still there in this movie. It is definitely one of those movies that keeps you guessing, because they do a lot with a few good ideas and an intriguing plot. Overall, a great movie, very entertaining and I plan on watching it a few more times.

Walter photo

I don't think this is one of my favourite movies, but I do think it's good. It's well made and has a dark atmosphere and something to say about family dynamics and relationships. It's not the best movie out there but it's good to watch if you like dark movies.