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Union is a movie starring Virginia Newcomb, Jay Galloway, and Marcelle LeBlanc. A woman disguises herself as her dead brother, Henry, in order to survive in the Confederate ranks during the Civil War. He marries a widow to rescue...

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2 hours 15 minutes
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History, Drama, War
Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton
Marcelle LeBlanc, Virginia Newcomb, Jay Galloway, Greg Maness
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During a cavalry skirmish at the battle of Cold Harbor, 'Henry' is shot. His near death experience catalyzes his determination to live and to love fully promising to find Virginia Klaising, the widow that saved his life during Antietam. The Indians hiding high up in the Blue Ridge tell Henry that Virginia is destined to marry an old man she does not love so she can hang onto her farm. When the Indians realize that Henry is a 'two-spirit' they hide him from the Union forces and prepare him to be reunited with his soul mate, Virginia. Eloping on a summer night with fireflies as luminaries, they begin their new life. The secret becomes harder to keep as Henry suffers from PTSD and must confess his battle sins. He recounts a mercy killing of a childhood friend, her child still missing. Going in search of the child, he/she ultimately brings the boy, home.

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Bruce photo

No other movie has such an effect on me as this one. It is the movie that finally made me believe that I am capable of learning from my mistakes and realizing the lies that I have been taught, while in the process revealing the truth. The movie is so realistic that you feel as though you have been watching a film. And the message it is sending out is important. I have watched the movie about 10 times now, and every time I learn something new. I think that everyone should watch this movie at least once. It is a must see movie!

Arthur photo

Spoilers: This movie is a must see for anyone who's ever been in a foreign country. You would think that the movie makers of the US would know this. (1) Everything in the movie has some connection to the US (2) The US was still involved in the Viet Nam conflict until 1963 (3) Myers was part of the US Military (4) A lot of people today think Vietnam was a "War" or "Wars", but in reality it was only an "invasion" and not a "War". This movie showed how America did not take sides in the war. And it showed how Vietnam was a "little" country, which just wanted to be left alone. It showed the whole American mentality and how the war was a US creation. (5) It shows how the US thought Vietnam was a "little" country that only wanted to be left alone. (6) It shows how the US wanted to be a "normal" country. It showed the Vietnam conflict as a "peaceful" war. The movie also shows that the US "supposedly" made a peace treaty with the Viet Nam government. (7) If you have seen the movie "City of God" (the movie from Godfather trilogy), you know how the movie ends. If you haven't seen that movie, then you are more ignorant than I am. Well, I have to say that the movie did "get" my sympathies and I was very sad at the end.

Kathleen photo

I've been reading all these reviews about how great this movie is, but I don't think it's "great" at all. The acting is great, but is it really? People should really consider watching the movie as an historical drama. Yes, it is really a movie about war and about what happens during it, but it is not as good as it could have been. Some scenes are extremely hard to watch because they are not in the way that they are supposed to be. I would recommend seeing it first, and then decide for yourself whether you like it or not. If you do like it, you'll be glad you watched it. If you don't like it, then you probably won't. I am sorry if this review is too long, but I really don't want to be rude, and I really think this movie should not be as much praised as it is. My review is one of my own, and I hope it helps people who would like to watch it.

Joseph photo

I have to start by saying I am not a fan of war movies, this is because I have seen a few in my life time and they have all been kind of dreadful. However, this is a war movie, so, they are war movies. This is one of the greatest war movies I have ever seen. It is so good that you feel bad for the soldiers, because you want to see them kill each other. The movie is not like any other war movie I have ever seen. All the action is so realistic, that you would not believe that they were in a war, it is so real. There is a scene that a soldier was in, and they had to take him out of the car, he just fell over. I never believed this was real until I saw this movie. All of the actors did a great job, even if it was for one day, it was a great movie. I have seen it 3 times in the last two weeks, I think I have it. If you have ever watched this movie, I know you will love it.

Roy photo

This film was the most incredible example of what I have ever seen. An amazing, gripping story of what happened during the war, which is especially relevant to the current situation in Iraq. Unfortunately, the movie does not provide enough information about the war itself, but the message is clear, and it's not just about the events of that time period, but of our nation's history, and what we owe to each other as a country. The acting is excellent, and the visuals are breathtaking. The movie also has a great soundtrack, that reminds me of the movie "Pearl Harbor."

Terry photo

I've never been to Poland so I was totally unfamiliar with the country and its history. I have been to some parts of Europe and as I've had a better understanding of it I was curious about the background of the film. I couldn't imagine that in a country of less than one million people one could manage to create a truly remarkable film about one of the most complicated and sensitive periods in the history of the Polish state. I'm so glad I finally saw it. I have been to Warsaw in May of this year and I loved it, it has an authentic feel to it and all the people, most of them small boys, had the perfect enthusiasm about the life and its culture. I also think the film captures perfectly the strange mixture of cultural and political turmoil in Poland. The film is very well made and I'm convinced that Poland should have received its Oscar for best foreign film. The script is excellent, as is the acting. It is so easy to love it, especially if you are Polish. I am really glad that this film was made, and I really hope that it gets a chance at the Oscars. If it does, I'm sure it will go well. The Polish people deserve a movie with this much attention to detail, especially the people living in Warsaw. I'd be very happy if Poland gets a chance to win a best foreign film Oscar. Please give it a chance. Thanks for reading!

Doris W. photo
Doris W.

I have seen this film many times, first when it first came out on video, and then when it was finally released on DVD. All of my friends loved it, and I saw it with them. I still have a good feeling after watching it. In a day and age where blockbuster movie goers want to see explosions and violence and battles, it is nice to see a film that brings a sense of emotional involvement and that carries the viewer through a war that was fought over a struggle for survival. What makes the film so touching is that it has an emotional core that comes out of the most seemingly mundane and mundane things that happen in everyday life. You can't easily separate this from a love story. One day you're doing something you're truly passionate about, and then that passion is threatened, and then you've to turn to what you do for a living. It has been suggested that there are no words to describe this film, and to me that is true. No words. I can't give it any such status, but it deserves all the praise that it gets, not because it is a masterpiece, but because it is a wonderful, entertaining and touching story. I cannot remember a film so gripping. I can't recall a film that has so many different emotions. It really feels like the characters are actually on the ground with the war going on in their own world, living in it. The story is so emotional, you could be sitting across the room from someone and feel it in their face. I believe this is one of the few war films where the film makers cared so much about what the characters were going through, and not about the effects of the war on the characters. There are many scenes in this film where you don't know if you should be crying or just feeling that emotion of knowing that someone is dying, or is going to be killed. In this film the characters feel real, and this is true of everything else. It is amazing to watch this film without a soundtrack, but still feel the power and the emotions of the film. If you haven't seen it, and you don't feel the need to, then I recommend you to go see it. If you do feel the need, I feel you will find yourself crying every time someone you know is dying, or being blown up.

Kathy Wong photo
Kathy Wong

There are many films in which one can come out of a cinema stunned and at the same time slightly depressed. But if one has the opportunity to see this film, there is no doubt that he or she will see a film that will touch your soul. On the surface this film appears to be a film about "Civil War," but in fact the film is about "Being Human." For better or worse, we live in a world that's frozen in time. The point is, our history has been preserved, but the most important part of our history, the part that matters to us the most, was never recorded and no longer exists. The only way to experience this part of our history is to live it, to be a part of it, and to know how it feels to be alive, to have the ability to choose to live, but not to choose. This film is one of those rare films that gives us a sense of what it's like to live in that time, a glimpse into the hardships that we face, the dangers that we face, the difficulties that we face. The film gives us the ability to step back and see our own history. It's like peering into the history book and discovering the connections between people who were once a part of that history, and in the process we realize how much we, as individuals, have in common, and how much we, as a society, have in common. Like many films that deal with issues of death, war, racism, and other social ills, this film gives us an opportunity to face our history head on and hopefully learn from it.

Thomas W. photo
Thomas W.

In the aftermath of the tragic events of Pearl Harbor, a Navy aircraft carrier is sent to the Pacific to patrol the islands in the South Pacific. In this war of attrition, naval officers try to maintain discipline and avoid the bloodshed which is inevitable in such a difficult conflict. General Bernard Lawerence, the Admiral who has been "retired" for years, calls his boys home for an emergency drill, as the USS Indianapolis, a U.S. carrier, is about to be sunk by Japanese torpedoes. For nearly three hours, the boys are given the ultimate test. Will they sink the enemy plane? Will they survive? When they finally rise from their pits, we witness a strong but gentle personality. Like a first-class drama, this film should be shown in schools. It was recently honored at the 68th Academy Awards by a standing ovation. Don't miss this movie!

Victoria photo

I've read some of the reviews for this movie and from what I've read they are, very disappointing. I've not seen the movie, but from what I read this is what a lot of people are getting at. Not only is the story about a fictional soldier named Cpt. Sargent and his actions during the American Civil War but it is also about his efforts to save several people that were locked up in a train station during the war. This movie has a very powerful, emotional, and even sad story. I think most people have forgotten the horrors of slavery and how it effected black people throughout history. This movie is very accurate in showing how real people from that era felt and fought and died. The acting was also excellent. We get to see a very real and accurate portrayal of the time of the movie. The only thing I think that I didn't like in the movie was the score, because it was very overused. It was not only used during the movie, but also when the movie was ending. It is very dramatic and sad when all these people died, but at the same time there was a very strong symphonic score used that almost seemed to fit the movie perfectly. I can't really say that this movie is better than what the movie just did, but I think it is very close to what it was trying to do.

Joseph Greene photo
Joseph Greene

This is the best film I've seen in a very long time. The acting was superb and the film is only two and a half hours long but is still a great story. After seeing this film, I felt that I have an idea about what the First World War is like and how it would have been for a soldier to come home and try to fit into a new culture and to be faced with the conflicts of his/her country. The cinematography is spectacular. I am absolutely amazed at the cinematography, and how well it was done. The sound and music are good, too. The story is amazing. This is one of those films where I could watch it over and over again and never tire of it. I have never been a huge James Bond fan, but I did watch this film once when it was released and I thought it was great. I loved it. It had a great story, great actors and a great story. I loved the cinematography and the sound. This film is just great.

Evelyn Wheeler photo
Evelyn Wheeler

It's a movie for everybody. This movie is all about a soldier's love for his family and how he's able to destroy the society. There are scenes where the Army is seen and the propaganda is shown in Germany. There are so many things you must have in order to understand the movie. There are people who are attracted to a movie like "Bogus" because they want to know what's going to happen in the end of the movie. They don't want to know what's going to happen. The beginning of the movie is shown a little bit like a documentary. It's not scary or depressing, but just a little bit funny. It's a movie you'll have to see several times in order to understand. You'll have to find it on cable or on your video store. It's worth to see. It's funny, it's sad, it's exciting and it's a movie everyone should see. (Thank you, Jim Jarmusch!)