فيلم Blue Night

Blue Night

Blue Night is a movie starring Renée Zellweger, Simon Baker, and Sarah Jessica Parker. A singer in New York City gets a grim diagnosis that puts her life and dreams into perspective.

Other Titles
Plava noć, Εδώ και τώρα, Here and Now, Aquí y ahora, Im Hier und Jetzt: Der beste Tag meines Lebens, Best Day of My Life, Burada ve Şimdi, Segredos e Despedidas, Aqui e Agora, Qui e ora, Itt és most, Tu i teraz
Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
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Music, Drama, Romance
Fabien Constant
Laura Eason
Renée Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jacqueline Bisset, Simon Baker
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A singer in New York City gets a grim diagnosis that puts her life and dreams into perspective.

Comments about music «Blue Night» (9)

Marie Guerrero photo
Marie Guerrero

This is the best movie I have seen in years. It is a masterpiece. I can't wait for the DVD release.

Tammy H. photo
Tammy H.

I thought that this movie was excellent. It was very well written, well directed and acted. I have never been to a movie where the audience actually sat through the whole movie and actually understood what was going on. I thought the acting was good and the directing was good. The cinematography was great. The sound was also great. I thought the characters were well developed and the plot was very interesting. I think the movie was very realistic and realistic is not a word that can be used to describe this movie. It was a good movie and I think that everyone should see it. It is a very good movie and I would recommend it to everyone. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

James M. photo
James M.

The movie is excellent. I have seen this movie many times and I like it. I like the songs. The movie is about love, family, life, friendship and friendship. It is a good movie to watch with your family or friends.

Kimberly photo

This film is very well written and the acting is superb. I was not expecting a great movie but I was very pleasantly surprised. The plot is very simple, but the movie is so much more than that. It is a beautiful, touching, and very realistic movie. I really recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a movie that is very well made, well acted, and has a very good story. I highly recommend this movie to everyone. I have seen it twice and I am going to see it again. I think that it is very important for all people to see this movie, because it is a beautiful story about love, life, and life itself. I think that everyone should see this movie because it is very well made and it is very well written.

Donald photo

I really enjoyed this film. It is a very good look at the early days of rock n roll, the exploitation of women, and the way it affected the world around it. The music is great, the story is interesting, and the actors are great. I especially liked the relationship between the two lead characters, who are both in love with each other. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves rock n roll, or who wants to see a good film.

Theresa Simpson photo
Theresa Simpson

I loved this film. It was one of the best films I have ever seen. The acting was great. The story was interesting. The music was excellent. The story was very moving and I could relate to the characters. I will be buying this film on DVD very soon. I hope it gets more attention. I think it deserves more credit than it has gotten. I would like to see a sequel.

Jane Chapman photo
Jane Chapman

The film is a beautiful depiction of the true love that a person can have for another person. The music in the film is beautiful and gives a great feel to the film. The acting was great, especially the music. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves a good love story. This film is definitely worth watching.

Rachel photo

This film is truly one of a kind. It is a perfect blend of romance, drama, and comedy. It's the best film I have ever seen. I think it is one of the most romantic films ever made. It is a wonderful film that will make you feel good about yourself. I will never forget this film. I think that this film is a great way to start a new relationship. I have seen this film so many times and I still love it. I think it is one of the best films of all time. I think that this film is a must see for anyone.

Lauren Stanley photo
Lauren Stanley

The movie was beautiful, it is a wonderful love story. This movie will keep you at the edge of your seat, it is a must see for everyone. It is very entertaining, I have never seen a movie that has such a deep plot. The characters are so well developed, and the movie is so well made, it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I have watched this movie more than 10 times, and I still love it every time I watch it. The movie is a must see, and I will buy it when it is released. This is a great movie and I recommend it to everyone. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.