فيلم Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy

Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy

Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy is a movie starring Andy Goldsworthy and Holly Goldsworthy. Leaning into the Wind follows artist Andy Goldsworthy on his exploration of the world and himself through ephemeral and permanent...

Other Titles
Leaning Into The Wind, Penché dans le vent: Andy Goldsworthy, Leaning into the Wind - Andy Goldsworthy, Penché dans le vent, Leaning Into the Wind
Running Time
1 hours 37 minutes
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Thomas Riedelsheimer
Andy Goldsworthy, Holly Goldsworthy
Germany, UK
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اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Sixteen years after the release of the ground-breaking film Rivers and Tides - Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time director Thomas Riedelsheimer has returned to work with the artist. Leaning into the Wind - Andy Goldsworthy follows Andy on his exploration of the layers of his world and the impact of the years on himself and his art. As Goldsworthy introduces his own body into the work it becomes at the same time even more fragile and personal and also sterner and tougher, incorporating massive machinery and crews on his bigger projects. Riedelsheimer's exquisite film illuminates Goldsworthy's mind as it reveals his art.

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Emily P. photo
Emily P.

I have watched Andy Goldsworthy's documentary entitled "Lullaby of a Dream" about a man named Andy Goldsworthy who is known for his poor health and his personality disorder. There are many interviews from both his wife and family who reveal that he had to be hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and at the time of the release of this documentary, he was not taking his medication. It is this film which has been incredibly inspirational to me as a young person. There are several scenes which I have never seen before and have made me wonder if the man who does not take his medication would have had the success that he had. I have also seen a few interviews with some of the families who have come to learn more about Andy and his wife. It is amazing that the family and friends of Andy Goldsworthy's are very kind and are willing to share with the public information regarding the man and his condition. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone with any interest in mental health.

Billy Mitchell photo
Billy Mitchell

This is an extremely well done documentary about the rise and fall of legendary rocker Andy Goldsworthy. He had a unique vision that was unique to his time. He was a visionary. The film explores how he was an inspiration to countless musicians. He influenced many of the great rock acts of the past 50 years. I personally love this film because it explores the complex and complex relationship between Andy and his family and how he truly shaped his family and himself. He also impacted many people around the world and his legacy is as wide-reaching as the music he produced. While many critics of this film said that this film wasn't enough to be considered a biography, I agree with them. This film is a tribute to a man who believed in his vision. The interviews with Goldsworthy's friends and fans are outstanding. As an example, I would like to mention that I am the son of two rock stars, and one of them called Andy's albums "Hollywood", "Pretty Woman" and "This is the End" to the "Kool & The Gang". I loved that they were able to share their opinions and share the film with the public. I highly recommend this film. This film is a must-see for anyone who loves music. It will be a must-see for those who want to know about one of the most influential and influential men in music history.

Christopher R. photo
Christopher R.

This is an excellent documentary that clearly shows the necessity of quality movies in order to move people. I am really surprised that the director did not get an award for this film, I know that a lot of people like his work and I am sure that he has a great future in making good quality movies.

Denise R. photo
Denise R.

I saw this film at the Delirium Film Festival in March 2012. I have been a fan of Andy for years, so I was excited to see the film. The film is about Andy Goldsworthy and his commitment to American soccer, and it's amazing how his story has inspired and influenced others. The documentary explores the origins of the first National Soccer Association, and the passionate, unique, and diverse supporters of the sport. The film contains a great deal of great footage and interviews with Andy, along with some wonderful interviews with current and former players. The documentary also offers an excellent behind the scenes look at the movie making process, and a look at how the federation interacts with the fans. The film is both heart-warming and inspiring, and is well worth seeing. The film has been nominated for a Golden Globe, but unfortunately lost to "Cheech and Chong's High School Reunion."

Bobby Patel photo
Bobby Patel

This is a touching, funny, heart-felt documentary about Andy Goldsworthy's struggle to keep the famous Chareseum store afloat during the Great Depression. Andy's story is heartbreaking, and his loss is felt by all. To this day, the store is still open and offers great authentic food, music and movie rentals. Andy has been honored by many, including the very gracious mayor of Somerville, the legendary musicians Jack Casady and Lyle Lovett, and New England Comic Con Hall of Fame Member Ken Burns. The shop is open daily, and, when it's closed, it's not forgotten.

Anna B. photo
Anna B.

I loved this documentary. I wish there was a way to get the DVD. The book was too short. I loved the documentary, and was very surprised at how many of the local residents have responded to the DVD. They all lived through the Depression, and understand the depression. There are so many things that can be said about the people that we only get to know so little of. I think that many people are uninformed about what happened, or do not want to believe the "other side" of the story. The people that you hear from are so honest and care about what they say. I hope that there will be a DVD of this, but will wait until it is available.

Virginia photo

This film will be a big hit when it comes out on DVD! Myself and all of my friends are planning to see it. It's a MUST SEE! I was shocked at the performance Andy gave. I couldn't believe that a man could be so arrogant. The way he carried himself, I thought he had a family of his own. He had to have a great mother!

Nancy H. photo
Nancy H.

Cars was my favorite childhood movie. I have never been able to watch it, until today. I saw it at the movies as a kid, and after hearing the reviews I was a little skeptical. As it turns out, I was wrong. This is a great film about the life of a young man, trying to make it in the world of Formula One. I think it is very important that we think of Formula One as something that happens to people, not something that happens to cars. I am not saying that all people don't like it. Some people really like it. I think it's because of the drama, the desperation, and the work ethic. If it wasn't for the money, this man would be out of his mind. The filming was great, and the production value was excellent. A must-see for all fans of the movie. I don't think that anyone will be disappointed by this. This is definitely a classic. I hope it inspires people to see the movie they have always wanted to see, but haven't been able to find time for.

Janice photo

A really sad film. How people like Andy Goldsworthy would stoop to such a low life like being in a big porn film. How he had a way of getting people to look up to him, especially because he was so gorgeous. And how all of this was just a waste of his talent. How he had to go so low to be a porn star and how sad that he went to such a low. A really sad film.

Katherine Guzman photo
Katherine Guzman

Well, after watching this documentary and reading other comments I must say I disagree with all of them. I would have given it a ten if I could, but unfortunately, it didn't quite do it for me. As a documentary this is quite good, but as a film it really lacks any real real character development. All the people who commented on the film seemed to have had a good opinion of it before they saw it, so there's no surprises when they don't like it. It's certainly better than any of the documentaries I have ever seen about the period, but still, I can't say I would recommend this as a documentary for people who want to watch an informative film about the music industry. Maybe it is just my problem with documentaries, but this one didn't seem to have any real depth of meaning or any real lasting impact. If you want to see a documentary on the music industry, then look elsewhere. If you want to see a film about the music industry, then watch the latter one. I will say, I have a feeling this will be a classic in years to come.

Dylan Castillo photo
Dylan Castillo

I thought this film was excellent. It is a true story of one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and the way in which he was able to live the life he did, not in a way that made his death appear more tragic, but because it really was a success and a success that was unforgettable. I hope all of us can learn something from Andy Goldsworthy and his life and his pain, and I would like to share this film with you. Thank you for the time I spent watching it.

Janice photo

The first time I saw this film was when it was shown on the late '60s PBS special "Upside Down." Then, a friend of mine told me I should watch it, and I did. The story is so touching, and it tells the true story of a young boy and his mother, and the many adventures that followed. It gives a lot of insight into the current "climate" regarding the environment, and I think that this film does a good job of illustrating it.

Billy Barnes photo
Billy Barnes

A film that takes on the issue of Vietnam and it's negative impact on the people of South Vietnam. The real life characters of the film are able to give us a more balanced picture of the people and the Vietnamese. The footage of the soldiers is more realistic. We see them not as aggressors but as people who were forced into the war. This film is not to blame for the problems of Vietnam, rather it is to blame for the damage done by the war and the actions taken by the U.S. in Vietnam.

Eric D. photo
Eric D.

The title alone is telling. The film is like a journey into the depths of the soul. I have never heard of anyone watching the film and saying "I want to take that same journey" - it is so deeply insightful and powerful. A must see for all.

Patricia photo

I have seen this movie, and it was one of the most thought provoking and I have seen many great documentaries. I think this movie is also one of the most important documentaries about changing the way we live and think. Its a must see.

Edward photo

This is my first submission for the IMDb, and I'm honored to be included in the film. I am a writer, and the notion that a film maker can use the film medium to tell a story of their choosing, with no director or story consultant, is very difficult to achieve. I knew nothing of the director, the film maker, and certainly not the actors. This film is a gem, and I am proud to have been a part of it. The film deals with the effect that wind has on a local home, and a series of events that arise from a female relative's alleged affair with a man who may or may not be the biological father. We follow a slow, dark road to the final moments, as well as the journey of one of the family members as she has her own personal journey. The whole film is about the film maker's process of putting together a film, and a story of sorts, and this film is done masterfully. The choices made for the camera movements and the editing are all excellent. The best part of the film is the unedited version, and the thoughts and emotions of the director and the actors. This film was an epic, and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

Juan H. photo
Juan H.

So I have been watching Andy Goldsworthy since he made the documentary about The Beatles. While some of the other documentaries focus on the music, this one is about the men. I am very pleased that it will be shown in Europe and for me to see it as well, after watching the documentary. It is a very emotional experience watching a film about a man who was brutally beaten by the Nazis and the rest of the film was shot in Prague. A lot of people seem to not be interested in the movie, but for me, it was a very strong expression of his struggle and a very interesting one. I wish to see a great deal more of this man, and that is why I give the movie a 10/10.

Nancy photo

I think this is an excellent documentary and I hope to see this as a DVD in the near future. It is a very interesting look at the life of a person that spent much of his life in poverty and how the people of the city of Baltimore, where he grew up, and the country that produced him, helped him to move up in the world. The documentary, despite its length, never gets too long. We never get lost in the film and the narrative is well-paced. The black, white, and white-collar family portrait that Goldsworthy paints is so well done and he paints so much of the images so well that you can almost feel that he has seen them before, from the crack house to the city hall to the drug use. There is a scene that is really powerful in which Goldsworthy shows a group of white-collar workers and the women around them how Goldsworthy is sleeping with the boss's wife. He walks around the room and turns on the lights as the women are trying to sleep. He gets his pictures of them on the computer and sends them to the woman. They all smile at him. This is one of the more moving moments I have ever seen on film. This film is filled with beautiful images and is a great introduction to a lot of things that are never talked about.

Katherine photo

Having been a huge fan of Andy's music since the 70's, I'm delighted to have been a witness to his heartfelt and inspiring life. Watching this film reminded me why it was so important for me to see the film first. I remember a long time ago, I was listening to him on the radio and it sounded like he was just starting to sing, he was so passionate about his music. Now I know that he was just starting out as a singer in the early 60's. It was also amazing to see that when he was young he loved to travel around the world, including a week long trip with his wife Mary (his daughter) to Paris and Rome. He was very passionate about his music, a true artist. His music and story was inspiring. This film is an amazing account of his life, and I hope to see more films like it from Andy. I hope that he continues to write songs and work with the groups he has, and that he continues to make music for all. Please support the Andy Goldsworthy Film Fund at: http://www.givinghome.org/p/Andy-Goldsworthy-Film-Fund-1043

Evelyn photo

This documentary is beautifully made and beautifully done. Andy Goldsworthy takes us through a fascinating and unexpected journey of a person from within, who, after decades of relative isolation, has come to his own terms with his sexuality and its repercussions on his family, friends, and fellow musicians. We see Andy go from humble beginnings to fame, to being banned from a festival. From being shunned by his family, to being the center of attention for a struggling band, and finally his own death at the age of 47. We see him take the first steps to finding the self he longed to be, and the joy and excitement he felt when discovering his sexuality. We see him meet the people and groups he had been trying to lead. We see him go from a small town, to a bustling city, to a money making city, and finally a quiet retirement home. The friendships he formed with other people through the years, the beauty of his music, and the incredible stories he had to tell were all captured and told with great care and compassion. Andy Goldsworthy did an amazing job. I know I'm not the only one who has had the opportunity to see this, and will be seeing it again.

Roy photo

The last few years have been kind of a rough time for music. With more music movies coming out, most people are turning to more mainstream fare. This documentary is the story of a young man who wanted to make a movie about jazz. He went through several drafts and finally landed on the story of one man, Miles Davis. He was starting his own production company, dubbed 'The Orchestra of Miles Davis', but his new project became the only thing in his life. This is the story of the man who has been dubbed 'the Godfather of Jazz'. Goldsworthy gives us a behind the scenes look into the studio, how he is often asked to do things that he is not comfortable with, and why he has become so famous. He talks to numerous people, from Davis' mother to Davis' real life girlfriend, which gives us insight into what the movie was like. The sound track for the movie is some of the best jazz music I have heard. The movie has an impressive sound, even for a documentary. The cinematography and editing are very well done. You really feel like you are in Miles Davis' world. This is a must see for anyone who is a fan of jazz.

Crystal D. photo
Crystal D.

I really loved this movie. It has such great music and wonderful stories to tell. I'm so glad I went to see it. It really moved me. I'm so happy that I found it. I'm so happy that I got to see it.

Timothy M. photo
Timothy M.

The main reasons for me to see this film was the evidence of an excellent, quality film. It's not to be missed! I can't find words to describe the film. It was so incredible and so accurate, I cried watching it. I watched the whole film in a week, without the slightest problem. The acting of the main actor, and all the cast was excellent. The film gave so many different ideas and different stories and what they were saying and showing, was excellent. I could watch this film for years and not tire of it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a unique movie experience and not just watch a documentary, which is what most documentaries do.

James Ford photo
James Ford

This documentary gives you a fantastic insight into the struggle that professional rock musicians go through. A must see for rock fans. See it at the movies. The people behind it deserve an award for making this film. This is something I don't think we'll see again.