فيلم Saving Brinton

Saving Brinton

Saving Brinton is a movie starring Michael Zahs, Serge Bromberg, and Greg Prickman. In rural Iowa, a beloved history teacher uncovers the century-old showreels of one of America's first motion picture impresarios and sets out to...

Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Tommy Haines, Andrew Sherburne
John Richard, Andrew Sherburne, Tommy Haines
Greg Prickman, Kathryn Fuller-Seeley, Serge Bromberg, Michael Zahs
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In rural Iowa, a beloved history teacher uncovers the century-old showreels of one of America's first motion picture impresarios and sets out to premiere the films at the world's oldest continuously operating movie theatre.

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Grace Scott photo
Grace Scott

This film is so beautifully done, it is truly a work of art. I would be happy to recommend it to anyone who loves the beautiful world of nature. The film is very detailed and contains many amazing images. I am a nature enthusiast and have been for many years, and I was absolutely blown away by this film. It is simply a beautiful film that is full of images and stories that will leave you speechless. I am glad that the film is available on DVD and have been watching it several times a week since its release. I will be purchasing the DVD and will be watching it several more times. I am very pleased that the film is so well-made, and I am glad that the film is available on DVD. It is a very nice film, and I look forward to seeing it again and again. I also look forward to the film's DVD release and will be buying it as soon as it becomes available.

Elizabeth Clark photo
Elizabeth Clark

I never knew that a lot of the movies I watch are produced by people who also work for Disney, and I'm glad to know that there are people who take care of the films that I watch. This documentary is a must see for anyone who likes documentaries. The actors are great and the film is very well done. I'm a big fan of the Star Wars franchise and I've watched the entire series many times, and I have to say that this documentary is a must see for any Star Wars fan. I would also like to say that it's a great film to watch when you're feeling down and have nothing to do. I'm a big fan of James Earl Jones and I can't wait for him to appear in another movie. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes documentaries. I'm also a big fan of Star Wars and I would recommend that everyone who watches this film should watch the original trilogy. I know that they have been made for many years and I think that anyone who is a fan of Star Wars should see this film.

Doris Hoffman photo
Doris Hoffman

A film that should be watched by everyone. It is a must watch for all, but especially for those who believe in the power of God to change the lives of those who are living a life of sin. I strongly recommend everyone to watch this film.

Kevin Ruiz photo
Kevin Ruiz

This is a brilliant film that takes us through the life of Brinton. It shows us the very beginning of his life and shows us the problems that he faced growing up. It shows us his love for his parents and his desire to be a professional athlete. It also shows his love for his sister and his desire to be a good person. This film is a must see for everyone.