فيلم Pelé: Birth of a Legend

Pelé: Birth of a Legend

Pelé: Birth of a Legend is a movie starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Rodrigo Santoro, and Diego Boneta. Pele's meteoric rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading Brazil to its first World Cup victory at the age of 17 is chronicled in...

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Pelé: O Nascimento de Uma Lenda, Pelé, 比利:傳奇的誕生, ペレ 伝説の誕生, Pele: Nasterea unei legende, Pele: Η ιστορία ενός θρύλου, Pelé: la película, Pelé: O Nascimento de uma Lenda, Pelé - Der Film, Pele: Birth of a Legend, Pelé: Naissance d'une Légende, Pelé. Narodziny legendy, Pele: Legenda je rodjena, Pelé, el nacimiento de una leyenda
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Drama, Biography, Sport
Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist
Michael Zimbalist, Jeff Zimbalist
Vincent D'Onofrio, Diego Boneta, Rodrigo Santoro, Seu Jorge
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Pele's meteoric rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading Brazil to its first World Cup victory at the age of 17 is chronicled in this biographical drama.

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Harold Roberts photo
Harold Roberts

For those who watched the movie, you would probably think it is a really good movie. But there are two main issues I have with the movie. One is about the music. Some of the songs seem to be too "westernized" for the times that Pelé was living in. Some of them don't fit very well, like "Whip It". And in the movie, you hear the songs played twice. I am not complaining about the music, because I am not a fan of it, but it is a little bit annoying when there is a song repeated over and over again, especially in the middle. Another issue is that the movie is really slow. It is not that fast, but it's slow. That is something that could be improved, but it's still not very good. The actors are really good, but I think they could have used some more scenes to illustrate the story. For example, a scene where Pelé goes to a hotel and visits a hotel clerk, telling him about his story. He can then explain that he is going to the same hotel to go the same day. But in the movie, the clerk says "yes". So they cut this scene out, and it would be better. So, overall, the movie is good, but it could have been a bit better.

Janice H. photo
Janice H.

the film was too much about the story, this could've been another docu-drama about the players. it was more about the life of the player and not about the football team. and it wasn't really clear what the goal of the movie was. you could say that the goal was to understand the character and make him more attractive. but at the same time you could say that the goal was to show how much the players love the game, how much it meant to them, and to make it more interesting. but then it gets confusing and frustrating to follow what's going on with the players. i would love to have seen this in a docu-drama, more like a documentary. but it's better than a documentary.

Anthony photo

Filmmaker and Academy Award-winning director James Mangold's remake of the 1970 film of the same name (set in the 1930s) is a well-written film that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's a straightforward and believable story of a Haitian-American baseball star (John Tejada) who embarks on a journey to reclaim the title of Haiti's "Pelé" (Baseball) champion. It's hard to believe that Mangold (a born-and-bred Haitian) took the reins on this project. The result is a thoroughly entertaining film that does manage to build its emotional core through the characters and the story. While it can be disjointed and not always clear what's going on in the story, it's easy to sympathize with the characters as they struggle to hold their heads above water. Mangold also never shies away from the gritty-realism that the story entails, focusing on the effects that Haiti's economic and social collapse had on the country's already struggling people. It's hard to believe that these characters were not made aware of the hardship they were in by their society's leaders, and it's clear that there is no glamorizing the poverty of Haiti. The story isn't quite as clear-cut as Mangold's original film, but his subtle twists and turns allow the film to stand on its own. It's a bold and entertaining film, one that's very much worth a look.

Emily photo

It is clear that Pelé isn't a man in the spotlight, but this movie shows that. The movie also brings out that he is a person, with friends and family, but not everyone has the same perspective as you. A beautiful screenplay and fine acting by Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman. The editing, the pace, and the directing all seem perfect for a movie like this. I hope that it will be seen in movie theaters because it was an important movie. It shows the performance of Pelé's own life and shows the importance of his achievements, but also the importance of the people around him. I think this is one of those movies that will only become more meaningful with age.

Matthew R. photo
Matthew R.

Well, the film is about a footballer, Pelé, who became the hero in his country. The film is about his life in the famous Parisian club, "Bordeaux". He is training for his upcoming season with the team and meets an old friend who is not well. He then goes to Barcelona for a few weeks. He gets to know a group of women, all of whom have some famous friends, as the movie progresses. And Pelé meets a young woman and tries to find out who she is. After that, Pelé goes back to his home country and meets his country's football team. But while in Barcelona, he has some difficulties with his manager and the team. Eventually, he gets to understand the difficulties of his country, even though he doesn't like it. This movie is not for everyone. I found it very interesting. I think the casting was good, especially the cast of French actors. I also liked the cinematography and editing. I think that this movie is better than other sports films, because it was different. I give this movie a seven out of ten.

Samuel J. photo
Samuel J.

For those who want a film that takes a good look at a legend, or perhaps the most popular athlete on the planet. In that case, Pelé is a worthy movie. The movie does contain a few flaws, and some of the actors have much more to their characters than I first realized, but I think the message it is trying to get across is still valuable. It's easy to write a good movie, and this movie does a good job of making a good movie. I'd rate it 7/10.

Kathryn photo

Let's face it: many of the people who worked on the original Pelé film and its sequels would have given up their jobs, and much of their reputations, to make the last film. They were basically paying for their own funeral. The blame is on Mel Gibson. Gibson's pre-production was lousy. He was not in control of the script and directing, and when he did see that it was good he started chopping and changing it. I'm not sure whether he hated the film or the film hated him. It is clear that he just did not like the idea of another children's adventure movie and wanted to do it his way. The acting was generally fine. Clooney was at least adequate. It is not an Oscar performance and he is a fine actor, but he was hardly the most talented choice. His character was also flawed, so his performance was weak and the character was poorly written. The only actor who had any acting skills at all was Goldie Hawn. She did a good job, and even though she is not a very good actress she was believable and did a very good job. The actors who played the kids were all of a very good quality. They are all actors who have had some success. The movie was also very much in the tradition of children's adventures movies of the 50's. There are a few classic scenes. Pelé was a good hero, and he is not a bad guy. It is hard to like the boy who gets run over, but at least it is not a guy you find yourself wishing that you had a moustache for. The big battle with the dogs was not the best use of special effects, but it was not horrible. The big battle with the bad guys was not terrible either. It was a little too long, but it was still very enjoyable and it ended before the third film ended. The plot was weak, but the whole story was strong and I was not completely unhappy with the conclusion. I think the film would have been more effective if it had been made before it got the name of "The Pelé Show" out in the open. The original Pelé film is a children's classic and is worth watching. I would say that the new Pelé film is mediocre and not worth the trouble to see. It has some good aspects, but it does not work well. The last great performance was from Ed Harris in the first film, and he has not done anything to get me to like him in this film. The story is weak, but that is the usual for children's adventures movies, and it was nice to see it get a bit better with the new film. It is also fun to see a documentary about Pelé. I do not know how much more the original film could have been done without it, but I think that the film has great potential, and it is worth a look.

Nancy Gordon photo
Nancy Gordon

I've watched this film more times than I can count. And every time I watch it, I can't help but admire it's simplicity and beauty. The story of Bobby "The Brain" Pickett is inspirational, and the cinematography captures the essence of the 1960's. I think I may be in the minority, but I think that while I still enjoy watching this film, it's more than just an entertaining romantic story. This film has a beautiful, but also very poignant message, and it's refreshing to see a film that didn't rely on some quick pop-culture references or "in your face" statements to make it's point. It is certainly an intelligent film. While some of the scenes are a bit too long, and some of the characters seem like cardboard cut-outs, this film is a bit too rich in both the romance and the science for it to be purely a romance film. I think this film is a perfect movie to watch when you want to be inspired and moved by something to do with the scientific world. This is an easy recommendation.

Heather P. photo
Heather P.

If there is one film that defines the year that was 1982 in France, it is this film. Following the death of Pelé at the age of 27, the French press was split on his legacy. Some loved him, some hated him, and some simply never knew what to think of him. However, when the dust settled and the price was paid, everyone recognised the brilliant football player and his impressive personality. Though the film is slow-paced, the movie has a very artistic feel to it. The cinematography is excellent and there is a bit of a film noir feel to the film. Though the subject matter may be controversial to many people, it is not the subject matter that is controversial. The film's two main themes are Pelé's death and the philosophy of football. One could argue that Pelé's death was a tragic loss of innocence. The film delves deeper into this and Pelé is shown as being a man who had no control over his destiny. However, he was also a man who fought against these odds and was later found to have lived a far greater life than anyone could have imagined. Through this, the movie deals with the idea of the futility of football and the absurdity of the sport. Pelé believed that football was a fight that he had to fight and that his passion for the game was completely justified. His death was the result of these beliefs and as he himself states, "If you want to survive, you must fight" (Espagne, Pelé: Fustion de l'espace). Despite these ideas being controversial, the film has the ability to make you feel sympathetic towards Pelé. His love for the game is admirable and his belief that football is the best sport is so strong that it can be blamed for his death. The film itself is a masterpiece, it does have a very impressive first hour and keeps you interested from start to finish. It also deals with the existential questions of life and the fact that football can be a destructive and pathetic sport that kills the soul. This is what the film has to say to itself throughout the film and it is the reason that it is so enjoyable. The film is a film that is not for everyone, there are many fans of football who will not like the idea of this film. However, if you are interested in Pelé, this is a film that will put you in his position. 7/10

Susan photo

i have not read the book. but i felt the movie was accurate. i think they were very faithful to the book. the only thing i didn't like was the ending. it made me feel a little bad that the king was betrayed. but i think the movie was entertaining. i think the actors did a great job. and a special mention to David Wenham. i was a little surprised at his performance. he was just wonderful. i loved how the man in the forest could have been more expressive. he really did a great job with the character. i also thought the music was good. i did not think it was great but it was good enough to keep you watching. the movie was very entertaining. i recommend this movie to people who love sports movies. it was very entertaining. and it did have a good message. it was also very entertaining. it was also very funny. if you like sports movies, you would like this movie.

Ronald G. photo
Ronald G.

I saw this movie last week at the world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, and I can say without hesitation that it was one of the best films I have seen in quite some time. The storyline is simple, but I felt it was very well handled, and the film was able to follow both the players as well as the audience. The story follows an athlete, Pelé, who is famously known as "The greatest player of all time." But as his career progresses, he finds he is having difficulties in life. Pelé is a gifted athlete, but as his career begins to fall apart he begins to feel more and more alone. His life is slowly falling apart, and it is very difficult for him to maintain his confidence. The film explores Pelé's family life and how his life is falling apart at a rapid pace. I thought the performances were outstanding. Nicolas Cage was the stand out, but everyone was great. From Cara Delevingne to Geoffrey Rush, all of the actors did an outstanding job. The fact that all the actors were recognized by the jury, as well as the audience at the premiere made it very rewarding to be part of the first time audience. Pelé is a beautiful film. It was a pleasure to see everyone involved in the making of this film, and I look forward to more such films that tackle such a diverse topic as this.

Angela Elliott photo
Angela Elliott

Terrific depiction of a popular singer's triumph in the short life of her career. Perfectly captures the period, the people and the environment.

Eric photo

Pelé (1997) is one of the most entertaining sports biopics I have ever seen. Pelé has come a long way since he was growing up with his famous father, and now as an adult, he has set out to raise his family and become a pro footballer. His path is nothing short of a roller coaster. His wife is dying and he feels he has to win the world championship. He spends a lot of time watching his former rival and friends on TV. He is able to live vicariously through them. The only one who is not a match to him is his friend Julio. It's no secret that Pelé is a man with a sense of humour. At times, his humour comes out of nowhere. It is truly a joy to watch Pelé play a character with a sense of humour. He is a force to be reckoned with. The film also addresses the fact that Pelé never really wanted to be a professional footballer. He felt that he was born to play for his country and became a great football player. He believes that the passion and the love of the game for him is what defines him. Pelé tries to turn the film into a love story but it does not go down too well with the general public. I am sure that this film would not have been as good as it is today if it was marketed to a broader audience. I would say that the majority of the people in the audience that I saw it with loved it. Pelé was one of the biggest stars in the world. When he left the football field he had a massive impact on the sport. It is clear that the film focuses on his emotional growth as a person. Pelé's friendship with his new friend and the effect that the movie had on him. It is really something to see that his goal was to bring happiness to his family and himself.

Raymond Martin photo
Raymond Martin

The sports film is not an easy subject to make, and the subject is here. The film is the first one with this theme, but the story and the overall experience are really strong. In general, the story has a simple point and the whole effect of the film is the fact that everyone, even the intelligent, learns something and finds that there is a problem in their life, because the writer doesn't tell you the solution. In this context, I would say that this is a great work and a classic film, and not just because it has such an important message. This is not a film about sports, or even about politics, because this movie doesn't take sides or try to tell something, but it simply teaches people to find a way out of problems and find the things in life that are important.

Bryan photo

I was never a Pelé fan growing up, and not even for the entirety of the movie. I was more of a fan of the Spice Girls and this movie wasn't even really about Pelé or the sport he played. That aside, I had seen this movie a few years ago, and I enjoyed it. Pelé was an Olympic hopeful for his country, and was a player who always worked hard to get where he was. Even when his playing days were over, he still tried to play for his country, and made sure that his son had a chance at the sport. A few years later, I saw the movie and was reminded of how Pelé was considered one of the greatest sportsman of all time. A few years later, I watched the movie again, and it was interesting to see how his fame grew and how he changed as he matured and began to play in a different sport. I wasn't that interested in the story of the women involved in this story, but they did a good job of portraying the story of the women involved. The two main players were Julia Roberts and Adrien Brody. I have always enjoyed Brody in her roles, and she did a great job of portraying the feelings of jealousy and frustration that she had as a teenager that she didn't have any control over. She was able to portray that with the believability that you see on screen. Julia Roberts was also very good in her role, showing that she can play this type of role and still be an excellent actress. She did an excellent job of portraying the anger that she felt with the coach of the team, who she felt didn't respect her, and didn't want her to play the sport she was supposed to. She was able to do a good job of doing that with the talent that she had. Although the story in the movie didn't have anything to do with Pelé, the story was very interesting to me. I liked the movie, and enjoyed it.

Roy photo

Not the greatest movie I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty of bad movies. But this one is pretty close. I really enjoyed it. The acting was amazing. The characters were great, and the movie flowed like a great song. I would have to give it a 7, but because of the movie's weaknesses, it gets a 7. I would recommend this movie to any fan of French film.

Christina H. photo
Christina H.

Kevin Costner's portrayal of Pelé as a true pioneer is credible and uplifting. His quest for fame and recognition is portrayed by a few great performances. The action of the film is sensational and the fights are so realistic that one can easily see the real excitement and passion that go into the arena. I feel that the use of the film is limited by its story and the lack of clarity on what is real and what is fantasy. I think that it would have been a much more successful film if the audience knew what was going on. The story has so many questions and the audience had to go to the film to answer them. I think that the film should have been longer to let the audience fill in the gaps and to allow them to understand the film better. The film has a unique feel and is entertaining.

Christian J. photo
Christian J.

As a big fan of the Pelé family I was apprehensive about seeing this movie. But I was pleasantly surprised. This is a very well made movie with a great message of unity and fair play. The acting is excellent, especially the parents and child. I think this movie is perfect for the entire family.

Linda G. photo
Linda G.

Pelé (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is a team leader for his basketball team, but his biggest and most private goal is to become a champion. He is not accepted by his peers, and is bullied and belittled by them. However, he manages to become a champion, and he then tries to win back the admiration of his peers. After losing to the Philadelphia 76ers in the finals of the NBA championship, he is forced to leave basketball. His dream comes true, and he is granted a small salary from the team. But Pelé's happiness is short-lived as he becomes a sensation. As the league becomes more and more professional and less and less fun, Pelé begins to put his problems behind him. However, his newfound fame also attracts the attention of the Sixers' team president, and he plans to use Pelé's money to buy out the team. Pelé, on the verge of losing all of his money, tries to gain his dignity and make him successful again. All the while, he is fighting the side of the Eagles and his childhood friend, a coach, who is trying to bring Pelé to the top. This movie is made by the creators of the seminal basketball movie "The Natural," and their goal was to recreate the magic of that movie and make it a reality. The movie starts out very well. The theme is positive and uplifting. The characters are likable. The themes are very well done and compelling. However, the movie starts to lose steam towards the end. The movie would be about 75% of the way done and you'd have about 2/3 of the movie left. The movie just could not keep up the momentum. The score of this movie was perfect, but it could have been better. The music and the style of this movie was just not as good as the first one. It was done in a way that is very formulaic, and just does not feel like it belongs in this movie. It does not add much to the movie, and seems to be rushed in this movie. The directing of the movie was very good. I liked the cinematography and editing, but the directing was just a little too formulaic. The story was good, but there was some weak points in this movie. The story is about a team leader who is trying to become the best, and it is about the struggle to be the best. Unfortunately, this movie just was not entertaining enough, and I feel like the second movie would have been much better than this movie. The movie is not the weakest of the three movies, but it is definitely not the best of the three movies.

Carl R. photo
Carl R.

We can see that this film is based on a true story. At first, we could have done a lot worse to put in another 'Frisian' film about a Brazilian footballer, but what a mistake we have done. This film is a perfect portrayal of the actual 'Moves' in a football, where you are not always winning and losing the ball for the best part of the game, and also of the truth about the scandals that many sports stars suffer. Pelé is a great character in this movie, as he becomes more and more famous and involved in the world of football. There is a lot of discussion, and even the players acknowledge that Pelé is not that great. In some point in the film, the fans discuss about how it is hard for Pelé to get out of the poor clubs and to get better. But we must think about that, because he is not really a poor footballer. After all, he has a great career in football, and is the only footballer in history that can be said to be one of the best of all time. In the movie, he is in an interview with the magazine 'Barcroft', and says that the problems in football are mainly the lack of individualism. It is difficult to change a system that is very much like the one in which Pelé played his whole career. In a football, there is one of two ways to play a game, one is a winning way and the other one is a losing way. It is a fact that the best footballers in the world, for the most part, always lose, but it is difficult for Pelé to accept that. He only wants to continue with the results he has got in his career. But in the interview with the 'Barcroft', he says that he is the only one to be the best in Brazil and in the world. He is the first footballer to win the Ballon d'Or, and that it was a good thing that he won. Pelé has always been very good at winning, but he has also lost, and that the losing of the ball can be a big loss in football. That is why his career was so fantastic. He had the same opportunities as every other footballer, but he managed to win the ball and take it to the final. It is a very interesting film. It gives us the events that are not easy to forget. We have seen it at one time in Brazil, and we have seen it again in a different way, but it is still important to remember it. The final goal was against America, and it was just one of the moments that we all remember, and Pelé did not lose the ball that time. In the end, we can see that this is a very good film, very interesting and very interesting to see, and we can thank the actors and director for their amazing performances.

Diane photo

Mel Gibson was never a great actor. His more recent films have been quite good, especially his follow-up to Braveheart, but they didn't seem to impress me the same way that Braveheart did. I mean, I enjoyed the former, but I don't see what all the hype was about. Braveheart is simply a great film with a brilliant story, great performances, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. But you know what? I watched this movie again. And I was just as impressed as I was before. It's just that it was so much more. I think that Pelé has become somewhat of a cult figure and that's what makes this film so good. He's the storyteller. He has this aura about him and I think it's amazing. The film starts off with him in 1930 and the rest of the film follows him from then on. There are moments that seem to be overblown and some scenes that are very dramatic and serious. It does take a while for the film to get going, but it picks up steam at the end. I'm a huge fan of international films and I think this one is just amazing. The fact that it was shot in Brazil and Argentina is great. They have some of the best scenery in the world and they show it very well. The film has a very dark and ominous atmosphere, and I can't help but get involved with the characters and their emotions. I think that the film is very effective in that it makes you feel for the characters and the direction of the film is great. There is a lot of gore in the film and it is shown in a very effective way. I'm not a big gore movie fan, but this is really well done. It isn't too gory and the violence isn't overbearing. The characters are shown in a very well-drawn way, and that's what is most important to me. The acting is great, especially by Ewan McGregor. The actors in this film were truly amazing. The cinematography and the sets were also great. It was an amazing film. It's not that it's anything great, but it's good. It's not a great film, but it's really good.

Sandra C. photo
Sandra C.

This movie is the most underrated boxing movie ever made. It is the only boxing movie that is made realistically. The acting is very good from everyone involved. The only problem with this movie is that it does have an artificial plot. However, if you are looking for realistic boxing, this is the movie for you. To watch this movie, you need to know the rules of boxing and don't want to waste time watching the "real" fight. I like this movie more than I did the first one, and that is saying something.

Peter V. photo
Peter V.

Although the book was almost "rebooted" into a movie version, this is definitely the best movie adaptation I have ever seen. It is in a word a very good adaptation. It brings the story line to life and there are so many times that you get choked up at how close they were to the actual events. I feel that this movie should be mandatory reading for all young athletes. It's very well researched and makes you want to learn about the sport. I recommend this movie to anyone. It's very well written and very well acted. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. The story line in the movie is really very well done. I am very happy that Hollywood is finally making a movie like this and can actually create something from a book. I would strongly recommend this movie to any youth.

Crystal S. photo
Crystal S.

Olympic champion Nancy Kerrigan (Scarlett Johansson) lives in fear of her sister, Lady Jeanne of Champagne (Jacqueline Bisset). Though she is not a member of the ruling class, she is vulnerable to the will of the majority. A long time past her prime, she has lost the battle with the "old coaches", and the race of life to find her true self. Here, she finally finds herself as a woman, who uses her talent to gain the support of her family, and rises above the male chauvinism that surrounds her. Thanks to "Lady Jeanne", she is ready to take her first steps to a new era of success. Yet, there are those who want to keep her "born again" in her former self. A fight between the two sides occurs, and the destiny of a woman who cannot find her destiny becomes more and more complicated. "Lady Jeanne" is a sad story, about a woman who was too afraid to be a woman, and when she finally can, it is too late. She still can't accept her own destiny, and in the end, she remains trapped in her past. One might call it a comedy, but this is definitely not. It is an action movie, and it has no jokes. We can see what is going on, and what's going on behind the scenes. But the problem is that the story itself is too deep. We cannot take it for granted that Lady Jeanne (Johansson) is real, and we cannot watch her through the eyes of her fellow women. It is a long and very involved story. The screenplay, directed by the two principal stars, is a mixture of both humor and drama. In the beginning, we see Lady Jeanne (Johansson) and her sister (Bisset) having a fit, and it's all made more interesting by the fact that the two sisters are sisters. After that, we see the sister and her brother's conflict with their mother. And then we see the sisters in the beginning of the film fighting. It is complicated, and it is funny. As for the acting, Johansson is strong, and Bisset is good. I cannot say more than this. It is definitely not a comedy, and it is a drama. The thing is, the latter is not very good. In fact, it is a tragedy. For me, this is a film that needs to be seen. Because it is very deep, and because it is so touching. "Lady Jeanne" is a tale about women who have been burdened with the guilt of being a woman, and how they finally find their freedom.