فيلم The Insanity of God

The Insanity of God

The Insanity of God is a movie starring Vitalijs Jevsjukovs, Kenny Champion, and John W. Iwanonkiw. Based on the best selling book by Nik Ripken, The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from...

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Earl Rorer, Vitalijs Jevsjukovs, John W. Iwanonkiw, Kenny Champion
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Based on the best selling book by Nik Ripken, The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be anything but. After spending over six hard years doing relief work in Somalia, and experiencing life where it looked like God had turned away completely and He was clueless about the tragedies of life.

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David photo

All of the answers to the most common questions in faith and faith leaders are there and if you really want to know what God says in His words, you can read the bible, but they are not for your personal use. My point is if you are in your 20's or 30's, if you believe in God, you should study His word. It is easy to understand. For the younger ones who have not taken a pledge, it is even easier. They can read the bible and know that we have a God and when we die he will bring us into his kingdom. They don't have to take a pledge. I just hope we get to see more of His word. I think it will be better as time goes on, for everyone in general.

Amy photo

It's interesting, but I don't think the movie was a complete rip-off of "Minister of Truth" as many reviewers here seem to think. There were some plot elements that were, but, if you could accept the concept of free will, I don't think it was a bad movie. I watched it on a Sunday night, and I'm glad I did. If you want to be completely captivated by the concept of free will and can accept the premise that humans have to do what they do, I think you'll love this movie.

Brenda W. photo
Brenda W.

It is a film with an extraordinary level of documentary and, while certainly not the most uplifting or informative documentary ever made, it is also an example of how filmmaking works in the real world. The major difference between the documentary and a typical movie is that the former has a point to make and how the filmmaker tries to make that point come across. In this case, the filmmaker uses archival footage and interviews with Dr. Robert Gebhardt and various other secular experts to make the case that Jesus Christ never said or did anything like this. The filmmaker is Christian and has studied the historical evidence of the accounts of Jesus of Nazareth and he uses it to try to show the many historical and logical flaws that render the case that Jesus Christ never existed. Gebhardt's arguments are persuasive and persuasive because they are based on logic, science, logic, and are backed by the evidence. When someone can prove that these things are true and the flaws that surround that, you can no longer dismiss this argument as a "conspiracy theory." The best part of the film is the footage, which is clearly recorded and edited very well. You don't have to be a scientist to believe that the evidence shows that Christ never existed. The authenticity of the footage is impeccable and it's clear that this footage has been vetted very carefully. It is the filmmaker's job to show the science and the logic that supports that evidence. A viewer who disagrees with the film will likely dismiss it as "just a documentary." In this case, the filmmaker was not making a documentary. This is an essay of how a filmmaker works and how a filmmaker is used to tell the story. Because the documentary shows the logic, science, and the logic that is presented, you have to be willing to ignore the filmmaker's conclusions and give this a fair shake. The filmmaker is just doing his job. That said, it is hard to take this film seriously if you haven't studied religion or even have a clue about it. The evidence presented by Dr. Gebhardt and the other experts in the documentary is very compelling and this documentary should be required viewing for anyone who is interested in such subjects. It's not for everyone, but it should be available to everyone. I would suggest watching it at least once.

Roy Munoz photo
Roy Munoz

I am a Christian, and as such have had to read up on the Bible over the years. I was not familiar with this subject until I saw a documentary on it, and I felt that this movie did a very good job at being a bible explanation, not to mention an explanation of who the 'insane' guy was. It was also a revelation to me that I may have considered him insane, due to the trials he has been through, and the fact that he chose to fight to the death in order to avenge his family. I know that is probably true, and I am not a Christian, but to me it is a very real testament to the idea of God's character, mercy and forgiveness. A man like Jonah who is so reprehensible and who is completely insane, is not someone I would recommend for everyone. However, I do have to say that he was a very talented musician, and one of the most poetic man that I have ever come across, which is a tribute to him. As an academic, I am really impressed by the scientific nature of this movie, and the church is often misused and twisted to fit a distorted purpose.

Karen S. photo
Karen S.

This film does an excellent job of telling the history of the cult of Satanism. These people who did this to the children, are the same people who claimed that they were going to do all the things Satanist said to do. All these child sex murders were committed by the priests and nuns of the Church. Their actions were not justice, but they still were the new Satanists. The priest played in the movie was Father Terry Carlson who also did a good job in the movie. This is a great documentary that should be released on DVD.

Emma photo

The Insanity of God: American Persecution of Christians (2016) * (out of four) An examination of the persecution of Christians that started after the Reformation and its impact on the United States. I really appreciate the documentary for its honesty and good writing. In one place we learn that at the end of the Reformation, some church leaders began to advocate for organized religious persecution, and the year after that there was a period when there were only a few churches left in the United States. Another example of this is when the World Evangelical Convention held an exorcism conference. The film ends by showing some of the people who left churches in the United States and the reasons for their decision to leave. The film was edited in a very effective way and never feels like it's just a few people doing something. I think the biggest issue with the film is that it is told from the point of view of these former churchgoers, so I'm not sure how much of this really is true. I would have liked to hear some of the reasons given by those who left, but that was not mentioned in the documentary. Overall, this is a very interesting documentary that I would recommend to anyone. It is not very religious in its tone, but it is pretty convincing. I'm not sure whether or not you would want to see it with someone who is not religious. It is quite graphic and very emotional.

Jason M. photo
Jason M.

I find this film to be far more interesting than the DVD release. I find it to be one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Though the video is a bit choppy, the fact that we do not actually see a documentary but rather talk to the people involved makes it even more powerful. The director, Julie Foudy, very skillfully takes us into the lives of her subjects, allowing us to share their emotions, their frustrations, their friendships, their worries, and even their doubts. The short sections that appear when the subjects discuss what their lives are like don't feel long or irrelevant, but are filled with vivid images of everyday life that are very real. This film is one that you will want to watch again and again. I will be talking to my friends about this film and planning to purchase it so I can show this to my family.

Shirley D. photo
Shirley D.

For the last week, I have been discussing this film with a couple friends of mine who have seen it and enjoyed it as much as I did. In our discussions, we've agreed that it is a very flawed movie. It's not clear why the filmmakers chose the two most prominent evangelical Christians to feature, as it seems like there's more diversity of opinion in terms of people they interviewed than what we are led to believe. The film also introduces us to a number of other Christians, all of whom have either spoken positively of the film or said they had a great time. I would like to bring this up because, as a viewer, I wonder what I should be looking for when seeing this movie. I feel the same way when I watch films like "As God Loves Us" or "Jesus Camp" or "Mulholland Drive", because I know that my enjoyment of the films hinges on how much I'm familiar with the culture I'm watching it. "The Insanity of God" did not resonate with me, but I enjoyed it enough that I can't help but wonder what other people might have found entertaining. Overall, the movie is worth seeing once. It is full of original footage and interviews, and it has an interesting storyline that is fairly original. I'm glad that the film is out on DVD, and I'll be looking forward to it's Blu-Ray release.

Megan F. photo
Megan F.

The movie is really remarkable and will give some hope to the peace loving people who are trying to persuade people to believe in God. I feel that it is a good movie to show you that if you don't believe in God, you can't believe in anything. It does a great job of showing how people respond to the existence of God. I hope that everyone will have a good time and they will be convinced that there is no need to be a victim of either religion or unbelief.

Walter F. photo
Walter F.

What a fantastic documentary. The author of the book is interviewed and his fascinating life is laid bare. The spiritual elements are part of his life and his writing, along with his family, are important as he was quite a devotional person. While there is a bit of a Christian bias, this is also very much a character piece, and I love it. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Marie photo

In my opinion, this film is an outstanding piece of work. It is a film which tells the story of what it is to be a Christian in the 21st century. I applaud this film for daring to portray how religious people can be human beings. My entire family agreed with me that the film was excellent. This film not only depicts the harsh reality of life as a Christian but it also provides a warm and informative view of the subject. The story is told in an entertaining way which inspires debate and reflection on the subjects being covered. The actors are all superb. It is amazing how talented this cast is when compared to the movies that were made in the 60s and 70s. When someone told me that they had watched this film and thought it was excellent, I would always ask, "What did they think about it?" Their real reactions will determine how you will respond to the film. The conclusion to this film is a very accurate one. While the beginning has Christian characters making a stand and forking out for their beliefs, the film is ultimately a story about how much of a difference one's beliefs can make to people. In essence, if you have beliefs, you will believe what you believe and if you don't, you will not. If you believe you need to change your beliefs, then this film will help you see the light and realize that it is possible to change your beliefs and that it is possible for you to change the world in your own unique way. A film that will inspire debate and debate which will bring many views to the forefront of the public consciousness.

Jack Miller photo
Jack Miller

I know I was gonna say something about the possibility of Obama becoming president, but I gotta say that it didn't really come to mind while I was watching this. Let me just say that this documentary gave me a whole new perspective on the idea of the human spirit. We all have the ability to do great things if we set our minds to it. That's why I think this movie was so effective. The powerful message and reality that this film makes is so powerful that it makes you think more about your life and why you're doing what you're doing. The documentary explores how some of us are born with special ability and in turn, those with the most special ability become the most powerful people. I hope this movie is able to make you think about life and why you're doing what you're doing, and it's especially important for men because this movie tackles the idea of the male gender. The documentary is quite honest, but also so real. It's not an easy topic to get your mind around and the documentary makes you understand that this is not about being a man but to actually be a man. And it's the power that we have that makes us stronger than anyone else. If you've never given it a chance, check this one out because it's a really powerful documentary about the human spirit.

Gloria C. photo
Gloria C.

One of the more interesting parts of the book was the conversion of the young man who became a member of the Knights Templar. The film does an excellent job of showing this, and the film also gives the author an opportunity to present a more complete and convincing account of the Templars. As with the book, this was not my favorite of the series. It was quite complicated, and I felt that the time it took to develop and expand the plot was not consistent with the time that was allotted to the movie. Also, there was a rather slow pace to this film, and in a sense it made it feel like a documentary rather than a movie. However, I also found that I enjoyed the film, especially since I had read the book. If you haven't read the book, you should definitely read it first, and if you haven't read the book, you will likely enjoy this movie. Although, I think I would be happy to wait to read the book, and I would not wait to see the film. I also think that this film would be best enjoyed on DVD.

Nathan G. photo
Nathan G.

I must admit I am somewhat biased because I'm a believer in this controversial topic. As a teen, I had a whole bible-based mantra as my guide to everything in life: "Ride on the strength of your faith." A little out of hand, I can't imagine that some of the people the film discusses could actually hold a belief in something that contradicts that fundamental belief. Yet, that is what they do. I am actually a Christian myself, and never had a real religious experience as a youth. My bible verses are certainly heretical, but that's where it is supposed to be. When one is given a difficult task or a chance to accomplish something that they have failed at in their life, they are given the opportunity to reaffirm their faith, so the story ends with a tear in the eye. When a person expresses a point of view, it should be supported by the evidence presented, but here, they are not. They show their entire life with the argument, from a young age, to a long time ago. And, that is just the point of the film. Another example is their characterizations. In a meeting where a Church leader is defending the church in a sermon, a young child is there, and he is given the opportunity to explain his argument. His responses are also given in the film. And this child is called the young adult. No explanation of why he is referred to as that is given. It is as if he is getting an education in how to use the media to his advantage. It is this bad that shows that you can only show the reasons for what you say, and not the reason in which you say it. This film is entertaining. But, it's not enough to be entertaining. It's a must for understanding, and it's a must for developing a belief in the topic. Even if you are not a believer, it's still an entertaining film to understand. Even if you are, and you don't care about the topic at all, I urge you to see this movie. I rate it 8/10.

Janice photo

First of all, I have to say that I am a very big fan of Christopher Hitchens. My first exposure to this documentary was through his other essay "By the Book" published on the Christian right-wing website called "White House Bible" (now, that site is gone). Here, Hitchens lays out the case for his views and how they came to be. It is a fascinating and quite often interesting history lesson about the power of fear and how it can be turned against its potential victims. Basically, Hitchens describes how, in fact, the very religious right became the villain in the debate over "public schools" and "religious liberty". The Christian right's attacks on all of the supposed "secular" people who oppose religion on behalf of what the Christian right regards as the "defenders of God and society" led to their own downfall. In many ways, this story is a common one. But, you see, this film is not about people's being "bad", but the fact that they have become so completely and totally corrupted by their own beliefs that they cannot see the truth and don't want to accept it. That's the reality, no matter what you believe. And it's been this way for decades. If you want to see a fascinating and brilliant presentation of this subject, look no further than these two interviews.

Lisa photo

In the summer of 1985, an average 8th grader in San Antonio, Texas (Ronnie Jones) caught a glimpse of a video camera hanging above a toilet, and captured a terrifying series of images that he and his friends would never forget. Through exposure to the memories of this kid, and his friends, we see how much the existence of abortion was tied into the hate and violence that was perpetrated in the Midwest. This film is an opportunity to see just how impactful that abortion was in the sixties and seventies. The history of abortion is an important part of the social and political history of the United States, and this film allows us to get to know the struggles of this pivotal issue. The documentary tells of how many were used as abortion targets, and how people were put in harm's way to make sure their dreams would never come true. To see it in IMAX, is to see a masterpiece.

Matthew photo

I was on a plane and was surfing the internet when I came across this movie on Amazon and decided to give it a go. I was expecting to see a dull, preachy, preachy documentary about the Satanic bible and what it is and what it has to say and the stories of the victims. What I saw was a man telling the truth. He actually seemed to know a lot about the cases and the evils of these kinds of Satanist cults. He wasn't preaching to any one else, but to the only people who knew about it and the victims who were victims. His interviews were mostly calm, controlled and collected. They were just a few of the hundreds of interviews that were given from victim to victim and talking about the crimes committed by this "church". I felt like I was watching a documentary rather than a documentary. I think that this movie is very well done, so see it if you get a chance. I loved the acting, the music, the drama and the few documentaries that were given about this and other of the Satanic cults in America. Very well done.

Charles Hoffman photo
Charles Hoffman

I've read a lot of this site's reviews of this film and they are often negative. I feel the reviews are more vitriolic than helpful. This film is a story of a pastor who was driven to his knees by the damage wrought by the evil of drug addiction, and the corrupting effects that this drug had on him. There is no video to compare this with, so I feel it must be seen to be believed. It's a poignant story of a man who seems to have all the answers to all his problems but had no real outlet for them. The film was professionally produced and directed. Most importantly, the man who was hurting and it's effects, the brother, was captured. My thoughts are with him and his family as he has been dealt with an unimaginable and unbearable tragedy. The darkness and corruption in this film is almost overwhelming. I believe people need to be exposed to this film because it is a rare case in modern times. I feel the film accomplishes its purpose of informing the public of the magnitude of drug addiction, corruption, and violence that is associated with it. A man who was "beyond God" and had a God given gift had no hope for anything in the world. The film is very touching and very realistic.

Marie H. photo
Marie H.

In what is probably the most accurate documentary on the subject of the church's rapid collapse and seemingly sudden disappearance in the US, filmmaker Bojan Krstic explores the history of the modern Christian revival through interviews with faithful believers of various denominations. Dr. Robert Jeffress, former pastor of The Christian Church of the Nazarene, who is the film's narrator, says that the biggest mistake of the US church is that it has treated the Lord's name with so much reverence that it has lost its focus, not to mention that the same people who give so much of their time and money to their churches are now disappearing from the face of the earth in relatively short time. The only salvation for believers, according to the film, is to repent of their sins, stop doing what they're doing and get on with the work of the Lord. To that end, Krstic argues that the biggest mistake of the modern church is that it has not heard God's voice in its current generation. These new believers are scared, and say, "I don't need God, I just need some guidance." When they were young, in spite of how Christians should have responded to the rise of the church, they didn't hear God. They heard the voice of God. As the documentary points out, the early modern church was filled with self-help, self-affirming Christians. They spent their lives telling themselves that they were wrong, and their actions only proved this to be true. But the men and women who followed in their footsteps began to hear God speaking to them, and now in their teens and 20s they have an incredible tendency to drift away from the Christian life they once knew. Today, the "new" Christians are all seekers of emotional health, and they are fascinated by scientific theories of evolutionary psychology. With all the comfort of the gospel to come, many of them are more likely to choose the scientific theories and more likely to want to join the scientific revolution, rather than take up the duties of their faith. However, the film criticizes not only the new Christians, but also the old ones. Rather than being suspicious, the old faithful try to apologize for their sins, and many of them ask God to help them repent and go back to the good old ways. There is no need to apologize for sin, however, because the sins of those who have not repented of their sins have made them no better than the Old Christians were. The film is critical of those who have not repented of their sins, because repentance and transformation are not our choice, but God's gift. For those who are seeking to take up this ministry, Krstic suggests that they seek help from a relationship with God. Krstic argues that no matter how much power you have over God, if he is weak in your life, you will have to seek help from Him. That is the only way we will be able to have a relationship with God. In another section, Krstic argues that the need to raise money and gain followers has diminished the relevance of the church. As a result, the church has failed to produce anything but an audience of people who want to show off their wealth and who have no intention of trying to make the world a better place. Instead, they focus on the things they feel are not important, like the number of followers and money they have raised. As a result, they have become a circus, and not a church. Krstic believes that the only way to respond to the global crisis in the church is to find a common ground. To that end, he argues that we have to take on more responsibility for our own lives and for others. We have to go out and speak out for causes that are important to us, such as the environment, foreign policy, and peace. We have to work on bringing new Christians into the church. All of these ideas are presented in a positive, caring way. Though the film is a little heavy on the faults of the church, it is very compelling. Even if you don't believe that the church has lost its mind, Krstic does an excellent job in presenting the results of what has happened in the last century. Krstic argues that the church has failed. It has never done anything worthwhile for the world, and it is now a circus, which only serves to show off what it has in terms of wealth and followers. We have to take responsibility for our own lives, and Krstic recommends that we do this by working on our relationships with others. We can't simply say that we're tired of waiting for the church to save us. We have to ask God to save us.

Ruth Elliott photo
Ruth Elliott

I know its hard to believe but actually this is a documentary about a man, a Catholic priest in India who committed suicide. Before that you will see some other documentaries like the work of Carl Sagan in another religion focused documentary (On the Origin of the Universe) as well as a film about The Catholic Church, on a totally different subject. The idea is interesting, a priest who was suspended for molesting a young boy. He was having a serious crisis because he was basically molesting children. A priest friend of his suggested him to see a therapist because he was addicted to pornography. He was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, a disorder in which a person tries to switch from one identity to another. It was very bad for his spiritual life. I think this is one of the best documentaries about clergy abuse that I have seen. The main goal is to show how much priest abuse is a problem in a secular society. This makes it even more clear that we as a society need to stop this. There are some excellent moments, including the scene where the priest is drinking while he tells to his friend what he thinks about the Church and its people. The biggest problem here is the working of the film is very uneven, there are no strong leads or strong support for the priests. Some scenes are a little slow, some are a little too long. The ideas are well thought out, I think they need to be better documented and better edited. Some moments are really good, but some moments are a little too strong. You might not agree with some of the conclusions. Some parts are repetitive and if they are not true it ruins the overall impact. I can understand the film makers need to make this about the priests, the church, about religion but there are some gaps in the documentary. Some parts are not well documented or edited. Overall this is a very good documentary about some of the worst abuse in the Catholic Church. Recommended to all. I give it 8/10.

Joyce P. photo
Joyce P.

The Insanity of God is a fascinating documentary on the making of the movie, and how the main characters found their way to it. First, it is interesting to see how fast and how difficult it was to pull off a movie with an unconventional message. As a result of this, it is also interesting to see how many people got along very well with the main actors. A common story is how a group of filmmakers who had a great deal of influence on how the characters in the film are seen by others. Examples include Roger Corman, James Cameron, and Harold Ramis. As a result, a lot of good and bad is shown when the producers decided to make the movie. The most interesting part is seeing how the process of making this movie went so fast and such a multitude of people worked so hard on it. The main actors are so full of energy and enthusiasm that it is easy to forget that this was a very long process of developing a script and then shooting a movie. Not only that, but it is interesting to see how each of the actors had to adapt to the different way that they wanted the movie to be seen. Most of the screen play was written by the producers. This creates a lot of controversy on why they wanted the movie to be made. The producers are always having to defend their choice, because people will always accuse them of trying to use religion to sell the movie. This controversy makes the movie to be seen a little differently than it really was. Overall, this is a very interesting movie and shows the work that goes into creating a movie. It also shows the work that goes into promoting and selling the movie, so that it can be seen in many different ways. This makes for a very interesting documentary.

Randy Weber photo
Randy Weber

It is a great documentary on the subject of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. It goes into all of the problems of the church, the scandals, and the handling of these problems. We also see from the very beginning the struggles that were faced by the church to gain influence and acceptance. As far as it is factual it is a very important documentary and it is very impressive. I did not expect such a high production value and quality from the church. I love the fact that they went into the pain and suffering of the church, but also of those in the church that had to suffer. It was also a great chance to see the confessions of all of the church officials and the trouble they went through. I am quite surprised to see the discovery of the fact that some of the alleged ritual abuses were not the church's doing. In this day and age it is a very good thing to learn the truth. If you can read this far into the review you will know that I love the fact that they went into the life of the church. I also loved the fact that they did not just cover one case, but went into the life of the church.

Tammy photo

Most Christian churches, including this one, promote the position that the Book of Mormon was written by an angel. Unfortunately, the book has been falsified. All the other witnesses claim to have seen the plates, but no one has ever found the set of plates that Joseph Smith (or any other witness) claims were on the gold plates. Additionally, none of the witnesses claims to have known Joseph Smith, nor did they ever even know him. The witnesses claim to have learned about the gold plates while Joseph Smith was a "wise and an humble servant." We have no idea what that means, so they don't look like the servants they say they were. All we know is that they saw the plates with their own eyes, so there's nothing in their character to draw a conclusion about the whole thing. Even if we can believe their claims about the book, the book is not made up, and even if we cannot believe their claims, the Book of Mormon is definitely not the product of a god-damned angel. I wish that I could see proof that this book is not the work of an angel, but I can't. All we have are witnesses, which we do have. The book is a fraud. And the testimony of the witnesses who saw the plates is also false. It's a shame that they all claimed to have had this vision, but they never stated why they had it. How could they have known that Joseph Smith was a god-damned liar? We need to think about this for a minute.