فيلم Underwater


Underwater is a movie starring Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, and Mamoudou Athie. A crew of oceanic researchers working for a deep sea drilling company try to get to safety after a mysterious earthquake devastates their deepwater...

Other Titles
Submersos, Po vandeniu, Pod vodou, Amenaza en lo profundo, Głębia strachu, Árok, Underwater - Es ist erwacht, 深海終劫站, Pod vodom, Sous pression, Kẻ Săn Mồi Đáy Biển, Ameaça Profunda, Derin Sular
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Thriller
William Eubank
Brian Duffield, Adam Cozad, Brian Duffield
Vincent Cassel, Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Mamoudou Athie
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A crew of oceanic researchers working for a deep sea drilling company try to get to safety after a mysterious earthquake devastates their deepwater research and drilling facility located at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

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Edward B. photo
Edward B.

A good movie and a solid prequel to "Crocodile" that should really set up the next movie. The new film has plenty of action and some great special effects. It's always good to see Snake Plisskin in a movie and he is pretty good, as usual. It's worth seeing at least once!

Phillip photo

Etched in my mind after watching this movie was a scene where the girl goes down to the bottom of the ice with her hand in front of her face. It made me laugh so much, as I'm sure the girl must have felt the same way.

Carol Harper photo
Carol Harper

This is one of the best shark movies I have ever seen. It's actually one of the best shark movies in the history of cinema. I will be a true shark loving person and will be ordering my own copy of this film, when it comes out on DVD. I also have to say that this movie is unlike any shark movie ever. This movie is extremely realistic. It has a lot of good points and some bad points, but mostly it is very good. I think the best point of this movie is the fact that it was produced on a low budget. The fact that they couldn't come up with an original idea like they did in Manta's or The Perfect Weapon didn't go unnoticed by the filmmakers. The movie is good, but it's not perfect. There is some parts where you can see how the director could have made it better. The special effects of sharks are very good and they really make you feel like you are in a shark's mouth. For the rest of the movie, the sharks are really cool and the acting is great. The shark attacking the gay guy in the film is very good, and I love the way that it's a joke. There is one part in the movie where the two main actors are on a boat and one of them says, "Maybe they're a homosexual couple!" and the camera cuts to the male on the boat and he looks really shocked. I'm really surprised that this movie didn't win any awards. In fact, I would have to say that it deserves a big big award. This is a great movie, I would recommend it to everyone. Also, if you are not a shark fan, you should really see this movie. You will like this movie a lot more.

Laura Ruiz photo
Laura Ruiz

The movie starts with a few sad and depressing scenes from the past, followed by a younger man being taken under water and then rescued by the crew of the vessel, a small sailboat in the shape of a globe. After the crew leave the location, the object from the past comes back and moves around as if they have returned home. The object is a gold bar, which the object is supposedly a duplicate of. The crew is now being hunted by the object, and it's up to the two returning crew members to help them. The movie is pretty action packed, and you will be on the edge of your seat for the whole movie. The mystery behind the object will keep you guessing until the very end, and the movie is so successful because of it's suspense. The actors are really good, and the film has enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed the movie and I will recommend it to any movie lover.

Sara B. photo
Sara B.

I liked it. I thought the premise was a good one, the characters were all interesting, and it was somewhat unique. Some of the characters were funny and relatable, but not so many as to detract from the overall movie. A good balance. This movie is an example of why you need to have a good story, and characters to support the storyline. It should not be a series of poorly acted lines and dialog scenes, with a dumb story that relies on dumb things to make it funny. This movie is just not that kind of movie. It has some of the cheesy 80s cuteness, but it also has many points that we see from horror movies in many movies today. The movie had lots of stuff to poke fun at. But, it was done well. The movie wasn't an exhaustive walk through a book about hell, but rather a stand alone story about the atrocities committed in hell. I think that it could have worked better as a stand alone movie. There are a few other good movies that I will not ruin here, but I will say that I think this movie is a good example of why to put a lot of money into a low budget and you don't get a great result. I really hope that the movie will find a distributor soon, because I would really love to see a movie that is well shot, well written, well acted and has more of a budget than this movie did. I highly recommend this movie, but if you want a great movie to watch, check out Godfather II, and Space Mutiny.

Daniel D. photo
Daniel D.

Once, many moons ago, an expedition to a remote island discovered an underwater city. The city was an advanced society which came to life and used the son of the engineer as a slave. For some unknown reason, the city became self-aware and was ready to destroy the expedition. The expedition leader joined the civilization which had captured the explorer and the people moved in a direction that they couldn't have expected. It was a fun romp with fast paced action. You can't believe that the city is still there. The story is simple but the action is really cool. Of course, you can't leave the film without a gratuitous scene of a mermaid and the city. But it is so silly. The problem with this movie is that it's different from the others. It's really quirky. It's like one of those movies where the special effects are really high and the acting is really great. The cast of this film is really nice. Tom Sizemore is great as the doctor. Jason Isaacs has a really fun part. His character has a lot of depth. He's a very funny character. And the alien has a lot of depth. But the good parts of the movie are those aliens, of which we only see one. They're really cool. And of course, I should say I'm a huge fan of the first film. It was one of those movies that you really needed to see to get the whole concept of it. So, if you liked this film, then check out the second one. It's really, really cool.

Rose photo

A nuclear explosion on a Japanese island kills the doctor responsible for the cleanup. Upon hearing the news, Dr. Yuri Myalenko (played by the always reliable Sean Bean) assumes the power of the island is his, and his mother's. He plans to take advantage of the situation by setting up a test center deep below the water where the undead would be collected. However, once Dr. Myalenko is reunited with his wife and daughter, he decides to run for the hills and assume command of his home laboratory. The director is the ever reliable John R. Leonetti who has directed some of the best 'supernatural' films of the last twenty years. His feature film debut in 1975, The Stool, was well received and earned him a special mention at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar and was a success at the box office. On the last day of the festival, Leonetti won his first Academy Award for his work on The Stool. The film's opening titles are reminiscent of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where a ship transiting the galaxy is attacked by a mysterious space entity that enters the ship's ship and changes its crew into a virtual colony of the creature. The movie begins with a ship being attacked by the creature on the moon of Europa, resulting in an explosion of the moon. When a spacecraft is launched to search the ocean floor for the mystery entity, a submarine that goes under the ocean is destroyed by the creature. Before long, the creature is discovered in the gas cloud above the ocean, and it consumes the entire gas cloud in an explosion that destroys the submarine. The entire fleet of ships headed to investigate the gas cloud, including the sub, is destroyed. The sub itself is destroyed by the creature. When the USS Prometheus is made aware of the incident, it sends an expeditionary ship to investigate. After a quick inspection of the ship, the crew is killed by the creature and the creature takes control of the ship and sends it to the moon of Saturn. The wreckage of the Prometheus is sent back to the U.S. to be examined by an assistant surgeon who orders the crew to turn the ship over to a certain Professor Reed played by the actor who has been the best friend of Harrison Ford since they were kids. The Professor directs the crew to an underground bunker to turn it over to the Professor. The Professor brings his men to the bunker where the crew is frozen for study, while the crew is forced to wait outside for the creature to return. The crew decides to go into the bunker and break open the door to find the creature. There, the crew discovers that the creature is still on the planet, but that the world has come to an end. The creature is about to consume the entire planet. The crew escapes the creature through the use of a portal made from the broken mirror the ship came in. The crew sees the creature in the mirror and are unable to destroy it, but are able to kill it with a laser from the cruiser. The creature is captured and is kept in a laboratory on a ship on the moon of Saturn. The crew goes to Jupiter where the professor's research station is being threatened by the creature, and after several unsuccessful attempts to destroy the creature, the crew find a way to send it back to the planet of its origin. The team arrives at the moon of Saturn where the professor is still waiting for the creature to return. The professor sends the team to the sub deck of the Prometheus, but

Julie Valdez photo
Julie Valdez

This is a good mystery thriller. It is also one of the better underwater movies. It's not the best movie of all time, but I enjoyed it. The movie has a bit of a slow pace, but it is entertaining. It is a little disappointing that the plot doesn't really involve the characters much. There are only a couple of deaths and it isn't really that detailed. The movie is basically just a group of people at sea trying to find out what happened to their friend. The movie has a pretty good mystery and a decent ending. There are some scenes that are predictable, but I wasn't really expecting that. The actors are good in this movie and the screenplay was pretty decent. There are a couple of slow parts in this movie, but it isn't that bad. Overall, I think this is a good movie that you should definitely see. It is entertaining, it has an amazing special effects, and it has a good mystery. I enjoyed this movie. The characters are likable, the plot is great, and the movie has a decent plot. 8/10

Peter Duncan photo
Peter Duncan

Not quite as great as Air, but still pretty entertaining, this story of an underwater freak show called the USS Marathon is actually a rather decent one. This one is under water for about two years before the moon meets it's final death. But it's really not that bad of a film, in fact, it's pretty damn good. The story follows a not so strange kind of goo, they can either turn into shark, shark, shark or people like the survivors, after that this group go to investigate the really unknown killer shark. The only thing is that the shark, shark, shark turns out to be in a very good mood because its fish heads have been replaced with shark heads, but they still turn into sharks, it doesn't matter, if you're a shark fan. This movie is definitely not on par with Air or Submerge, but it does have a good story, a lot of action and pretty much like Submerge. I would suggest this to anyone that likes a good, shark movie. 8/10

Judith photo

DANGER - as in DANGEROUS - beware of the aquatic race! The Ugly Triad is now being introduced into the movies that is being dosed with poisonous xenomorphs. Is this something that will change forever the world around us? Now of course this is just a movie, not even the the best movies of all time or the most unique, but the idea that the Ugly Triad is working behind the scenes to poison the world is pretty crazy. Although the movie is trying to make you to think the other way around, the truth is that the Ugly Triad isn't doing anything else than killing and maiming for pleasure. And to that extent I have to agree with the other reviewers. The fact is that the Ugly Triad isn't doing much else, but that's ok because they are making a killing. The Ugly Triad are the part of the movie where they are basically just killing everybody. We're expected to see a very simple, one dimensional hero, rather than the best Hollywood hero. The truth is that most of the movie is about a guy (Brett Dalton) who is just very bored and being taunted by a guy (Austin Pendleton). He doesn't do anything else. So I don't think that the movie is supposed to be politically correct, because we should have seen this character as a kind of mindless monster. He is basically what we saw in the pilot episode of "The Big Bang Theory" where he does absolutely nothing. The idea that they are killing everybody and then "thinking" that they are killing the world. The movie isn't too bad, but it is probably best if you see it by yourself to get the full picture. But the acting is really bad. I don't really understand why they are acting like a high school film. They are all really immature, stupid and irritating. I wish I could see more of Brett Dalton, I don't think he will ever be a real bad guy, but he really doesn't have any kind of charisma. He is just a guy, and this movie doesn't help. Besides that it is very entertaining to watch, but in the end I was not very surprised about the outcome, at all. I'm not really sure if that really matters. 8/10

Sean J. photo
Sean J.

This is an up and coming film that should be seen. Raimi is a master at making action/thrillers, and this film is no exception. The plot, including the two parts, is very complex and very rewarding. The only fault I can find is that the studio did not let the cast speak in a normal way, including a hint of American wit and humor that is typical of the early seventies, if that. The characters are great, especially Gordon. The cast is complete, except for the legendary Craig, who sadly doesn't get much screen time. My thanks to all involved in the film.

Victoria photo

This film is not so much about how hard it is to get into or stay in a dive suit. It's about the issues of not having a human being around to support the life of the vessel. How that human being would be so concerned with helping an inferior person, doesn't help and isn't involved in the crew's exploration. We see the different challenges a person might face while in a given environment. There are plenty of tense scenes with explosions, chases, and explosions. There are many tense scenes with the crew's personal backgrounds being used to make them seem inferior and dull. I also saw this in a theater, and was shocked by how loud it was at times, especially at the climax. Another good thing about this film is the use of slow motion. The footage is not too long, and it doesn't overuse it, but it does add to the suspense. This movie has the look of a classic sci-fi horror flick. The cinematography is good and the scenes are well chosen. It's not so much a movie about the survival aspect of the dangers of being in a sinking underwater base. It's a movie about what it's like to be alone and not have a human being around to support you or your life, and how you handle the isolation.

Karen Bailey photo
Karen Bailey

This is a great movie, not only for vampires, but for any Sci-Fi fan. A true Sci-Fi movie. The effects were brilliant, and the soundtrack to this movie was beautiful. The story is well written. I would recommend this movie to any vampire fan. 8/10

Victoria G. photo
Victoria G.

The movie starts out like an average thriller. Basically a group of scientists go up to an island in order to study the meteorite which is known to be capable of producing violent earthquakes. The scientists find something unusual when they start seeing strange creatures moving through the water at night. I won't go into details about the plot because I don't want to spoil it for others who haven't seen the movie yet. What I will tell you is that it is filled with good things. One of the best things in the movie is the acting. The characters are all very likable. Especially the ones in the military and scientists. And I am a huge fan of Daniel Radcliffe and Scarlett Johansson. So that makes me pretty happy. Scarlett Johansson played her character well and Daniel Radcliffe is perfect for his role. He had me interested in his character from the start. The action in the movie is pretty good. There are explosions, explosions, explosions. The CGI was pretty good as well. They did a good job of not overdoing the effects in the movie. But the way that they did it was good enough. The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the villain. I don't know why he wasn't made more evil. He looked pretty cool. But I think that he could have done a much better job in making him look evil. Overall, I think this movie is pretty good. The special effects, the acting, the character development, and the action are all good. If you enjoy movies with a more serious tone than other horror movies, you should enjoy this movie. But if you don't mind seeing some gore and some special effects, you should probably enjoy this movie. You should be able to enjoy it without reading a synopsis before you see it. I recommend it to any horror fans, because it is a good movie.

Christian H. photo
Christian H.

This is a good movie about a submariner that had to save some people, and he did a good job. The acting was good, the special effects were good, and the storyline was good. It was believable and I liked the movie. My only disappointment was the ending. This movie is worth watching, but only for people who like movies about submarines.

Jonathan Edwards photo
Jonathan Edwards

This is an action-packed movie that is well-written, directed and nicely edited. There are a lot of twists and turns and well-known action sequences. This is the kind of movie that one cannot watch without looking at the horizon, as the movie keeps its own momentum going from scene to scene. If one has time to kill, it is a great way to go and it does not contain any frills. One would do well to look on IMDb for more information about the background story. The acting is good, the story line is good and overall the movie is a must-see.

Michelle E. photo
Michelle E.

This movie is a wonderful mix of action, comedy, suspense, and terror. I never liked the Monster movies, and I did not care for "The Island" which I thought was total crap. I am always curious when I see a movie called "The Monster" and I have been looking at the box cover for a while. The Monster looks like the one from "Alien" but it is much better in this movie. The character of Reed, played by Richard Lynch is the monster and he will take control of your body if you stay alive. There are also aliens who have decided that they have made a mistake and are dying to go back to Earth and try to kill the monsters and the hero Reed. I liked this movie because it is really funny at times and the jokes were not predictable. Overall, I recommend this movie to all horror and action movie fans. This movie is a great mix of action, comedy, suspense, and horror. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Joseph photo

I'm not a big fan of underwater movies, but i did like this one. I was skeptical after the negative reviews, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very entertaining. I found myself enjoying the action and scary scenes, and the acting is good. If you want to watch something that doesn't suck, I recommend this.

Walter photo

This is a really good film about a man who is stuck in a life he doesn't understand. He lives the life of a caveman, going into the cave after falling into it. However, as the film goes on he finds a cave and a tribe. He brings them to the surface, and they get into an incident with other cavemen. After he found out what the cave was, he knows he has to get back to the cave. Although this film is not a masterpiece, it was a really good watch. If you like all kinds of supernatural and alien films, you should definitely check this one out.

Marie photo

I just came home from watching "Underwater" and I was pretty impressed. It had a good premise. It had good cinematography. But the acting wasn't good. It seemed like they were taking a movie with a good premise and making it mediocre and not a great movie. I won't go into too much detail about the acting because I haven't seen it but the acting was pretty bad. I'm a fan of "Underwater" because I'm an avid fan of the Underwater franchise but the acting in this movie was just awful. I honestly don't know why the actors thought they were acting. The scene that we see in the movie is the only scene that the acting was decent. Maybe the scene was awful because the actors were just so bad at acting. I felt like they were taking "Underwater" and making it into a mediocre movie. The movie's plot was really good but the acting and directing were terrible. I feel like this was a movie that I would recommend to people only to see if they liked "Underwater" or even just to see the acting in this movie but if they're not a fan of the movie then they shouldn't watch it. I won't say this movie is bad but it really isn't good. If you're into "Underwater" or love the movie then you should see this movie. Otherwise you should not watch it.

Amy Kelley photo
Amy Kelley

I watched this film in its entirety at the Toronto International Film Festival in October 2008. I was kind of excited about it because I am a big fan of the music and soundtracks and the film seemed like it would be a highlight for them. This film had a lot of elements that were created from a very real place in my mind. First, let me explain my expectations about this film: I am not a major fan of underwater movies. I had never seen any really great underwater movies and I have only seen the U.S. version of The Lost World. As far as the film goes, I was pleasantly surprised. The story was decent. The acting was decent. And the special effects were superb. In conclusion, I liked it, but I have to admit that I have not seen a lot of underwater films. This is my first, I hope it's not my last.

Elizabeth Ortega photo
Elizabeth Ortega

This movie is a one of a kind. It is visually stunning and an action movie where no one would think to ask for a half hour of it's over all result. The combination of a director who does not want to make anything too serious, and the ability to do something that looks absolutely fantastic is one that I find very hard to believe. I have no doubt that in the near future this will become a standard movie for all movie lovers, and will continue to be the standard for years to come. I give it 8/10.