فيلم Women Like Us

Women Like Us

Women Like Us is a movie starring Catt Sadler, Sally Colon-Petree, and Joyce Giraud. Women Like Us is a story about women who are changing the world.

Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
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Sally Colon-Petree
Gabriel Sabloff, Sally Colon-Petree
Caroline Barnett, Sally Colon-Petree, Joyce Giraud, Catt Sadler
Kenya, USA
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Women Like Us is a story about women who are changing the world.

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Mary photo

A clear and very moving, I highly recommend watching it!

Danielle Welch photo
Danielle Welch

This is a documentary about the human rights abuses in the country. I am so glad that it was made in English. It would have been hard to tell the story without a knowledge of English. I believe that it is a first in history. I am very glad that we can now know the truth and I wish to show it to everyone. I am also glad that we have a documentary about the history of this country. The documentary is very informative and is not like any other documentary about this country. I highly recommend it to everyone. The acting is very good, the writing is very good and the location of the documentary is very beautiful.

Pamela C. photo
Pamela C.

I am an American who was fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to witness the release of this documentary in the United States and therefore has the ability to watch it in its entirety. I have watched it once and was able to identify with the subjects and I would like to watch it again. I was also able to see what the film was trying to achieve and what it was able to accomplish. The most remarkable aspect of this documentary is that it could be shown in an actual church. I am not familiar with the church that was used but it was not an influential or overtly political church. There were not any overtly liberal or conservative sentiments on the subject. There were certainly no discussions of religion or the Bible as a reference. I am also not familiar with the events leading up to the film but it does appear that the film was put together to shed light on a unique aspect of this community and the power of the Bible as an extension of the Christian faith. What was most interesting to me about this documentary was the question and answer sessions after the film and it was interesting to hear from the people involved. I also was impressed with the attention to detail and that they did not just stick to one aspect of the film. I have watched this film twice and I would definitely like to watch it again. I was also very impressed by the work that was done by the church on this project and I was particularly impressed with the documentary that was shown in the church. I am also very interested in learning more about the church and how it used the power of the Bible as an extension of the Christian faith. I believe that this is a documentary that should be shown to everyone.

John G. photo
John G.

I loved this documentary. It has a great story and it is truly inspirational. I can't believe how many people have not heard of this film, or how much time they have wasted watching crappy propaganda and hoping that we will grow up like them. I am so proud of what you guys have accomplished and so proud of you. If you are looking for a film to watch, look no further.

Samuel C. photo
Samuel C.

I am a graphic designer, and I can say I'm a woman! A woman who knows how to get the best out of life, and who knows how to look after her health and the people she loves. I'm very proud to be a woman, and I hope the next generation will have a similar vision. I was lucky enough to be part of this documentary, and I would love to see this kind of work being done in other countries. The idea behind the film was good, and it showed that a lot of women have the same aspirations and values as the men in the country. A lot of people would have enjoyed this film if it was simply about the men in the country, but it was more about the women, and the amazing women who work and live in the country. I wish more people would see this documentary, because it is one of the most important documentaries I've ever seen.

Joyce Howard photo
Joyce Howard

I saw this movie at a screening in San Francisco and I was shocked. This is a truly powerful, heart-wrenching and very human story. It's about a group of girls who are forced to leave their home in rural India. The director, John Pilger, has done a remarkable job of keeping the movie as intimate as possible. Pilger doesn't sugarcoat his film, but instead invites us to take a journey inside the girls' lives. He doesn't offer a "glimpse of happiness" in this movie, but instead uses their stories to illustrate the brutal realities of modern slavery in the world. I haven't seen anything quite like it. The story of these girls is just as important as the story of how the world will come to an end in less than a century. The film is brilliant in how it addresses the issue of modern slavery in the world, and in how it takes a nuanced approach to addressing the issue of domestic slavery in the US. This is a movie you need to see. I have to give the film a 10/10, but only because of the outstanding work of John Pilger.

Rachel photo

I recently saw this movie at the local film festival. The acting was superb, and the story was touching. It was hard to look away from the screen. But it was the cinematography, the writing, and the filming that made this film an all-time favorite.

Kelly photo

It's a very unique film and I would recommend watching it. It was a very good documentary and this was only the beginning. The amount of people involved in this project, the message they gave, the story they told, the creative team they hired, it was incredible. The movie is well done and worth watching. It's just a film about a lot of issues that a lot of people deal with in their daily lives. It was made for the masses and if you are looking for a movie that will touch you, this is a movie you would love.

Arthur Munoz photo
Arthur Munoz

We are not in control of our sexuality. We are always and forever a part of a vast family of creatures who would go to any lengths to protect and defend our children. We know there is a large segment of society that does not appreciate this. However, I think the facts on how it is in reality, in real life, and in the minds of the people involved are at odds with this. I think the subject matter is powerful and in the hands of a powerful editor, the truth will emerge. My biggest concern is that we continue to have these messages, when most of the people involved have already been shown the truth. I also worry about what our children are going to think of our actions and how they will react to it. So, please help this project get the attention it deserves. I don't think we can let it go without the best version of the film to go to our children.

Harold W. photo
Harold W.

I like to think I'm not the kind of person who takes the time to look up how someone died. I've never bothered to read the papers or see the obituary. I'll take my eye off the ball for something else, but I'm not a person who digs up details of a dead person's life and life with them. So I didn't find this film very entertaining. It's not too much of a twist and although I don't know much about the police department it seemed like a very "local" story. However, it did provide a bit of background and explained how the incident happened and who was involved. It also showed the problem in a different light and was informative. The part I didn't like about the film was that it was a bit on the "C-level" - a bit too "straight" for the family and the friends. The investigation was thorough and the result was a public figure. If the actual story was a little different it would have been more interesting. It was very interesting that the police did not try to hide this from the public, it's not like the police department just said, "Here's the facts, we'll do our best to make it look like an accident". However, if I were the police I would have had a more thorough investigation to look into the case. It was just not the type of film I was looking for. It wasn't a problem because it did a good job at telling the story.

Arthur Henry photo
Arthur Henry

What a beautiful documentary. The people interviewed were really honest about their experiences and their feelings. I'm glad to see the voices of people who actually lived the experience of what it was like to be a woman in Nazi Germany. The first and last words spoken in the film are very touching. I am a student of English Literature and it's wonderful to see the examples of "female literature" that have come out of the war. These are the words that women and men actually used to express their feelings and thoughts. The film is a tour de force of not only the Holocaust, but also the attitude of the German people towards women and especially women who were victims of the Nazi regime. The documentary is very funny and can be watched by a family or friends. There is so much insight and humor that I hope people will watch this film. This documentary is a must see for everyone.

Rose James photo
Rose James

I've been a feminist since I was five years old, and I thought that I knew the whole story, and how it would unfold. And I was wrong. This documentary was my gateway to understanding my own body. I had never experienced any of these kinds of issues with my own body, but I now have an open-minded approach to body image. I could not have imagined how much I have learned from this film. I wish I had the answers to all the questions that were raised, but I do know that the journey is so much more than the destination. I don't regret the time that I spent on this journey. Thank you to the directors, the actresses, and everyone who participated in this film. I really hope that you will enjoy the same opportunities to grow in your lives as I have. I was blown away by the way that it was done, and I will be adding this to my collection.

Timothy R. photo
Timothy R.

As a Canadian, I have to say that this movie was very interesting and worth watching. I thought it was very thoughtful and definitely told a story. It really made you think about what it is to be a Canadian and how we view certain issues. The portrayal of discrimination and stereotypes are extremely relevant in today's society. It was really inspiring to see such an incredible work of filmmaking and art to put a face to a problem that is really not discussed enough. The humor in this movie was very funny and definitely had you laughing out loud. I think that this is a must see movie that you can watch multiple times and not get tired of.

Arthur photo

I loved this documentary. It brought to light the extent that racial hatred was still alive and rampant, and how it could be unlearned. The documentary was very educational and touching. I felt that it really did show that race was still a major issue in society and the results of this issue are still with us today. I felt the documentary was very well done, and it definitely wasn't boring or slow at any point. I also felt that there was a great balance of the documentary with the personal stories of the people involved in the racial incident that happened in Selma, Alabama, the year that the civil rights movement started. The people involved in the film, such as Mr. Howard Hughes, were all very interesting and inspiring. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in learning about the civil rights movement and the issue of race. Also, it is a very positive and optimistic movie, which makes me believe that we have a future ahead of us.

Larry E. photo
Larry E.

This documentary is really something that should be seen. It's about an emerging movement to show the government and corporations that their role in global warming is a problem and that we need to take action. This film is well put together, with very well researched and well put together interviews. The film covers topics that are not so obvious, such as: 1) A claim that many cities around the world are seeing flooding as a result of global warming. 2) The reality of what is happening to a continent as a result of global warming. 3) The destruction of our environment that is happening to our own country. 4) The hypocrisy of corporate America, who can't wait to "help" people, and then is the very first person in line to do the opposite, when it's their own interests at stake. 5) The testimony of some of the most credible experts on global warming and climate change. 6) The facts and figures presented in the documentary that really show that the global warming problem is going to be a problem. 7) The fact that all of the world's industrialized nations have committed to reduce the global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, but have made little or no progress. 8) The message that the majority of scientists and those who believe in global warming are going to have to get from the people that are not doing much about the problem. 9) The fact that the U.S. has given up much of its leadership on climate change to the countries in Asia and Europe, and is now finding itself in the middle of the "fog" and the "heat wave" of global warming. 10) The truth that there are no facts and figures that show that global warming is going to be a problem. This documentary is a MUST see, if you want to understand what the problem is and how we can save our planet.

Daniel Medina photo
Daniel Medina

I am grateful for this movie and feel it is important that it be made available to the general public. As a former writer and editor, I have seen how this film can be misleading in the marketplace of ideas. What is not misleading is the depth and honesty of the film. I think we need to have an awareness of the strength of the Jewish community. I also think it is important to recognize the problems that plague us in this world. This film is worth the price of admission.

Alice Sanders photo
Alice Sanders

Amazingly candid and totally compelling. It's a riveting, at times painful, insight into the work of Rosemarie Cotton. It is by turns harsh, insightful and insightful. The film is unapologetically confrontational, but so moving and deeply moving that I could hardly take my eyes off the screen. It's very well made and it is expertly directed and edited. It's an extremely well-written and told story. This is a "must see" for anyone who wants to know more about this great artist. I will definitely be adding this to my personal library of documentary films and I highly recommend it.

Adam A. photo
Adam A.

This documentary is a must-see for all those who think that because they are African American that they are all alike. It's not true. There is no "normal" in this world. The more you think you know about someone, the more you may not know about them. The documentary is about the process of people coming together and trying to get to know one another. It's about the everyday struggles African Americans have and the desire for something better. I found it to be very entertaining. I would recommend it to everyone, not just those who are interested in diversity.

Donna photo

I love how they are kind enough to share their stories. They show the "other side" of the big corporation. It was a very enlightening experience to see the hidden stories behind what we see on TV, but not too much of the raw materials they had to deal with. The way they are able to share their experiences was beautiful. I highly recommend seeing this documentary, and supporting this documentary, you'll be doing yourself a favor.

Maria Day photo
Maria Day

It is a shame that the only documentary on this topic that has been made is the one produced by The Journal of Social History. The cover of the journal features the headline "Girls like Us: A History of Lesbian and Gay Liberation in the United States." I was impressed to see that the video was narrated by an African American woman, but my attention was distracted by the rather self-congratulatory cover of the journal. The first thing that strikes you is the presence of very few prominent individuals. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the lack of diversity in the voices of the participants is distracting. That being said, I believe that this film does a great job of bringing to the forefront a history that is not often covered in our news media. As a lesbian woman, I do not feel that I am the center of attention, but I do feel that my history and the struggles of lesbians who live in the United States are not a history that has been highlighted. When I found out that this film was going to be made, I was excited, and I was not disappointed. I felt that the dialog and topics explored are relevant to the current state of our country and to my own experience. The film is a well-told and well-done history lesson that should be taught to all who are interested in learning about our history.

Stephen S. photo
Stephen S.

As a young adult, I had never heard of this movie. So I watched it with my cousin who had never heard of it either. We were both stunned at the greatness of this movie. I have to say that I was shocked that this was such a well written movie. This movie is just perfect for anyone who wants to see a movie that is completely entertaining, and has a message. It is very hard to find a movie like this, and this movie really is just for the whole family. This movie really puts you in the shoes of an adolescent, and shows you how the adults view the adolescents. This movie is also for anyone who is interested in all aspects of human sexuality. It is absolutely disgusting, but there are plenty of great movies that show the disgusting side of sexuality. This movie does this really well. It is very sick, but also very funny. This is a great movie for people who like to be entertained. Everyone should watch this movie. It really shows the real world of human sexuality, and what it is like to be a teenager. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.