فيلم Xia You Qiao Mu

Xia You Qiao Mu

Xia You Qiao Mu is a movie starring Kris Wu, Geng Han, and Shan Lu. Xia Mu is a troubled child whose salvation comes in the form of Shu Yawang. When something terrible happens to her, he seeks revenge. Nothing is the same in their...

Other Titles
Passion Heaven, Sweet Sixteen, Summer Tears in Paradise
Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Romance, Drama
Jin-gyu Cho
Kris Wu, Geng Han, Joo Won, Shan Lu
Audio Languages
اللغة_العربية, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
اللغة_العربية, 日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Xia Mu is a troubled child whose salvation comes in the form of Shu Yawang. When something terrible happens to her, he seeks revenge. Nothing is the same in their lives after that.

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Nicholas photo

I went to the cinema with a lot of expectations. I am a big fan of the actress and this movie was to be a great success. The movie was indeed a great success. The movie is about a young girl who falls in love with a man and she's told that she has to marry him or she will lose her family and her father will take her to a village and force her to marry him. The girl is put in a position where she has to choose between her family and her lover. The movie is very well directed and the story is good. The only problem is that there are too many plot twists and it's hard to follow the story. However, I do recommend the movie.

Joseph P. photo
Joseph P.

The most beautiful thing about this movie is that it is not a Hollywood movie, but a Chinese movie. It shows the richness of Chinese culture and its beauty. I recommend this movie to everyone.

Elizabeth V. photo
Elizabeth V.

I watched this film in my film class. I had never heard of it before, but it had the best reviews I have ever seen. I thought it was going to be a typical romantic comedy, but it was different. It was so moving, and I am sure that you will not be able to stop watching it. I think this film is the best romantic film ever made. I don't know why it is so well known, but I think it deserves it. It is the best film I have ever seen.

Eugene photo

I am a huge fan of the series. I don't know why, but I always have felt the series was a little bit dull. I thought the series would be a bit more entertaining after seeing this movie, but I was wrong. I felt so much emotion watching this movie. I think the acting was superb, and I am glad the series is finally over. I am glad the series has finally ended.

Alexander photo

The plot of this film is very typical of Hong Kong cinema. It is the story of a young girl who is a bit different from the others, she's really beautiful, and yet she is shy and timid. She has a very strong will and will not give up, but also a very weak mind. But one day she meets a boy who is so nice, so kind, so thoughtful, and so kind. She falls in love with him. The story of this film is very typical. The film is very touching, and the acting is very good. The direction is very good. I really liked this film, and it's very good for people who love Hong Kong cinema. I highly recommend it.

Ethan O. photo
Ethan O.

It is so easy to make a movie about love. You just have to focus on the main character, and do your best to get the audience to love him. I think this is exactly what director Xiao Zhang wanted to do in her film, and it was a good one. The story revolves around a young woman, Xiao Ying (played by Li Gong), who was sexually abused as a child, and who is now a single mother to a three year old daughter. Her daughter loves her mother very much, and is very protective of her. Xiao Ying is a single mother, but has no other family members to support her. She is a woman who is not afraid to express herself. She is not afraid to talk about her fears. She is a woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I like this film a lot. It is very realistic and realistic in the way it portrays the sexual abuse of a child. The director did a good job of portraying this, and it was very powerful. The acting is very good. I don't think any actor did a bad job. I really like the character of Xiao Ying. The film is very emotional. It is very powerful. I think this is a very good movie.

Christian Estrada photo
Christian Estrada

I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the acting and the way the story was told. I loved the characters. I also love how it was set in a small town and how the characters are all so different. I can't wait to watch it again. The way the story was told was so unique and the way the characters were brought to life was incredible. The movie is definitely not for everyone. I would not recommend this movie to people who are easily offended or do not have a lot of patience. I think that most people will love the movie, but I do not think that everyone will enjoy it. I think that people who do not have a lot of patience will probably hate the movie because it was so long. The movie is not a long movie, but it was a very long movie. I was not bored at any time in the movie. I also think that the movie is a good movie because it is based on a true story. I think that it is a very good movie. It was not like a movie that I would have expected. I think that the movie is very good. I give this movie a 9/10.

Robert H. photo
Robert H.

I went to see this movie for the first time a few days ago, and I thought it was great! The movie is very emotional, and has a very well-written script, and the acting was amazing! I can't wait to see this movie again! I can't believe I've never heard of this movie before, it's definitely worth checking out. I'm going to give it a 9 out of 10. If you're a fan of the romantic movies like The Graduate, A Walk to Remember, or Something about Mary, you should definitely check this movie out. It's definitely worth the time to watch!

Judith W. photo
Judith W.

I had heard about this film for a long time, and finally decided to watch it. The reason being that I saw the trailer and the film is about two sisters, one of which is a recent immigrant from China, and the other is a high school student. I was expecting a lot of the same thing I saw in the trailer, and that was not what I got. This is a story about two sisters and how they deal with their situation. The film is told in the same way as the trailer, which I found to be very boring and not very interesting. However, the film does have a nice message. It is not a depressing movie, but rather a light-hearted movie that has some drama. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good film with a message. If you don't like a good film with a message, then I wouldn't recommend this film. I give this film an 8 out of 10.

Harry Nelson photo
Harry Nelson

This is one of the most beautiful films I've seen. It's a moving and moving story of love and life. This film is about a young girl who is bullied by her classmates because she is a girl. The bullying by the classmates is shown in this film in such a way that it is just horrifying. The bullying is shown so well that it makes you feel very uncomfortable. This film is a great example of how to make a great film. The story is amazing, the acting is amazing, and the music is great. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a great film. I give this film a 9 out of 10. This film is amazing.

Lawrence F. photo
Lawrence F.

I think this movie is very well written, and it's an emotional roller coaster ride, so if you're easily triggered by violence or extreme situations, then don't watch this movie. It's like a movie that you can watch over and over again, but you will still get a kick out of it. The acting is really good, especially from Song Kang-ho, and it's one of those movies that you'll always remember. And it's also one of those movies that you'll remember from when you were a kid, it's very sentimental and touching, and it's really touching.

Douglas Valdez photo
Douglas Valdez

This movie is a little different than the others. I was not expecting a "happy" ending. I was hoping for a little more complexity. The movie was very moving and I cried a lot. The ending was a little predictable but it was still a very touching and moving ending. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a movie that is not a "happy" ending. I am going to give this movie an 9 out of 10. The movie was very touching and emotional. I will definitely buy the DVD to watch this movie over and over again.