فيلم Love, Simon

Love, Simon

Love, Simon is a movie starring Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, and Josh Duhamel. Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends and all of his classmates: he's gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face...

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Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
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Drama, Comedy, Romance
Greg Berlanti
Becky Albertalli, Elizabeth Berger, Isaac Aptaker
Josh Duhamel, Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Jennifer Garner
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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A young coming-of-age tale about a teenage boy, Simon Spier, goes through a different kind of Romeo and Juliet story. Simon has a love connection with a boy, Blue, by email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea who he's talking to. Simon must discover who that boy is--who Blue is. Along the way, he tries to find himself as well.

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Roger photo

Peter Falk plays a lawyer in New York who has a heart of gold and can't help but fall in love with a woman who wants to help him in his business, while also being a good husband to his wife (Tilda Swinton) and very protective of his young son. Michael Caine plays a man who is no longer in love with his wife and is taking a few quid out of his bank account to help her son with some family issues. There are a few surprises that keep the viewer interested, but Falk is very good and Swinton is great. I recommend this film for those who have to look for something different, or those who don't mind the flaws of romance, and those who want a good story.

Albert photo

I haven't seen this film before, but I have a feeling it will be a good one. It has some of the best actors I have ever seen. Simon Pegg is good, as usual, but really great performances from the rest of the cast. I think this film will be one to watch. I have only watched it once, but I know I will be watching it again. My only complaint is that the film ends a little abrupt. It was a little slow. Also, the film is too long. I really wish it would have ended on a better note. But, overall, this film is worth the watch.

Jack Robertson photo
Jack Robertson

If you've seen any of the musicals or were an early fan of the film you'll be a fan of this. There is a great story and great music. I saw the film last night and it was awesome. I don't know if this movie was going to be good, but I'm happy that it was. There is a reason I love this movie. I think the acting is good, I like the music, and the story. I didn't really like the plot, but I didn't like the ending.

Karen photo

Like most of us, Simon was turned on to Woody Allen by seeing him in the "Seinfeld" television show. His persona on that show was very different from the one we see in "Seinfeld." I would argue that Woody is a lot more appealing and amusing in "Seinfeld" than he is in the film, but then I'm also a much more humorless and superficial person than those who find him amusing. This film is a wonderful study in how we can go through the same cycle of life and how we must learn from our mistakes and put aside our jealousy to come together to create something more. The film is also a love story, and though I think the romance between Simon and Susan is a little forced, I don't think it detracts from the film. Some people don't like the film, but I think it is one of Woody Allen's best. I think that he always puts together some of the funniest, and most touching stories that we can get our hands on. With this film, he even manages to bring in a little bit of comedy into the story. In "Happy Gilmore," he puts a hilarious comedic spin on the story of a famous "hobo" who is the mayor of a small town. "If it's good enough for Woody Allen," says the local newspaper. "It's good enough for me." 8/10

Scott H. photo
Scott H.

This movie is one of those movies that's so good you can't take your eyes off it, it's that good. I enjoyed it so much I rented it a second time and watched it the second time. I also want to say that it's not a movie you'll have to sit through two times to fully understand the meaning of. It's much more than the simple love story and it is a film that's not to be missed. It has so many great ideas. I especially liked how the actors brought a sense of realism to the characters and how they were all together. The scenes where they were in the house were fantastic. The scenery was great and the location in England is just beautiful. I really liked how they brought the whole family together. It's funny and funny, and funny and funny. I recommend this film to all who enjoy a good movie. It is my favorite film of all time, and it's my favorite comedy of all time. It's got it all.

Timothy photo

When I first heard of this film I thought it would be good. In fact, I really liked it. The story is about an employee who, by getting rid of his own temper, becomes a man. When he starts dating a girl, the guy who likes him is jealous. This movie was very good. It was funny and the whole thing had a happy ending. The chemistry between our main character and his female love interest was wonderful. This was a very enjoyable movie to watch and to the end I felt happy. The story was also very good. The reason why I give this film an 8 out of 10 is because I liked the story but the only thing that really worked in this film was the chemistry between our two main characters. I liked the love triangle in this film and it worked out great. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes romance films or anyone who likes to watch a great romance. This movie is a must see!

Sarah Carroll photo
Sarah Carroll

I think it is really good, I've watched this movie more than once and I always find something new to enjoy in it.I like the way that Simon tells his story to his teacher, or rather to himself. The way that he deals with his emotions, is sometimes really strange and that makes him interesting. He is a very emotional man, but I think that he is too good for this world, and it is not his fault that he is rich, and he doesn't have many friends. There are lots of people who think that he is a good person, but his real friends are his "fan girls" or his co-workers. I think that the characters are all pretty real, and their feelings and their behavior are all natural. Also, there is the scene where he tries to tell his friend that he has to go to the bathroom. This is a very interesting scene, and it is always really interesting to watch. The thing that I liked most about this movie is the music. I think that it is amazing, and that the soundtrack is really perfect. It makes you feel really calm, and also really sad. I like the way that the songs are all different. It is really nice to listen to. I also like the way that they put the different types of music in a movie. If you like music, you should definitely watch this movie.

Johnny F. photo
Johnny F.

This film is set in a huge city, where everyone is a drug user. There is no 'normal' here. All the characters in this film are either drug users or drug dealers. And it is hard not to see the parallels with our own lives. The characters are very realistic and some of them really are interesting. But one of the most interesting characters is the prostitute in the title. She has a strong character. I think that it is very difficult to find a good film on these subjects. And this is a good film to discover the real truth about drugs and its effects on the human mind. I think that this is a good film to watch if you want to understand some issues. 7 out of 10.

Andrew photo

To me this was the best film I've seen this year.It was a great film about love and love with no drama or action.The actors were perfect for their characters and the story was superb.The plot is about a guy that feels lost in his life and his past comes back to him.The film starts with his childhood and how he felt. Then he starts looking for his father and he meets a girl and they fall in love.The film ends with the story of his life and how he lost his past and how he finds love again.All the characters were perfect and the film was the perfect way to spend the time. I recommend this film to all lovers of love.

Frances Ellis photo
Frances Ellis

I don't think that it's really fair to call it a remake, because, in my opinion, the story is original, so it's not a remake. The story is about two friends who are separated in a country. He goes to Germany to find her and, eventually, he returns to England and they become friends. They fall in love and fall in love with each other and she wants to go to Spain, but he wants to stay in England. Then he gets a job in Spain and she goes to Spain. He finds a job and they spend all the money on a house. They decide to move in together. Then they are not able to leave their friends, and they become a couple. I think that the story is original, but it's really funny. The idea is good, the acting is good, and the movie is very entertaining. I like it a lot, but I think it's not really for everyone. I really like it, but not everyone will like it. If you like it, you will like it.

Barbara Turner photo
Barbara Turner

I did not expect much from this movie. It is a film that has the promise of being one of those rare films that goes beyond the conventional. But like the films it is based on it is on a far bigger scale. It is a bold film that tackles some very tricky issues in a quite extraordinary manner. The film is about the relationship between a young man and his older, more experienced sister. Simon is a highly intelligent young man and has learned a great deal from his sister. He has left her to become a lawyer and has come to love her. He is able to see that she is not as naive as he once thought. He loves her and wants to be with her and has put his own problems aside to help her achieve his goals. However, he cannot do this if he leaves her alone. This movie deals with the nature of loyalty, true love and loyalty in the workplace and relationships. It deals with love and loyalty and how they come into conflict. It deals with the psychological barriers to love and loyalty. In the end Simon is unable to move past his old problems. He is forced to move on with his life and face his brother. He must confront his past and face his brother. This movie is challenging but at the same time it is so beautiful and so unique. The way the script is written makes it a beautiful film. It is very real and yet also so beautiful. The performances are outstanding. Brad Pitt is a great actor and he carries the film well. Kate Winslet does a great job as Simon's sister. She plays this character very well. Tim Roth is also good. He portrays a man who is more intelligent than his sister. He has an odd relationship with Simon. He is too intelligent for her and she is too stupid for him. However, he has real problems with Simon. He is a very complex character and his actions are very odd. The movie is also a beautiful drama. It deals with relationships in a very subtle and meaningful way. It deals with family relationships, the differences between brothers, and how they are able to make a difference. The ending of the movie is beautiful and shows a reconciliation between the two brothers. In the end there is a reconciliation between the brothers and they finally go back to their family and live their lives without problems. The film is very engaging. It is a film that is well directed and has a very well written script. The performances are very strong. The direction is really impressive. The movie is very true to the human condition. The film is really moving and has a great message. The film deals with relationships, love, and loyalty. It also deals with

Marilyn Mendoza photo
Marilyn Mendoza

I loved this movie. It was easy to get into, well written, and that what I most expected, not that it was a bad thing, but that this is what I expected. That being said, I'm not sure if it's a positive or negative thing, but when I watched it, it was just great, I can't say that it's a great movie, but I definitely enjoyed it and it was enjoyable. The main story focuses on the life of a low-life who has been on the verge of dying but has a quick turnaround, living a normal life and never giving up, but this is a story of desperation, and he finds a way to keep from losing it. This is not a movie for everyone, it is not for everyone who loves low-life type movies. It is not the kind of movie you watch with your friends and you're laughing all the way through, because you know the story is going to be terrible. It is more of a movie to be seen alone and do not make you feel that you are a victim of the movie, it is more of a movie that makes you think, and you just want to keep watching and get it out of your system.

Lauren T. photo
Lauren T.

If you're in to some chick-flick about a love triangle then you'll be most interested in this movie. I can't say I was aware of the rumors going around about this movie before seeing it. I had no idea that it was directed by the same guy who directed "One Crazy Summer", which was a gem of a movie. I like this movie as well. The whole idea of the movie is a fantasy. It's a fantasy of a young man, Simon, who lives his life on the edge. He's a red-blooded male and he's a big alpha male who can take care of himself. This is where the fantasy comes from. He's a man with a lack of self-control. And when he gets into some kind of argument with a girl he seems to have had a relationship with, he becomes a little more and more of a wild man. He has no one. No woman. And he is getting increasingly desperate for some kind of connection. The movie is a good balance between a chick-flick and a romantic comedy. It's a good balance of two different genres. One of them is the drama, where Simon is trying to figure out what to do with his life and getting nowhere. And the other genre is the romance. Simon is a good character and the actors portraying him, especially Caitlin Glass, who plays the girl that he's having an affair with, did a very good job in their performances. They made you like them. Caitlin Glass is one of my favorite actresses. She has a great face and a great body. I think her performance was the best thing in the movie. I think she was outstanding in her role. She is a little bit more demanding on her role here. Her role was very demanding for her. I liked the fact that she wasn't just an actress. She was also a character. I like the fact that she was a character. But again, I think Caitlin Glass was the best actress. She did a very good job. I thought she was outstanding in this movie. She was believable and she did a good job. She played a very convincing character. She was very good in her role. In fact, the only actress I thought didn't do a good job was Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was okay. I thought her role was not very demanding. I think she was just okay. I think her performance was fine. Her role was a little bit demanding. She did a good job. I really liked her in this movie. I thought her performance was very good. In fact, I thought she was better than the others.

Christina photo

The much hyped, original comedy of Simon (James Franco) is actually a real documentary. The story of this fascinating man who is either haunted by his past or is simply in love with the idea of it. Simon is about two people who seem to be on a mission to make it in a big city like New York. Simon sees the world in a very strange way and after much wandering through the city, he gets his message across. He meets up with a beautiful young girl named Zoe (Emma Stone) and soon falls in love with her. When he meets Zoe's sister (Lily James), he can't help but be attracted to her. Zoe falls in love with Simon too and the two are in love, but that's not all. Zoe's sister runs a nightclub called the Soho House and Simon needs a job to pay his rent. As things start to go wrong, he becomes more and more frustrated. This is a film I definitely enjoyed and has a great message and message that will stay with you. It is a very good comedy that is not going to bore you. In the end, Simon is a story of two people that seem to have something in common, but just don't know what it is. Overall, this is a very good film that will stay with you.

Louis Kelly photo
Louis Kelly

Although not quite as great as "Atonement", this movie is very good. It is a very realistic movie, with the right amount of comedy and tragedy. This movie is not a comedy, but rather a very serious look at a modern family. The characters are not very well defined and the story seems to have been somewhat muddled. However, it is not very bad, and it is much more successful than most American movies of this type. The acting is superb and it is very touching and genuine. The storyline is very good, and it does not use a lot of special effects. The "flavor" of the movie is very British, with an overuse of British food and wine, and a very light touch of humor. The soundtrack is good, and the direction is very good. There are a few problems with the movie. The first is the ending. The ending of this movie is too abrupt and too vague. The movie seems to drag on for a while, and it is quite obvious that the movie could have been better, especially since this movie is very British. The second problem is the direction. This movie could have been much better if the director had left the direction up to the actors. The actors could have had more screen time, and the direction could have been much better. Overall, this movie is very good. It is not a great movie, but it is a good movie, and it does not deserve all the hate that it has received. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Rose B. photo
Rose B.

I wasn't expecting much. I have to say that I liked this movie. I'm from Singapore, and I know how difficult it is to find movies that are not targeted at the "star" system. So for a movie like this, it's really hard. But I have to say that this movie was awesome. I felt like it was a great movie, and I really enjoyed watching it. I also didn't expect to feel so happy and relaxed at the end. I was so happy. You are not going to see a "happy" ending in this movie. But I really enjoyed the movie. It was really fun to watch it. I also really like the acting, as well as the story, and I think this movie was really good. I think that it's not really a "great" movie, but I was really impressed with it.

Katherine H. photo
Katherine H.

If the film had been shorter it would have been better. It's like a movie of a diary written by a person. Like a good diary there are no boring parts. It is like a story told to you without telling you a single thing. The characters are not very interesting, so that it takes you the whole time to understand them. But there are many interesting things about the film. It is not a conventional movie and it works quite well. It is like a piece of art that you can keep on your wall.

Peter photo

I am an avid fan of romantic comedy/drama movies. I remember the movies that were very popular when I was a child. My favorite of these was The Graduate. I have now seen the remake. I really liked this movie. I feel that it is a good example of what people who have been in a relationship should do. Simon is a lawyer. He is getting divorced from his wife Amy. He is finding out that Amy is having an affair with another man and wants to have a baby. He goes to Amy's apartment. He asks her if she is having an affair with another man and she says no. He finds out that Amy is cheating with him and he starts an investigation. He is very critical of her and accuses her of lying. He starts taking a lot of revenge on her and it goes downhill from there. I really enjoyed this movie. It had a great storyline and the cast is great. I recommend it.

Bruce T. photo
Bruce T.

Let me start by saying I've never seen this movie. I've heard it was OK, but nothing special. Then I saw it on TV, and I just couldn't look away. It was amazing! I'm an American male, and I actually felt like I was watching the 1970's. The plot was rather simple, but the acting was great. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy. If you are a man, and you've never seen it, you will like it. If you like the 1970's, you'll like it. I gave it 8 out of 10.

Mary Diaz photo
Mary Diaz

I saw this movie on the weekend of the World Premiere of 'Lion Heart' at the Venice Film Festival. I'm not really a movie critic, but this movie was so wonderfully written and with such a great cast and story that I came away from the screening feeling incredibly grateful for a movie that is sure to delight. This movie is based on the true story of Simon and Simon (Keaton and Sandler) and what happens when they meet. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that there is an element of the heartwarming that is missing in many movies today. This movie is a wonderful love story that is just as believable as any romance movie. The chemistry between these two is just as convincing as any romance movie you might have seen. I can't recommend this movie highly enough and if you see it, rent or buy it. If you decide to rent it, be sure to stay for the whole movie and leave the theater feeling grateful for a movie that is sure to leave you satisfied.

Ethan James photo
Ethan James

I was looking for something different to watch on a rainy evening when I stumbled upon this movie. There was not much of a plot, but the love story between a young man and a young woman was compelling enough to hold my attention. The one flaw that I found was the constant shifts of emotion between the two main characters. Sometimes it was love, sometimes it was apathy and sometimes it was anger. I am sure that this is a common problem for people to have, but I found it annoying. Overall, a good movie to watch with a date, or with the wife.

Pamela photo

This is a very good movie. The cast and the screenplay are great. It's a nice drama, but the two female leads are just so perfect it just makes it a great movie. They are extremely cute, and they show the relationship of different generations and how people can change. The scenes are great, the chemistry between the two leads is incredible. The music is really good and the cinematography is great. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending. It is very predictable and it feels like the film is trying to cover up the ending. I hope they don't do that in the sequel, cause it would be a big mistake. So, if you like romantic dramas, then you definitely need to watch this movie.